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A Nudist Family Reunion Ch. 03

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Days went by and Hannah’s rollicking emotions didn’t relent.

The nudity became easier. Her father’s flopping elephantine member no longer shocked her and she paid little attention to it. It became, to her, simply the physical expression of his self-referential and paternalistic personality. Like the whole of him, his long dick was overwrought. Hannah would just think “Barbar” to herself and laugh inwardly.

Her Aunt Lana’s voluptuous naked curves became as comforting a sight as her warm smile and the tender touches of her hand.

But her brother, Paul–that was different. As time went on, she became drawn to him more and more. His nakedness, his sleek body and his responsive member, drew her attention still.

She was on a mission even though she did not wish it. She could not stop it. It was a hunger of sorts, but she couldn’t tell whether it was the hunger of her heart or the hunger of her sex. Some part of her was determined, and had decided that only her brother, Paul, could fulfill her.

Hannah was embarrassed that she had cried in front of him. She didn’t want him to know how she really felt. She could barely admit it to herself. She had missed him more than anything. Now she wanted to share herself with him. Even though she was his little sister, she was experienced in love and he was not. In this one way, she could give something to him. Something that truly mattered. She wanted to be his first. She wanted him to remember her for it for the rest of his life, no matter what else might come to pass.

It was too much though. Too much emotion. It was not right for a sister to feel that way about her brother. She knew she had to hide it. She had to keep it cool.

It ate at her that she didn’t really know how her brother felt about her. Did he want her? He didn’t have the same obsessive attraction, she could tell. He gave mixed messages. He gave love to her with his mouth. He came to orgasm on her. But then he pushed her away. Always there was his silence and his withdrawal. It angered her and she also feared what it meant for her.

Hannah avoided his emotional rejection by pretending the sex was just for fun. But, she didn’t really believe it and she knew he could see through it too.

So, Hannah teased her brother day in and day out. They were naked every day now, so it was easy to accidentally brush a tit against him when they passed in the hallway. Or, she would come to a sudden stop, causing Paul to bump into her. “God! Stop poking me with your dick!” she’d say to him in mock annoyance. Every chance she got, she would bend over in front of him and look back at him to see his response. Paul was always responsive, and because he was naked, he could never hide it. Spilling beverages on his exposed dick was almost too easy. Sometimes she would just watch and smile as he cleaned himself off. If no one else was around, she would clean his dick for him.

Hannah loved touching her brother’s dick.

His natural response to her is what she enjoyed more than anything. He couldn’t control it, but she could, and did.

Always with her teasing he would grow and grow with his natural excitement. Long and straight, he would stick out proudly. Then he was hers to play with.

“You better let me take care of that before someone sees it,” Hannah would tell her brother with a smirk. Sometimes he resisted at first, but he would always relent in the end. A touch of her fingers on his arousal was usually enough for him to give in. If she was serious about it, she would get down on her knees in front of him. She would open her mouth and exhale on his tip, or she would stick out her tongue and touch her tip to his.

Always she would make him ask for it, and he always did. His manhood became exceedingly familiar to her. She came to know his every contour by feel. She knew what got him off the fastest too. If someone was in the next room they wouldn’t have much time and she could make her brother cum in her mouth in seconds. As long as she was good about cleaning the creamy sperm they were good to go and no clothes to worry about.

He returned her oral love as well. It was a little more challenging, but after Father and Aunt were in bed, Sister and Brother would be alone. Sometimes, on the sofa in the living room. Sometimes one would steal to other’s bed in the dark of night.

Paul was tender and loving with her, and in this way, she grew to know, he loved her too, in the same way she loved him, whether he knew it himself or not.

He would rain fairy kisses over the whole of her, her closed eyes, her cheeks, her neck, the crook of her arm, her ever-hard nipples, her belly fat, her knees, her toes, the soles of her feet. Then he would come back to her thighs. He kissed her there. Sometimes he licked her flesh as if she were a sister made out of candy. His kisses were a wondrous key that opened her wide to him. Then his lips and his loving tongue always led him to her nexus.

His fingers would always be light on her flesh. At first, at least. As their shared excitement sarıyer escort grew, he became firmer in his caresses. With his face between her legs, he would embrace her thighs.

And his tongue–her brother’s tongue learned quickly the magic of her most private place. He was attentive and teasing with her, so much so, that her pussy lips would be soaked his saliva before he even ventured to her flick her clit. But when he did, finally, he was relentless and tireless.

He seemed to have learned the language of her moans and pleasure sounds because she never had to say a word, and yet he knew, by some secret, when to lick fast, when to lick slow, when hard and when soft. He knew how to get her excited by licking down and down until he wetted her reactive little anus. He knew, also, exactly when she wanted his tongue licking deep into the soul of her sex.

Paul was true to his word and he lavished his sister with his mouth for hours, late into the night, until Hannah could take it no longer. Through the night, he would be excited to point of cumming over and over. Sometimes he would cum on her before he knew it, and continued loving her with his mouth all the same. Sometimes, she would caress him until he came all across her nakedness. Sometimes she would pull him up to her mouth, they would interlock, mouth to sex and sex to mouth. That way they would continue cumming in each other’s mouths over and over without ever pausing.

But every night, it ended the same way. Hannah said she was ready. She trembled under her brother, waiting for him to finally surrender and just fuck her. Every time he would pause and fret. Hannah seethed with anticipation and desire and, finally, frustration. Night after night, on a high of oral love, Hannah begged her brother.

“Please just fuck me! Please!” she would plead in as loud a whisper as she dared. “I want you to fuck me so fucking bad! Please Paul, please, just do it. I know you want it. I know you want me. Don’t you want to just fuck my brains out? I wish you would. Why won’t you do me Paul? Why won’t you? Know one will ever know . . . Oh Paul, I want you so bad . . .”

As she broke down and begged, she could feel her brother withdraw even though she couldn’t see his face in the dark. The more he fell silent with his angst, the more Hannah felt desperate and frustrated. It didn’t make sense even to her that she felt the way she did. She was happy to share the pleasures they did. But she wanted something more from him.

Hannah lay awake in the dark as her brother left her alone in her bed. Covered with his sticky sexual spurtings though she was, even with the taste of his cum in her mouth and with the cold clammy feeling of his saliva coating her pussy, she was left unsatisfied. Though she came on her brother mouth over and over, she was left unfulfilled. Her special place was left hot and humming with anticipation of a fuck that never happened.

By day, Hannah had to pretend. She felt ashamed of her begging in the night. She felt resentful that her brother was so aloof and in control, but wanted him all the more.

Her teasing continued and, over time, became more desperate. Paul started to show annoyance in earnest.

More than once, Lana walked in on her while she grabbed at and fondled her brother’s cock.

Paul was clearly embarrassed although Aunt Lana never said a word about it.

“It has to end,” Paul finally said to her.

Hannah was angry. She was too angry to say anything. The look on his face hurt her more than anything. She went straight to her room and cried.

That night, Paul did not come to her room. Hannah decided she would be strong. She knew he was right and yet that made it all the more difficult to swallow.

She tried to sleep, turning this way and that in her bed, but her longing turned to hurt, and at last she could not bear it any longer. She made her way to her brother’s room. She slipped into his bed and caressed her naked body against his.

He made a wordless noise and Hannah could not tell if it was disappointment or pleasure. Maybe it was both she decided. He didn’t move. He did nothing to stop her as she caressed her finger tips down his sleek flesh.

He did nothing as she held his manhood in her hand, the object of her longing.

He moaned softy when she stroked him to hardness and continued loving him with her hand until he his whole body trembled against hers and his warm cum spilled out onto himself and her hand and the sheets.

Hannah felt comforted by this small pleasure her brother allowed her to share with him. She tried to forget her desire so she could be content with his warm nakedness against hers. Her hand never left his sex though he was diminished.

Hannah drifted back and forth between waking and sleeping and all the while her hand stayed with his sex, clinging to him as if his cock were her favorite teddy bear.

The light of dawn began to glow through the curtains and Hannah found her brother’s esenyurt escort cock hard in her hand again. With mixed joy and desperation, she stroked him with long sweeping strokes with a firm grip from tip to base. She loved his length. She imagined the pleasure she was giving him.

Paul awoke to her handling. “Oh God, Hannah. Jesus! you’re going to make me cum again.”

“We should name your penis. It’s so beautiful. He should have a beautiful name. What do you think?”

“My dick?”

Hannah caressed his tip lovingly, spreading his slippery leakage around with her palm. “How about Raphael. Yes, I like that. I’ll call him Raphael.”

“Oh fuck Hannah. I’m going to cum if you don’t stop. You’re naming my dick after a ninja turtle?”

“Don’t be ridiculous! He was a painter. A beautiful artist, just like your penis. Because, you know, you like to paint me, my body, with your stuff.”

“Oh my God! Hannah you’re so . . . Oh fuck.”

“I named Dad’s penis Barbar.”


“Well, I mean, I didn’t tell him or anything, but its because he, you know, swings back and forth. Like an elephant trunk. Barbar.”

“Please Hannah, don’t talk about Dad’s dick when you’re about to make me cum.”

“Okay. Do you like it when I make you cum?”

“Oh God, yes, but . . . “

“But what? You like it when I make you cum but then you’re too good to fuck me. Is that it?”

“Hannah . . . you’re my sister.”

Hannah tightened grip and Paul groaned. She retorted, “Yeah, you say that all the time, but you still like it when I make you cum.” As if in emphasis, Hannah spit and dribbled saliva onto his tip. She sped up her stroking on the slickness.

“Oh God, Hannah . . . you better . . . Oh God . . . they’re going to get up, you better go . . . Oh my fucking God, Hannah, that’s good.”

“I’m not going until I make you cum again Paul. If you won’t let me feel you cumming inside me, at least let me feel you cum in my hand. I like feeling your orgasm and you get all squirmy and close your eyes. I want you to cum for me Paul. Cum for me. Get your cum on me. Paint me with it.”

“Fuck Hannah. Your going to make me cum Hannah.”

Just then, the door opened. Paul jerked, startled, grabbed for the sheet, but it was too late.

Aunt Lana stood there frozen, staring.

Hannah didn’t even look up. She pursed her lips in a frown and stroked her brother’s cock even faster, careless of her Aunt’s presence.

Paul groaned loudly. Hannah felt the first spurt in her hand before she saw white fountain fly up in the air. Spurt after spurt flew up in the open air unimpeded. The warm droplets fell and clung to her hand and arm, and on Paul’s naked body.

“If you won’t fuck me, I’ll just keep getting you off like this,” Hannah stated loudly.

Lana backed out the door with a look of confusion on her face.

Paul, his dick now slick and shrinking, tore out of his sister’s grip and ran naked after his retreating aunt, fresh semen dripping and falling from his flapping organ. “Aunt Lana! Wait! Let me explain.”

Hannah curled up in her brother’s bed, laying in his spilt semen already turning cold against her body.

She stayed there, naked, in her brother’s bed listening to Paul and Lana talk outside. She couldn’t hear everything and didn’t want to. She heard Paul loudly announce, “I tried to stop her!” She could make out the word “obsessed” several times and then the word “depraved.” Aunt Lana’s voice was low. She heard them come closer to the door. “Let’s let her rest” she finally heard Lana say and door clicked shut.

Hannah couldn’t cry. She felt burnt out emotionally. She sank into a numb and dreamless sleep.

She didn’t know how much time had passed when she came back to awareness. A soft hand caressed her cheek.

She opened her eyes. Aunt Lana smiled at her, “Good morning, Sunshine.”

Hannah felt the sudden grip of shame. “I don’t know why I did that Lana. I’m so sorry. I just–“

“Don’t fear Little One. Everything is well. You are still our Sunshine.” Lana’s hand moved to her shoulder.

“You’re not disappointed in me? Is Paul mad?”

“Everybody here loves you Sunshine. Especially Paul. He loves you more than anything.” Lana’s hand brushed down Hannah’s arm.

“He didn’t want me to . . .”

“Yes and no. Did you see his face when you did what you did? When you made him orgasm, I mean. He looked very happy to me, Dear. He’s just a little embarrassed, that’s all. He’ll get over that soon enough.” Lana caressed Hannah’s arm, then took her hand and held it. “You’re sticky. You have your brother’s sperm on you Dear.”

“Do you really think he liked it Aunt Lana?”

“Getting a hand job from you? Of course, Dear.”

“I just want . . . all I want . . .”

“What is it Sunshine?”

“I want him. I want him so bad. I want him to . . . you know . . .”

“Do you want your brother to make love to you?”

“Yes. Yes, I want him to. Is that wrong of me Aunt Lana?”

“There avrupa yakası escort is nothing wrong with love, Little Sunshine. I understand what you’re feeling more than you know.”

“What do mean?”

“I’ve loved your father for years.”

“You mean . . .”

“Yes, we are lovers. So, you see, I do not judge you. You need to let your love shine.”

“Do you think Paul will love me?”

“I can’t say, but I’m in your corner. I think he’ll come around eventually. It is a hard thing to cross the line with a sibling.”

“I know, I know, but I love him so much. I want him. It just feels so right.”

“Whatever he does, I want you to know you are loved Sunshine. Do you know that?” Lana moved closer.

Hannah nodded. She melted into Lana’s embrace, surrounded and comforted by her soft warmth and shocked by the sensuality of her aunt’s naked flesh against her.

Lana kissed her on the cheek. “Would you like to take a shower with me Dear? We can get all that sticky cleaned up, and try to get your mind off your brother for a while.”

Hannah, feeling disoriented by her aunt’s intimacy, acquiesced and followed her to the shower. There she let her aunt take the lead. They stepped under the water together and Lana caressed her body with with soap and suds.

“You just need love right now Sunshine.”

Hannah closed her eyes. Her aunt’s lips felt sweet against her neck. Hands were loving on her back. Breasts were soft against breasts.

Hannah held her breath when Lana’s fingers found her sex. Lana played with her, bringing her to the edge of excitement. Hannah squeezed on intruding fingers.

Hesitantly, Hannah reached out and cupped her aunt’s naked muff. She felt her fingertips on slick soft lips and Lana moaned in her ear.

Hannah spasmed happily on Lana’s fingers and collapsed into her embrace.

“Everything is going to be okay,” Lana whispered in her ear.

After their shower, Lana suggested to Paul and Hannah that they get out and meet some of the other young nudists in town.

Paul was thrilled at the idea. Hannah felt wary without knowing why, but she said nothing.

Lana drove the pair to a strand of beach where the 20-somethings liked to hang out. She dropped them off and left them.

Paul, seeming eager to meet new people wasted no time in finding some people to chat up. Hannah followed him, feeling bland and uninterested.

“Quit being sullen, it’s your chance to meet a boy,” Paul whispered.

Hannah sank into silent anger.

Paul took up with a brother-sister pair, named Joel and Angele. He flirted and fawned on Angele shamelessly and seemed to insinuate she should do the same with Joel.

Hannah glared at Angele. Her boobs were too big and she kept jiggling herself in front of Paul. Hannah did not have a good feeling about this young woman and she quickly concluded that Angele was both unintelligent and a whore.

Joel tried to talk to her. She answered his questions and failed to smile. He talked like he was too eager and with a faked friendliness Hannah found distasteful.

Paul suggested they go back to Aunt Lana’s place. Dad was away at the library and Lana was out shopping so the house would be empty.

Hannah frowned at the idea. She wanted this social experiment to be over as soon as possible but she couldn’t bring herself to do anything but go along with it.

Joel took them to his car. Angele sat up front. Paul got in the back. Joel apologized about all the luggage in the back.

“No worries,” Hannah retorted, “I’ll just sit on his lap,” and before Paul could respond, Hannah was on him.

She pushed her ass back against Paul and smiled at Joel in the rear view mirror.

As the car jostled down gravel roads, Hannah rubbed her sex on her brother, feeling his cock grow harder and harder.

She ignored him as he whispered urgently in her ear to stop.

His cock grew full and hard caught between her ass and his stomach. Angele talked at Paul from the front seat, trying to flirt with him. Hannah pushed hard against him and let the car provide the vibration.

Hannah smiled when she felt him twitch between her ass cheeks. Warmth splattered on her back and down her ass.

She turned and smiled at Paul. He glared at her as he desperately cleaned his cum up with his bare hands and wiped it on the car seat. Joel and Angele seemed none the wiser.

The house was indeed empty. Hannah led the way to Arthur’s study. She jimmied the liquor cabinet and found her father’s precious bottle of 25 year single malt Scotch. She took a straight shot from the bottle before grudgingly handing it to Joel.

Hannah focused on getting herself wasted while the others socialized. She gritted her teeth at Angele’s high-pitched fakey voice. Angele was laser-focused on Hannah’s brother. Hannah felt the fire of anger grow in her belly, and the fire was fed instead of drowned by the Scotch.

The heat in her belly grew, threatening to consume her with violent emotion when Paul and Angele left for Paul’s room. The door clicked shut.

Joel was trying his best to get laid, but Hannah answered his questions monosyllabically without bothering to look at him.

Sounds of girlish laughter emanated from behind Paul’s door. Hannah imagined her brother losing his virginity to that inane bimbo.

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