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After Sid

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Following Sid’s death, life at Acton was becoming unbearable, what with workmates teasing me about losing a ‘husband’ and Vicky’s partner now back home depriving me of some ‘home comforts’, so taking Sid’s advice, for he was convinced that working on the Piccadilly Line was responsible for his demise I asked for a transfer to one of the depots on the Metropolitan Line.

Now a fully qualified Motorman, a few weeks after my application a position at Rickmansworth was offered to me, ok it was out ‘in the sticks” but at least any tunnel work would now be at a minimum, so with no hesitation I accepted the transfer.

Following a tearful goodbye to Vicky, I slowly made my way towards the station and my rather lengthy journey to ‘Ricky’, for living in London I (We) never needed the use of a car but now circumstances had changed and that was to become my next consideration.

My ‘digs’ were about 5-minute walk from the depot, luckily no one there knew of my previous life so I was able to settle in with no problem. My only problem was learning all the routes that were available on the ‘Met’, this took about 6 weeks of training before I was allowed to take my final test.

Today, some forty years later that test still remains in my mind: Basically it was an evening peak-hour run where I picked up a train at Wembley Park, on to Aldgate then after a quick turn-round all stations back to Finchley Road before a non-stop run to Moor Park finally ending up at Amersham. A brilliant journey for a beginner even if I did have an examiner watching my every move; thankfully the examiner left me at Moor Park saying he had seen enough and could see no problems with my driving.

OK, now fully qualified to drive trains I gained a crew member, for this was still in the days when trains had a crew of two; my Guard; Tom (as straight as a die) was a couple of years younger than me, married with a little daughter who he was besotted with.

Longer train journeys meant more money, so it wasn’t long before I was able to afford some driving lessons, then having passed my test I lashed out on a second-hand Vauxhall Viva, it was ok, got me from A to B and was easy to maintain. Slowly my local knowledge improved and soon I spent many an hour fishing at one of the numerous lakes close to Rickmansworth.

It was on one of my many visits to of these lakes that the following incident took place.

With the desire to satisfy his urgent need, he was oblivious to me as I sat hidden behind a bankside bush. After one last look around he quickly dropped his jeans and pants then leant back against one of the many trees that lined the water’s edge. With eyes closed he began to slowly stroke his cock; as a circlet of fingers rolled loose skin back and forth pre-cum oozed from its mushroom head easing his play. He shifted his hips, driving his cock deeper into his loosely clenched fist. From a distance it truly looked a worthy specimen.

His chest rose then fell, “Oh…God,” he muttered as his balls grew tight and began to shrink closer to his body. Faster and faster his fist moved as his body bent to meet his thrusts. When he felt the first shots of cum threaten to explode he arched his back then as his cock shuddered, his body seemed to curl as he felt the continual surges of cum leave his body. He groaned as he stroked out several more spurts of gooey semen. When he was done, his eyes opened where to his surprise I was all but ten feet away, he focussed his glassy eyes on me and smiled.

“Better?” I enquired

He removed his hand from his semi-flaccid cock and stared into my eyes. I began to shake as he beckoned me to come closer where once in arm’s length he reached forward and started rubbing my bulging crotch.

“What are you doing?” I mumbled. Ok, I know it was a stupid question but at the time it seemed natural.

“Get it out and kneel down beside me,” He pleaded.

Nervously, I repeated the same opening scene I had witnessed earlier, with clothing about my ankles I knelt before him, slowly he wrapped his hand around my cock and squeezed.

“God, it’s beautiful…Now close your eyes and picture the scene.” He whispered as he slowly started to jack me off.

I shut my eyes and pictured him as I had first seen him; I could see his cock, long and thin with its purple head dripping with cum. Soon his free hand was exploring the lower parts of my body until I screamed “Fuck!” as I convulsed in a powerful orgasm that sent cum spewing everywhere.

He then grasped my chin before guiding me towards his mouth.

First our lips touched then our tongues. Each moaned into the other’s mouth as our wet muscles began to explore. He felt my hand move to his limp tool and play with it. “Let’s see what happens next. We’ve got all day, no need to rush things.” I heard him mutter.

It was a beautiful day and it seemed we had the whole lake to ourselves. With it being so warm I began removing my shirt. “What a good idea,” he uttered taking his off too.

My breathing soon became shallow and my cock heavy as I checked out tempobet yeni giriş his upper torso for it was covered in a carpet of black curly hair, ranging from his shoulders to just above his navel, from there on a narrow strip of finer hair led to a bushy mass surrounding his tackle. Comically it reminded me of a Christmas table decoration, you know, the ones with a candle sticking out its ring of moss and holly.

Well-formed nipples lay hidden under the mass of black hairs surrounding his strong chest. My body shivered then tingled as I made contact then slowly stroked his hairy chest. Unable to resist any longer I touched, teased and suckled at each nipple, with his hand resting upon my head he quietly moaned before sucking in hard as a hand moved down past his belly and onto his cock.

“It’s amazing, except for you I haven’t seen anyone else here today.” He stuttered.

“It’s a weekday,” I knowingly replied.

“Do you think we’re all alone?”

“We’re never fully alone, I’ve just proved that!” I replied

“This is exciting.” He uttered in glee.

We looked at each other nervously. Surprisingly my cock was rampant and it was very obvious I was horny for him. I realised he might be nervous but like me I guessed he wanted to fuck so, to clear up any doubts, I stripped off completely then stood there completely naked, at full attention in front of him, his eyes glazed over with lust.

“Wow, you really are excited.” He said.

I bit my bottom lip and nodded. “Come on then, let them legs see some daylight,” I jokingly replied.

“Kneel down!” he commanded.

I rested my hand on his thigh for support then once lowered I took in the sight of his cock, now a couple of inches away from my face. It was a glossy purple and straining upwards from its mass of dark curly hair. Two throbbing veins caused it to jump and jerk about and there was pre-cum seeping down its swollen head.

I looked up at him.

He put his hand on my head. “You know what I want.” He said looking towards his phallus.

I slowly brought my hands up to him. I wrapped my right hand around his shaft. It felt like a jolt of electricity went through my arm down into my crotch. My cock jerked and more pre-come dripped out. His cock felt so hot in my hand. It was reasonably thin so I could easily encircle it with my thumb and fingers. I slowly slid my hand down then up. His foreskin was soft, but underneath it was hard as steel. A musky, sweaty smell compelled me to move closer and take it all in.

I gently cupped my left hand around his balls then gently rolled them in my hand. Gently I eased his cock towards my mouth. I could feel his eyes staring down into me, but I didn’t dare look up. I kissed the tip and then licked all around its glossy head. His taste was strong and salty. I moaned and closed my mouth around its head. I slowly stroked and twisted my hand up and down his shaft as I began sucking. Slowly I bobbed my head up and down against the rhythm of my hand. His hand tightened in my hair and he groaned loudly.

“Aw, fuck, that’s so fucking good.”

“Mmm,” I moaned and worked him faster and deeper. Saliva soon began dripping down the shaft as I slowly jacked him off. I looked up at him and whimpered as his cock grew stronger in my hands. I formed my mouth around his head into a tight ‘O’ then sucked it all the way in, until I felt it slide well into my throat. Still with lips tightly clamped I slurped all the way up, and then back down again and again, getting faster and feeling every inch of his meat as it glided in and out of my mouth for this was a cock made for sucking, it wasn’t too thick or too thin, it was perfect.

“Yes.” He said as he gripped the back of my head and forced his cock into my mouth. I worked my tongue and lips as I knew how and soon I felt a spasm then a burst of hot semen filled my throat. I swallowed as another jet erupted. I thought I was going to drown in his cum, so I just kept swallowing and swallowing. Only then did I realised that I was also coming and without any assistance too.

He pressed my face against his and slid his tongue into my mouth. My whole body felt weak. When the kiss was over he slapped my arse as I turned away. “That belongs to me now.” He said.

“We’ll see,” I hastily replied.

The lake, surrounded by its trees, made an excellent suntrap and with no protection my skin was beginning to feel the heat, “Fancy a dip,” I cried.

We scurried towards the water’s edge then he watched as I first waded in before diving into its cooling waters.

The sun, hovering above, added beads of sparkling light to my skin as I surfaced gasping. I followed the gaze of his eyes for what was once a pole now resembled a shrivelled prune.

“I think I’ll give it a miss,” he cried out.

“Coward,” I quipped. I watched him smile. His cock jerked but he knew, by the time he had reached me, his cock too would be a shrivelled prune.

I chuckled and hollered as he cursed at the water’s temperature. He laughed at me as he timidly tempobet giriş walked into the cool lake. “Just dunk your head under and it will all be over,” I shouted.

“Its head is under and believe me it’s over,” he hollered back.

Another round of “oh…fuck” and “shit’s,” went about the lake before he finally dived into the depths of the shimmering liquid and reappeared wet, from head to toe.

“Better?” I asked before swimming over to him.

“Fucking froze,” he stuttered first voiding his head of water then rubbing his arms.

We swam alongside each other for a while then with the cold sapping our bodies we exited the water. Lounged on our backs enjoyed the wisps of clouds as they danced about the sun. As I lay staring down the length of his chest, his fingers began to move across from one sun-warmed nipple to the other.

“Hey…let me do that!” I uttered as I moved my body so my knees easily straddled his head. First I began the teasing then my motions turned more aggressive as I twisted one than the other, soon his cock began its metamorphoses from its slug like state. I watched in awe as it rose then fell back only to rise again then fall; half up half down it went until at last it reached its pulsating stature. Several times he had tried to assist this process and several times I knocked his hand aside.

I saw his lips rise in a smile. His hands once by his side now held my upper arms firmly in their grasp then with his raging cock protruding from the centre of his firm body he slowly pulled me down until it plunged into my throat. Once settled he drew back his hands then grasped my hips, together we were now on a sexual adventure, a mission to explore new realms of pleasure.

“Oh god yes, suck my cock,” he begged and moaned as I took his cock in deeper with every plunge.

With one end being satisfied I shuffled about until with one smooth motion I felt his hot mouth engulf my cock. Unable to bob his head up and down, I began to slowly fuck his mouth, as soon as I slowed down; he would flick me with his tongue, sending me into a frenzy again. I was ready to cum with the tongue lashing I was receiving. I felt the cum begin to boil in my balls, and I guess he felt it too, because just when I couldn’t take any more he scraped his teeth along my entire shaft, causing enough pain to delay my pending orgasm; he sucked hard, dropped his head down and then lifted me up slightly.

“I didn’t say you could cum yet, I want to feel your cock up my arse,” he mumbled before returning to suck once more, then releasing it again he uttered, “I want you to come inside me, make me the slut I deserve.”

I took his cock back into my mouth then taking the remaining inches down my throat my lips created a perfect seal about base of his long shaft of heat.

“Oh fuck yes, don’t stop…ohhh…ohhh…fuck yes…just…like…Jesus.” he screamed as the first stream of cum spurted from his balls. I felt him ease then another spurt and then a third. “Mmmm…Ahhh…oh fuck,” he continued to mumble.

I sucked long and hard to draw out the last remaining drops that were hidden deep within his balls. Releasing his semi-flaccid tool, I rose up, licking my lips on the way. “Reach behind you, you should find condoms and lube in my jacket pocket.”

He reached around. He closed his eyes for a brief moment when he felt my hands roam over his arse. He found the tube of lube which he handed it to me then moved onto his hands and knees. “Fuck my arse. Give me that hard cock, every fucking inch. I’ve never had a cock this huge before.”

“What about the condom?” I asked.

“Fuck the condom, bare-back is much more fun.”

“OK,” I said shuffling up behind him. He felt my strong hands spreading his arse cheeks. I pushed some lube into the closed bud of his anus then set about working two fingers in and out of his dark entrance. He tensed then slowly relaxed as I teased his balls with my other hand and then kissed his back.

“You’re sure about this?” I whispered as a third finger eased its way in.

“Yeah…just fuck me,” he uttered as my fingers set about loosening him up. He felt me abandon him as several more globs of lube found a home inside his tight channel. He groaned and forced his arse to relax as his rectum felt my mushroom head pressing against his opening.

“Easy,” he groaned as I attempted to push slowly into his hole. “Fuck,” he grunted as my first attempt skidded down towards his balls. I backed off then having gobbed more lube onto me tool, I eased forward and tried again. Joyfully I watched as his anus finally accepted me. The more I eased in, the more clear gel was squeezed off by the tight rim of his anus.

“STOP,” he screamed as his anus clamped down hard upon its intrusion. This action was to continue until I bottomed out, here he turned, looked at me with glazed eyes then muttered, “FUCK, that’s got me sweating.” Deep grooves now lay in the earth where his hands, now fists once lay, “Ok, fuck me when you’re ready.”

I drew my hips back then plunged in. tempobet güvenilirmi I slowly repeated the process of fucking him until I felt him push his arse back onto my raging shaft. I slammed myself forward then squealed with delight as my balls slapped his cheeks. Now I started fucking him for real, pumping him and slapping his arse as I did.

“Oh yes!” he shouted. “MORE! HARDER, FUCK ME HARDER! Oh I need it I need it so bad! Fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME!”

Beads of sweet rolled down my face and fell from my chin on to the small of his back. His breathing quickened and his moans became louder as I pulled my cock out to its head and then impaled him again, and then again and again. He was blubbering and screaming with joy as I fucked his arse. Finally, I pulled out and told him to turn over. Little did he know that he was in for the fucking of his life for it had been some 6 months or more since Sid’s death and I had been practically a hermit waiting for the opportune moment.

“I’m going to fuck you like the bitch you are. Like a little bitch in heat!”

He pulled his knees up so as to spread his anus. Where once had laid a tight rosebud there now lay a gaping red hole. “Yes, yes!” he cried as my cock plunged into him.

“I’m your little bitch in heat. Fuck me. Make me your little slut.” My rock hard tool was all the way up inside him as I leaned forward and kissed him hard. I pulled his legs up further, rolling him into a fuck-ball of quivering pleasure, mercilessly I began pounding him.

“I’m you’re little cum-slut now.” He whispered in my ear.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I replied as his cock suddenly jumped and throbbed, soon I felt the hot spasms of his cum filling the void between us. He wanted more and more as I kept thrusting into him.

“Fuuuuuuckkk. . .I’m in heaven,” he yelled as he felt my cock shudder then began convulsing inside his rectum.

“I know, I am too,” I uttered as my cock trapped by his throbbing anus continued to spurt more and more cum into him, after the spurts came the dry throbs finally followed by the partial wilting. I pulled my cock out of his cum-filled asshole then fell onto my back with my arms stretched out, “WOW,” I cried.

“Yeah, wow,” he concurred with his head now resting on my chest and a finger trailing its way lazily about my nipples.

I was breathing heavy but I felt lighter than air, as if I was having an out-of-body experience. I started to laugh and soon it turned into a laughing fit as he joined in as well.

Now recovered he kissed his way down my neck to my chest, soon He began licking, sucking and nipping at my nipples; He nipped one a little too hard with his teeth and I yelped before gently slapping his head.

He flicked his tongue gently over it as I fell back onto the sand and moaned. He moved to the other one and gave it some attention before sliding further down. I gasped when I felt his warm wet mouth engulf my cock. He gently sucked it for a bit before letting it drop from his mouth and snap against my belly. I whimpered in frustration and pushed my hips up towards him. He moved down to my balls and licked and sucked each one.

“It’s time you got fucked,” he said pushing my legs apart then lifting my thighs onto his shoulders. I could feel his warm breath between my legs.

“Yes,” I growled as I felt his face move closer towards its goal. When his wet and warm tongue slid up across my puckered hole, I gasped and nearly leapt in the air. I clutched at the undergrowth as he attacked me with his mouth. As his tongue and lips licked and sucked at my puckered ring of skin, I writhed around on the mud, grabbing at his head, begging for him to not stop.

When his thin slippery finger slid inside me and found my prostate, I couldn’t take it anymore. I reached down and grabbed my cock. He grunted and slapped my hand away. “Mm-mm,” he grunted as he shook his head, never moving his mouth from my hole. I fell back onto the sand and moaned as a second finger pushed into me. Soon he had three fingers sliding in and out of me, twisting and stretching and rubbing against that sensitive spot.

“Please…Please…,” I begged. I was nearly in tears for I wanted him so bad.

“Don’t worry, you’ll soon be mine.”

He sat back on his haunches as I watched him squirt lube all over his raging phallus. I looked up at him in glee. He smiled at me, leant forward then kissed me.

He leaned back and lined up his cock head. He pushed forward and it popped into me. I took a deep breath and looked up at him. His eyes were staring into my face. I could see it in his eyes… he loved the feel of me. I placed my hands on his hips and pulled at him while he pushed in, I pulled again and a couple inches slid further into me. I closed my eyes and willed myself to relax. I melted back into the earth and thought about how much I needed this.

I opened my eyes as he leaned down and hunched over me. I moved my legs up, locking my knees on his sides, my ankles against his arse. He supported himself on his arms. I brought my arms up to his back and pulled him down closer to me. I lifted my head up and kissed him. He returned the kiss and as he slid his tongue into my mouth, he pulled back, then pushed deeper into me. He did that move again, sliding past my prostate and sinking all the way into me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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