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Angie Makes Me a Pie

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Big Ass

I thrust into my wife and with a deep low moan shot several long spurts of my sticky come deep inside her pussy. I felt her vaginal muscles spasm around my hard cock almost pulling the sperm out from me, depositing it deep inside her juicy wet hairy pussy.

“Go on then.” Angie said. “You know what you want to do now.”

I pulled my now limp cock out from her pussy and gently moved down her body to nibble on her hard engorged nipples.

“Keep going downwards cum eater,” Angie said to me in a playful tone.

I moved my mouth away from her hard little nipple and brushed my tongue downwards over her belly heading towards her moist pussy. As I brushed my tongue over her smooth belly I left a trail of my wet saliva as I licked past her belly button. I continued my progress down the bed until my body was situated between her wide open legs, and my face was level with her hairy pussy. I breathed in deeply and savored the heady smell of sweat, love juice and my fresh thick sperm.

“Lick me out then darling, get your tongue inside me and lick up all of your sticky come.” I was firmly told.

I stared at Angie’s pussy which was gaping wide open from the fucking I had just given her. Her love lips were swollen and puffy and stretched apart revealing the wet pinkness of her juicy hole within. Her bushy pubic hair was matted with wetness and leaking love juices. As Angie opened her legs even wider a trickle of my white sperm appeared at the entrance to her pussy.

“Lick it all up cum sucker, before it leaks out and makes a mess all over our bed.” Angie said assertively to me.

As usual I did exactly as I was told. I moved forward and poked my tongue out to lick Angie’s slippery wet gash. As my tongue made contact with the wet folds of her sensitive flesh Angie let out a low moan. As I probed inside her pussy with my tongue Angie squeezed her tight pussy muscles and forced a large globule of my sticky sperm into my waiting mouth. I eagerly gulped the mixture of our juices down feeling the hot spermy mixture coating my tongue and the back of my throat.

“Eat it all cumslut,” Angie said and she moaned as my tongue brushed the sensitive area round her clit. “Suck it all out of me and then make me come my lovely cum eater.”

I licked her pussy alternating between circling my tongue round the sensitive little bud of her clit and licking deep inside her sticky hole. Each lick in her juicy hole brought more of the salty, slightly bitter spermy mixture into my mouth, which I then eagerly swallowed. As I licked her pussy I looked up and watched as Angie pinched her own nipples and rolled the engorged teats between her thumb and finger. I circled her clit with my tongue with increasing pressure and as she moaned in appreciation I brought her off with my gentle nibbles on her clit.

“God, oh, yes.” Angie uttered as her orgasm ripped through her, and her body shuddered. I carried on licking her wet pussy as she calmed down. When she had finished I moved up the bed and we embraced, holding each others spent bodies until we contentedly fell asleep.

Angie and I have been married for fourteen years now. We are both in our mid thirties and look after ourselves by exercising and carefully watching what we eat. Angie still retains her figure and is the same size 10, as the day that we were married. We enjoy a healthy sex life and make love on a regular basis. I can’t remember exactly how it first happened, but for most of our married life I have been cleaning up Angie’s pussy after we have made love. I really enjoy the taste and texture of my own sperm and Angie enjoys being a bit dominant by commanding me to lick her out after we have fucked. I love tasting our combined juices. Sometimes Angie will just lie back and open her legs for me to lick out her juicy pussy. Other times she may become a little more dominant and straddle my head, pushing her pussy roughly down on to my face and mouth. As I have to clean the sperm out of Angie after we have made love it means that she always gets another orgasm on my tongue.

A few weeks ago we hade just made love. As usual I had eaten my sperm out of her wet pussy and we were cuddling each other before we went to sleep.

“Have you ever tasted anyone else’s sperm?” Angie asked.

“No,” I replied, “I’ve always been happy with just eating my own out from your pussy after we have made love.”

“Have you ever wondered what other sperm would taste and feel like in your mouth?”

“To be honest I’ve not really thought about it,” I replied. “Why do you ask?”

“Well I’m in no way suggesting that you are queer or anything, but I just wondered if you had fantasized about having someone else’s sperm to taste, as you enjoy eating your own so much.”

I thought about what Angie was saying for a moment “I expect all sperm tastes more or less the same.” I said.

“I don’t know if it does,” Angie said. “I bet it all tastes slightly different.”

“Maybe it does, but I’ve never really thought about bartın seks hikayeleri it deeply.” I said.

“How would you feel about eating another man’s fresh sperm from my pussy?”

“That would mean some one else fucking you.” I said.

“Yes it would wouldn’t it,” Angie replied. “But your reward would be that I would let you watch, and then lick the sperm out from my used pussy afterwards.”

“You mean that you want some one to fuck you, and then fill your pussy up with sperm for me to lick out?”

“I could get quite turned on and horny thinking about it, but only if you agreed, were there watching and I could make the cream pie especially for you to eat from me straight afterwards.” Angie said.

I was a little taken at what Angie had suggested. In all our married life we had never been unfaithful to each other. We had never invited anyone else to join us in our sex life, and Angie even talking openly about it seemed very strange. I suppose I was not as shocked as I really should have been, as deep down I had always known that Angie had longings to be a bit kinkier. I told Angie that if it really was something that she wanted to try and if it really turned her on I would think about it.

For the next few days Angie did not mention making a cream pie for me again. I did nothing but turn over in my mind what Angie was suggesting. If I licked out another man’s sperm from her pussy did it make me a queer? How would I feel watching Angie taking another cock in her pussy, which up until now had only enjoyed mine? Why did my lovely wife want to experience another cock? Wasn’t I good enough for her? How would it affect out relationship?

I thought deeply about the matter and the more I thought about it the more aroused and horny I became. I started to imagine looking at Angie’s pussy dripping full of someone else’s sperm and then tasting the sticky mixture. The image of another cock pounding into her was strangely arousing. The more I thought about it the more I realized that I wanted it to happen, and would enjoy watching her get pleasure form another cock.

As we lay in bed together a few nights later I told Angie that I had thought about her suggestion, and that if she still wanted to take another man’s cock and make a cream pie for me then we could do it.

“I can make love to another man while you watch, then get him to fill my pussy up with sperm for you to eat?” Angie asked.

“Yes.” I nervously said. “I have been thinking about it, and it makes me hard thinking about watching you, then licking out a sticky load from your pussy that isn’t mine.”

“Great, I was really hoping that you would agree,” said Angie enthusiastically.

“I’m not sure how I will actually feel watching you fuck some one else, but even thinking about that strangely excites me.” I told Angie.

“It wouldn’t mean anything to me,” Angie said. “There would be no emotions involved; it would only be pure sex, without love. I want to make you a cream pie and watch you suck it out from me afterwards. It would give me great pleasure to have you watch me with another man, and then allow me to spread my legs for you to eat out the messy cream pie.”

Now that we had decided that we both wanted to actually do this we had the problem of how to put our plan into action. It would be impossible to involve any of our friends, or totally out of the question to invite anyone to join us that we knew from work. As we talked we decided that we would have to look on the Internet, and join some groups where we could look for a like minded contact in our area. Over the next few days Angie and I thought about a message we could post on the Internet on a swapping contact board that we had found by doing a search for ‘cream pie lovers’. Eventually we decided to post up the following:

‘A well presented, non smoking, slim couple in their mid thirties are seeking a male aged between 30 and 50 to join them for some first time no strings attached fun. She is longing to be fucked while he watches. The object is to fill her up with sperm for him to clean and lick up afterwards. Persons interested must be slim, clean and experienced. Contact to be made by email and photographs essential’.

We had a few replies to our posting but none of them were really suitable. The persons who did bother to reply were either old, fat, ugly, or were not prepared to be watched. We had nearly given up hope when we had an email from a guy called John. At 48 he was a little older than us but he did live in our local area. We had several email conversations with him over a period of days before we exchanged photographs. He certainly fitted the bill as he was single, slim and was quite good looking. He said that he was willing to participate in exactly the scenario that we wanted. We exchanged some more emails and eventually agreed for John to come round to our house in a week’s time. Angie even asked him not to make love to anyone, or masturbate until his visit, so that he had a massive load of sperm to deposit inside her for me to eat.

On the day that we had arranged for john to visit we were both very excited. We had talked of nothing else all week. Angie had told me that she was very curious what it would feel like to have another cock inside her, as she had only had one other lover before she met and married me. Thus she had very little sexual experience with other people. I had spent the week fantasizing about watching Angie make love with John, then tasting the juicy cream pie afterwards.

As the evening drew nearer Angie had a relaxing bath in preparation for Johns visit. As she soaked in the bath I watched and talked to her as she soaped and cleaned her voluptuous body. Angie even carefully shaved her pubic region. She shaved the lower area around her love lips completely smooth, but left a small tuft of hair above her slit. Angie occasionally did this but most of the time she left her pussy naturally hairy. She told me that John said in his last email that he preferred a bit of bare flesh, and that it would be sexier for me to lick up the mess afterwards if she was smooth shaven. After her bath Angie dressed in a new flimsy matching silk bra and panty set with a little black dress and low cut blouse. I thought that she looked absolutely fantastic…Good enough to eat!

As arranged in our last email at 8.00 pm our doorbell rang and we both answered it. John had arrived and we invited him into our living room. We were all a little tense to start with and the atmosphere was a little awkward. However after we all had a glass of wine we started to relax with each other. John was great company and very witty. I could tell by the way that Angie was eying him up that she was not disappointed, as he looked even better in the flesh than in the photographs that he had emailed us. We talked for some time getting more comfortable with each other as we relaxed.

Eventually it was the more experienced John who said “we all know why I am here, so why don’t we stop the small talk and go to the bedroom and get more comfortable with each other.”

Angie eagerly replied “that’s great, let’s go then.” As she got up quickly from her chair she turned to me and said “come on then cream pie eater.”

We all got up from our chairs in the living room and made our way to our marital bedroom upstairs. When we were in the bedroom I sat down as we had previously arranged on our dressing chair next to the bed and made myself comfortable. Here I would get a good close view of Angie and John making love. Angie and john stood nervously at the end of our bed while I watched before Angie started proceedings by flinging her arms around John’s neck and passionately started kissing him. I watched as their lips parted and their tongues entwined in their mouths. John was running his hands over Angie’s ass, and was pulling her closer to him grinding his pubic region into hers. I felt quite strange watching my wife kissing another man in front of me with my blessing. It was a mixture of jealousy, curiosity and mounting excitement.

Angie broke away from the kiss and slowly moved down to kneel on the floor in front of John. I watched as she seductively unbuckled his trousers and then let hem slip to the floor rapidly followed by his underpants. This then allowed his semi erect cock to spring free. I looked at johns hardening cock and noticed that he was probably at least an inch longer than me, also he was really thick. Angie looked directly at me and silently mouthed the words “I love you” before she leaned forward to push his foreskin back with her lips, then she took the tip of Johns cock right into her mouth. Angie had to open really wide to take just the head of Johns really thick cock deep into her mouth. I watched as she cupped his heavy balls with one of her hands and slowly slid the length of his cock further into her open willing mouth. Angie’s other hand grasped the base of Johns cock as she sucked it deeper into her. I noticed that her hand only went three quarters of the way round his thick shaft. Angie slowly bobbed her head up and down on Johns cock, gently sliding him in and out of her wet mouth. John was clearly enjoying the attentions of Angie’s mouth and tongue as he told her “that feels great, suck my cock baby.”

Angie skillfully sucked Johns cock for a few minutes while I watched her every move. Her attention had made it harden fully and she had to really stretch her mouth to get the first few inches of it all the way in. Watching her sucking John had also made my cock hard and I rubbed myself gently through my trousers.

John pulled Angie up from her kneeling position in front of him, and once again the pair sensuously kissed each other. John broke off from the kiss and started to unbutton his loose fitting flannel shirt. As he did so he said to Angie “undress for me baby.”

I watched as Angie slipped out of her dress and unbuttoned her blouse before casually slipping it from her shoulders. She then released the clip of her bra and let her breasts swing free. I noticed that her nipples were already hard. Angie stood in front of John, and as we both watched slowly slipped her flimsy knickers down, firstly revealing the bush of hair above her slit, then she peeled them all the way down to reveal her smooth lips below. By the look on her face she was clearly enjoying revealing her total nakedness to us.

“Nice pussy,” was all that John appreciatively said as he eyed her now naked smooth pussy. He then assertively guided Angie back to our large double bed.

John forced Angie back on the bed and roughly pushed her thighs apart. I saw her pussy gape wide open and knew that she was soaking wet. I could even smell her musky aroma hanging on the air. Looking at, and sucking on Johns thick cock had clearly aroused her. I watched as John leaned forward and firmly thrust his tongue between the smooth folds of Angie’s hairless pussy. As his tongue made contact with her dripping hole Angie let out a long moan from deep within her throat. John greedily licked Angie’s pussy tasting her flowing juices. I watched as he easily pushed two of his fingers deep inside Angie and slowly but firmly thrust them in and out as he continued to nibble on her clit. I listened to the rude slurping sounds he made as he licked up and down her wet juicy slit.

Angie had her eyes closed and her head back on the pillow as she moaned. “Oh yes, push your fingers deeper in me.” She was clearly enjoying the oral attention and fingering she was receiving. As John continued licking up and down her smooth crack, Angie’s thighs tried to clamp together, and as John nibbled on her clit she exclaimed “Oh yes, yes” as an orgasm rippled through her body. John raised himself up from between Angie’s thighs and leaned over to kiss her. His mouth and chin were covered with her slippery love juices, and were shiny and wet. I watched, surprised, as Angie willingly opened her lips and tasted herself on his long kiss. John then turned and offered his sticky fingers to me. I took them into my mouth and licked the juices off, tasting my wife’s sweet wet arousal.

John then told Angie to move and kneel on the bed. He spread her legs apart further, and I could see her smooth pussy gaping open beneath the brown star of her puckered little ass hole. After the licking and fingering her love lips were wet and shiny covered with her juices and were hanging down from her pussy. I moved closer to watch as John stood and positioned himself behind Angie. John rubbed his thick erect cock between Angie’s long wet pussy lips covering the purple head in her slippery juices. He then pushed forward sliding it deep inside her pussy in one quick movement.

“Oh yes, fill me up.” Angie said. “God it’s so big, I can feel it stretching me.”

John moved into her and I listened as his thighs slapped and banged against her curvaceous ass with every thrust. Angie was clearly loving being filled up with a large thick cock and was moaning with every deep thrust.

“Your wife’s pussy is so tight and juicy.” John turned to me and said.

I felt really jealous when he said that but at the same time could not stop watching as he carried on thrusting his big cock deeply into my wet wife. It was really exciting to watch his cock spread my wife’s pussy lips apart and completely fill her up.

After a while of taking Angie from the rear John pulled out. His hard cock was very wet and shiny as it was coated with Angie’s slimy juices. Her ass was still high in the air and I could see her pussy hole gaping wide open where his cock had just been. Her inner thighs were shiny and coated with slick wetness. John moved round the other side of the bed with his cock standing out proudly in front of him. He forced his cock in-between her lips deep into her mouth again. He held the back of her head and rhythmically fucked her mouth. I watched with some feelings of jealously as Angie enthusiastically sucked John’s hard cock free of her juices. For the first time in my life I actually wondered what it would feel like to have a large hard cock push its way into my mouth between my own lips.

“Lie back on the bed for me now baby.” John asked Angie.

She silently did as she was told and lay on her back with her legs apart. Once again I watched closely as John approached her open thighs. He carefully lifted and placed each of Angie’s long legs on his shoulders, and then in once swift movement thrust the whole of his thick length deep inside her.

“Oh yes.” Angie moaned as he pushed into her. “God, yes, fuck me deep.”

I found it very arousing to listen to my wife talking so crudely to John and almost begging to be filled up with hard cock. John pumped his length into her and I listened to the rude slurping noised her wet pussy made as she received it. John leaned forward and grabbed Angie’s breasts. He pinched her hard nipples as he pounded into her. Angie was really getting into it now. She was almost chanting “yes, yes, yes, oh yes,” as John’s cock stretched her juicy pussy as she writhed beneath him. John’s tempo increased and Angie let out a long moan.

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