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A Nice Night Out Ch. 02

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The truck engine hums as we drive back to my place through dark, late night streets. Your top is still pulled down enough to show the tops of your nipples above the white lace of your bra, and the skirt is no longer pretending to hide your naked legs and waist. Your head lolls back against the seat, and you smile dreamily at me when I stop at a red light.

“Did you like that, baby?” I ask, my own smile curling on my lips as my eyes take in your pretty face and the disheveled sexiness of your clothes.

“Yes…I did like it.”

I lower my tone a little, still talking to you as I pull away from the light. “What do you say?”

You take a breath and smile even bigger, looking at me with bright, eager eyes. “Thank you…”

“Thank you for what, baby?”

“For…for letting me suck his cock…”

“And what else, sweetheart?”

You make a nice little sound deep in your throat, your eyes closing as you remember. “For playing with my pussy while I sucked him. Thank you so much…”

Your hand slides down your body, down between your legs, fingers flattening against your slit to rub yourself. I watch your legs draw up in to the seat while you play with your naked pussy while we drive, the sight making me start to harden again inside my pants.

“Tell me what you liked, sweetie.”

“Oh…I liked having both your hands on me….mmm….” You moan and sigh a little, your fingers rubbing faster around your hot little clit. “I liked his cock…oh god…it was so big…”

My heart pounds in my chest. “Did you like having his fat black cock in your mouth, baby?”

You groan as I pull through the gates of my apartment complex, whimpering your words out while you masturbate in the driveway. “Oh yes…I loved having his fat cock in my mouth…oh…ohh my god…” Your eyes squeeze shut and I know you’re cumming into your hand, and my cock twitches and throbs, wanting you, needing you.

I open my door before you can even pull your skirt down and walk around to open yours, taking your hand and leading you up the steps and into my apartment, closing the door behind us while you stand demurely in your slutty clothes, awaiting my wishes. Your eyes are so pretty looking up at me, and I can’t help touching the side of your face, drinking it in Batumi Escort with my eyes while my other hand slips the straps of your shirt off your shoulders. You almost tremble when I reach around and undo your bra, never breaking eye contact while I pull it out of your shirt.

“You were a really bad girl tonight, weren’t you, baby?”

You pant as my hands stroke the front of your shirt, feeling your nipples stiffen through the material. “Yes…yes I was…”

I squeeze a nipple firmly through your shirt, causing you to sigh preciously. “Yes, what?”

Your fingers curl at your sides, and your breasts swell in my hands with every deep breath. Your lips tremble as I lean down to kiss your cheek and whisper again in your ear. “Yes what, baby girl?”

“Yes…yes, daddy…”

I feel the goosebumps prickling on your skin as my fingers peel your top down over your tits, exposing them fully. Your hands tremble at your sides while I stroke your naked breasts, feeling your nipples stiffen between my fingers as I caress them lovingly, cherishing my beautiful daughter’s body with my hands. The skin of your neck is so soft against my lips…I kiss my way back up to your ear. “You know I have to punish you now, don’t you?”

You nod and moan mm hm as I turn you by your shoulder and bend you down to lean on the nearby barstool. I step to your side, slipping a hand under your arms to stroke your tits while I lift up your skirt and rub light circles on your bare little ass…. “What am I gonna do with you, bad little baby girl?”

Your mouth opens with a little gasp. “Y…you’re gonna spank me…”

My hand keeps rubbing circles on your ass, feeling the goosebumps spread down the backs of your legs. “And then what am I gonna do, sweetie?”

“Ohhh…you’re gonna punish me….you’re gonna punish me so hard…” Your hips are starting to push back against my hand.

“How am I gonna punish you, baby?”

Your head is between your arms on the padded stool, and I let go of your tits to grap your hair and pull your head back so I can see your face. “I said how am I gonna punish you, baby girl?”

“Oh…oh daddy…with your cock…mm…you’re gonna punish me with your cock…”

My hand lifts and falls on your ass, slapping down across both cheeks Georgia Escort firmly, and your whole body jerks and stiffens and you give a little cry, my fist still in your hair, holding your pretty head back so I can see your face while I raise and lower my palm against your ass, slowly at first, then faster and harder, till your cheeks are burning and pink and you’re moaning and writhing with the sting. “Oh! Oh! Oh god! Oh yes! Spank me…spank me daddy!”

I can’t stand it any longer and unzip my jeans, thrusting my hips toward your head and pushing it down by the hair to feed you my hard cock….you moan and gag a little when I shove it into the back of your mouth, groaning when my hand slaps your ass again while I fuck your pretty mouth.

I can’t help grunting deep in my chest when I feel the swollen head of my cock bumping the back of your throat, choking you a little. I lift your head up by your hair to let you catch your breath, my hand still squeezing and rubbing your bare ass, then plunge my stiff cock back into your mouth and listen to you moan around it.

“You like sucking on your daddy’s cock, don’t you baby?”

“Mm…mm hmm….”

“Oh yes…daddy knows how horny his baby girl’s mouth can get….you like it when daddy takes you out, sweetie?”

You nod around my shaft.

“You like being a bad girl so your father has to punish you?”

You groan and whimper around the hardness between your lips, pushing down your throat…

“You like being daddy’s dirty little cocksucker, don’t you baby?” My fingers slide down the crack of your ass to slip into your dripping wet pussy hole when you moan yes….

“Oh, honey, you’re pussy is so wet…you wanna get fucked don’t you?” I don’t even let you answer, smothering your mouth around the base of my cock. “You want me to fuck you, don’t you? You want your horny little pussy stuffed with your daddy’s big cock…tell me, baby…tell me you wanna fuck your daddy…”

You gasp, crying out as I pull your head of my cock… “Ohh…fuck…yes…yes…I wanna fuck my daddy….oh god please…fuck me, daddy…please fuck me…”

With that I grab you and pick you up in my arms, carrying you to the couch and sitting down with you in my lap, lowering your skirt around my legs as my Tbilisi Escort cock slides home into your tight little hole, and I push you all the way down on it by your shoulders, till your clit is clamped tightly between my body and my cock buried tightly inside you….

“Oh baby…your dirty little pussy feels so good around my cock…you like sitting on your daddy’s lap? You like having your wet little cunt stretched around my big hard cock?”

You bite your lip and start to ride me, grinding your hips and sliding yourself up and down on my shaft.

“Oh god…that’s it, baby…bounce on daddy’s cock….you like showing me what a little whore you are, don’t you?”

“Fuck…yes….yes I do! I am your little whore, daddy! Oh god your big cock feels so good in me…”

My throbbing head bumps against the end of you, thrusting inside your body, pumping and swelling in the grip of your vaginal muscles as your pussy strokes it with every movement. I can’t help thrusting my hips up into you with hard, firm strokes, lifting you up in my lap. I pull your face to mine and kiss you deeply, feeling our movements through your perfect, pouting lips.

My orgasm builds at the base of my shaft, and I want you to have it, needing consummation, needing release, needing to shoot my loving seed deep inside my sweet, sweet girl…

“Baby, do you want me to cum inside you?”

Your eyes open with a flash, your own need reflecting deeply as you reply. “Yes! Yes, please…please daddy, please cum in me…. Cum in my pussy daddy…make me your special little girl…”

My pulse pounds in my ears with your words, and I groan and curse and clutch you to me tightly as my orgasm overtakes me. My cock starts throbbing and the hot fluid enters it, shooting up the shaft and out the head into your deepest secret places, our dirty fantasy culminating hotly inside you….

“Oh god, baby…I’m cumming in you…cum for me, sweetheart…cum with me, please cum on daddy’s cock…”

You cry out and wrap your arms around me and I feel your muscles stiffen as your body accepts my hot gift and reciprocates with numbing pleasure…our worlds melt together as I fill you, complete you, bless you with my essence…your body, your vessel, accepting me, taking me in, holding and cherishing every inch of me in our ecstacy….

I touch your face as my body quivers in the aftermath, feeling our union wetly in my lap. I kiss your mouth hotly, drinking up your last drops as you unwind. Mine…all mine….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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