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A Summer With Auntie Joyce Ch. 1

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Mike was 18. His aunt Joyce was single and 35 when this happened at her small apartment in Surrey some 32 years ago. She is now 67 and her favorite nephew is till “Mickey”… that’s what she calls me till this day…

Just a few months before my visit to aunt Joyce’s apartment, I have been exploring the pleasures of playing with my rapidly growing manhood… that got hard and erect so readily… almost as if it has a mind of its own. I was so proud and aware of my cock that when fully erect was already 7 1/2 inches in length and with a good girth… I took to masturbating at least once a day after becoming addicted to the sensations I felt when I came and it spurted gooey, milky cum.

At about this time, I also became fascinated by the aroma, texture and taste of the mucous-like moisture that I found in my sister’s panties. I used to wait eagerly for my mom or sisters to leave their ‘soiled’ panties in the laundry basket in the bathroom. I spent so many happy evenings playing with my growing cock with their panties at my nostrils… drawing deep breath… the unforgettable intoxicating aroma of pussy juice and urine… a heady concoction from those panties… and how I would lick the mucous-like discharge with its unique taste and texture… and at the same time pumping my growing cock so hard until I came. Sometimes I wrapped the crotch of the panties around my cock as I stroked away… imagining that it was my sisters’ pussies that I was pounding.

I even ended up leaving some of my gooey cum on the crotches of the panties fantasizing that my hot sperm was mixing with my sisters’ pussy juice… Indeed I had a very fertile imagination and an over-active cock… Sometimes I even got hold of my sister’s bra… which when sweaty also smelled so good especially after their sports session… paying special attention to the inner points of the two cups… imagining the tits that they held and the hard erect nipples rubbing against the lining just moments ago… I alternated between using the panties or the bras wrapped around my cock when I stroked myself.

Occasionally I would even put on the bra to watch myself in the mirror as I slip my hand underneath the cup and squeeze my own flat chest and nipples… imagining that they were my sisters tits and nipples… I would also put on their panties so that my erect cock would be where their hot wet pussies were, sometimes leaving a wet patch of pre-cum at the crotch… I would get so hard that when I came it seemed to go on forever. Such were the joys I discovered of playing with myself and learning all the ‘triggers’ of sight, smell, taste and touch that would send me over the edge and enhance the fulfillment I sought when I climaxed…

This was the extent of my sex-related activities up to my visit to aunt Joyce’s. It was the summer break way back in 1969 when my parents sent me off to aunt Joyce’s small apartment in Surrey as they were going off on an overseas trip with my two sisters… aunt Joyce was my mom’s younger sister. She was 35 at that time and a schoolteacher at a local school. I found out later that she remained single after she broke up with her fiancé who married another girl, breaking my poor aunt’s heart… She was very soft-spoken and always dressed very conservatively although at that time, as a young lad with raging hormones, even my conservatively dressed aunt looked very istanbul escort sexy to me… in fact at that time, any female, young or old held such fascination for me.

I was put on a train from Manchester and I was met at the station by my aunt who looked so prim and proper in a simple sleeveless summer dress which she, to my hormone driven adolescent mind, filled so well especially the way the bodice of her dress was pushed out by her large tits. The material of the dress was rather sheer and I could see the faint outline of her two nipples at the apex. Perhaps it was just my imagination. As we walked to the car, I could see the way her hips swiveled and the nice rounded bottom of her ass cheeks. Swaying rhythmically, mesmerizing my young mind. Involuntarily, my young cock with a mind of its own was already beginning to twitch at the sight of the nipples and swaying bottom.

As she bent over to place my luggage in the boot of the car, I could not help but look down the cleavage of her dress. The beautiful sight of the top of two large tits, which were half exposed, as her bra was the half-cup type, rewarded me. I was already quite an expert of bras with all that masturbating I did with my mom and sisters’ bras. When she got into the car before me, my eager eyes eagerly followed the sight of her inner creamy white thighs as they parted and the hemline moved up as she sat down.. My cock twitched again and the bulge it made in my pants was becoming uncomfortably obvious. Was I imagining things or I saw her looking at my bulge?

We made small talk on the way back as I kept stealing glances at the lower part of her open sleeve since her arm was raised on the steering wheel. I could catch glimpses of her tit and the edge of her bra as she drove and this made me even harder until I started fidgeting to try ease my cock into a more comfortable position but to no avail. ‘Are you OK Mickey?’ as she glanced down to the bulge between my legs… I blushed and answered ” I am alright… just a bit tired”… “hmmm… you better go to bed early tonight after dinner”

When we got to her apartment, which was basically a single bedroom unit with a sitting room and a kitchenette, she took my bags straight to the bedroom, which had a medium sized bed. “Well, young man, I am afraid that we will have to share the room or else it’s the couch for you. Is that OK??” she asked. “Its Ok aunt Joyce… I don’t mind sharing. I always sleep like a log. Mom says that I will get burnt alive in case that’s a fire” She laughed and said “Don’t worry Mickey… in case there is a fire, we will both be burnt alive because when I take my sleeping pills, I can sleep through an earthquake”

That statement made me so excited because it opened up the prospect of all the devious things I could do when she was asleep under the influence of her sleeping pills.

I told my aunt that I wanted to retire early and that I was going to take a shower before going to bed. She stayed up in the sitting room to watch a soap opera on television. In the bathroom, as I habitually did, I looked for the laundry basket which was in a corner. I rummaged through the clothing items until I found what I was looking for… a pair of tiny bikini-type lacy panties… I inverted the panties and brought the crotch part up to my nostrils and took a deep avcılar escort breath… the aroma of her pussy juice and slight hint of urine… the aroma was so intoxicating that it got right to my head… the head of my cock… it ballooned to a nice glistening helmet and the shaft hardened and grew to its full length… calling out for immediate release. I wrapped my aunt’s panties around the shaft and started stroking as I rummaged further for the other piece of clothing… her bra.

Sure enough I found it and I was shocked by the size of the two cups… they were enormous compared to my sisters’ and even my mom’s. I brought the inner tip of one cup to my nose and inhaled deeply. The aroma of the perfume she used and her sweat was so arousing. I continued to stroke my hard cock with her panties. I was lost in a world of my own as images of her creamy white thighs, her swaying bottom and the side of her tit flashed before my eyes. I then swapped the bra for the panties, wrapping the bra around my cock and I succumbed to the urge to take the crotch of her panties into my mouth… it conjured up images of me sucking her sweet pussy… the texture of her panties crotch in my mouth made me imagine it was her pussy bush… and I could virtually taste her pussy juice from my sucking of the pussy soiled part of her panties.

The frenzied pumping of my young cock, the taste in my mouth, the feel of her bra wrapped around my shaft… drove me rapidly over the edge… and when I finally came, I almost screamed out auntie Joyce… fuck fuck fuckkkkkkk… My cum shot out in seemingly endless spurts spraying against the bathroom wall, dripping on the floor and horror of horrors, also in the inner cup of her bra… and the crotch of her panties that was just slightly moist with pussy juice when I started was now soaking wet with my saliva… What a mess!!… What would auntie Joyce say when she finds her intimate garments soiled like this… Will she tell mom??

I cleaned up the mess as best as I could… including stuffing her undies back into the laundry basket… took my shower… put on my pajamas which consisted of a faded T-shirt and a pair of pajama pants with a button up fly.

“Good night auntie Joyce and thanks for having me”… as I gave her a hug and a peck on her cheek… feeling the tips of her large tits pressing slightly against my chest and for a fleeting moment wondered whether I was imagining things as I felt her upper thigh press against my now fast rejuvenating cock. “good night Mickey… did you call me from the bathroom just now?? I thought I heard a voice calling me… you must have enjoyed your shower, you were in there a long time… as she gave me a quizzed look”… I thought to myself… If she only knew what went happened in there…

Aunt Joyce’s bed was cozy yet cool as she used silk bed sheets that felt so good and comfortable that I soon dozed off but since this was a strange bed I was not that deeply asleep as usual. After some time, I heard the soft click of the door and my aunt walked into the bedroom, still in her summer dress holding what looked like a glass of milk.. Although the night-light was subdued, it was bright enough to see quite clearly. I kept very still and pretended to be asleep, not responding to her whispered softly… “Mickey… Mickey… are you awake??”… I ignored her and şirinevler escort kept up my steady breathing… As my head was fairly high on the pillow, I could see that part of the room where she was. She laid down her glass on the dressing table and then nonchalantly reached for the zipper of her dress at the back. My heart was beating so fast that I thought I was going to have a heart attack.

My aunt was going to undress. As the dress slipped off her shoulders and slid down to the floor, what I was trying to sneak a look at on the drive back was now fully exposed to my view. Her half clad tits, standing so proudly and her tiny panties clad bottom was now all mine to admire. The sight made my cock twitch and it started growing, pressing up against the buttons of my pajama pants… but when she reached for the bra clasp at the front and the two cups flew opening, her magnificent tits sprang into view. At that moment, even if my young life has ended, I would have no regrets… and then when she removed her bra the sight of her hanging tits with their now erect nipples in the cool of the night I was in seventh heaven… but when she hooked her thumbs through the side of her panties and started easing them down her hips and then her long legs… slowly exposing her pussy bush… I almost came in my pants. She was the ultimate sight for every hormone driven adolescent boy. She rummaged through her chest of drawers, still in the buff and then disappeared into the attached bathroom with small pile of clothes, which I assumed to be her pajamas or nightdress.

Although the door was closed, I could hear everything that was going on in there… the sound of the toilet seat cover being lowered… the sound of pissing… and then the sound of a running shower… The sound conjured up vivid images of my aunt’s activities in there… and then to my utter surprise, a soft moan… followed by a slightly louder one. In my mind, it could mean that she was pleasuring herself like the way I did earlier… My cock was now close to bursting at the thought of what she was doing in there.

Shortly after that, the bathroom door open and I could see her silhouette in the doorway. She was wearing a short, baby-pink nightdress that was barely long enough to cover her ass cheeks. It was also completely see-through and I could see that she was no longer wearing a bra but had a pair of tiny panties on. She moved to the dressing table, reached for a bottle of what I assumed was her sleeping pills. She took at least one with her glass of milk and approached the bed after switching off the bathroom lights but leaving the nightlight on.

I like sleeping without covers and most of the time; I sleep in the buff at home… so there I was lying in my aunt’s bed with a raging hard-on pretending to be sound asleep. When my aunt approached the bed on her side, I could smell the freshness from her just completed shower. I could also see those beautiful tits with their large areolas and thick long nipples. I was surprised because I thought that only married women who has nursed babies has such nipples… but then I was not about to get up and ask her…

I kept rather still as she clambered into bed and laid down next to me… I was sleeping on my side, facing her so I could keep my eyes slightly open and watch this beautiful woman beside me… We were so close that I could actually smell her sweet breath and the steady sound of her breathing… and as the effects of the sleeping pills took hold, I could hear my aunt’s breathing getting heavier and heavier until I heard what sounded like a snore. I was now fully alert and sleep was the last thing on my mind as I…

To be continued…

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