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A Shrinking Girlfriend

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I surprised my boyfriend by only wearing a sundress. My well-rounded breasts were clearly visible through it. Even though my boyfriend was sitting on the couch and wore shorts, his dick began to be easily seen by it becoming swollen.

I undressed his shorts and began to suck on his dick deeply and slowly, to make it engulfed with my saliva, making it easier to ride him later on. In exchange, my boyfriend began to explore my love hole. He just wanted to turn me on slightly, but with a sudden movement by me, he accidentally hit the g spot. I almost came but the fact that he quickly returned out of the hole made me not come to an orgasm.

Thus, I thought it was time for me to give him a ride. As I was slowly positioning myself on his dick’s tip, I thought that it looked bigger than usual. Slowly lowering myself onto his pole only confirmed my thought. Has my boyfriend become bigger? But as I was too horny I didn’t ask him the question. Instead, I was beginning to move in a circular motion around his huge dick and then started seconds afterwards to slide up and down on it… up and down… up and down…

As I was already near my orgasm, I increased the speed. But it seemed like I was barely reaching the end of the tree. After a few more swings I noticed that I was reaching even less of his penis. Hasn’t he reached his full size already?

“My dear, haven’t you shrunk?”

I looked in shock down and saw how my boyfriend’s body was even bigger, meanwhile, it seemed like my breasts were smaller than usual. It was only a slight change, but now that he said it, it seems like I did shrink.

He however used the moment of surprise to move me into a doggy position and fucked me as deep as I had ever been fucked.

And then, I came. Like an explosion, feelings of excitement were filling my whole body. He began to cum as well. His love juice began to fill me up. I thought that it was an unusual amount of cum. But instead, his penis was stretching me more than usual. When I opened my eyes as I regained my strength, I saw how I lost a fifth of my body height! Not only was his cum now filling lots of my hole, but his penis also began more and more to stretch me. Out of fear of how I was continuing to shrink, I pulled his penis out.

“What is happening with me?”

“It seems like my medicine has worked.”

“Medicine… tandoğan escort What medicine?”

“Did you know how I made you breakfast even though I usually don’t do it? I put a pill in the milk.”

“You didn’t…?! How long will it last?”

“The instruction said to take 1 pill for a day’s worth. I dropped 3 pills in the milk for good measure.”

“3 pills?! How will you know if I will regain my size?!”

“We’ll see. For now, let’s enjoy the moment… You know what? Take a bath. I’ll prepare you some clothes to change in.”

“Alright… I’ll enjoy the moment and take a bath. I hope you got good clothes prepared for me!”

“Yeah, I have great clothes in mind. One last thing: As always, I have your consent, right?”

“Umm… yeah! Totally.”

As I was still a little bit confused about the situation, I simply headed for the bathroom. After waiting a few minutes, I was sitting in the bath. I was a little bit surprised at how high the water was in the bath. I forgot that I needed less water as I was smaller in size. As I was in the hot water, I inspected my new body more thoroughly. I touched my nipples and noticed how more sensitive they were. As I was still horny, I began to move my left hand towards my love hole, starting to slowly rub the place. Mere seconds were needed for me to come. I was so surprised at how sensitive I was, that I let out a shriek.

“Are you alright?”

“Yes. Yes… Yeah.”

“Alright. In front of your doors, I’ve put some clothes. I’m waiting in the kitchen, so tell me when you’re finished dressing up, alright?”

My heart was beating hard not only because of the orgasm but because of the realization that he could’ve come in, as I forgot to lock the door. I was starting to kind of wish for it to happen, but it seems like he began to move to the kitchen.

As I was beginning to finish taking a bath, I wondered what he would want me to do now. As I stepped outside the bathroom, I quickly realized what his next plan was. He gave me frilly clothes with neck bow ties in some places. It would make me look like a princess. Looking in the mirror only confirmed my thoughts.

As I was finished I was walking towards the kitchen but stopped when I saw him walking outside.

“You look so cute, sweetie!”

I was starting to blush because of tunalı escort his comment. He didn’t call me a sweetie before so it surprised me and I couldn’t form a reply.

“Alright, we’re going for a walk, you and me, darling.”

“For a walk?”

“Yeah! You’ll enjoy it, I’m sure!”

As I was opening up the door to walk outside, he grabbed my right hand and held it.

“What are you…?”

I began to blush even more. Is he trying to treat me like a child?

“Shh… Let’s enjoy the moment, sweetheart.”

Still blushing, he and I were walking outside. Occasionally we saw some people walk by, some of them starting to smile when they saw me. They thought it was probably a father and daughter walking together. I shouldn’t have been confused for a child as my lady bits were still developed like an adult as I was 23 years old, but the frilly clothes made it certainly easier for others to mistake me for one.

Throughout the whole walk, I was blushing, which was unusual for me. I somewhat enjoyed the new experience.

As we almost were already back home, I noticed how harder it was to match his speed. He looked at me in surprise and started to lift me up and shifted me into a comfortable position in his arms. I was so surprised at this move I couldn’t really form out a reply.

“It seems like the next phase is already starting!”

“The next phase…?”

As we began to near our home, I noticed how my breasts, legs and arms were shrinking more than my ass and pussy. I feared that it was some side effects from him giving me 3 pills.

He placed me in front of the mirror. The clothes were starting to slide off. As I was looking up at him, I saw him admiring the new view.

“I assume you have new clothes for me?”

I thought that the shrinking has finally stopped. However, a few seconds later I noticed how my arms and legs continued to shrink in particular.

“For the third phase, you will need no new clothes.”

“What do you mean…?”

I asked what he meant, but stopped halfway when I noticed how big everything was. The room, the drawers, the shoes… In fact, I was laying on my back and couldn’t really move anymore. When I looked at the mirror I saw what he meant by that. I looked more like a pocket pussy now than an adult or a child, especially with having ankara türbanlı escort no longer the frilly clothes on.

He started to pick me up and moved me on a table. He began to undress his pants and smiled.

“Looks like you’re enjoying it yourself, huh? You’re already this wet…”

At first, I didn’t know what he meant, but as he moved his finger briefly inside my pussy and out again to show me how his finger was engulfed with my love juice, I became even hornier as I noticed my horniness.

I thought he was about to start to fuck me, however, he put a bandage on my mouth. I was trying to ask him what he planned to do but that didn’t work out anymore.

He took advantage of that situation and started to put his penis inside my hole. Alongside he used both of his hands to lift and move me in the air as if I were his pocket pussy. He increased in speed as he got closer to his orgasm. His enormous penis slid so fast in and out of my hole, that I thought he broke a new record.

It was already the third time I came as I was super sensitive, but it didn’t seem like he stopped. Rather, he began to increase his speed even more. A few moments later he did a final push, moving his penis so deep in places he never was before inside me.

And then, a mountain of cum was filling my pussy. I was so stuffed, that I could see how I was developing a small bump near my pussy. As he pulled out, cum was gushing out of my love nest.

As I was still recovering from my orgasm, I didn’t notice how he put me back on the table, moved away and returned with toilet paper in haste. He started to clean me out and lifted me up and moved me towards the couch. He removed the bandage shortly before we arrived at the couch.

“What are you planning to do with me?”

He however choose to delay his response and was putting me on the couch and started to cover me with a blanket.

“Let’s get asleep and we’ll see tomorrow. I’m sure you will be back to your normal size…”

I agreed to his plan and was beginning to try to fall asleep. It didn’t take too long, considering the sun was already down and he was quieter than usual, maybe due to his excitement.

However, when I woke up, I noticed how I didn’t return to my original size. I was no longer a pocket pussy, but stayed at the size where others used to mistake me for a child.

As I was wondering if this was my new normal size, I looked around the room and saw my boyfriend that had a bright smile. It seemed like he enjoyed walking with me outside too much and it wouldn’t be the last time, seeing that he had the frilly clothes in his arms…

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