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After School Stud Ch. 03

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Chapter Three: [C]harmed

Morgan felt giddy every time she saw Chris enter her classroom or pass her in the halls. The longer she knew him, the greater her infatuation with him and his man-sized dick became. A week had passed since their last tryst, and each day it grew harder for her to control herself. Like before, she seemed hornier than he was.

She blamed it on her husband, whose skinny limbs and swelling stomach seemed every day like a bigger waste of her time. His thinning hair didn’t help, either, especially when compared to Chris’ long, flowing hair, thick and full, hanging over his shoulder like the hero of a romance novel. She wanted him to hold her close like the women on the covers of such books, and she wanted to have her own affair with him while praising his massive, masculine manhood.

The more she compared her husband to Chris, the angrier she became. The comparison was never kind, which was unfortunate, because up until she saw Chris’ dick, she had no complaints. Chris, however, always had her smiling now, and that was why she was so excited when he stopped in the hall around lunch time to show off the A he got on his history test. His pants were already tented in preparation, and it was all she could do not to jerk him off with everyone watching.

“Another A?” Her voice was high and sweet. Standing, Chris towered over her, but then most men did. Even then, he was tall for his age, and she knew from experienced how fit he kept himself. She swallowed. Keep it together, Morgan, she thought. She smiled. “Good job, Chris!”

They parted shortly after as the bell rang. Both of them were hesitant to leave each other, but Morgan knew that Chris would be bringing her prize-his prize-to her later. She was distracted for the next hour and even the hour after that, and then she was excited as the final hour of school began. I got nothing done, she thought to herself, though she wasn’t really that upset about it.

She started the tutoring session by meeting him at the door and cupping him through his pants. Rubbing him idly, she smiled while imagining a world where this was okay, where she could enjoy his dick every day. He seemed so distracted anymore, and her nipples were hard and her pussy raw from her arousal. Morgan undid his belt with one hand.

“Do you know what you want for a reward?”

Chris nodded frantically and gasped as his pants came open. Morgan, watching his face and mirroring his expression, gasped, too. Chewing her bottom lip, she pulled him out, and she stared him in the eyes as she stroked him. His cockhead was sticky with precum. She looked down to watch her tiny hand glide along his full length, and then she added her other hand. Hands around his root, he seemed impossibly long, and even now her fingers failed to meet around him. She thought, it’s actually kind of intimidating.

Stroking him, she held his sticky crown to her soft belly. The distance between them only served to emphasize his length. She cupped his hairless testicles and cooed. “Jeeze, Chris, I can’t get over how stinking big you are.” She smiled. “You have to be twice as long as my husband, and twice as thick, too.”

Grinning as he watched her stroke him, and feeling uncharacteristically confident, Chris asked, “W-what about my balls?”

Reaching into his pants with one hand, Morgan cupped his fat, smooth testicles and weigh them in her palm. They were heavy with his sperm, and she cooed with excitement. “They’re bigger, too. Much, much bigger.” Looking up at him, she caught him grinning and fixed him çapa escort with a glare. It wasn’t sincere, but it was enough to wipe the smile off of his face. “Now, don’t go getting a big head just because I said those things. You might be bigger, but I never said that you are better than him or anyone else. You’re still a young man, and you’re still a virgin, aren’t you?”

Chris nodded quietly, his composure shaken even as she stroked him.

Staring down at his shaft, and returning to stroking him with both hands, Morgan smiled. “Good,” she whispered. It felt good for her to be holding such a long, fat virgin dick. I’m the first one getting to enjoy it, she told herself, and it reminded her of why she was there and what exactly she was doing. Anything other than rewarding Chris for his good grades would be inappropriate. Even this was inappropriate and ground for immediate termination from her position. She was curious to feel him inside of her, but she knew better. No matter how good it would be, she thought fixedly, staring at his massive manhood, I have to maintain control.

She gave him a smile. “Still,” she said, watching his fat testicles swaying as she stroked him. She giggled. “I suppose you could stand to be a little arrogant. I mean, you do have the biggest dick I’ve ever seen.” Chris throbbed in response, and she laughed. Kneeling down, she kissed his cockhead and licked up some of the precum gathered there. It has a thick flavor unlike any she has ever experienced before. While familiar with semen, and not disgusted by it, she does note a marked difference in flavor and quality between Chris’ semen and her husband’s

Chris’ just better, she thought shamelessly.

She pauses to hold him and stare down his length. Chris throbs in her hand. Still a virgin, he responds quickly and easily to her touch, and while he lasts longer than her husband did in her youth, she still finds that he fires relatively quickly. I’m not ready for him to come, Morgan thought to herself. Against her better judgement, she wanted to enjoy her student’s big dick as long as she could.

Holding him, she reminded herself of her purpose there. She leaned in to smell him, to examine him, to count the ridges of his veins as they stood out on his cock. This is his reward, she thought to herself, his youthful musk filling her nostrils and warming her loins. It’s only appropriate that he get to choose the reward. Last time, she let him come across her breasts and was flattered by his interest. Today, her nipples ached in excitement at the potential of a repeat performance.

Kissing his cockhead again, Morgan looked him in the eyes. “Chris, I just realized that I forgot to ask you what you wanted your reward to be? Do you want me to just stroke you again? Or maybe suck you? Would you like to see my breasts like yesterday?” She giggled. “Heck, you could even have all three. The world is your oyster when you come to me with an A.”

Still throbbing and still leaking precum, Chris stammered, staring at her red-cheeked and silent. He looks away as precum gathers on her hands. A shiver moved through him as she collected the precum and smeared it down his shaft, making him wet and shiny. “A-All of it,” he whispered.

Morgan’s smile swells. “All of it?” She licks her lips and stares down his shaft. Already, his taste is stuck to her tongue. Soon, his scent will be sticking to her body.

Chris, remembering her advice the day before, made an effort to look her in the eyes. Though young and cihangir escort self-conscious, he was blessed with a deep voice capable of command when needed. Drawing a deep breath, he called on it as he said, “All of it. Jerk me off while sucking my dick, and let me come on your tits again.”

Chuckling quietly to herself, Morgan held Chris to her by the base of his dick. His cock obscured half her face and nearly poked her in the eye as she leaned in to kiss his shaft. Staring up at him, she murmured, “Mm. Well, ask and you shall receive.” Resting him on her face, she removed her blouse smoothly, remembering the stain he left on her last one. She removed her bra, too, and then took hold of him again as his cockhead left a shiny pool of precum on her forehead. Giggling, she whispered, “You really do like what you see, don’t you?”

Hard and leaking, Chris could only nod he was rendered so breathless by her beauty. Though not curvaceous, Mrs. Klein was easily the prettiest teacher in school and had been his crush for over a year. Sometimes, he thought it was incredible that he didn’t come every time she even touched his dick.

Stroking him and smiling, Morgan turned her attention back to his sticky crown. “Why, thank you,” she said. “That’s very sweet of you to like a tiny woman like me so much, especially when you’re such a big, big, mm…” Her eyes went wide as she squeezed him for emphasis. “BIG man.”

Leaning forward, she kissed him again before sucking him back into her mouth. She held him steady with both hands at his root and bobbed her head. Freeing one hand, she lifted his shirt to stare at his muscular torso. Chris was always a big kid, tall and strong for his age, and his dick was not the only part of him which belonged to an adult. He was handsome in an unconventional way, his face somewhat brutish and simple and his long hair hiding his features. Like all teenagers, he was a bit mismatched, but his big cock and strong body helped to keep him symmetrical.

Morgan felt his muscular abs and purred around him. His body was naturally slender, she remembered, but his time playing football and lifting weights had left him strong. In high school, Morgan was a tomboy cheerleader who always dated the football players. Looking back, she always liked the height difference, and it helped her to think, so it’s no surprise that Chris gets me going. Sucking his dick made her feel giddy, like she was a teenage girl again trying all of this for the first time.

Doing it in her classroom, with Chris’ back to the door, was an added thrill. The danger of getting caught, combined with the starry-eyed way that Chris watched her, helped to solidify the illusion of adolescence for her. He watched her with fascinated horror, afraid that if he blinked all of this would be gone. It flattered Morgan to have so much of his interest, especially when she saw some of the young girls roaming about the school. Any of them would jump to take her place if they knew what Chris was hiding. They’re all sluts, she told herself, and she sucked Chris with possessive hunger.

Holding him by the root with one hand and caressing his torso with the other, Morgan throated him in jealous hunger. She hoped to show him a level of skill that no young girl could emulate. The initial penetration was smooth, but Chris’ size was formidable. She took a third of him before meeting resistance and, though she had experience doing this with men that were larger than her husband, she had never been with a man quite like esenyurt escort Chris before.

Spittle gathered around his shaft and, staring up at Chris, she found herself dizzy with want. It was funny. She remembered marrying her husband in part because he wasn’t the type of guy who demanded being throated. Now, she did it willingly for a eighteen-year-old boy he wouldn’t even have the bravery or knowledge to ask for such a thing. When she met his eyes, she found him staring back, awed and breathless. Then, he swelled in her throat, his balls churned as he surged toward release.

Sitting back, Morgan merely held him throbbing in her hand as she stared up at him breathlessly. She breathed deep, gathering her breath and her wits as Chris groaned and seized against the door. Laughing, she rubbed the tight muscles of his stomach as they flexed with his heavy breaths. “Shh. Now, now, calm down, Chris. It’s like I was telling you, having a big dick isn’t enough. If you really want to impress a woman, then you’re going to have to develop some stamina, too. You can come buckets, but wouldn’t it be even sexier if you stretched my throat first before you fill me up?” She winks and smiles for punctuation, mixing her remaining saliva with his growing precum before stroking him.

Chris is painfully erect and still primed, but he draws deep breathes and closes his eyes in an effort to focus and ride it out. Morgan feels proud watching him and stroked him slowly until she felt him swelling and twitching again. His precum grew richer in this moment, wetting her hands and his shaft as his orgasm was fast approaching. She licked it for flavor and, too far gone at that point, engulfed him with a purr. Taken by surprise, Chris opened his eyes and unleashed his load.

His hot semen warmed her belly and filled her throat. By the time Morgan realized what was going on, she had two thick ropes stuck in her before she could sit back to catch the rest on her face. Coughing and choking, she stroked him through his climax while shivering in her own. His toned stomach flexed with his gasps, and Morgan watched it as he painted her face. If she were a teen, she would have already fucked Chris senseless. Even now, he has already given her the best orgasms of her life.

Throat stretched and thick with semen, Morgan swallowed and sat back to stare up Chris’ hard body. He stared back at his petite teacher wearing his sperm. His limp cock hung in her face, and they shared breathless smiles before Morgan leaned forward to nurse his cock. He looked good standing over her, Morgan decided, and she wished he would take charge of her and fuck her hard, or at least take hold of her head and fuck her mouth. She thought, his big hands would feel good in my hair.

When finished, Morgan stood and fetched a towel from her desk. She stored one there after the last time and though it hadn’t seen use until today, she was glad that she brought it. She toweled herself off before dressing and flashed him a smile while slowly ringing the semen from her hair. “How was that for a reward?”

Chris, watching her with his dick hanging out, quickly tucked himself away before stammering, “Good. Great!” He could hardly make eye contact with her as he spoke.

Morgan laughed. “Well, thank you,” she said, and she dropped her towel into one of the bags which she will take home. Scooping up a textbook, she crossed the room and took him by the hand. A spark jumped between them that left her even hornier. Guiding him, she led him to a nearby desk and seated him with the textbook in front of him. Seating herself on the edge of the desk, she smiled down at him. “Now, let’s get to work so we can see if we can earn you another A.”

She winked at him, and she swore his dick jumped in his pants.

Koto’s Commentary:

Thanks for the support of all my readers, and thanks for reading! Happy fapping!

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