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A Secret That Grew Ch. 01

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*thanks to generalsmallmountain for her editing work*

I was sitting in the doctor’s office waiting and started thinking back to how this all started. I was twelve when we first met. I instantly liked him but I guess he thought I was just his friend’s annoying little sister. He hung out at my house most of the time with my brother. As the years went on I blossomed into a young lady and soon turned eighteen. I finally had the courage to ask him out. I knew I was playing with fire. I had to see if my childhood dreams would be recognized. I needed my dreams to come true.

“Hey Alex, do you want to go to the movies?” I asked one day as calmly as I could muster.

“Sure, what do you want to see?”

“Whatever you want to see.”

“Ok” he said.

I was so excited when I got off the phone with him. I just had to play it cool so my brother didn’t find out. He would kill me. My mom told me to talk to Alex but not to ask him out so I couldn’t tell her about my movie date. I had to keep it all to myself.

He picked me up and we went to dinner and a movie. Afterwards he parked across from my house and we sat in his car talking about life. It was getting late so I said I was going to go inside. I was planning to kiss his cheek and thank him for a lovely night, but he turned and kissed me on my lips. His lips were soft as hell.

I pulled back and looked into his eyes then swiftly pulled him in for a more passionate kiss. I opened my mouth to let his tongue slip in. We were both caught up in the heat of the moment and he moved his seat back. I climbed over the gear shift and straddled his hips. My lips muffled his groan when I started to grind my hips against his own. Feeling his already hard cock underneath my ass told me he was ready.

He broke the kiss urgently and started taking my shirt off. As he pulled it over my head I felt the cool night air reach my warm stomach and caress my nipples. He raked his fingers up over my ribs mamak escort to cup my right breast in his right hand and sucked the other into his mouth. The way he suckled on my breast sent chills down my back and I felt my tight cunt moisten when his tongue flicked over the bud in the middle of my breast. I moaned his name as I ground my slippery pussy lips against his bulge.

We were both more than ready to go further until my brother pulled into the drive way. Thank goodness we were parked across the street. I would have been in deep shit. Wrestling my shirt back on and climbing back into the passenger seat, which seemed long forgotten about ten seconds before, I told him I would call him. He held my hand and gave me a look that explained everything I was feeling: frustration, passion and joy. I kissed him good-bye very passionately, as to say not only that I understood his feelings but that I had the same ones.

After a lot of late night talks our relationship grew beyond what I had dreamt of and I knew Alex was the man I wanted to give my virginity. We had multiple secret dates and fooled around for about a year then I decided it was time. Keep in mind it was my first time and he knew it. We’d been dating officially for a while at that point so he rented a room for the weekend in Palm Springs to make it more special than a heated make-out session with a gear shift stuck in my thigh. He was acting really weird the night we checked into our room and I knew he was up to something.

When we got up to the room and got everything situated he told me he planned a special evening for the two of us with a candle light dinner in the room so we could have as much privacy as we wanted. Room service brought us our meal and we ate. After eating we talked about how attracted to each other we were. How it felt like electricity ran through me when I thought about the first time I felt his hardness through his jeans and how he was aroused by the thought ankara masaj yapan escort of me masturbating just thinking about his cock.

Throughout the conversation I slowly started inching my toes up the inseam of his jeans. Finding myself at the crux of his knee my toes scratched at the inner part of his thigh and I watched him squirm against my teasing limb. As I got closer and closer to the crotch of his pants I could feel how the fabric was tented to appease his growing hard-on. Finally, he couldn’t take it anymore. Standing up he went half way around the table and I met him the rest of the way.

Our lips met and he pushed me backwards towards the bed until my thighs felt the edge of the mattress and I grabbed onto his shoulders to stop from falling over onto it. Just the thought of his body leaving mine while we undressed frustrated the bundle of heat between my own legs. My need for him grew every second his lips touched mine and my tongue reflected this frantic feeling by dancing with his every chance it got.

Before he laid me down he ripped my dress off over my head. I pulled his shirt and pants off with the same fervor. I needed him inside me, now. I told him there was no time for teasing, that it would have to wait for later. The heat and wetness between my legs was almost threatening and I was willing, at that moment, to do whatever it took to satisfy that deep hunger inside my belly. It may have been the endorphins or just all the hormones raging through my young fertile body but I would have sworn that his cock was the hardest I had seen it.

Eager to take advantage of his girth I positioned it in front of my very slick and swollen entrance. Being very naughty he slid his head up and down my slit. I groaned with frustration and he chuckled, knowing how crazy that made me.

With one final move he slid it in slowly and exclaimed, “you’re so fucking tight.”

I gasped and my muscles mithatpaşa escort tightened. He froze and looked down at me with genuine concern, afraid that he had hurt my tight virgin hole.

“Babe are you ok?”

“Yes, just go slow.”

He slid the head of his member in and out a couple of times while he kissed me softly. The feeling of being stretched for the first time was intense, to say the least. I wrapped my legs around his waist and urged him to fuck me harder. He said he was reluctant because he didn’t want to hurt me but I think he just liked to see his cock partly filling me as I begged for more. Inch by each he would pull out, then back in hoping to wrap more of my tightness around his shaft.

Finally sinking all the way in his body relaxed on top of me. The feeling of being completely filled by every inch he had to offer to my body was so fulfilling. Pushing himself back up he started to rock his hips against me and I felt his balls lightly tap my asshole. He started to pick up the speed and it felt like I was going to explode any second. The tension in my belly grew as the picture of him on top of me humping my tight body was too much. I sought release.

“Harder. Oh yes! Faster, baby. Faster” I screamed.

He growled, “If you keep letting me fuck you like this I’m going to cum!”

“Me too, fill me up baby!”

We came together. The first time I got to feel his hard cock exactly where it belonged, deep inside of me, we got to find our release together. Recovering from the short, but deeply erotic, lovemaking he slid out of me and kissed my lips deeply.

Afterwards we rolled around for a while and I could feel him start to get hard again against my leg. I rolled on top of his chest and straddled his hips. I didn’t let him entering me yet and just enjoyed kissing his neck as he groaned with pleasure underneath me. I finally positioned myself just right and slammed down quickly on his cock.

“Oh yeah, that feels so good baby!” I practically screamed as I took all of him and filled myself with his entire hardness.

Sitting there for a minute I teased him by rocking back and forth. He couldn’t take it anymore so he rolled me on my back and made love to me.

We made love all weekend, until we had to check out.

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