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Appetite Ch. 02

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Double Penetration

He couldn’t believe his eyes, but he knew what he had to do.

His cock was immediately as hard as a rock, pushing against his jeans with an urgency that caused him to groan out loud.

“Baby, you just stay right there. Mmm, mmm, you look so good.”

His wife looked back at him with those wide almond eyes, and his cock grew even harder as his eyes zeroed in her wide ass cheeks, slightly jiggling underneath the stretchy black fabric as she played with her pussy with her head down on the kitchen tile.

What a fucking day this has become.

He unzipped his jeans and his cock sprung free, like a lion freed from his cage, a hard red pulsating rod pointing directly at his wife’s asshole. He stumbled forward, trying to shed his pants as they inched down his strong thighs, his boots heavy as he half-fell forward onto his knees behind his wife.

I want to eat this all up. God I love her juicy sweet pussy.

His face went automatically to her ass as his burly hands grabbed onto the soft flesh that padded her hipbones, grabbing on tight as he thrust his face deep into the crevasse of his wife’s derriere. He groaned into the warmth between her buttcheeks and withdrew, straightening his torso up and pulling hard on the waistband of her yoga pants.

His wife moaned and wriggled in his grasp.

“How was work, baby?”

The smell of roasting beef began to fill the kitchen as they both began bahis şirketleri to sweat with desire, releasing lusty pheromones into the air to mingle with the savory pot roast aroma.

“My day was just fine, my little sweet pussy girl, but now it has gotten so much better.”

She loved to hear the lust in his voice, like gravel at the back of his throat when his cock needed to be stroked or when she was positioning him at the core of her, getting him lined up to plunge into her and fill her up all the way.

“I was beginning to fantasize about fucking you at work in front of all your coworkers, and maybe grabbing onto a few extra cocks to fill me up even more, baby. You know I’m nothing but a big slut and need that cock every day, honey.”

“You’re my slut, babe, and I’m going to keep you all to myself for the time being, if you don’t mind.”

He smiled, amused and turned on by his hot wife’s sexy talk. She was riling him up, willing him to hurry up and stick it in her and pump her full of his meat.

Her yoga pants were pulled down to her knees and bunched up on the floor, and he stared at her from behind, watching her little asshole pucker every time she flicked her nubbin and groaned, closing in on a little orgasm as he watched. He stuck a couple rough fingers into her juicy pussy and withdrew them as she gasped. He stroked his bulging purple cockhead and groaned as precum spurted out of the bahis firmaları tip, lubricating his hand and mixing with her pussy juice as he jerked off.

Oh sweet Jesus I am going to come pretty damn quickly this time!

He grabbed the base of his hard-on with one hand and gripped her fleshy hip with the other and positioned his cockhead directly in between her swollen pussy lips.

“Oh baby, you look so fine from behind.”

His eyes traveled up from her delicious ass to where the shirt she half wore, his work shirt, was bunched up around the small of her back. He let go of his vibrating cock and grabbed her other hip, ready to impale her onto his stiff rod.

“Hang on baby, I’m going to fuck your tight little pussy now!’

She gasped and began to rub her clit faster, groaning into the floor as her hair lay mussed all around her head like a halo.

He began to salivate as the smell of pot roast and pussy mingled in his nose. He grabbed onto her hips, her flesh pillowing between his strong fingers, and slammed his cock up into her pussy, hard and fast.

“Oh fuck, that is good!” She was screaming in pleasure as he withdrew, her pussy tightly gripping his meat as her juices lubricated his shaft in between her nether lips, and he roared.

“Oh fuck, you feel so good honey! Can I come home early every day?!”

She pushed herself back onto his cock, ramming her ass cheeks into the kaçak bahis siteleri hollows of his hips as his cock throbbed deep inside of her. He filled her up again and again, pistoning in and out as they grunted and groaned and sweat poured down his chest, collecting under his belly and dripping down onto her ass, where his cock entered her hot wet hole.

“Oh baby I think I am going to cum! I can’t help it!”

“Fuck it in me baby, drop your load deep in me, baby! I want it all, every last drop! This cum slut wants you fill her up!” She slammed back into him and he felt himself losing control and going over the orgasmic edge.

Oh here it comes!

He buried himself deep into her depths, his grip tightening on her thighs as his cock erupted like a pressurized firehose , spurting creamy load after creamy load of hot thick jizz deep in his wife’s pussy. He cried out as he emptied his sperm inside of his hot babe.

“Oh FUCK! Ungh Ungh Ungh.” After each guttural cry, a jet of spunk would splash hotly up into his wife’s pussy, searching desperately for her womb.

“Fuck it in me baby! Fuck it up inside of me! Make a baby in me!”

He groaned, her words causing his cock to swell and spurt over and over until he was drained dry, his mind a blank, his breathe all but gone. She shuddered as her own climax peaked and the muscles of her pussy walls contracted around his softening cock, milking all the remaining spunk from his exhausted member.

He collapsed onto her back, and she let her hips fall down onto the cool hard floor. He lay on top of her, his semi-stuff cock warmed by her pulsating pussy.

“So what’s for dinner?”

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