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Andrea Awakes

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Big Dick

Reaching behind her Andrea could feel the hard flesh with her hand. The silky skin of the shaft felt hot to the touch as she worked her hand back to the base. Pulling forward she guided the plum shaped knob towards her spread cheeks and the tight prize contained within.

Looking down at the kneeling body in front of him David was again in awe of the design of the female form, it’s ability to appear beautiful from every angle. The smooth back flowing down from the shoulders, the rounded hips, the flared buttocks. David’s concentration however was brought back to focus by the hand guiding him. Initially the request had been an almost questioning gentle tug guiding him. Now though the tugging had become insistent and was forcefully dragging him towards Andrea’s upturned rear, planting him at the puckered hole that only minutes ago had been the focus of his tongues attentions.

Andrea could feel the movements of the male body under her slowing. The stranger David had brought with him instinctively seemed to know that her efforts would momentarily be required elsewhere. Wet as it was from David’s ministrations it would still be a tight fit. The knob seemed to be burning against the tiny ring as she held David firmly against it. Exhaling slowly Andrea pushed her body back against the thick knob. Slowly the tight ring opened but not quite far enough this time. Once again with a deep exhale and slow but firm push Andrea attempted to take the intruder. A guttural moan starting deep within her escaped as Andrea’s body accepted the head into her. A quick intake of breath was followed by a further slowly exhaled moan as David slid the full length of the shaft inwards. Andrea felt the two cocks settle inside her, both at the end of their strokes. Andrea knew this was heaven. Little did she know what more was still to come?

David had known from that first phone call that today would be an awakening for Andrea. Initially her fantasies had been little more than innocent but over time the deeper, darker, less inhibited needs had presented themselves.

A single girl who had enjoyed a brief sex life with her high school sweetheart Andrea had felt the need for sexual contact growing within her. After the messy break up of her first and only relationship she had left her hometown, immersing herself in a career leaving no time for men. Indeed every hour was spent either at work or at home. Not that she regretted the choice. She loved her job with a passion. What she needed was something casual. That something would find her as she read the newspaper late on a Friday evening.

Skimming the last few pages Andreas attention was diverted by an ad in the Adult Personals. A phone service for like-minded individuals looking for intimacy. Normally she would have prudishly giggled and finished there but on this evening with a long weekend ahead and an empty desk at work Andrea was unable to ignore the calling from within her body.

David had heard the message on the phone line as he listened to all the ads. This was different. This was obviously a new caller but the underlying sexual current could not be ignored. Quickly he left a reply hoping that the usual suspects on the line did not scare her off before they could talk.

Sitting in the dark Andrea could not believe she had given her number so freely to the man with the deep sensual voice. After a mix of callers his had seemed the most genuine. As the phone rang beside her Andrea jumped. Realising that it would be the man she had just invited in to her life with obvious desires Andrea contemplated letting the call go unanswered, returning to her normality. As she considered it she realised the receiver was in her hand, she had answered the call.

The conversation started hesitantly. David felt his initial thoughts were confirmed. Early thirties, plain sex life with an equally inexperienced partner, no knowledge of the joys of her own body. After an hour of small talk David knew that he would have to lead, at least initially, the conversation to its ultimate end.

So it had begun. Andrea and David would speak often. Always the conversation was sexual as they explored Andrea’s increasing openness. Andrea learnt the joy she could give herself and this calmed her for a few days but just as quickly the desire came upon her to satisfy those fantasies long buried within.

David had played it cool when Andrea first broached the subject of meeting. Her desire to start fulfilling the fantasies she was describing was reflected by the urgency in her voice. So quickly the need had grown to an intensity that could no longer be ignored. And so the first step would be taken.

Nervous energy had played at her mind and body all through that Friday afternoon. Meetings became intolerable as the end of day drew closer. Finally Andrea had given in to herself and for the first time left work early. By late afternoon she was home soaking her body in the caressing hot water. Fragrances from the oils in the water worked her senses as her body became slick with there coatings. ankara escort On the verge of orgasm Andrea realised one hand had slipped beneath the hot water and was caressing her clit whilst the other plucked at her oil soaked nipples. Snapping her hands away from her body Andrea returned her focus to the heat of the water but that too seemed to be against her. The hot water lapped at her body producing a sensation she could only imagine would be equivalent to the touch of a tongue. Another fantasy Andrea was determined to fulfil tonight. Oh the things she had missed out on over the years.

Realising that orgasm was the only outcome if she stayed submerged Andrea dragged her unwilling body out and stood on the tiled floor. The cool breeze created by the bathroom fan was in stark contrast to the heat of moments ago. Her nipples, already hard from the intense feelings in the bath, tightened further. A feeling of strong fingers pinching and pulling at her nipples rushed over Andrea as her knees went weak. The intensity of these feelings would make the wait till David’s arrival torture but the promised release to follow outweighed this sweet agony.

Through half closed eyes Andrea caught sight of her naked glistening body in the mirror. Not for the first time in the last few weeks Andrea realised just how much she wanted to feel the touch of someone, anyone, on her skin. How much she wanted to do everything she had ever heard discussed by the girls at school or later the girls in the office. The boys had no idea just how descriptive the girls would get when describing their latest escapade. No longer would Andrea blush when she overheard the conversations her P.A. had when she thought Andrea was not around.

Across town David had picked up the couple that would be joining them for the evening. Friends for almost a year now the couple were one of David’s first meetings on the line. In her forties Kathy was another who had awakened to her sexuality later in life but this time it had been Kathy’s husband Nate who had taken the first step. With Nate’s encouragement David had steered conversations to sexual topics. This discussion had awakened Kathy’s own fantasies. Eventually one evening after a couple of drinks the three close friends had consummated those thoughts. From that time they had done everything together.

When David told them of his plans for this evening Kathy and Nate knew that there was something special about Andrea. For the first time David had not involved them from the start. They knew that this lady was something special to David. The plan for this evening was simple. Tonight would be all about the pleasure of Andrea. There would be time to come when the group would be the centre of attention but tonight Andrea would be the object of everyone’s focus.

Slowly the woman’s lips nibbled at her ear lobe, a gentle humming from the faceless woman passed through every part of her body. The sound of the buzzer filtered through to Andrea. With a sudden jolt Andrea realised she had dozed off. A glance at the clock confirmed that her guest had arrived. Grabbing at the satin robe, Andrea raced out of the bedroom, the need to answer the door and let this man in overwhelmed any need to dress.

Waiting at the door David peered through the bouquet of roses. As the door opened David knew that this was the woman he had come to meet. Andrea, still excited from the events of the afternoon asked David in. As he stepped through the doorway he moved the flowers aside, reached behind her and pulled her mouth on to his. A firm hot kiss between lovers.

With closed eyes Andrea responded. It felt like his hands were touching her everywhere at once. His hand in her hair was keeping her lips against his, inside her gown his hands on her breasts were cupping, lifting, gently moulding them whilst plucking the nipples forward. Another hand had eased her legs apart and was now exploring across her inner thighs, the fingers sinking inside her pussy.

As the night air blew across her now exposed body Andrea became aware of the fact that there were more hands than just David’s. Andrea realised their location in the shadows of her front door. Neighbours would be shocked to see the sexual nature of the embrace occurring just inside the quietest residence in the street.

Any thoughts of what people may think got lost in the jumble of sensations as Andrea felt her body stiffen. The lips and tongue dancing with her own muffled a grunt as the fingers pumped inside her pussy, a thumb rubbed across her swollen clit. As her orgasm grew ever more intense the hands on her breasts became a support stopping her falling. Andrea’s eyes snapped open on the intensity of her building orgasm. Without seeing she became aware of the woman crouched between her legs, a mans arms wrapped around her from behind and of David’s eyes staring intently back at her. Andrea felt the woman lean forward, take her clit in to her mouth and start to suck.

The full intensity of the orgasm wracked Andrea’s body with such force that she çankaya escort was unable to suppress the primal scream that followed. No longer able to support herself the three figures in the doorway held Andrea orgasming body up. The light from the street was just enough for Andrea to see the pleasure in their faces before she passed out. Supporting her gently, Nate and David carried Andrea to the bedroom as Kathy closed the door.

For the second time this evening Andrea’s mind drifted, a gentle buzzing filtered through her conscience. In those moments before waking Andrea’s first thought was that the experience had been nothing more than a vivid dream. As this thought passed the realisation struck that the buzzing was not that of the door but of something closer. It was travelling through her body. Once again a woman’s face appeared in her mind. This time though Andrea could see the detail, the female features as the face descended between her legs, the hot breath as the mouth moved ever closer to her wet and swollen mound.

Kathy could see Andrea’s eyelids start to flicker as she looked up the prone body. Up across the smooth skin, past the breasts with their crinkled nipples. She looked forward to the day when she would have longer to explore this body but for now Kathy knew she must follow David’s commands. Kathy could feel the heat rising just below her face just as she could the moment she had met Andrea at the door. Again she could hear the changing breathing pattern. Instinctively Kathy knew that now was the time. Leaning forward she moved the buzzing toy across the milky thigh, placing the end of the slender vibrator just inside Andrea’s wet open pussy lips, lowering her head Kathy began to lap gently at the clit so proudly displaying itself in front of her.

Contact of tongue on clit brought Andrea sharply to her senses. Opening her eyes the scene in front of her was exactly the same as she had just imagined only on either side of her stood two naked men. Both men slowly stroked their erections whilst watching the scene playing out in front of them. The man she had assumed to be David earlier looked deep in to her eyes. After all this time she knew it was him.

Speaking slowly David knelt beside Andrea. “Welcome back my dear. Tonight will be the initiation I promised and more. It is the first small step in a long journey.” Returning to his standing position no further words were spoken as both men turned their eyes to the busy Kathy. With a knowing smile Andrea too turned her focus downward, no longer able to ignore the passions bubbling within her.

Kathy felt the slender fingers placed on her head, felt them entwine themselves through her hair as they secured themselves. At first they seemed to just rest there but they became more forceful as Kathy continued to drag her tongue from deep within the confines of Andrea’s tight pussy up and over the clit. Sliding the vibrator out Kathy pushed her face more deeply in to the wetness. Letting the vibrator fall slightly it trickled across the tight ring of Andrea’s anus. Slick as it was with the juice flowing from above Kathy ensured that with each rise and fall of Andrea’s hips the vibrator remained gently planted against the outside of that pink ring.

Desperately Andrea hunched her hips in search of relief. Orgasm was so close that it had become her sole focus. Pushing her hips forward she pulled the woman’s head against her, willing her to lick harder, deeper. And then it was gone.

Looking down she saw David and the other man standing either side of the woman, their semi erect cocks pointing towards her. Slowly the woman turned and sucked the strangers cock deep in to her mouth. Rhythmically the woman took more of the hardening cock finally reaching the base before slowly sliding off. The uncircumcised cock glistened in the soft light, hard and ready for the job it was designed for. Andrea needed it inside her now but she was unable to speak, to convey the intense feelings burning inside. In a trance she watched as the woman turned to David and repeated the actions. Watching she noted the thickness of David’s hardening rod. She guessed its length to be the same as the strangers but much thicker.

Kathy worked more slowly this time. She could feel Andrea’s eyes watching her every move. With practiced movements David’s cock slid deeper in to her mouth and then in to her throat. The head of the cock continued to swell expanding her throat as it moved. Feeling David start to withdraw Kathy pressed her tongue against the underside of the shaft letting it run across as it slipped backwards.

Smiling, David watched as Andrea’s hips started to move in time with the movement of his cock in Kathy’s mouth. With barely a motion he signalled Nate to move between Andrea’s legs.

Taking an ankle in each hand Nate pulled Andrea’s already spread legs high in to the air. Kneeling at the end of the bed the height of his cock aligned perfectly with the wet pussy before him. Pushing gently the lips spread but he moved to kızılay escort avoid entry. Sliding back and forth across the wet lips the length of Nate’s cock ran across the clit, pressing the lips further apart. In no hurry Nate continued to tease.

For the first time in years a cock was nudging at her body and Andrea realised that she had never wanted it more. As the stranger continued his teasing Andrea pushed her hips in any direction she felt would cause the strangers entry. Almost when she had given up hope the head lodged and began to part her lips. The stranger ceased his movements, resting his cock just inside her. Wanting it all Andrea grabbed the stranger by the hips and dragged him full length in to her. Initial grunts turned in to deeper moans from both Andrea and her stranger..

Looking up in to the stranger’s eyes Andrea started to hunch her hips against him. Feeling her movements Nate dragged his cock to the very edge of Andrea’s pussy before pushing back in to his full depth. So it began with Nate slowly driving his cock between Andrea’s stretched pussy, the orgasm continuing to rise within her.

Slipping his cock from Kathy’s mouth David helped Kathy to her feet. Moving quietly they set themselves at the head of the bed. Kathy crouched over Andrea’s head placing her own pussy lips just an inch or so from Andrea’s tongue. Leaning forward she placed her tongue against Andrea’s clit, flicking it as Nate withdrew, pressing it down against his shaft on every inward stroke. David moved in behind her.

The view that presented itself to Andrea had her confused. What did she want first? To lick and suck at the pussy just before her or the hard shaft right next to it? Before she could decide David moved forward and drove his thick shaft in to the pussy. The squeal of delight from the woman was echoed across Andrea’s clit. The woman above her seemed to be sucking her clit, her pussy and the cock within it all at once bringing sensations Andrea had never imagined possible. So many years wasted but now that was changing.

Pulling back, David grasped his cock in his hand. Covered with the juice from Kathy he pushed it down against Andrea’s mouth. Already partially open, the lips parted further and David was able to slip the head inside. Pushing a little deeper David felt the head rub the back of Andrea’s throat and started to withdraw. The hands on his bum stopped his withdrawal as Andrea’s tongue worked around his shaft savouring the flavours. When David finally withdrew he watched as Andrea tilted her head forward to lap at Kathy’s open pussy.

The silky skin of the strangers shaved pussy was a surprise to Andrea. So soft and so sweet to taste. The flavours Andrea had sucked from David’s hard cock had overwhelmed her. Nothing could stop her first contact with another woman, could stop her from tasting the pussy presented to her. Placing her mouth over the swollen lips Andrea sucked whilst sliding her tongue deep between them. When the woman groaned Andrea knew her instincts were right. Andrea continued to drive her tongue in and out of the puffy lips. Pulling her head back Andrea’s lips now searched for David’s thick rod. Pulling him forward Andrea slid his cock over her parted lips and tongue guiding him back into the puffy pussy above her.

Kathy knew that she would not be able to last much longer. David’s thick cock always brought her to orgasm quickly. The joy of being stretched open was heightened by the magic being performed by Andrea’s tongue. Unable to concentrate any longer on her own actions Kathy succumbed to the pounding her pussy was receiving. David had increased his pace just enough to bring her orgasm on and with Andrea’s tongue now buried inside her against his shaft she could hold back no longer.

The intensity of the orgasm that took over Kathy’s body was a surprise to David. As always Kathy’s pussy clamped down hard on his cock but this time there was something more. Always loud during her orgasm Kathy was reduced to incoherent grunts and moans that seemed to rock her body forever. Andrea sucked firmly at the junction of cock and pussy with her tongue pressed hard against the clit.

As the orgasm subsided Andrea returned her attentions to the strangers body. Careful to avoid the woman’s now tender clit she drank fully the juices still flowing from within. Slowly Andrea could feel the woman’s tongue return to her own clit and the cock that continued to slowly, rhythmically pump within her. Andrea knew that her own release was close but wanted David inside her.

Placing themselves on either side of the man inside her, Andrea watched as David and Kathy reached forward to her shoulders. Pulling Andrea forward they lifted her body as the stranger stood, his cock remaining within her. Turning as a group the man was now able to lie on the bed with Andrea on top. Thoughts of repeating these positions raced through Andrea’s mind. The different areas the strangers cock had touched as they stood and turned would be explored later. David and the woman let Andrea go as she began to ride the man under her. Pressing down harder Andrea could feel this mans cock touching deep inside her, to points even he had not explored moments ago. In control Andrea began to move her hips to the rhythm she wanted.

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