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A Surprise Party with Daddy

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Excitement is building as I wait for the night you have planed for us. I begged and begged for you to tell me what we were going to be doing but you kept telling me to be a good little girl and have patience, patience is definitely not my virtue and that is exactly why you are keeping this a secret. Finally the day has arrived and I am instructed to wear something “cute, but comfortable”. I choose my favorite pair of jeans and a fitted t-shirt that shows my full breasts well. You pick me up at my house and I am always a bit shy and nervous when I first see you. I get in your car and smile leaning close to hug and kiss you. My hair is in braided pigtails which always make you grin. I blush when you tell me you like what I chose to wear and that you are pleased to see I’m showing my assets.

We arrive at some sort of party where we know most everyone and there are lots of people. That part is at a house that’s very familiar and comfortable, you have taken me here before and we have had a great time with friends. We anal seks hikayeleri spend some time mingling and chatting with people, everything seems quite normal and I am very happy to be there with you. During that time we are flirting and teasing each other. You always keeps me close to you letting me and others know that I am yours. Your arm around me, gently caressing my shoulders and back.

Suddenly you pull me to you and kiss me harshly and grasp my hair while your other hand slides across my stomach and starts to pull up my shirt. I try to pull away from you and stop you because I know people will be looking, wondering what’s going on but your hold on my hair becomes firmer and I stop struggling. You release my hair and pull my shirt over my head then swiftly remove my bra. I feel very shy and exposed because I’m not sure what’s happening and neither does anyone else. I think about covering my bare chest with my arms but the look on your face makes me think better of it. I feel your hot breath in my ear as you order me to do whatever you tell me to and I can start with removing my pants. I feel nervous and start to grow warm with embarrassment but I want to please you so I do as I’m told.

You take my hand and lead my towards a couch and take a seat but leave me standing. I can feel every ones eyes on me as they try to figure out what’s going to happen. I am instructed to lay over your lap face down and to stay still. I know what’s going to happen now and my heart begins to race with excitement. Heat spreads through my ass as your hand grazes me. Long, slow strokes to start with but gradually becoming harder and faster. I wiggle and can feel you growing stiff against my tummy. Quickly my ass begins to feel like it is on fire but my pussy is soaked and throbbing.

You tell me to sit up then bend over against the couch. When I am in position you move behind me. I know my ass and pussy are on display for everyone but I’m so turned on I’ve forgotten there’s anyone else there. Your fingers slide over my clit easily and around my entrance. I try to push back against them hoping to fill myself but your hand disappears. Begging you to fuck me so I may feel you deep inside me I suddenly feel you slam into me in one swift stroke and I can not contain the loud moan that escapes my lips. Your hands on my hips you thrust into me roughly again and again. I rub myself and release is near, my muscles tighten around you as I cum. I wait to feel you cum as well, but you have another surprise in store.

Without warning you pull completely out and your hand has found it’s way back to my hair. I am pulled back and told to kneel with my mouth open. Your cock is before my face, my wetness covering you. I eagerly suck your cock and taking as much in as I can but its not enough for you. Hand still in my hair you force more and more down my throat. Gasping for air and choking you fuck my mouth and throat. I feel your rigid cock begin to pulse and know I will taste you very soon. Closing my eyes and preparing myself for you, you pull out and your hot cum covers my face in thick streams just to show me that I really am Your little cock slut…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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