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An English Boy Gets Turned Out Ch. 06

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Sam woke up and enjoyed the feeling of the silk sheets, the large bed and big fluffy pillows. He thought for a moment he was dreaming because he definitely was not in his dorm room and then BAM. It all came flooding back. He could not go back to his dorm and he had temporary accommodation above the bookstore. The GAY bookstore where he did not want to work and where the owner, Mr Tobias, had been clear that the room was only available if he accommodated his demands.

He needed to get out of the clutches of Mr Tobias before he got sucked further into the disgusting gay life Mr T planned for him. To do that he needed to find somewhere to live and he needed to find another job. He also needed to make sure all the pictures of him in compromising positions were deleted. That was easy they were all on his phone. He opened it up and started to delete them.

He started deleting them quickly but as he continued, he started to slow down as he began to look at them. He stared at the one of him and Mr Tobias sitting side by side on the sofa. It showed them both orgasming. A huge jet of come was shooting from MR Tobias enormous cock and in contrast a small dribble was sliding down the side of his tiny taily. Why did he use those words for his own cock why was he admiring Mr Tobias’? He became aware he was getting an erection. He immediately stopped looking and deleted the rest of the pictures.

He got up and as he moved, he became aware he was wearing the rubber pants and the butt plug was up his ass. This realisation just made him all the more determined that this had to stop.

Sam needed to piss and went into the bathroom. He stood in front of the toilet and reached down to pull out his willy, only to find there was no opening in the front of the rubber underwear. He tried to pull the rubber down but it was stuck tight around his waist. He got a stronger grip and managed to peel them down over his hips. He could feel the air cool on his sweaty skin. He tried a third time and this time he managed to squeeze them down over his buttocks. At the same time the extra pressure forced the butt plug deeper into his anal cavity. Once more he pushed the black rubber down and this time his bottom was finally uncovered and he managed to get the pants off.

He peed in the toilet and shook his tiny taily between his index finger and thumb. One wall in the bathroom was covered in a mirror. He looked at himself and could see the marks left by the rubber pants which seemed to highlight his freshly shaven privates. He couldn’t believe how young he looked, it reminded him of his prepubescent days when he had been hairless and if he was honest with himself his dick had not grown much in the intervening years. It looked like it belonged on the body of a young boy.

Feeling a little ashamed he walked into the shower and turned on the water. The first order of business was to remove the plug. When the water was hot, he stood under it and bent a little at the waist. He gripped the plug and made as if he was taking a dump. His tight little rosebud opened a little and he easily pulled out the plug. It seemed a life time ago that he struggled with it in the washroom of his dorm but it was less than 24 hours ago.

He looked at the plug and quickly put it under the water to wash off all of his bodily traces. He then washed himself all over. As he was washing his backside his finger slipped into his arse, that had never happened before it had always been tightly closed but wearing the plug had opened it up and it had not closed properly. This had to stop Mr Tobias was forcing his body to change in some very disgusting and unpleasant ways.

He stepped out of the shower and dried himself off. There was a toothbrush on the counter and he finished his morning ablutions. Finally, he wrapped a towel around his waist and walked into the sitting room to look for some clothes. There were none.

He thought for a moment and walked downstairs hoping to find his clothes in the office but again he drew a blank. He was feeling unsettled as he walked back upstairs. He was alone in a gay bookshop with no clothes. He walked to his phone and picked it up but realised there was no one he could call. He had no close friends he could ask to bring him some clothes and even if he did how could he explain he had lost his clothes in a gay book store.

He looked at the TV in the hope he could see some news but no it was still showing gay porn. This time it had a young boy on his knees surrounded by three men with enormous cocks. Needless to say, one was in the boy’s mouth and his hands were holding the other two.

Just then his phone rang, it was with mixed feelings he saw it was Mr Tobias. He answered.

“Sammi, how are you did you sleep well?”

“Yes Mr Tobias. Where are my…”

“Sammi don’t speak just answer my questions and be respectful. I just let you sleep in my office apartment. If you remember you were homeless and I gave you somewhere to stay. Now think before you say another word, a show of gratitude would Demetevler Escort be appropriate.”

Already Sam felt Mr Tobias taking command and he was right he had let Sam sleep in his office and he hadn’t asked for anything in return.

“Thank you, Mr Tobias, it was very kind of you to let me sleep here.”

“It was my pleasure Sammi, I always like to give a helping hand to young boys whenever I can. I like it when young boys owe me. Do you owe me Sammi?”

“Thank you again Mr Tobias it was very kind of you to let me sleep here.” I repeated myself but I really didn’t think I owed Mr Tobias anything. It was all his doing that I was in this predicament.

“Sammi I asked you a question. Please answer it.”

“Sorry Mr Tobias what was the question?” I was playing for time, hoping against hope that I could find a satisfactory answer without saying I owed him.

Mr Tobias sounded angry as he asked a second time. “Sammi, don’t you think you owe me after I kindly let you stay in my apartment?”

I had no inspiration and so in a small voice I said “Yes Mr Tobias I owe you.”

“That wasn’t so hard was it, Sammi? I am sure we will find a way for you to show your gratitude.” He said it in such a way that it left no doubt that I was going to pay him back in a sexual way.

“I will be with you in about 30 minutes. I’ll bring some breakfast with me. In the meantime, get washed up and be dressed properly.”

“But Mr Tobias I can’t find my clothes, there’s nothing for me to wear.”

He laughed. “Sammi when you are with me naked is being dressed properly, the only thing I want you to be wearing is your butt plug. We need to get your hole ready for some cock and as mine is big and as it’s going to be your first you need a bit of butt plug training.”

I sort of knew that was where this going but it had never been said explicitly before.

“I don’t want you to stick your cock in my bottom.” I replied rather plaintively.

He just laughed. “Make sure the plug is your ass when I get there or there will be trouble.” He hung up.

So much for regaining control of my life. There was no hiding the fact I had told a man who wanted to fuck me that I owed him. To make it even worse I had not been able to say no to him once and win. Sure, I had said no but he ignored it and twisted my words and made me submit to him. It was not helped by my willy which was constantly hard around him and reinforced the image that I was turned on by all the gay stuff going on.

I looked at Facebook on my phone but that just depressed me as I saw everybody having fun living their normal lives and here was me in the clutches a raging homosexual who wanted to fuck me.

I just sat on the sofa for 20 minutes twiddling my thumbs and idly looking at the porn. It was a succession of young boys getting on their knees in front of older men. The men all had big cocks which disappeared into the mouths of the boys. I concentrated on it a couple of times when I saw a huge cock being swallowed by one of the boys and I mean swallowed. It completely disappeared to the boy’s mouth and throat. It was not something that I could possible do even if I wanted to do it, which I don’t.

After a little while I went back into the bathroom and found a bottle of lube. I put a towel down on the floor and lay back on it. I poured some lube on my fingers and circled my hole getting it very slippery, then I pushed a little and my fingers were sucked right in. I didn’t even have to push one moment they were circling the rim and the next they were deep in my anus. I pulled them out and got some more lube on them which I pushed inside me and spread it around. Then I put lube directly on the plug and smeared it around. Finally, I placed the plug against my rear. I twisted it and pushed at the same time and I could feel my ass stretching wider than my fingers. I gave it a little more force and it too was sucked deep into my ass. My rim seemed to snap tightly against the narrow neck of the plug.

I washed my hands and wiped around my ass to clean the excess lube. I was conscious about messing up the furniture with the lube on my ass. I went back into the sitting room and back to the porn. I felt quite pleased as for once watching gay sex and playing with my ass had not given me an erection. I was grateful my willy stayed limp and small. Perhaps I am not gay after all.

Suddenly I hear footsteps on the stairs and Mr Tobias entered the room.

“Morning again Sammi. I’ve brought some coffee and some donuts. The plain ones are for me but the cream and chocolate ones are for you. You need to get used to licking up cream and sometimes you are going to get chocolate on your fingers.” He laughed at his own joke. I on the other hand was not amused and went red. It was still a new experience to me to be naked in front of another man especially one who is cracking double entendres.

He handed me a coffee. “If you look in the cupboard over by the Otele gelen escort table you should find a couple of plates for the donuts.”

I walked over to the cupboard, I had to bend down to reach inside. I got back up with 2 plates and brought them back to the table. I did as I was told and placed the plain donuts on one plate for Mr Tobias and the cream and chocolate ones on a plate for myself.

“Sammi you have pleased me and angered me already this morning. I am pleased you are wearing the butt plug as instructed. However, when you bent over to get the plates you bent at the knees and not at the hips. You have been told often enough the correct way for a little twink to bend is from the waist. Don’t make anyone tell you that again otherwise you will be forcibly reminded.”

I sipped from my coffee and remained silent.

We continued to sit in silence and not a companionable one. Well to be clear Mr Tobias looked perfectly at ease but I was very nervous. As you can imagine sitting naked in front of a fully clothed man was not a normal experience for me and I found it completely unnerving. My hands were shaking so much I was finding it hard to drink my coffee without spilling it.

“Eat a cream donut, Sammi.”

“I’m not very hungry Mr Tobias.”

“Sammi I bought those donuts for you; you don’t want to hurt my feelings.”

“No Mr Tobias, thank you for buying me some donuts and for the coffee. It was very kind of you but I am just not hungry this morning.” It was true I was feeling a bit sick, having a butt plug up my backside was not a comfortable feeling. Added to which my life was a mess and I had no idea where I was going to live and the forced changes on my life left me feeling very scared.

“Sammi eat a donut.”

I opened my mouth to say no but one look at Mr Tobias’ face made me close it without speaking and my right hand reach out to the box of donuts. I picked up a cream filled donut; I could see the cream oozing out.

I took a bite and I could feel the cream squeeze out of the donut and into my mouth, onto my lips and slide down my chin. I moved to wipe it off with my free hand.

“Leave it alone Sammi. I like to see my boys with cream on their faces.”

I sat looking a fool a donut in my right hand and my left hand raised to wipe myself clean.

After a few seconds I heard that deep voice again. “Take another bite Sammi.”

I don’t remember my brain agreeing to the order but my hand and mouth certainly did and I took another bite. Again, as much cream went onto my face as into my mouth. Again, my free hand went to wipe it clean but I stopped when I saw Mr Tobias shake his head. He had a small smile on his face as he watched me eat the rest of the donut. I later learnt this was a trick he sometimes played on his new boys; he would inject extra filling into the donut to make sure the eater got creamed.

When I had finished the donut, Mr Tobias told me to stand up and look at myself in the mirror in the sitting room. “That’s the look of a boy who’s enjoyed a bukkake.” I didn’t know what he meant but my face was covered in cream, it was thickest on my lower lip and chin but my face was glazed all over.

“Do you know what a bukkake is?”

“No Mr Tobias.”

“Well google it and later when we meet, you can describe it to me.”

“What are your plans for the rest of the day, Sammi?”

“I’ve got a class later this morning and I need to go to my dorm room to get some clothes.”

“And then what will you do?”

I didn’t really know how to answer that. If everything was normal, I would stay in my dorm and continue with my studies. But I couldn’t stay in my dorm.

“If you don’t know let me tell you. I want you to come back here, as I said you can stay here for a few days. This apartment stays pretty quiet so you should be able to some studying here. Then you are right here ready for work late on in the afternoon.”

“Thank you, Mr Tobias.” I was learning to show my gratitude.

“I can’t find my clothes, Mr Tobias.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll find you something from the store.” He said it with a smile.

I certainly wasn’t smiling in fact my feeling dread went up several notches. What was he going to make me wear?

“Stay up here Sammi. I need to organise a few things for the store, when that’s all done, I’ll get your clothes.”

“What time is your next class?”

“At 11, Mr Tobias.”

“Good so there’s no rush. I’ll be back in plenty of time with some clothes. Just chill and watch the TV, you’ll find it very instructive.”

I groaned quietly to myself the last thing I needed was to watch more gay porn.

I was left alone with my thoughts and they weren’t happy. Once again, I had proved myself to be no match to Mr T., HE got everything he wanted out of that conversation and I just agreed with it all. I needed to learn how to become more assertive just to protect myself.

I started to watch the porn Balgat Escort to give myself something to do. The characters had changed but they were still doing the same disgusting things with their cocks, mouths and assholes. But I continued to watch and opened my eyes wide in wonder as an old man managed to fit his whole hand in the ass of a young twink. It slipped in so easily and judging by the cock of the twink it was a big turn on and not a pain up the ass.

Mr Tobias had gone down into the office. He shut and locked the door to the office as he wanted to make sure Sammi could not learn of the next few conversations.

He pulled out his phone and dialled. “Mark what time will you be here? … OK we’ll see you in 15.

Mr T walked out into the store and went straight to the clothing racks. “What will embarrass the little twink but nothing too extreme just yet?” He thought.

First, he picked up a pink jock strap with a high waist band to make sure it would be visible over the top of his pants. He thought some more and decided some tight leggings in a pastel blue. That would contrast nicely with the pink and also would be tight enough across the bottom to show the straps framing the boy’s cheeks.

On top he decided to keep the same pastel blue shade for a clingy shirt. He made sure it was a size too small because he wanted to make sure that could not be pulled down. He also picked up some pink sneakers for Sammi.

He went back into the office and looked on his computer screen, it was showing the flat in real time. He was pleased to see Sammi sitting naked watching the gay porn. He was also pleased the Viagra in the coffee had kicked in and he was looking at a really small but very erect taily. He smiled to himself as he thought how appropriate that term was for Sammi’s little dick.

There was a knock at the door and in walked Mark with 2 backpacks. One over his shoulder was black and workmanlike the other held in his hand was shocking pink with pastel blue writing, perfectly matching the clothes Mr T had selected for Sammi.

“That looks good. Is it going to work, Mark?”

“Of course, Mr T. There are 4 microphones and cameras. On the top, bottom and both sides. It doesn’t matter which way he holds it or puts it on the ground we are always going to get sound and video. The cameras are all high def and can handle low light. Everything can be controlled with an app on your phone or laptop. We can even change the direction of the cameras and zoom and pan as we want to. So, wherever Sammi goes we should get decent pictures.”

Mark sat down in front of Mr Tobias’ computer, tapped away for 30 seconds and then showed Mr Tobias the screen and there were both of them looking at themselves on the screen.

“How was the footage from last night?”

“It was really hot, getting Sammi to fuck a dildo was great and the shots we got from beneath the glass table were fantastic. I need another hour or so to finish the edit and it will go online this evening. The response we are getting from the site are fantastic. We have the highest subscription numbers ever and the interaction from the members have been great. Some really good ideas for how things should develop with Sammi. I’ll email you the most popular suggestions when I get back to my studio.”

Mr Tobias smiled to himself as he thought about the money Sammi was going to make him. But best of all he enjoyed Sammi had no idea he was an internet porn sensation. Taking advantage of others had always been a source of enjoyment for Mr Tobias. Taking advantage of a young innocent boy was… Well it did not get better than that.

Mark left and Mr Tobias smiled to himself as he walked upstairs. He was looking forward to overcoming Sammi’s complaints about the clothes and forcing him to look like a big ‘pooftah’ to use the English boy’s word.

“You look like you are enjoying the video, Sammi.” I jumped when I heard Mr Tobias’ voice. “Have you been playing with yourself?”

“No Mr Tobias.”

“So, you just naturally got hard when you watch men fucking each other and you say you are not gay.” Mr Tobias snorted derisively as he said the last bit.

“I’ve brought you some clothes up from the store.” He put the pile of pink and blue clothes on the table in front of me.

I picked them up and headed towards the bathroom to get dressed.

“Where are you going. You can get dressed in front of me. I have already seen you naked so don’t worry about it. Get changed in here in front of me.”

I came back into the sitting room. I looked more closely at the clothes. I picked out the jock strap, I shook my head to myself and put them on. I realised there was no point in complaining because Mr Tobias would just make me wear them anyway.

Next came the leggings and finally the shirt.

“Have a look at yourself in the mirror in the bathroom.”

I went in and had a look. A sob escaped my lips as I saw a twink every bit as girly as Jaimie. I couldn’t go to uni dressed like this. There was gay and there was GAY and I was GAY! If I wore these clothes everyone without exception would believe I was a faggot and there was no way anybody would believe I was straight. Added to that my roommate was probably already spreading stories about what he saw in our dorm room. I was fucked literally if I cannot persuade Mr T to get me some more normal clothes.

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