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Adventure in the Wilderness

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Note: This is based on a real experience…names and ages were changed to protect the 2 people.


Barb was a 38 year old single woman, tall but slightly plump with full breasts and long legs topped by a patch of jet black curls. She had waist-length straight black hair and blue eyes. She enjoyed many different activities, but sex was her all time favorite. One night she was lying on her bed with her laptop computer chatting with her friend Kenny, a 28 year old army soldier with milk chocolate skin and jet black short hair, and using her webcam on her computer. Kenny had his cam on too and they were both nude because they were doing cyber sex. They had met many times online like this for a few hours of innocent fun that helped them ease their sexual frustration. A few times, Kenny had joked with Barb about meeting in person sometime for the real thing, but she always shrugged it off and didn’t take him seriously.

One afternoon when she was chatting with him on the instant messenger, their conversation took a strange but exciting twist that totally surprised Barb.

BOYTOY666: Hey babe! What’s shakin’ besides that sexy ass?

GIRL4FUN69: Not much K. How bout u?

BOYTOY666: Just Horny as hell, hot mama! Wanna fuck?

GIRL4FUN69: Hell Yeah!!! I’m already naked too! Turn on your cam!

BOYTOY666: No can do babe! I gotta surprise for ya tonight…Look out your bedroom window in about 5 minutes.

GIRL4FUN69: Ok. (She waits 5 minutes then goes to her window when she hears a car pull up out front. She then goes back to her computer.)

BOYTOY666: I saw ya lookin’ out the window babe. Get dressed & come on out. The surprise is in my car for ya. Hurry!

GIRL4FUN69: Ok K. I’ll be out in a few minutes. Bye!

BOYTOY666: Ok baby. Bye.

She logged off and turned off her computer and put it on her desk then went to her closet and pulled out a red tank top and black mini skirt and she put them on her bed. She pulled out a pair of black thong panties from her dresser and put them on, leaving off a bra. She also pulled on a pair of thigh-high garter belt free stockings before sliding on the skirt and shirt and slipping her feet into a pair of red heels. She brushed her hair quick then grabbed her purse and rushed downstairs and out the front door to where Kenny was waiting by his red Camaro. He opened the door and she got in, then he went around to the driver side and got in then started the car.

Barb turned to him and asks, “So…What’s the surprise you have for me, Ken?”

He smiled and shook his head no then says, “Not yet baby. You gotta wait a few minutes until we get to our destination.”

They rode for about 10 minutes before he turned onto a dirt road that lead to a local campground. They drove past the campsites and playground and he parked the car by the caretaker’s shed by the camp office. They got out and he came around and handed Barb a black silk blindfold to put on. She put it on with a pout but she doesn’t want to spoil the surprise Ken had for her. She heard him open the trunk of the car then close it before taking her hand and pulling her along. He told her they are walking down a hiking trail and tells her when to step up over rocks or logs, when to duck down to avoid the branches of trees, and he caught her when she stumbled on a branch that was laying across the trail. He laughed when she mumbled about not wearing the right shoes for the walk.

After a few minutes of walking, they stop. Kenny says, “Stand still baby. This will only take a moment to prepare beylikdüzü escort the surprise for you.”

She asks, “Can I at least take off my shoes?”

“Not yet babe. I’m almost done here.” he replied with a chuckle. He had taken a blanket and a pillow from the trunk of his car, along with a picnic basket. He laid the blanket on a smooth flat section of ground just a short distance off the main hiking trail, behind a screen of bushes. A large semi-flat rock would serve as a table of sorts to hold the basket. Once everything was in place, he removed Barb’s blindfold and she looked around with surprise evident on her face. She smiled as she spied the basket on the rock, with the top open to reveal a bottle of champagne, a pair of stemmed glasses, a covered bowl of strawberries and an aerosol can of whipped cream. Ken took her hand and led her to the blanket then he knelt down and removed her shoes one at a time then rolling her stockings down very slowly, kissing each inch of her legs as the flesh was revealed.

He pushed her skirt up to her waist, revealing the tiny thong panties that barely covered her shaved mound. He could see the moistness of her arousal dampening the thin fabric and he pressed his face to her groin and inhaled her scent deeply. The blood rushed to his shaft and he groaned as he looked up at her and said, “Oh baby, you smell great! I gotta get a taste of your honey!” Then he licked her panty-covered crotch after spreading her legs slightly. His tongue rasped over the sensitive folds of her pussy and pressed against her clit. He did this a few times before sliding his hand up her leg and under the elastic of her panties, feeling the wetness gathering there. His fingers slipped between the moist folds of flesh and probed her deeply as he searched out and found her g-spot. Her body began trembling immediately and within moments her juices were oozing out over his fingers.

He had her lay down after removing the rest of her clothes and he spread her legs wide then buried his face in her hot wet pussy, his tongue making long sweeping strokes from her anus to her clit and back down over and over again. Her hips arched up to meet his mouth and tongue, urging him deeper. Kenny slipped his fingers back into her, three in her pussy, his pinkie in her ass and his thumb and tongue caressing her clit. Her orgasm approached quickly and within seconds, her pussy was throbbing and oozing love honey as she climaxed around his fingers. He greedily licked up all her juices, placing little kisses all over her flesh after each lick, which sent shivers of pleasure up and down her spine. He sat up and watched her, her breasts rising and falling rapidly as she struggled to catch her breath, her eyes glazed with passion as she motioned him to lay by her on the blanket.

He moved up beside her and lay down, his arousal evident against her side. He flexed his hips slightly and pressed his denim-covered shaft against her. Barb moved her hand down and deftly unfastened the buttons of his jeans. Her hand slid inside, expecting to feel the elastic of his boxer shorts, but finding only Kenny under the rough fabric. Her hand wrapped gently around his ten inch long shaft and began stroking him slowly from the base up to the tip where she felt the moisture gathering.

She removed her hand and told him to undress, which he did quickly before resuming his place beside her. Barb sat up and moved between Ken’s legs and once again took him in her hand. She ran her tongue around the head of his shaft, gathering the moisture on beylikduzu escort her tongue. Her hand continued a slow up and down stroking motion on him as she continued her tongue work on the purplish head. She opened her mouth wide and took him in as far as she could, about 5 inches.

She began sucking and stroking him faster as her tongue worked its way all over his shaft that was in her mouth. After a few moments, Ken began groaning that he was going to cum, so she stopped sucking. He asked her why she stopped and she told him that she wanted him to cum inside her, either in her pussy or her ass, his choice.

He smiled and said, “Ohhh baby, I want to cum in that ass! Stand up and bend over the rock where the basket is so I can fuck ya from behind.” She quickly complied and leaned over the rock after moving the basket. She stood with her legs spread wide, her oozing pussy and plump ass fully exposed to his hungry gaze and eager body. With her hands, she held her cheeks apart for him as he spit on her rump and spread the moisture around her anus with the head of his swollen shaft. His fingers probed into her tight hole and urged her to relax that area gradually.

When she felt relaxed, he placed the head of his cock at her puckered opening and slowly began pressing into her. Her hole opened so slowly to him as he added more saliva for lubrication.

Within a couple minutes, he had the head of his shaft into her and continued pressing himself in, an inch at a time, adding more and more saliva to make it as pain-free as possible for her. Every few moments, he would stop and ask, “Are you ok, baby?”

She would reply, “Oh yes Kenny love, I’m fine, just keep that love rod moving into me, and fuck my ass!” Then he started moving a little harder until he was buried completely in her tight ass.

He stopped moving for a moment to allow her to get used to him filling her. She playfully wiggled her ass and said, “What are you waiting for, stud? Fuck me!” He began moving in and out of her tight ass, his hands on her lean hips.

She started moaning as Kenny moved his right hand down underneath her and began fingering her wet cunt and clit. He leaned over her slightly and moved his left hand up to caress her left breast, not once breaking his contact with her pussy or slowing his thrusts into her ass. She was moaning louder now, and panting as her orgasm approached. Kenny could tell she was close and increased his pace, rubbing and thrusting harder and faster, getting as deep inside her as he possibly could.

He felt the tension building in his body and knew he was also close to release, and he leaned over and whispered in Barb’s ear, “I’m gonna fill your ass so full of cum that you’ll be hearing squishing noises when you walk back to the car, baby. Oh yes, I’m getting so close…gonna fill your ass NOWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!”

He growled as his cock started pumping hot cum deep into her ass, and she moaned and groaned with her own orgasm hitting her like a wave of pure unleashed desire, sending shockwaves of passion spiraling through her body. He felt her tighten around his shaft and fingers as she came, and he continued pumping into her, filling her with his cum. He reached around and put his hands under her chest, pulling her slowly to an upright position without pulling out of her ass.

“Oh damn Kenny! That was awesome baby. MMMMMM! I can feel the cum leaking out already.” she told him over her shoulder as his hands went to her breasts to fondle them. He slowly pulled his shaft from her ass escort beylikdüzü and it exited with a juicy pop, followed by oozing of his love juice down her legs, and she giggled.

He had her lay down on the blanket while he poured them some champagne. She lay on her side facing him, with one leg bent at the knee and slightly in front of her other leg, just enough to let him see her juicy pussy and the wetness oozing from her ass. He handed her the glass and they sipped quietly for a few moments, then he tipped his glass over her breast, letting a few drops fall out onto her nipple. When it hardened immediately, he knew she was ready for round two, and he was too.

He took her glass and his, and put them to the side, then took her champagne flavored nipple into his mouth, tugging and sucking hungrily upon her sweetened flesh. As he was enjoying that breast, she dipped her fingers into one of the glasses and rubbed champagne over her other nipple for him to enjoy as well, which he did.

She also rubbed champagne over his cock, then wiped it off with a napkin that he had brought with the glasses. She dipped her fingers into the glass again then rubbed more champagne on his now hard shaft, before taking it into her mouth and teasing him with her tongue. She took him in deep, caressing every inch of his aching rod with her tongue as she gently kneaded his balls with her hand. He moaned as she licked his balls slowly, and she watched them tighten against his body, knowing by that movement that he was ready.

She lay back on the blanket and spread her legs wide, an open invitation for him to move between her thighs and bury himself in her heat. He didn’t need to be asked twice…he quickly moved to cover her body with his and slipped into her with one thrust of his lean muscular hips against hers. Her arms went up around his shoulders and she pulled his head down for a fierce but passionate kiss as he pounded her cunt with his shaft, harder and deeper and faster, bringing them both to a earth-quaking orgasm within moments. He filled her again with cum then slowly pulled out, collapsing beside her on the blanket.

She snuggled against him and started to fall asleep when he reminded her where they were. She looked at him then said, “Oh well, I guess we should get dressed and leave then, so we can go back to my place for a while. Would you like to spend the night with me tonight, Kenny?”

He smiled and agreed to stay the night, and they quickly dressed and went back to the car after gathering all their belongings and making sure nothing was left behind. She sat on the folded blanket in the car so the cum leaking from her ass and pussy wouldn’t stain the seat covers as they rode back to her place.

Kenny parked the car in the drive and they went inside and straight up to her room where they quickly removed their clothes again and made love all night long, only stopping to use the bathroom, catch a quick rest or nibble on the strawberries and whipped cream Ken had brought.

“Thank you so much for staying tonight, darling. I’ve had a wonderful time with you and I hope this is only the first of many more wonderful nights together,” she said with a smile.

“Baby, believe me, it will be. We have many more nights ahead of us to enjoy the pleasures we have to offer each other in every possible way. Now come here, woman, and let me show you something new!” He pulled her in tight for a passionate kiss and made love to her in every position possible, and even some new ways, and they were truly sated by morning when he left, promising to call her later that day.

She quickly turned on her computer and opened her journal file for the day and wrote about her adventure in the wilderness with one sexy stud army man named Kenny. It was a time she never wanted to forget.

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