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All Tied Up

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Dan woke up from his dream with a hard-on. He, in the fuzzy headed state-of-mind between deep sleep and true awareness, tried to remember the dream. He remembered something tugging around his hips, but he could never see it. Dan also remembered feeling like he was being pulled apart, with one arm going in one direction, and his other arm going in the opposite. It was the same with his legs.

It was summertime, and the air conditioner in his Air Force dorm room turned on. The cold air being vented into the room washed over his body, quickly chilling it. Dan tried to reach down to pull his blankets back up over him, but found that he couldn’t move his right arm, or his left one. They were tied in place to the headboard above his head, and he was instantly, completely awake. When he tried to move his legs, he felt that they were tied down as well. With growing dismay, Dan realized that he wasn’t wearing his boxers either. He turned his head to look at the clock. The digital display read 3:41.

Dan sensed movement in the room. The curtains were closed, so no light entered the room from outside. He couldn’t see who it was that was in the room with him, but he moved his head as he tried to listen and follow them as they walked towards the bed.

Whoever it was that was in the room with him got up onto the bed at the foot end of it. They were on all fours, he thought, from the way their weight was displaced on the mattress. The person moved up further, and he felt their weight distributed on the outside of his hips by hands that pressed down on the mattress. He was afraid of what may come next, or who it may be. When Dan felt soft hair drape down over his thighs though, and warm breath over his softening dick, he realized that it was at least a woman who was here with him, because no men in the military had hair long enough to touch his thighs.

A wet tongue licked its way up the length of his dick, and cool breath blew on it back down. The pattern was continued over and over until his dick was hard. Dan felt the woman’s nose touch his stomach as her warm mouth took his dick in. Her tongue washed over the head, slickening it with saliva. When that was accomplished, she took more of his dick into her mouth.

It wasn’t long before the woman started bobbing her head up on down on Dan’s dick. Even with the uncertainty and slightest bit of fear Dan was feeling, a low moan escaped his mouth as he felt the head of his dick hit the back of the woman’s throat. As Dan felt he was getting close to coming, the woman sensed it as well and let his dick fall from her mouth until the moment had subsided. As his hard dick lay upon his stomach, she licked it again from top to bottom, and this time took his balls into her mouth, sucking on them and warming them in her mouth. She shook her head, possibly to move her hair out of the way Dan thought, and she took his dick back into her mouth. She sucked kartal escort it for a few more moments, and then she stopped.

Dan felt her move up his body. He sensed the warmth of her body above him, and felt soft flesh touch his lips. He kissed and licked the flesh, and then felt part of it begin to harden in his mouth. He realized it was a nipple he was sucking on, and he greedily took more of the nipple and the surrounding flesh into his mouth. When the nipple was sufficiently hard, Dan held it between his teeth and then flicked his tongue over it. He heard a sharp intake of breath from above him, then a quietly whispered, “Oh, yes.” Dan tried to recognize the woman’s voice, but she had spoken to quietly for him to do so.

As Dan was getting into sucking on the woman’s nipple, it was pulled from his mouth, and the woman’s weight was shifting on the bed again. Dan was disappointed momentarily, until he felt the woman’s body rest on his hips and dick. She ground her hips against his, letting her wet pussy coat his dick with her wetness. Dan could also feel his pubic hair getting wet as well. The woman stopped again, and for the first time he could feel her hand touch his dick as it was guided into her pussy. She lowered herself completely onto him, and both Dan and the woman moaned.

The woman slowly moved herself up and down on Dan’s dick. He enjoyed the sensation a great deal. He only wished that he could hold onto the woman’s tits as she rode him. She continued to ride him slowly, and she moaned every time she was fully impaled on his dick. Dan tried to move his body, or at least his hips, when she rested on him, because he wanted to try and stimulate her clit. He didn’t know if it was working or not, but as she kept moaning, he thought it was.

Dan was more turned on than ever. Even though he had been completely taken by surprise, amazed by how helpless he was, and though it could even be considered rape, he was excited beyond belief. He realized it was the thrill of the unknown. He had never done anything like this before, and he didn’t even know the woman.

The woman picked up the pace at which she rode his dick. She moved up and down rapidly. At one point, his dick fell out of her pussy when she rose up too high. She reached back down and guided it back into her. After that, she leaned over and put her hands on Dan’s chest, bracing herself as she began fucking herself with his dick. Dan thought she was amazing, as it felt like she was only moving her hips and nothing else on her body. She would stop every few moments and just grind herself on him, and then she’d move her hips up and down again.

She pushed herself back up again, and lifted herself entirely off of his dick. Dan couldn’t believe that she could be done with him now. He knew he hadn’t come, and he was pretty certain that she hadn’t come yet either. Dan felt her hand kurtköy escort grip his dick again, as it was guided into a different hole than he had previously been in. Dan’s mind was blown as he realized she was putting his dick into her ass. “Oh, fuck!” he said. She began moaning and grunting loudly, and Dan imagined her face scrunched up in concentration, maybe biting her lower lip as well, as she let his dick into her ass.

It took some doing, but he finally felt the entire length of his dick in her ass. She remained motionless for some time as he assumed she was getting used to the feeling of him in there. Dan was grateful for that, because he feared that he would have possibly blown his load right then and there. He tried to think of anything that would get his mind off of where his dick was. He thought of his fantasy baseball teams. He thought of his upcoming test in class. It didn’t matter though as she carefully lifted her hips a few inches, then let herself fall back down on his dick.

“Damn, this is so fucking good,” Dan said. She began moving again, this time a bit quicker. As her tight hole became accustomed to his dick in it, the woman began fucking Dan faster. Dan reveled in the sensations his dick was feeling. It was different than being in her pussy. And even though her ass was tighter, Dan realized he missed the wetness of her pussy.

Dan felt himself getting close to coming again. “If you don’t stop soon, I’m going to come in your ass,” he told the woman.

“Thanks for sharing,” the woman replied quietly. Dan tried again to recognize her voice, but still couldn’t. She lifted her ass off of his dick, and she spun her body around. Dan felt her weight as she rested her torso on his. Her legs stretched out on both sides of his head, and the unmistakable smell of wet pussy was directly in front of his nose. Dan lifted his head and tentatively put his tongue out. He felt the wet folds of her pussy lips against his tongue. He smiled, and flattened his tongue as he licked the length of her pussy, just as she had done with his dick. When he got to her clit, he held his tongue and pushed his head further, increasing the pressure of his tongue on her bud.

The woman moaned and whispered, “Keep doing that and make me come.”

Dan was about to begin licking her pussy again when he felt the woman’s mouth envelop the head of his dick. He was shocked to think that the woman would suck his dick after it had just been in her ass. But he tossed the thought aside as he wanted to come in her mouth badly.

He began licking her pussy again. Dan licked up one side of her pussy and then down the other, stopping occasionally to try and flick his tongue against her clit. Then, he tried to fuck her pussy with his tongue, but the stretching of his neck was too much, and he tired of that. He lowered his head to rest his neck. When it felt strong pendik escort enough again, he went back to licking her pussy and clit.

The woman was still sucking his dick. She was holding onto the base as she took as much of it as she could into her mouth. Then she pulled back and just sucked on the head of his dick, swirling her tongue around it. She kept alternating these patterns, until Dan knew there wasn’t going to be any way to hold back from coming any more.

Dan tried as best he could to pick up the pace of his licking. He wanted the woman to come before he did. He lifted his head up as much as his neck would allow. Dan said to the woman, “Come for me, now.” He flattened his tongue out and applied pressure to her clit. He tried to mash his mouth against her clit and pussy, while his nose inhaled her scent. Dan moved his mouth back and forth as much and as quickly as he could, trying to maintain contact with the woman’s clit. He could feel her thigh muscles clench on his shoulders, and they began to flutter some, enclosing his head between her legs.

Dan knew his neck was going to be in pain in the morning, but he wanted to make her come. The woman was moaning while she was sucking his dick. He kept licking and sucking as much as he could. Finally, he was rewarded when the woman took her mouth off of his dick and loudly said, “Oh, I’m cummmming!”

Dan felt her thighs spasm and lock tightly around his head. Moisture was oozing out of her pussy and drenching his face. She gripped onto his dick and held onto it until her body quieted, and she relaxed.

Without a word, she began sucking on his dick again. Dan, having succeeded in getting her to come, let himself go and didn’t hold back any more. Less than a minute later, he felt his legs stiffen and he said, “Oh, God! Oh, God! I’m coming!” He felt his dick spurt into the woman’s mouth. She didn’t release Dan’s dick from her mouth and her hand until she had swallowed all of his come. Dan’s body relaxed and his dick quickly grew flaccid.

“Shit, that was good,” Dan said. “You’re amazing.”

“Thank you,” she whispered in reply.

Dan felt her weight lift off of his body, and then off of the bed. He listened as she put her clothes back on. As she got to the door, Dan realized that she hadn’t untied him yet. “Um, could you untie me please?”

The woman opened the door and took a step to go outside. She turned her head to look back at him. Though his neck still hurt, Dan lifted his head to look at her. Artificial light illuminated the common area between the four dormitories and backlit her body. She wore a tight t-shirt and a pair of shorts. Her hair was long and straight, and hung down past her shoulders. He wasn’t completely certain at first, but quickly realized it was his girlfriend, Sue.

“Maybe,” was all she said. He saw her smile and she closed the door behind her. Dan was relieved to know that it was his girlfriend that he has just fucked. But he never knew that she could be so kinky though. As pleasant as those thoughts were, a dawning realization forced its way to the front of his mind.

“If she doesn’t come back to untie me, how am I going to get to class?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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