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Arabian Nights Ch. 01

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Big Tits

This story is not a sequel but attempts to satisfy the curiosities I have received regarding the lives of Shahrazad and Jasmine. For those who have not done so, I recommend reading my earlier stories, ‘How could this have happened’ and ‘Cathy’s wrong honeymoon’, before starting this story.

I decided tell this story from the perspective of Shahrazad as well, which is a change from my usual style. Please let me know whether you liked it or not. As usual, this chapter builds the scene and develops the sexual tension, so be warned, the main sexual content will not appear until the next chapter.

I apologize to everyone if it took me so long to produce this new story, but there is a big news: I have finally found an editor! Or maybe it is better to say that he found me… Anyway, if the quality of my work has improved, it is mainly due to his excellent work. It has been very interesting to work with him, and I am extremely grateful to him for all the help he has given me through the editing of the story.

And don’t worry, the next chapter won’t take long to be published, it’s almost ready… and the writing of many more stories is already ongoing!

Thank you for your patience and support.

As always, I hope you’ll have fun reading it as much as I had writing it.



Shahrazad was exhausted after yet another night of wild sex with Mary. Once she had opened Mary’s ‘Pandora’s box’ of hidden desires, it was impossible to close it again, and although Mary had not yet decided to leave her husband Matt, whenever Shahrazad called she would run to her, regardless of circumstance. Matt knew about their torrid affair, but for some inexplicable reason he hadn’t left Mary yet, in fact he had made no effort whatsoever to hinder her adulterous escapades.

Exhausted as she was, Shahrazad was resting in the garden, sunbathing on the deck chair by the pool, when the noise of a car on the driveway roused her from her slumber.

“Oh no, not again!”

She already knew it had to be the real estate agent showing new potential tenants the house next door owned by her friend Jasmine. They had known each other since their university days, when Shahrazad had emigrated from Iran and Jasmine had immediately helped her to settle in. Later they had become lovers before drifting apart and then casually meeting again many years later, rekindling their friendship and discovering that they still had much in common.

Occasionally, they still had sex, but both preferred younger women, and their sexual encounters happened mostly in those rare periods when for some reason they didn’t have young conquests on their hands. At times, they also shared their lovers.

Shahrazad’s current grievance had begun when Jasmine had agreed to be a yoga teacher on a distant island in the Maldives, to console herself after breaking up with her partner Kathrina. She had signed a contract for the whole season, six months in total, and in the meantime had decided to rent her house to a real estate agency to earn some extra money. Within Miami there were always tourists looking for a house to rent for the summertime, however Shahrazad had no desire to have as neighbors a couple of old bigoted, ready to judge her for the multitude of girls who entered her home and left disheveled the following morning, nor a gang of big boys on vacation… she could already imagine their slimy gazes spying on her through the hedge every time she went sunbathing in the garden.

No really, Shahrazad didn’t want that kind of neighbors.

Just the week before, she had seen a middle-aged couple being led up the driveway, him obscenely fat and her prematurely grey and withered with two noisy pre-teen brats and a small, annoying poodle on her heels. She had to intervene and so had ruffled her hair, smudged her lipstick, donned an old dressing gown and grabbed a bottle of Jack Daniels before walking out.

Pretending to stumble, she had addressed the couple, adopting a befuddled voice: “Oh, welcome, welcome! Are you the new tenants? I’m your neighbor! How nice to meet you! I hope we will get along! Later I’ll introduce to you Jerome and his football mates when they come to party… after all, everyone knows my parties are the best! We stay awake until dawn, the alcohol never ends, we bathe naked in the pool…”

The prospective tenants gave each other a quick alarmed glance, before hurrying back to their car and without even saying goodbye they told the abashed real estate agent that they had already seen enough!

Expecting more of the same, Shahrazad raised from her deck chair ready for a repeat performance, but what she saw made her immediately forget all her reticence and filled her with delight. A young couple of sweethearts was getting out of the car, and whilst Shahrazad barely noticed the guy was of average build, brown haired and fairly tall, all her attention was focused on the girl. She was beautiful: tall and slender with long blonde hair, possessing kaçak iddaa long and tapered legs, a tight firm ass, petite breasts, and above all else, a look of innocence on her lightly freckled, blue eyed face which made Shahrazad bite her lip in desire. What luck she had! New prey right next to her house! The fact that she wore a sparling engagement ring only added to the excitement.

“Oh darling, looks how beautiful the house is! Just as we had hoped! I’m sure we’ll be fine here, it will be our love nest!” the girl shouted in joy, jumping into the arms of the guy, who spun her around in a pirouette.

‘Oh yes, my dear’, Shahrazad thought. ‘It will surely be a love nest, even if its not with the person you imagine’.

When the real estate agent saw Shahrazad enter the street, he adopted an alarmed look, fearing another deplorable scene. This time however she was more presentable, having quickly applied makeup, and thrown a modest gown around her bikini-clad figure.

“Hi, are you the new neighbors? Nice to meet you, my name is Shahrazad, I live next door. Welcome!” She said with a warm smile, explicitly addressing the girl.

“H-hi… well, we haven’t really decided yet…” The guy replied, surprised by Shahrazad’s confidence.

“Oh, but you absolutely must not hesitate! There are so few houses left so late in the season, almost all of them are already rented out. The area is very quiet, and the beach is only five minutes away! What are you waiting for? Take it! I can’t wait to have nice neighbors like you!” Shahrazad said, winking at the girl, who smiled shyly.

“Well dear, this is exactly what we were looking for…”

The real estate agent, incredulous at Shahrazad’s transformation but happy to have found an ally, quickly interjected to exploit the favorable situation: “The house is yours if you want it, you just have to sign here and I’ll give you the keys. You can pay the deposit at your leisure, and transfer the rest of the rent at the end of the month.”

Under the pleading gaze of his girlfriend, the harassed fiancé relented and signed the form that the real estate agent handed him.

Shahrazad gave a little cry and clapped her hands in happiness.

“Well done! I can’t wait to get to know you better! By the way, what’s your name, dear?”

“Lucy, and this is Rob, my fiancé. Nice to meet you.”

“Oh, the pleasure will be for both of us dear Lucy… Listen, if you are not too tired tonight, why don’t you come to my place for a welcome drink? I can’t wait to become friends!”



“Did you notice how friendly the neighbor is? She seems really a nice person to me.”

“Yes, well, if you say so… I don’t know, there’s something strange about her, she seemed a bit fake to me…”

There was something in the woman which had immediately alarmed Robert, even though he couldn’t have explained what.

“Anyway, I don’t think it’s a good idea to accept her invitation, I mean, we’ve just arrived, I want to be alone with you for a while and start enjoying the house, if you understand what I mean…” Robert added, with benign intent in his voice.

“But we can’t refuse, we would seem rude! I don’t understand why you dislike her… to me she seems charming…and we’ve rented the house for a whole month, so there’s plenty of time to be alone” Lucy replied, softening her voice and placing a gentle kiss on Robert’s cheek.

The prospect of socializing with that intense lady did not appeal to Robert, but he never could say no to his sweet Lucy, so he reluctantly agreed.



Sharazad felt excited. Finally new prey… With Mary it had been fun, but by now Sharazad considered her task of introducing Mary to sapphic love complete. Unlike Jasmine, she didn’t feel the need for a stable relationship, preferring the challenge and rewards of conquest. What she really loved was seducing, corrupting and turning young straight girls to lesbian sex. What was more exciting than the heady pleasure of feeling reluctant lips open up for the first time, under the gentle assault of her kisses? What was better then feeling a tongue, at first shy and hesitant, start to dance together with hers? And, oh god, how much she loved seeing innocent eyes open wide in amazement for the very first time when she revealed her breasts! That had always been her most powerful weapon, and it always worked…

The more difficult the seduction was, the more it stimulated and aroused her, which is why she loved seducing girls who were engaged or married. She didn’t worry about ruining relationships because she firmly believed she was helping those poor girls who didn’t know what true pleasure was. In fact, when Shahrazad was still a young student at the University of Tehran, she had been one of the earliest and most fervent activists of the feminist movement, which was still in its infancy in Iran. She remembered with immeasurable affection Professor Azara, head of the movement and her mentor, and first kaçak bahis female lover. Shahrazad had been deeply in love with Azara, despite the age difference, and was eternally grateful to Azara for snatching her from the clutches of her possessive boyfriend whom she had been arranged to marry. In the end however, shamed and exiled by her own family for the scandalous affair, she had fled to America with the emotional and financial support of Azara.

In the United States Shahrazad had found less prejudice against girls who loved other women, but still she continued to wage her own personal war, and to convert as many women as possible to Sapphic love. From the experiences of her life, Males were sexually selfish, and were undeserved of a woman’s intimacy.

One of Shahrazad’s trump cards had always been her self-confidence. She knew she was not beautiful in a classic way, like those anorexic models that were so acclaimed, but over the years she had acquired an assurance in her own beauty. She knew what her strengths were; her large breasts, her intense gaze, her plump lips, her charisma, and above all the ability to make the most of them. She knew how to awaken the dormant curiosity in a straight woman, she knew how to kiss in a way that made them question their desires, she knew how to use her big tits in order to make a girl dream about them… In so many years she had never failed in a seduction and this bolstered her confidence. Inevitably her prey learnt that resist was futile, and that it was hopeless to fight against her. Shahrazad had every intention to begin pointing this out to Lucy.

At 6pm Shahrazad heard the doorbell ring. She had doubts that they would come, but had prepared everything nevertheless: chips, beers, canapes, and chilled white wine… and she had dressed for the occasion. She didn’t want to make her intentions too blatant, but had chosen a long and light white dress, which contrasted with her caramel complexion, and which enhanced the volume of her ample chest without lacking in sophistication.

Her neckline was wide but not exaggerated, and as always Shahrazad placed her gold pendant, depicting two women in an amorous embrace, into the deep gully between her tits. Moreover, Sharazad had decided not to wear a bra, leaving her huge breasts free to float under the delicate material, knowing how seductive their swaying motion could be. Although they weren’t as firm as when she was young, her breasts were still generously full and with age had gained a pleasant softness. She styled her long, shiny black hair into a ponytail behind the nape of her neck, to enhance the structure of her jawline and shoulders. She surrounded her eyes with a smoky eye-shadow to intensify her deep and penetrating gaze, and she decorated her full lips with a nice dark red lipstick, her favorite. Finally, she sprayed herself with her exotic jasmine perfume, called ‘Arabian Nights’.

“Welcome! Come in, come in! How nice that you could make it!” Shahrazad hugged Lucy tightly, trying to press her chest against hers as much as possible, to make her feel the pleasant contact of her soft breasts. From the slightly confused look she read on Lucy’s face, Shahrazad sensed that a first point had been scored. She grinned, as she made a vague, offhand gesture of greeting to Robert and led them to the veranda, scented by heady incense sticks, and put on a Persian music disc called “Thousand and One Nights” whilst gathering the snacks and drinks she had prepared. Robert chose beer, while Lucy preferred a glass of white wine and Shahrazad cunningly ushered the couple to sit on a loveseat, while she sat across from them, opposite Lucy, on a high-backed wicker chair. Whilst they chatted, every time she offered her guests something to drink or to eat, she deliberately leaned forward causing the neckline of her dress to flare under the pressure of her breasts, accentuating their size. She caught several nervous glances from Robert, which did not surprise her, but the target of her actions, Lucy, seemed not to have noticed Shahrazad’s big breasts, despite all the tricks she was trying, such as arching her back, massaging its lower part pretending a backache, to make her breast protrude even further out. Still, Lucy hadn’t paid it any attention yet.

But Shahrazad was not the type to give up easily.

The syrupy light of the sunset affected everything with warm, muffled hues, and the conversation was progressing pleasantly and fluidly.

“So, tell me, I’m curious, how did you meet?”

“Well, we met in college.” Lucy blushed slightly and paused before continuing.

“You could say it was love at first sight. After a month we were already dating, and since then we’ve been together… it’s been eight years already…”

“Oh, how romantic… but this way you didn’t get to experience the wild college years!”

“Well, I guess not… but we have no regrets, our love was more important than partying.”

Shahrazad subtly grimaced in complete disagreement.

“Happy illegal bahis you… so no wild parties, no concerts and weekends in tents with friends?”

“Well, not many, no… but it doesn’t matter, we were enough for each other… although I’ve always liked concerts very much, despite Rob not being a fan of them…” Lucy replied, with a note of regret in the voice, barely audible, but which Shahrazad recognized immediately.

“Really? And what kind of music do you like? I love concerts, especially outdoor ones!”

“Well, different genres really, but I like Pearl Jam, Offspring, Oasis, Red Hot Chilli Peppers… but I also The Black Eyed Peas!”

Shahrazad’s skillful mind took note. Then she decided to change the subject.

“But tell me, are you married?”

Lucy blushed again: “Not yet…but Rob actually proposed just last week, and I said yes! We want to get married in the fall!” She extended her hand to show the sparkling modest diamond ring.

Shahrazad limited herself to a sober: “Congratulations”, with little enthusiasm.

“And what about you, Shahrazad? Have you ever been married? No man in your life?” Rob asked.

“Oh no, definitely no man in my life… but don’t worry, when I feel a little lonely I have no problem finding someone to warm my bed! I might not be in college anymore but I still have fun sometimes…” and so saying she leaned forward to fill Lucy’s empty glass, trying again to offer her a glimpse of her swollen neckline. Only this time, Shahrazad saw Lucy’s shy eyes flicker for the first time, involuntarily, in the direction of her exposed cleavage, and open wide, remaining fixed on it for a few moments.

‘Very well, she has finally noticed them…’ Shahrazad thought to herself, exultation coursing within. Satisfied with that little victory, she decided it might be enough for that evening.

“Well, it was a pleasure to meet you both, but especially you Lucy. I already feel that we will become great friends…”

Lucy, still confused, blushed slightly, and replied: “It was nice for us too…”, before going home with Rob.



Lucy lay down next to Rob in bed.

“How nice Shahrazad is, don’t you think dear? She is so charismatic and charming… I had a great time chatting with her, despite the age difference…”

Rob snorted, muttering something incomprehensible.

“What is it dear, don’t you agree with me? Why are you pouting?”

“It’s just that I don’t understand what you find interesting about that annoying woman, she’s so intrusive… I mean, we’re here to relax, and to enjoy some intimacy, not to entertain boring old ladies…”

“Oh, don’t be touchy now! We have lots of time to be together. It seems to me that she just acted like a friendly neighbor, giving us a warm welcome to make us feel comfortable here! Come on, don’t be grumpy!” and so saying Lucy drew Rob to her, kissing him tenderly on the lips.

Rob softened slightly: “Well, yes, perhaps you’re right… it’s just there’s something I don’t like about her. She wasn’t openly rude, but I got the feeling that she doesn’t like me, as if she didn’t want me there… she only had eyes for you and practically ignored me…”

Lucy burst out laughing, hugging him: “Oh, what a touchy fool you are! You’re offended because Shahrazad wasn’t considerate towards you, is this it? It’s surely better this way than the other, because then I might have reason to be jealous, don’t you think? If I thought that such a beautiful and single lady had eyes for my fiancé I would be worried that maybe she wants to steal him from me!” Lucy burst out laughing happily, and after a moment Rob also joined in the laughter, allowing himself to be roused by her good humor.

“Yes, well, you’re right… but it’s strange, don’t you think, that a lady so… so… sensual, is alone and never married?”

“Well, I guess so, it is a little unexpected, considering how beautiful… well, maybe not beautiful, but attractive…she is. We shouldn’t judge though, since we know nothing about her life, perhaps somebody once broke her heart and now she prefers to be alone… there are so many like that…”

“That’s true, and I have no doubt that it isn’t difficult for her to find somebody to warm her bed..!”

Lucy threw a pillow at him: “What a fool you are! You think having big boobs is enough to be attractive! You guys are all the same; you see a pair of nice tits and you don’t see anything else, you should be ashamed!” Despite the severity of her words, Lucy had a sweet tone, and when Rob hugged her, crushing her against the bed, she giggled.

“You may not have Shahrazad’s big boobs, but yours are more than enough…” Rob murmured in her ear, before lowering his face between her small, firm breasts, kissing them through the nightshirt.

Lucy let out a sigh, lacing her fingers through Rob’s curls.

“Oh yes, don’t stop… I feel so aroused tonight, I don’t know why… and you look pretty excited too…”

Rob kissed her passionately.

“I love you…” he murmured to her, before penetrating her tenderly.

“I love you too…” Lucy answered back, opening up warm and wet for him.


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