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Anal in Austin

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She hadn’t planned on this. In fact, she hadn’t really wanted it. But in the year 2016 divorce was a reality and Gwen knew she just needed to get over it. Married for twenty years, the forty year old woman was alone for the very first time in her life. The five foot blonde elementary teacher struggled not to feel sorry for herself. Things could have been worse. At least there had been no children to fight over. It was just the loneliness that plagued Gwen. Her ex hadn’t given her any attention in years and naturally shy by nature, Gwen didn’t know how to get noticed.

A new beginning is what Gwen was hoping for when she rented the older one story home in Austin, Texas. There was one thing the elementary teacher knew for sure. After being unhappy for so many years. She was going to do things differently. The job offer Gwen received from the Austin Independent School District, the previous summer, had been a God send. With her own income ensured, Gwen looked forward to finding out who she really was.

Gwen’s ex-husband had been military in every sense of the word and Gwen had been the perfect military spouse. With a wardrobe made out of red, white and blue, the previously devoted wife had stood by her traditional husband and led a very conservative life. Grimacing at the thought of all the things she hadn’t done while trying to please her husband, Gwen ached to try an assortment of the previously forbidden. Dating was on her mind but so were a lot of other things. One was to smoke weed again. She had enjoyed marijuana before meeting her ex, Mike, but had quit in deference to his wishes.

For the last two months Gwen had driven by a certain store while commuting to and from work that had captured her interest. Planet K was a locally owned head shop and she wanted to explore this unknown world. Nervous at the thought, Gwen ran her blue pointed nails through her thick blonde hair. Her slanted green eyes were troubled. She really wanted to go buy a small pipe but it had been twenty years since she had bought drug paraphernalia. Reminding herself there was no reason to buy any pot from the hunky guy next door if she didn’t have a way to smoke it, she decided to take a shower and just do what she really wanted. It was Saturday morning and ending the day with a little buzz sounded more than nice.

Looking into her closet a slight smile appeared on Gwen’s angular face. She had changed cities, her last name and the way she dressed. Gone were all the dresses appropriate for luncheons and official events. Instead, she now wore whatever grabbed her attention. Removing a pair of faded boot cut jeans and a clingy white tank from the small master closet, Gwen decided to let herself feel a little sexy. Four inch stacked heels and chunky silver jewelry completed her casual outfit. The full length mirror that hung from her closet door reflected a very beautiful woman, fashionably dressed with small perky breasts and amply curved hips. All she needed was confidence.

Gwen had gone on a few dismal dates since her divorce but all the men had been lackluster at best. One had even talked about his ex the entire evening. Gwen had felt more satisfied on the nights she had elected to play with her rabbit vibrator.. She had no idea if she would ever meet anybody that excited her but she was keeping herself ready. Thick hair hung to shoulder length and was now kept highlighted, nails were professionally manicured and always painted blue, heavy make-up surrounded her eyes and yoga five times a week kept her petite frame tight. It wasn’t enough for the divorced woman that men stared wherever she went. She just never felt quite good enough. Fluffing her hair and reminding herself to relax, Gwen grabbed her car keys and headed out into the warm fall air..

Pulling into the parking lot of Planet K, nervousness assaulted the newly liberated woman. The store wasn’t located in a scary neighborhood but the neighboring businesses weren’t the ones Gwen generally frequented. A bail bondsman, tattoo parlor and check cashing business were the only other occupants of the much neglected strip mall. Gwen didn’t match her surroundings and she knew it. She was just a little too middle-class and just a little too white and her Honda hybrid SUV didn’t help either. Slipping out of her silver CRV she crossed the parking lot filled with crumbling pavement and potholes. At the entrance she paused. All of the windows and the glass door had been painted with graffiti. They didn’t want people to see inside and she couldn’t help but wonder why.

A sense of the surreal embraced Gwen as she entered the local chain. Green eyes darting around the room, Gwen assessed her surroundings. The scent of incense and the sound of hip-hop filled the shop. This store bore no resemblance to the suburban malls she generally frequented. To her right slouched a couple of young men behind the counter staring at her. Curiously they watched the hot blonde in their midst. Obviously uncomfortable in her new surroundings, the elementary Demetevler Escort school teacher looked away. Where were the pipes? Heading to the back of the store Gwen saw a display case. Every type of pipe imaginable was available for scrutiny. But that wasn’t what caught Gwen’s attention. It was the porn section directly to her left.

There were items that Gwen recognized and some that she didn’t. Vibrators of every shape and size lined the back wall. Some so large she felt herself wince at the sight. How long Gwen had been staring when she heard herself spoken to? Embarrassed, Gwen realized she didn’t know.

“May I help you?”

Turning towards the masculine voice, the petite blonde felt herself flush. Warm brown eyes stared down at her. A very young Hispanic man stood smiling down at her. Eyes briefly glancing at her tits, he again offered his assistance. Gwen froze. Her body was tingling and she felt warmth between her legs. She wasn’t sure what was wrong with her. He couldn’t be more than half her age. But there was no way to deny she was enjoying the way he was looking at her. The proof could be seen in the way she stood and how her nipples now protruded through the thin fabric of her white shirt.

“Um … I was looking for a pipe, something small, discreet.” Groaning inwardly, Gwen couldn’t believe how shaky her voice had sounded. This place, this young guy, they intimidated her. The way her body was responding made Gwen feel even more uncomfortable.

The University Of Texas student couldn’t help but enjoy watching the petite blonde squirm. Javier loved MILF’s and Gwen was the hottest he’d ever met. Javier watched with barely disguised pleasure as Gwen’s nipples hardened and appeared under her white shirt. Javier couldn’t help but wonder just how “hot” the blonde was underneath her reserved demeanor. Leaning towards Gwen, Javier pointed to a row of small pipes. Wooden, ceramic and metal pieces were all on display.

“That one.” Quickly Gwen pointed to the first blue one she saw. The school teacher was too nervous to take her time and really look. Gwen was acutely aware of how soft the young man’s voice was compared to his rough exterior. The contrast was compelling. Tattoos, many that looked homemade covered the naturally tanned arms of the college student. Thick black hair pulled back into a ponytail gave him a bad boy look and the smile on his full lips seemed almost predatory as he slowly let his brown eyes graze Gwen’s curvy frame.

As Javier handed the pipe to Gwen their hands brushed. Startled the blonde MILF jumped. She was acting just like a school girl trying to talk to the popular guy. It really was ridiculous but Gwen couldn’t stop thinking about how the UT student was making her feel inside. Her dark rose nipples ached and she could feel the dampness between her legs. Nervous, Gwen headed to the cash register. She needed to get out of Planet K before she made a fool out of herself. She was in her forties for God’s sake.

Following slowly behind the nervous blonde Javier appreciated the view. For such a petite female her ass was amazing. Tight faded jeans hugged her ample curves and Javier was taking full advantage of the view. Groaning inwardly, the twenty-year old hoped he got a chance to be alone with the older woman; naked and bent over is how he wanted to see her. On an impulse he decided to take a chance. You just never knew unless you asked.

Energy encircled the two as Javier rang up Gwen’s small purchase. Erotic thoughts brought a blush to Gwen’s thin features as she handed the gorgeous young man her credit card. His deep brown eyes never left her as he turned over the receipt and wrote his name and number on it. “Call me….” His smile felt like a dare and unsure of what to say Gwen smiled quickly and with a nervous laugh walked away. Her neck burned as she felt him watch her leave the small shop.

Back in her SUV, the divorcee stared into the rearview mirror. The green eyes staring back didn’t look amused. Emotions collided in the forty year old. She was flattered that someone so handsome and so young would flirt with her. That was a given. It was how thrilled she had felt when he stared at her that made Gwen feel foolish. He was barely grown and well, she had been an adult as long as he had been alive. Telling herself there was no way she would ever call the hunk from the head store, she carefully tucked Javier’s phone number into her brown leather shoulder bag and headed to the HEB grocery store near her new home in South Austin.

Three days is how long Gwen carried Javier’s number around before she decided to throw it away. Back and forth she had gone trying to decide what to do. Gwen knew she was spending way too much time imagining muscular tattooed arms wrapped around her. Javier literally bristled with constrained sexuality. He was unlike anyone Gwen had ever known. The recently divorced blonde just couldn’t stop thinking about Otele gelen escort the expression on the college student’s face when he handed her the receipt. The UT student had looked positively hungry.

Standing next to the stainless steel trash can in her white kitchen, Gwen paused. What was she doing? It would be madness to pursue someone so much younger. But Gwen really wanted the young man. Even as she tried to talk herself out if it, Gwen decided to do what she had never done before. She wasn’t going to play it safe. Life was just too short not to take a chance. No, she was going to call this bold young man and see where it led. Moving to the small sitting area at the front of her home, Gwen sat in her favorite blue and white floral club chair.

Gwen’s hand slightly shook as she tried to push call. Insecurity was not making it easy. Why would someone Javier’s age be interested in her? Oh, Gwen knew she looked good for her age. She also knew she wasn’t twenty anymore. What the fuck was she thinking? The answer was simple. It wasn’t her brain calling the shots, it was her body. Javier’s interest had struck a chord deep in the lonely woman and she ached for more. The phone seemed to ring forever as her heart raced. Gwen almost chickened out before she heard Javier’s husky voice answer.


“Hi … this is Gwen, from Planet K … I bought a blue pipe. You wrote your number on the receipt.”

Warmth entered Javier’s voice as he spoke. “I didn’t think you were going to call.”

“I almost didn’t.”

“Oh, and why is that?” His voice was low and tinged with amusement. Gwen’s nervousness was apparent and it only made Javier want to take her more.

“You scare me.” Gwen couldn’t believe it when she heard herself being honest. There was something different about Javier. The excitement coursing through her body just at the sound of his voice, was unsettling. Gwen worried she was making a big mistake but she couldn’t seem to stop herself.

“Oh I do, huh?” This time the amusement in his voice was even more obvious and Gwen wanted to kick herself.

She wasn’t usually such a dork and she couldn’t help but wonder why. Again she was too honest, “I don’t know … you just do.” “I want to see you, soon.” It wasn’t amusement she heard in his voice this time, it was desire and Gwen responded without thought.

“Okay, when”?

“I’m off tomorrow night, text me your address and I’ll come to you.” The way he said it made it clear he wasn’t interested in playing any games. He wanted to be alone with her and they both knew why. A time was set and with nothing left to say they both disconnected. It was the first booty call appointment Gwen had ever scheduled.

Hurriedly, Gwen made an appointment for a Brazilian wax and pedicure later in the afternoon. Anticipation over the unknown was exhilarating and Gwen wanted everything perfect. So, she headed to the mall for new lingerie. The odds were that she was getting naked with a man that was young enough to be her son. Something special was called for. Four hours later she returned from the crowded Barton Creek Mall with two bags full of undergarments. It was time for all of her practical underwear to disappear

Javier was excited too. He’d been with older women before but never with one as beautiful as the petite blonde. Plus, there was just something about the older woman. Gwen was as hot as fuck but acted like a nervous little girl. It was charming and arousing all at once. He just couldn’t wait to bend Gwen over. Memories of her lush ass walking away brought a smile to Javier’s face. Tomorrow night was going to be fun.

The following day around six p.m. Gwen panicked. She had been impulsive and now in a few minutes a stranger was coming to her new home with expectations. The last time she had gotten naked in front of a stranger she had been a young girl. How could she possibly get nude with a man who had probably never fucked anyone over twenty-five? Looking into her full length mirror Gwen wondered what Javier saw when he looked at her.

It should have been obvious. Thick highlighted blonde hair was tousled and hung to her shoulders, make-up was flawless and the back knit sundress she wore accentuated both hips and breasts. But that was not what Gwen saw. She thought her ass was a little too ample and her breasts were a little too small. Smoothing the fitted dress she went to wait.

Time drug and Gwen’s moods swung all over the place. First she found herself pacing wanting to flee and the next she was wet between the legs and dying to be fucked. Disgusted with herself, Gwen headed to the half bath in the hallway for the third time. Checking her make-up again she decided that she was being a fool and she was going to end the absurdity. She’d apologize for the inconvenience and ask Javier to leave. Gwen felt herself calm slightly. It was the right thing to do.

Back in her living room, Gwen jumped Balgat Escort when the doorbell rang. Heartbeat racing Gwen tried to slow her steps as she headed to the front door. Taking a deep breath the nervous woman turned the knob. Dark, black fringed eyes smiled down at Gwen. One darkly tanned muscular arm was outstretched as Javier leaned against the door jam. His tight U. T. t-shirt lifted slightly revealing washboard abs. Gwen was instantly aroused as she felt his eyes grazing the curves of her body. Stepping aside, she motioned for the handsome young man to enter. Javier’s masculine energy filled the small living area as he entered. The soft floral patterns, crisscrossing the room seemed to only enhance his rough exterior. Gwen motioned Javier to her oversized denim couch. He didn’t move. Again she nervously offered him a seat. Never taking his eyes off the prize, Javier sat and patted the seat next to him. Nerves assaulted the forty year old woman. What was she doing?

Ignoring the hand patting the couch, Gwen spoke. “Can I get you a drink, a beer?” She needed to escape, to catch her breath. Javier’s presence dominated the feminine room and Gwen was feeling overwhelmed by the attraction growing in her. The smile on the student’s full lips seemed to say he knew how unsettled Gwen was and that he was enjoying her discomfort. Gwen was like a little kitten as she darted about and Javier hoped this night would end as he had planned. The petite blonde was going take a careful approach.

“Sure, whatever you got.” Released, Gwen flew to the kitchen. Opening the older model refrigerator she grabbed two Dos Equis bottles and a bowl of sliced limes. Her slight hands were shaking as she opened the beers. Before the agitated woman had even placed a lime in either bottle she lifted one to her mouth and gulped. Warmth ran down her and she felt herself calm a little bit. So, she finished the bottle and grabbed another one. It never crossed Gwen’s mind that she had forgotten to eat all day. Squeezing two limes into the longnecks Gwen returned to the living room. Javier stood waiting.

Reaching for his beer Javier stepped closer.. Javier had fantasized about nailing a woman like the hot MILF standing in front of him since middle school. His English teacher had caught his attention and Javier had been fantasizing about older women for years. The twenty year old Hispanic man didn’t know how much longer he could wait to grab Gwen. Stepping even closer he left only inches between them. Tension strummed through Javier as he inhaled Gwen’s scent.

With a tip of the bottle towards her guest Gwen took a long swing of the beer and giggled. Gwen felt like a school girl, all dizzy while talking to a cute boy. What the fuck was wrong with her? She was forty and wanted to fuck a twenty year old. He could be her son and the birth wouldn’t have even been a tragedy.

Taking the almost empty bottle from Gwen’s hand, Javier sat the drinks on the small white table next to the couch. Looking down, he traced Gwen’s delicate jawline with one tanned finger. Goosebumps traveled behind. Gwen wanted to grab Javier but she also wanted to run. His youth was intimidating and the school teacher felt insecure. Looking up into his lust filled eyes she asked, “Why?”

“Don’t worry, this is going to be great.” Pulling her abruptly to him, the young UT student paused, “You’re fucking gorgeous.” Before Gwen could offer protest, Javier’s mouth captured hers. His tongue was aggressive and soon Gwen felt herself responding. As his demanding lips continued exploring Gwen sighed and opened her mouth further. For a moment Gwen forgot just how conflicted she had been feeling. Melting into his embrace, the divorcee was as agitated as any sixteen year old in the backseat of a car.

Javier couldn’t believe how responsive the tiny woman was. Gwen’s body trembled in his arms and she felt so soft against his hard body. The taste of her mouth was wintergreen and he knew Gwen had wanted to taste good for him. It said a lot and with a groan of his own, the muscular UT student pulled her tighter. Gwen could feel Javier’s body tensing and growing hard. Gwen panicked. Stepping back abruptly Gwen announced she had to use the bathroom and fled down the hall. Confused, Javier watched the older woman hurry to the master bedroom. Javier wanted to follow but instead he grabbed his beer and took a seat.

“OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD….” Over and over again Gwen berated herself for acting like such a fool. It wasn’t like she could even fit through the bathroom window. What had she been thinking? Now, she had to face walking back into the room, embarrassed. She wanted him. She knew that. Throbbing between the legs and hardened nipples made it hard to deny. That wasn’t the problem. She just couldn’t believe someone as roughly handsome as Javier and so incredibly young could really want a woman her age. Unfortunately she had believed all the women’s magazines telling her she would be sexually dead at forty.

Opening the bedroom door was one of the most difficult things Gwen ever had to do and mortified by her own behavior she returned to the feminine sitting room. Perfectly relaxed in loose basketball shorts and a tight orange t-shirt advertising a band that Gwen was too old to have heard of, sat Javier. His dark eyes seemed amused as he watched her step closer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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