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A Wish Granted Pt. 02

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The week after my first date with Grant I was over the moon. It was so hot and yet there was so much hopefully still yet to come! Technically, we hadn’t even had penetrative sex yet. I couldn’t stop fantasizing about it and what we might get up to next time, so when I got a text from him it sent a thrill, as well as a vibration through me.

“Hey Becca! I can’t get the other night out of my mind. I had a fantastic time with you. I was thinking this weekend we could go to the billiard hall like we had originally planned. But mostly I just want to fuck you like I’ve been thinking about doing ever since that night.”

I bit my lip to hide the grin that spread across my face as I typed back.

“I agree, it was amazing! If you’re feeling better, let’s go to the pool hall. I’m free this Friday again if you are. And speaking of the latter, whose place should we end up at? Mine or yours?”

“Yours would be closer, but mine would be fine too,” he replied. “It’s up to you.”

“I’m fine with mine, but be forewarned it is a bit messy.”

“Well. I’ll just have to make a mess on you to fit in.” I could feel his smirk through the text. Damn it! Why did he always have to send stuff like that when I was at work? My blood flowed faster and lustful thoughts clouded my vision. I couldn’t think of anything to respond with.

“😈😈😈” would have to suffice I guess.

We made plans to meet at the billiards hall. I had the perfect thing in mind to wear: a little black dress I had gotten that week. With a cardigan on it looked innocent and tame enough to wear to work, but without the cardigan you could see the mesh cutouts on either side of my waist and a large back cutout. Perfect for some sneaky touches, I hoped. I picked out some black lace lingerie to match and styled my strawberry blonde hair, as usual in a hurry before work.

The sun was starting to set as I pulled into the billiard club’s parking lot. Didn’t see Grant so I shot off a quick text telling him I’d made it.

“I’m inside, I got us a table. Come on in!”

I had *no* idea what to expect from a billiards hall. I had only really played at friend’s houses who had a table, and even then not very advanced level stuff. But I knew I *could* look damn sexy while playing, and I was hoping that would be enough not to embarrass myself too badly that night.

I walked in the door and my eyes adjusted to the dimly lit room. I saw a table in the middle of one wall with a single figure next to it: Grant. There were others milling around but it didn’t look like we would be interrupted.

As he saw me he leaned against the table with one arm and flashed a mischievous grin. He was dressed more casually for this date, in a polo and jeans, but I didn’t mind as I hoped whatever he wore would end up on my floor in a matter of hours anyway.

“Becca.” No preamble this time, we collided with a sudden kiss. Well. At least everyone in the building would know who I was there for. His lips and tongue moved against mine as his hands reached around my waist. Finding the bare skin of my back under the cardigan I was wearing, he pulled away slightly to whisper in my ear.

“Someone’s being a tease tonight. Good girl.”

I was already tempted to skip out on the game all together. But we had come here for a reason, so as we untangled ourselves a bit, I asked him what the difference was between this and an at home game.

“Well, this one you pay by the round. The table holds onto the balls until you put more quarters in for another round.”

At the look on my face when he said “balls”, he caught onto me with a smirk.

“Don’t be getting any ideas now.” He winked. “I ordered a beer right before you got here. Do you want one?”

“Sure!” I responded.

While he was gone I ran my hand over the cues in their rack. I never knew what to look for when picking one, I usually just got the one I though looked the coolest. (I’m not usually this much of an airhead, I promise) After a minute a hand covered mine and another wrapped around my waist. I could feel the heat of it through the waist cutouts on my dress.

“This one would probably be best for you,” he gestured. “At your height the length won’t be too long for you.”

“What if I like the long ones?” I picked up a cue, stepped back, and ground my ass right into his crotch.

“Then all bets are off,” he replied. “But I don’t blame you. They can reach things the shorter ones can’t.”

“Sometimes you just need one like that to hit the right spot.” He handed me the beer almanbahis he had brought me from its spot on a side table and I took a sip. Nothing fancy, but you couldn’t really expect it to be from a place like this. I watched as he put in the quarters to start our round.

We hit our first few opening shots and I wasn’t doing so well. I was quietly frustrated with myself. He stepped up next to me, and rested a hand on the back of my neck, a comforting but sexy gesture, especially when he started gently massaging it.

“It’s okay, just loosen up a bit. You’re too tense and you’re taking your shots too quickly. Just relax and take your time.”

I took a deep breath and lined up my next shot as his hand came down to rest on the small of my back. I hit the ball I was aiming for, but it didn’t bounce off the right way to end up in a pocket.

Grant walked around the table and came to a stop directly across from me.

“Aim to bounce the ball here,” he pointed to a spot on the edge of the table. “If you can hit here with enough force you’ll hit the pocket almost every time. Try it again.”

We replaced the cue ball and the other ball where they had been and I breathed in deeply and took my time.


The ball sank into the pocket perfectly. He came around the table smiling and kissed me.

“See? Relaxing and taking your time does a world of good! You’re doing great.”

For the rest of that game he continued to help me spot the right place to bounce each ball to land in a pocket, and to refine how hard to hit the cue ball so it didn’t end up in the pocket too. By the second and third games I felt comfortable enough to resume my flirting.

“I have to take this off. Alcohol always warms me up!” I tossed my cardigan on the chair behind me. Now I was showing a lot more skin that up until now Grant had only felt. I lined up a shot across from him and leaned down low so he had a view down the v-neck of my dress. Not quite reaching it, I put a hip up on the table and leeaaaaned over to make the shot. My attempts were somewhat obnoxiously obvious, so I locked eyes with Grant with a chuckle. He bit his lip, and moved around to my side of the table. He leaned in behind me, I could feel the bite of the table edge against my hipbones as he pressed against me with more weight.

“What was it I remember you saying about you bending over the table? You wanting me to fuck you right here? Is that right?” His whisper, tinged with lust, had more of a growl to it this time. I looked around. There was one man behind the counter, two at another table, all positioned where they could easily see us.

“What about the bathroom? Or somewhere a bit more private? I don’t want to risk you getting kicked out of this place if you like to come here often.”

“I know where I’d like to cum. But you’re right. Let’s finish this game and our beers and go to your place.” The pressure of him left from behind me, and I felt bereft of it.

We finished up our last shots of the game, and picked up after ourselves. He walked me out to the car, and I turned towards him to kiss him. He pinned me against the car again for a passionate kiss, stirring up a fire in me. After a few seconds, he pulled back, catching my hand. He rested it on his fly, and I could feel his cock like a steel rod under his jeans. I couldn’t help myself, and unzipped his fly. His cock was warm in my hand compared to the cold night air.

“You don’t mind? It’s pretty cold out?” I asked.

“It feels great, actually. I like the feeling of cold air on my cock.”

I gave it a few strokes and glanced around the parking lot. We were between my car and another, and only a small hedge separated us from a major highway. It was enough for me, however.

Before he knew what I was planning, I was on my knees with him in my mouth. His moan was all the encouragement I needed. I put all I could into the blowjob for about 20 seconds, intending it to be some more teasing for later. But that’s when the cum started hitting the back of my throat. I swallowed, then pulled back in confusion.

“Did you just cum?” I knew I was good, but I didn’t think I was *that* good.

He took a second to catch his breath. He still wore a shocked look on his face as I stood up.

“Did I cum?” He laughed. “Did I ever!”

I was still surprised even after the confirmation. He looked down at me.

“Fuck! That was the hottest blowjob I’ve ever had! Oh my god!”

I laughed. He kissed me again, sliding a leg between mine almanbahis giriş and grinding my clit. I realized how wet I was then.

“Let’s get out of here. See you at your place?”

I nodded and got in my car, typed in the address back to my apartment and set off. I promptly got lost in a fog of sexy daydreams about that blowjob and missed my exit. It took a few minutes but I made my way back to the right path home finally and pulled into the parking lot. I stepped out of my car as Grant pulled in beside me.

“I’m sorry, I got lost on my way here because I was so distracted,” he said. “I couldn’t get that out of my mind.”

“Actually, I did too.” I laughed. “Anyway, we’re both here now. Let’s go!”

We held hands and gleefully ran down the steps to my apartment. He ran his hands over my ass and waist as I unlocked the door. I dropped my purse and keys on the floor as we headed straight for the bedroom.

“I still want to take our time,” he said. “Right now I want to strip you down and get my hands all over you. Do you mind if I give you a massage? I’m pretty good at them.”

I didn’t mind whatever got his naked body closer to mine, but my need to have him inside me was overcoming my rational mind so I said “If you want to give me a massage you better go ahead because before long I’m going to need you to fuck me!”

He pulled my dress over my head and saw the lingerie underneath. Running his hands over the black lace, he turned me around so my back was to him and I was facing my full length closet mirror. He brought a hand up, pinching one of my nipples through the lace. Simultaneously, the other hand came down between my legs, rolling my clit in between his fingers. I moaned, “Don’t stop!”

He brought the hand up from my nipple to my throat, holding it firmly without choking me. In between kisses on my neck, he asked, “Is that turning you on? Are you getting wet for me?”

I whimpered a “Yes” and locked eyes with him in the mirror.

“Take off your bra and panties and lie face down on the bed for me. Good girl.”

He got some massage oil I had and straddled my bare thighs. I could feel his cock, free of any encumbrances, resting on my ass crack as he poured the oil in his hands. I waited with anticipation as I heard him rub his hands together to warm the oil. Then he began massaging my shoulders and shoulder blades. Every few moments, he would lean down and place a kiss on the back of my neck or between my shoulder blades.

By the time he worked his way down to my legs, I was vibrating with sexual tension. He gently opened my thighs, and began massaging between. Always teasing, never directly touching any of my most sensitive parts. He then teased upwards, along the inside of my ass and making kneading motions on each ass cheek. A pause to apply more oil, then he began again, massaging each cheek with one hand, things toward the center. Once I was moaning in earnest, on the very edge of an orgasm, I felt one oiled thumb, then the other, slip across my puckered little asshole.

Little did he know yet this was one of my biggest erogenous zones. I can cum harder from someone eating my ass than from them licking my clit. The sudden touches pushed me over the edge and my legs started trembling. Noticing my reaction, he continued with the motion and I came out of one orgasm into another, my pussy gushing with wetness. She had to wait, however, as I’d had an idea.

“Grant?” I said once I came down from the orgasm, “I know we haven’t really talked about it, but how would you feel about fucking my ass right now?”

“Really?? Fuck, that would be so hot. Are you sure?”

“Yes, I want it so bad right now. I want you in every hole I have tonight.”

“Damn. You don’t have to convince me.” He poured more oil on his hand, lubing up his cock and rubbing some in my asshole. I felt him line up the head with my tight asshole, then it went in with a *pop*. I opened my legs and prepared for my ass to be used. He took it slowly though, and his first few strokes had my legs trembling again.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yes,” I breathed. “I think I just came again.”

He let out a breathy chuckle and kept up the pace.

“Fuck yes, seeing your ass bounce and my cock pumping in and out is so hot.” My asshole tightened in another orgasm. It was almost too tight, I opened my mouth to suggest we stop but at that point he picked up the pace, giving me all I could handle. I moaned louder than before and he ran his hand up the back of almanbahis giriş my neck, lacing his fingers in my hair, and giving it a firm steady pull.

“Are you going to be a good girl and come again for me? I know you can. Come on my cock one more time.” I screamed “Yes!” and came in a cascade of rhythmic contractions deep inside me, which pushed him over the edge as he spilled his cum into my ass.

He collapsed on my back, both of us a sweaty mess. We were speechless for a moment, until he broke the silence with “That was amazing. You’re amazing.”

“Thanks, you’re pretty fucking amazing too. Pretty sure that’s the best my ass has ever felt.” We laughed at my ridiculous compliment.

He pulled out and we cleaned up. Then we cuddled back on the bed. In our haste earlier, we didn’t even turn on the lights to the room, only a dim hallway light. Now with my bedside light on, we could look at each other better. I traced my hand over his tattoos. One on his arm, one on his chest, and one on his back. The texture of the one on his back was rippled strangely, not like the other ones.

“What is this one?” I asked.

“A mistake.” he answered. “I was young, just 18, and a friend of a friend said he could do it in his house. It got infected and healed poorly. You can’t really even tell what it is anymore, just a blob of color. I don’t really even remember what I asked him for.”

“I mean, if you have to have one you’d rather not see, at least it’s on your back. I think it feels cool though. And it’s an interesting story.”

“That’s a nice way to look at it I guess. You have a way to spin things in a positive light.” He smiled at me, a real smile instead of the trademark smirk.

We were pressed together still, and I felt his cock start to stir against my stomach. I realized my pussy had still not had anything in it all night. He wrapped an arm around my shoulders and brought me in for a deep, slow kiss. Our tongues entwined and my pussy was awakening from being so close to the warmth of his cock.

“Do you think you have it in your for another round?” I asked.

“Not usually,” he said. “But it looks like I may be able to tonight. You did say all of your holes, and I really need to take care of your pussy before tonight is over.”

I smiled. “We do have to use a condom though, I haven’t gotten on my birth control yet.”

“Sure!” he said. “I don’t mind.”

I handed him one from my night stand. He rolled it on with one hand as the other reached to roll my clit between his fingers.

“My turn.”

I pushed him onto his back and straddled him, lining his cock up with my slit. I slid back and forth, covering him with my wetness. With a quick change in angle he was in, and I sat down on him, taking him all the way in in one smooth motion. We both moaned in unison. It felt amazing. A little too amazing.

“Did the condom break?” he asked. I regretfully slid off of him to check. It had. Because of the oil, or the friction, or the fact that he was bigger than anyone I’d been with, I don’t know. But we changed out the condom, undeterred. I climbed back on top and slid his cock inside me again. This time, it didn’t break thankfully. I started rocking my hips, grinding my clit against him with my upswing. Another orgasm was building, and I could feel myself getting wetter. We locked eyes and he leaned up on one elbow and wrapped an arm around my waist. His mouth went to my nipple and he probed it with his tongue. I felt a soft scrape of his teeth and started cumming around him, with our eyes locked as long as I could handle before my head rolled back. I could feel him deep, deeper than I had ever felt another lover. His cock teased the front of my pussy as I rode him like this. He thrusted up into me, matching my movements.

I slowed down, getting fatigued from the vigorous fucking we were giving each other, and he took this chance to pull out and rest me on my stomach again. This time instead of a hard and fast ass fucking, he slid in my pussy for a tender slow intimacy. He laid down over my back, and reached his hands up to where my arms were resting, over my head. He interlaced his fingers with mine.

“You’re beautiful.”

His whisper in my ear echoed in my brain with every tender stroke his cock made in my pussy. As he buried his face in my neck and kissed me there I went over the edge, holding onto his hands and the weight of him on me to ground myself. My head was lost in a visualization of a nebula as I pulsed around his cock.

“You’re beautiful.” found a place to seep into my heart and I felt a twinge of sweetness there. Maybe this could really become something.

His moans brought me back to my bed as he came for the third time that night. We lay like that for a few moments, basking in the afterglow.

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