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Baby Sister

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I looked into the wild blue eyes of my older sister, Sandy. “You always know how to have a good time, sis. Is Harry coming along?”

“My boyfriend wouldn’t miss your sixteenth birthday for the world, Nell,” she giggled. “Of course he’s coming along. Who did you think my date was going to be?” She stared into my sad, brown eyes. “The bigger question is who’s going to be your date?”

“Nobody,” I mumbled. I’d never been so much as kissed. Truth be told, I was somewhat jealous of my sister. Her own 18th birthday was only a few weeks away. As a senior in high school, her perfect life was complemented by her perfect boyfriend. Harry was tall, chiseled and blond-haired: his own 18th birthday was just 2 weeks after Sandy’s. Sandy’s body, thick without being fat and with ample curves, drew lots of attention from boys. Her rounded rump and large chest were her best assets, and her clothing, while never slutty, certainly ensured they drew attention. Her long, flowing red hair [my mom was a beautiful redhead in her time] completed the package.

My own build was very thin, with barely-there breasts [perhaps B-cups at best], no curves and not much butt. My mousy-brown hair, courtesy of my father, completed the “ignore me” picture. I’d never been asked for a date in my life, and my sophomore year at the same high school as the immensely popular Sandy accentuated the fact that I was a nobody. If I had a nickel for every time someone said in disbelief, “YOU’RE Sandy’s sister? I was expecting someone prettier,” I’d have a stack of nickels that could reach the Moon.

The only male my age who even acknowledged my presence on the planet was Harry, interestingly enough. When at the house spending time with Sandy, he’d come over when she was busy in some way [normally because she was talking on the phone] and smile at me. “How you doing today, Baby Sister?” He almost never called me “Nell.” It was always “Baby Sister,” or sometimes, if he was being particularly nice, “hon.” Sandy seemed to like him more because he didn’t pretend I didn’t exist. One time he even spent several hours helping me with a big school project. For a few minutes, as we waited in the library, he held my hand. That had been the only physical contact I’d ever had with a boy my age, except for when one of the jocks was fighting another one in the halls and got punched out. He fell against my legs and knocked me down.

“We can’t have that,” Sandy said, with a rare frown. My sister, because she’s so popular, always seems to be in a good mood… unlike me. “You can’t be dateless at your sweet sixteen party.”

“Why not?” I grumped. “Why should it be different than any other time?”

My sister ignored my complaint. “Let’s see. Harry’s friend Michael has a younger brother who’s a sophomore. Darrell. You could have him be your date.”

“We both know Darrell doesn’t know I exist,” I snapped.

“Nell, don’t be such a sourpuss,” Sandy chided. “Make him notice you. Dress sexy. Stop wearing all that baggy stuff. Show off your figure. And for the love of all that’s holy don’t wear a bra. Wear a tight T-shirt and jiggle.”

“What figure?” I muttered darkly. “And there’s nothing there TO jiggle, bra or no bra.”

Darrell never did notice me. I went dateless to the Sweet Sixteen party… as expected. Harry pulled me into a quick one-armed hug as he gave me his present, and I blushed violently.

The months went by, and soon enough Sandy and Harry were graduating. Harry was going to college at the local major institution part-time while he worked at a computer company — he’d been interning there three summers — but Sandy was going to Harvard. It would be the first time they’d been separated in years.

“Write to me,” Harry told her, as he attended Sandy’s going-away dinner at our house. “And I’ll see you over Christmas break, love.”

“And Thanksgiving,” Sandy giggled.

“Write to ME, too,” I reminded my sister.

“I’ll write both of you every week,” Sandy promised.

“Don’t worry too much about Baby Sister,” Harry smiled. He mussed my hair affectionately. “I’ll keep her safe for you.”

“Safe?” Sandy smirked. ankara üniversiteli escort “I know she’ll be safe. I want you to make sure she doesn’t become a total hermit!”

Harry teasingly punched me in the shoulder, lightly. “I think it’s too late for that, honey.” He leaned forward and gave Sandy a deep kiss.

One thing I was interested in was fabrics. That was pretty much my only interest, in fact. Harry helped me find a part-time job in a local fabric store, for 2 hours after school on weekdays and all day Saturdays. “Just remember to keep up with your schoolwork, Baby Sister. I’ll tutor you if necessary.”

In one subject, it did prove to be necessary. I had survived algebra as a freshman, and as a sophomore geometry wasn’t difficult because it was shapes and not abstract thinking, but trigonometry had me bollixed. I wasn’t more than 3 weeks into my junior year before calling Harry.

“Help!” I told him. “This trigonometry is kicking me in the head.”

“No problem, Baby Sister. Math was my strong point in high school.”

Harry was very patient. He worked with me every day after school, after I would return from my job. When my first test was coming up, he stayed extra late, and my mom made him dinner. When we returned to trig, I managed a half hour more before throwing my hands in the air.

“Harry, I can’t do any more of this. I need a breather.”

“Okay, Baby Sister. Take five.”

I sat on my bed, and Harry sat next to me. “You’re doing well, Baby Sister. I know you don’t see it, but I do. You’re making wonderful progress.”

I let my body slump against his, and he wrapped an arm around my shoulders. “I’m glad you think so. This stuff is all so complicated.”

He pulled me more tightly against his strong, comforting body. “Nell, trust me, you can learn this stuff.”

I turned my face towards his, our lips inches apart. “Nell, huh? Not Baby Sister? Harry, you’re very sweet and wonderful in many ways. Sandy is insanely lucky to have you for a boyfriend.”

Harry leaned forward slightly, and his lips rested against mine for a moment. “She’s lucky to have you, Baby Sister.” He pulled back. “Now let’s finish prepping you for that test.”

Sandy came back for Thanksgiving, and on the surface, things were still perfect between her and Harry. They even made out on the sofa when my parents were out [and yes, I was jealous of her as I secretly observed them.] She was all over him, pulling his organ out and stroking him to climax while he used his hand to bring her pleasure as well. [They’re both 18 now, and can do what they want, I thought, somewhat bitterly.]

But after she went back, Harry talked to me after one of our tutoring sessions. “Something seemed a little off with Sandy, Baby Sister,” he said. “It’s like her body was there, but she wasn’t. She didn’t seem as close to me as usual.”

I pressed my tiny frame against his muscular body and tried to get my arms all the way around his chest. I could barely do so. “I’m sorry, Harry,” I whispered. “I think you’re wonderful.”

He held me close. “Thanks, Baby Sister.” He looked at me, examining me with his eyes, as if trying to decide something. “Maybe…”

“Maybe what?” I prompted, after he had gone silent for a while.

He shook his head. “No… I don’t think so.” But then he stopped. “Actually… belay that. I think… well, let me think about it.” He leaned down and for the second time, kissed me. This time he actually pressed his lips, gently, against mine.

When he pulled away, I gave him a loving look. “I’m always here for you, Harry.”

He smiled. “I know, Baby Sister.”

“I like when you call me Nell,” I informed him.

Harry frowned, thinking. “I’m just not sure yet… but if I fall in love with you, I promise to only call you Nell. Right now, you’re still Baby Sister.”

I nodded and this time I initiated the kiss. He didn’t object as I pressed my lips against his.

“I have some thinking to do, Baby Sister,” Harry murmured as we broke the kiss. “I know you’ve always cared for me. I could see it whenever I yenimahalle escort was here with Sandy.”

“You were always the one boy who acknowledged my existence,” I replied.

When Christmas came around, Sandy acted much more distant towards Harry. “I just don’t know,” she told me. “He’s absolutely wonderful, and loyal. I know if I asked him to, he’d wait for me. But… I don’t know If I want to be tied down.”

“I wouldn’t mind being tied down,” I told her.

“I know,” Sandy said. “You’ll make a great housewife to some lucky man one day, Nell.”

When Sandy went back, Harry told me the news. “She broke it off. She doesn’t want to be committed to just one person.”

I looked him directly in his eyes. “But I do.”

Harry gave me a million-dollar smile. “I know, Baby Sister.” Then he kissed me.

I melted into his arms. “I think you know who the one person I have in mind is.”

Harry laughed. “You mean little ol’ me?” I nodded. “I just don’t want to feel like I’m betraying your sister. I spent all that time with her, and to end up with… Nell… instead…”

I held him tightly. “You’re such a sweet person.”

Sandy returned in the summer. “Ready for senior year, Nell? Your 18th birthday is coming up, too.”

I looked at Harry. “This time I have a date.”

Sandy smiled. “I kind of figured you two would end up together. You just had to wait for me to let him go, Baby Sister.”

“What about you?” I asked her.

“Oh, me? I’m not cut out for marriage and housewife stuff. I’ll flit from man to man.”

Harry laughed. “Enjoy yourself, Sandy. I’ll be fine with Nell. I want to marry her as soon as she graduates.” He dropped to one knee and pulled out a box.

My jaw dropped open. When I finished gaping, I jumped into his arms. “Yes! Yes!”

Sandy smiled. “I’ll be your maid of honor.”

I held tightly to my fiance. “How long have you been planning this?”

He smiled. “Since Christmas. Sandy’s been helping me make preliminary wedding preparations, and she’s the one who picked out the rings. She knew your size.”

I turned to my sister. “You’re full of surprises.”

“Baby Sister, as soon as I knew I wasn’t going to be with Harry, I started encouraging him to court you.”

Harry held me tightly. “Where do you want to go on our honeymoon, Nell? There’s a town an hour away with a wonderful little inn and a romantic beach.”

“Sounds fabulous.”

My 18th birthday came and went. I graduated, asked the fabric store for two weeks off, and the wedding was a small but nice affair.

We were in the honeymoon suite with the blinds drawn and soft, romantic lighting, and Harry turned to me. “I’ve never even seen you naked, Nell.”

“As you probably suspect, I’m a virgin,” I told him as I started to remove my wedding gown.

“So am I, Nell. Your sister and I fooled around a bit but never actually had sex.”

We both undressed somewhat shyly, but soon enough we were naked and lying on the bed. We kissed again. So far, that was the extent of what we had done with each other. This time, I pressed my tongue against Harry’s lips, and he allowed me to explore his mouth. His own tongue probed mine.

When we broke for air, I looked questioningly at him. He whispered, “Let me guide you, Nell.” Since he had never had sex before either I thought it might be kind of the blind leading the blind, but I nodded.

Harry kissed my neck, softly at first but as I shivered and a moan escaped my lips, he increased the intensity and then nibbled on my flesh. I shuddered as his tongue traced down towards my chest.

He left a trail of slow, soft kisses through my almost nonexistent cleavage. His large hands cupped my pert breasts. “These are very nice,” he whispered. “Breasts don’t have to be massive to be attractive.” With that, he gently took my nipples and rolled them between his fingertips. I felt little pulses of pleasure shoot through my body.

He removed his hands and began caressing my skinny legs. His touch was delicate. Simultaneously, his mouth closed around one of my eraser-point ankara zenci escort nipples and his tongue circled it tenderly. “Oh, Harry,” I purred.

He continued to stimulate my chest gently, alternating his mouth between my breasts, and his hands worked their way up to my thighs. I quivered with pleasure. Harry lifted his head from my chest and spread my legs. “I’ve never done this before,” he whispered. “But I’d like to try.”

With that he carefully extended his tongue and ran it slowly along my slit. I gasped in pleasure. “Mmmm, Nell,” he whispered. He probed along my slit with his tongue and found a small nub. When his tongue touched it, I thrashed with pleasure. He licked it repeatedly, and my body seemed to go into wild spasms. I felt a gusher of liquid shoot from my genital area. Harry licked it off my skin and smiled.

He then lay on his back with his legs spread. “Your turn to explore, Nell.” I kissed his neck, the way he had kissed mine, and felt him shiver. I experimentally caressed his chest with my small hands, and that drew a soft moan.

Encouraged, I left a soft trail of kisses down to his chest. He purred as my tongue touched his nipple. I kissed his nipples, alternating back and forth, and he smiled.

I put my hands on his muscular legs and softly began caressing his flesh. Harry’s smile grew larger and I could feel pulses of pleasure shooting through his skin. I kissed his chest some more, then lifted my head and adjusted my position.

I kissed his powerful legs. “You’re a good kisser, Nell.” I moved my lips and tongue upwards, first to his knees, then his thighs. I noticed his thick pole sticking straight up and twitching slightly.

Curious, I moved my lips that direction, kissing his balls while trying to wrap my hand around him. I could barely manage it. I noticed his pole twitch more as I continued to kiss his balls.

I moved my lips to his shaft, kissing upwards slowly from the base. When I reached the head, I extended my tongue and gave it an experimental lick. Harry’s moan of approval encouraged me, and I parted my lips and took the tip in my mouth. I circled my tongue around the tip.

“I think I’m ready to try having sex,” I whispered.

“Okay, Nell,” Harry replied. “For the first time, I’m supposed to be slow and gentle. At least that’s what Sandy told me. Her exact words were ‘If you hurt Baby Sister while making love to her, you’ll end up six feet under.’ So, gentle it is.”

“Sounds good, Harry,” I murmured. He laid me down on my back and spread my legs. He rubbed the head of his shaft softly against my slit, and I felt more fluids beginning to leak out of me. He thoroughly coated his organ with my liquids and then slowly began to push inward.

“There will be some pain when I first break your barrier,” he purred. “That’s normal. It only happens once.” He continued to push in, very slowly, and I felt resistance build. Then there was a tearing sensation within me, a sharp pain, and Harry stopped. “I’ll let your body adjust for a moment.”

“Okay, love,” I squeaked, trying not to scream from the pain. But Harry was as good as advertised. He let my body relax for a moment, then pushed his way slowly inward until his whole length was encased within me. He pulled back, equally slowly, then moved inward again. He very gradually increased the pace to a gentle rhythm. And the pain did indeed change to a very pleasurable sensation.

“Enjoying yourself now, honey?” Harry murmured.

I nodded. “Yes, love.” He continued to slide in and out, steadily and gently. Pulses of pleasure shot through me, faster and faster. “What now, Harry?”

“Are you ready to get pregnant, or not yet?” he asked.

“I’d like nothing better,” I husked. Harry continued easing in and out of me. As he slid in, my body felt more and more happy. Suddenly, my legs locked around Harry’s hips and my box clamped and spasmed around his pole. I could feel him spurting hot liquid within me.

We lay still, spent, for a long moment. Harry slid out of me and lay down next to me, tiredly wrapping an arm around my tiny frame. “You were wonderful, Nell. How did you like your first time?”

“I loved it,” I whispered. “You’re a wonderful man.”

Sometime during that honeymoon, I did get pregnant. Two children later, and 10 years after our marriage, my wonderful husband still loves “Baby Sister” unconditionally. And Sandy often comes by to spend time with her two nephews… and her sister.

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