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Bait a Hook Ch. 13

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Chapter 13: Christmas Surprises

*Note: Thanks so much for the comments. Please keep them coming.

I hope you are enjoying Bobby & Rob’s Tale.*

The family, Rob, and I were sitting down having a light lunch on Christmas Eve. Rob had only been here a short time, but It seemed that my family actually enjoyed having Rob around. I definitely enjoyed having Rob around. After lunch my parents switched topics to our plans for Christmas day.

“Bobby, you know we are going to your grandma’s tomorrow. Your mom and I have been talking and we’re unsure of how to tell her about the relationship between you and Rob.” Dad said as he glanced at the two of us across the table. “I want you to know that we are not ashamed or embarrassed by you in any way, but I’m not sure how grandma will handle this news being sprung on her. I think it would be best if you visited her one-on-one and not at a family function with this revelation.” He paused and looked at Rob. “Rob, I don’t want to make this uncomfortable, but if you want to stay home, or you and Bobby want to stay home, that will be okay. I would like for you both to come, but I know this situation is unique.”

“I’ll do whatever Bobby wants.” Rob said looking at me.

“We’ll go visit grandma later. I think it might be a little stressful explaining Rob to the family like that. If you don’t mind, I think we’ll just stay here.” I explained trying to sound rational.

“That sounds fine Bobby.” Mom said nodding at us.

After lunch Rob said he needed to go run some errands. I had already gotten Rob his present from the antique shop, and I was sure he was off to find something for me. It was a few hours before he came back and told me I wasn’t allowed in the room until he said. I grabbed my laptop before he locked me out and was surfing the web downstairs until he finally let me in. There was a small wrapped package on the desk and he just smiled as I walked in.

“If we don’t go to sleep soon Bobby, Santa won’t come.” Rob said chuckling as he got up and gave me a hug. I gave him a light kiss before heading to the bathroom to get ready for bed. Rob was on the bottom bunk holding the covers open for me when I returned.

“I don’t like sleeping in the bed without you babe.” Rob said and I smiled as I pressed my back into his warm and welcoming embrace. I tilted my head back and was rewarded with a sweet kiss.

“Me either.” I concurred as I felt him kiss the back of my head as he squeezed me tight to him.

Christmas morning I woke up and Rob was already in the bathroom. He seemed to be taking a long time. When he finally emerged he grinned as he saw me. He was carrying his backpack and he gave me a shrug as he walked by and dropped the bag off in the room. We headed downstairs and had a quick breakfast with the family. Rob was squirming in his seat with a funny look on his face. After breakfast, Rob was surprised to see that he had a stack of presents under the tree.

“Guess you going to bed early was a good idea.” I nudged Rob as we sat around the tree. My parents had gotten us mostly clothes and a few trinkets. We thanked them and Rob gave my mom a hug and was reaching to shake my dad’s hand, but he was pulled into a hug. I smiled at my dad as I gave Rob his present. Rob opened it and he smiled while looking at me. Rob kept shifting the way he was sitting and that strange look was momentarily back on his face. I was trying to figure out what was going on with him.

“Hand carved fishing lures. I love them, thanks Bobby.” Rob said handing me my gift. I opened the small box and there was a mahogany colored leather bracelet with an etched crab on it. I smiled as I flipped it over and read the text that was engraved on the inside of the band. ‘I love you Bobby -Rob.’

I smiled at Rob and he helped me put it on my right wrist. “Thanks Rob, it’s awesome, did you carve this?” I asked.

“Yeah it took me a couple of tries to get it to look right.” He answered smiling.

“It’s perfect.” I exclaimed.

After we threw away the discarded wrapping paper we helped my parents and Emily load up the car for the trip to grandmas. We waved and smiled and watched them pull away. We headed back inside and closed the door behind us.

“I have another present for you babe.” Rob said looking at me with that special glint in his eyes. “I’ve gotta go get it ready, but come upstairs in 10 minutes, not a second sooner.” I nodded and watched him jog upstairs, his gait was abnormal as he rushed upstairs, but I guessed he was just excited about his surprise.

I paced around downstairs waiting for the time to pass. I eagerly headed upstairs in anticipation Cebeci Escort of what was to come. The bedroom door was closed so I knocked to make sure he was ready.

“Come in.” Came the sultry voice and my eyes were assaulted by the most delightful scene in front of me. Rob had pulled the mattress off of the bottom bunk and had it in the middle of the room. He was facing away from me on all fours. He was wearing a sexy pair of underwear. They were navy blue in color with a bright white waistband and elastic on the legs. They appeared to be briefs from the front, but from the back they were cut out kind of like a jockstrap, leaving a hole displaying his perfect ass. Where his hot hole would be he had a red bow covering his vulnerable spot. I closed the door behind me and half moaned half growled at the sight of him.

“You are so fucking hot Robbie.” I said as I closed the distance between us.

“Come here and unwrap your present babe.” Rob said as I licked my lips. I crawled behind him on the mattress and rubbed my hands over his muscular back. I let my hands drift to massage his perfectly plump ass cheeks. When I finally took the bow off I was surprised by what I saw. Underneath the bow was a small black circle flush against his hole.

“Uh, um, Rob? What’s this?” I asked while lightly touching the circle, eliciting a moan from him.

“I want you to take my cherry babe. I bought a small butt plug and put it in this morning. I’ve been so freaking hot and leaking in these briefs all morning. Just touching that sends shivers through me.”

I pushed lightly against it again, enthralled by the sounds Rob was making.

“Does it feel good?” I asked.

“It feels better than I ever imagined. I’ve never had anything up there except your tongue; I was worried I wouldn’t be ready. Yesterday I went into the adult bookstore and had an awkward conversation with a lady who worked there. She recommended this with lots of a lube for a little while before I let you have me.” Rob informed me of his reasoning behind the toy.

I crawled around to meet Rob’s face and we kissed passionately.

“That’s very sweet of you. It’s so hot when you fuck me Robbie, but I have been curious about being on top.”

“I’m ready to see what has your grunting, whimpering, and moaning babe, if it’s anywhere near as good as you look when I make love to you, I’m sure it will be great.” Rob said before giving me another quick kiss.

“How do I take it out?” I asked as I maneuvered back around to his ass.

“Just slowly pull it out and lightly twist.” Rob answered. I wedged my fingers around the ring and slowly maneuvered the plug in Rob’s ass, he was squirming and I teased him by pushing it in and out a couple of times before dislodging it. It wasn’t that large, about four inches long and not as thick as my dick. I gulped at the sight of his open hole. I dove head first shoving my stiff tongue in as it closed around me. He was moaning and squirming as I replaced my tongue with a finger. It slid in easily into his loosened hole and I prodded around searching for the place that would have him squirming. With the tip of my finger I felt a hard walnut sized surface, as I rubbed it he moaned and collapsed on his elbows.

“Oh fuck Bobby.” Rob moaned and flipped over. His cock was straining in the jock-briefs and he clearly had been leaking. I dove in and started lapping at the spot and nibbling on his trapped member. He pulled me into a kiss as he wiggled his way out of his underwear. I quickly discarded my clothes and we were both naked and needy on my mattress on the floor. I picked up the lube he had strategically placed on the floor beside the mattress and let a large sized dollop ooze onto my fingers. I rubbed it onto his pulsing entrance before allowing my middle and pointer fingers to slide into Rob. He was tight and winced as I pushed to get them passed his tight muscled opening.

“Oh my God.” Rob moaned and twisted on the mattress. I twisted my fingers in his guts and leaned over to capture Rob’s mouth. “I need you in me now.” Rob’s voice was gravely and needy. I rubbed an ample amount of lube on my leaky head and down my length. I was so hot from the process and the sight of Rob waiting for me. I placed my head at his entrance and felt the heat escaping him. I lined up and pressed my head into his tight canal.

“Fuck.” I moaned as I pulled back trembling and shot my load onto his desperate asshole. Rob moaned at the sight of me losing it and shot all over his chest. I watched fascinated as Rob’s asshole clenched and my release started seeping inside Kolej Escort of him.

“Sorry Robbie, I am so turned on.” I leaned over him and kissed him deeply feeling my chest rubbing against his release.

“Don’t apologize. It’s hot that you go so excited.” Rob panted as I pulled away. I was still hard, I managed to compose myself and get ready to be inside Rob for the first time. I realigned my head at his entrance. I pushed forward trying to breach his defenses. He was so tight I groaned as I tried to put enough pressure to get through. Rob’s body tensed as he winced and I felt his muscles tighten around my shaft. I rubbed his thighs and pulled his legs over my shoulders. I was on my knees and lined up ready to go. I felt Rob relax around me as I slowly pushed my head deeper into his warm embrace.

Rob was so warm. The feeling was intense. The velvet soft, skin tight, warm furnace was outstanding. I had to focus on not losing it again so quickly. I rested on top of Rob kissing his neck while Rob wrapped his legs around my back. Rob started to squirm below me as I slowly eased out of his canal I accidently withdrew all the way so I realigned before continuing the slow decent into his bowels.

“So good.” Rob moaned as his legs tightened around me. I put my arms on either side of his body and braced myself to give Rob what he needed. I continued the slow motion assault on his hole but I was on sensory overload. The sight of my sexy, hairy, muscular man giving himself to me was almost too much. He was so tight, so hot. I shifted my position and started shorter faster thrusts into my willing mate. I felt the head of my prick brush against that special spot as he trashed around below me. I focused all of my attention on repeating that move and attacked it with precision.

“I’m gonna, I’m gonna, oh my.” Rob started moaning and I felt a vice grab my dick, it was too much I gave one last desperate thrust and slammed into Rob one last time as his insides strangled my cock. I shot and pulsed everything my balls had to offer inside of Rob. I watched the last drop of Rob’s come slide down his shaft and used my thumb to wipe it off and bring it to my tongue. I leaned back down and reached for Rob and was desperate for a kiss. He squeezed me tightly and we both moaned when I softened and slid out of Rob’s sloppy hole. We were still for several moments not saying a word. Rob recovered first and took my face in his hands.

“I love you so much Bobby that was out of this world.” He placed a kiss on my lips before I rolled off beside him. He reached for my hand and I looked in his eyes.

“Thank you Rob, that was special. I think I like you on top better, but both are fantastic. I love you with all of my heart.” I said as he reached over for another kiss. I got up and went to the bathroom to get something to clean up the mess we had created.

“We’re going to need to change the sheets.” I said laughing as I started wiping Rob clean. “I want to try that plug Rob.” I told Rob and watched as his toothy smile glistened at me.

“This will be fun.” Rob said. “Assume to position.” Rob stood up picking up the plug off of the corner of the mattress as I got on all fours in the position Rob was in earlier. I heard the top of the lube bottle open before I felt Rob’s slick fingers teasing my hole. He rubbed slow slick circles around my hole. He fingered me a few times, which had me panting, before I felt the plastic rubbery plug at my door. He twisted it lightly and was teasing my hole as he slowly inched it in. I felt the stopper flush against my body and Rob tapped it lightly. It wasn’t nearly as big as Rob, but the constant fullness was good. I had just had two orgasms, but was ready to go again.

“Get dressed and we’ll let you keep it in a little while.”

“Rob I’m freaking hard, just fuck me now.” I whimpered and Rob stood up and slipped on his sexy briefs and went over to put on a pair of sweats.

“You wanted to try it out, I think you should experience it a while first.” Rob said sliding on a t-shirt grinning at my neediness. He threw me some sweats and a shirt. “Get dressed babe, I’ll take care of you later.”

I groaned as I got up; now I knew why he had been squirming and walking funny all morning. Every movement was delicious torture. I got dressed and headed downstairs with Rob.

“Come sit in my lap babe.” Rob said as he turned on the TV. I moaned when I sat down, feeling the plug pushing inside me. I was hard and dripping in my sweats and Rob took pleasure in torturing me. When I had settled down into a comfortable position Rob would shift Yenimahalle Escort causing the plug to dance inside me. I was so horny and I needed Rob to take me. I turned facing him, reaching for a kiss. Rob turned so I could only reach his cheek. I began licking his ear.

“Please. Robbie, I need it.” I whimpered. Thankfully he stood up and I followed him. Instead of walking upstairs he walked into the kitchen and started making sandwiches.

“You’re killing me Rob.” I said exasperated. He grinned and slid a country ham sandwich in front of me.

“Sit, eat, you need your strength.” Rob said as he sat on the stool next to me. I sat on the stool and whimpered from the feeling as the toy brushed against some nerves inside me. Rob knew he was driving me crazy as he slowly ate his sandwich. Mine was finished as quickly as I could eat it and I watched as Rob slowly licked his fingers clean.

“Thirsty?” He asked standing up and grabbing the pitcher of sweet tea from the fridge. I shook my head as he filled his glass to the brim. He plopped back on the stool beside me and looked into my eyes as he took a long slow sip from the glass. I couldn’t take it any longer, I reached over, grabbed the glass and chugged every drop before placing it on the counter. The fire grew in his emerald eyes and he stood up and picked me up from my stool. He held me over his shoulder and slapped my ass, causing a moan and a whimper, before he carried me upstairs.

“Sorry babe, you’re just so fucking sexy. I tried to delay it as long as I could, but you’ve got me so turned on.” He brushed what was on the desk aside before he lowered me on it. He ripped off my sweats and dropped his pants and briefs. He leaned over and kissed me and I gasped as he quickly removed the cork from my needy ass. He removed my shirt and his mouth trailed kisses down my chest. He slowly nibbled on my nipples before gently licking the wetness from my manhood. I groaned and moaned and thrashed under his touches. He bent down to retrieve the bottle of lube from the floor and coated his meaty shaft. He didn’t bother with his fingers; he knew I would be opened enough from the plug. I watched as he lined up and gasped when he pushed straight into me. There was a twinge of pain and he leaned in and kissed me deeply as I took him to his root. He pulled the front of his t-shirt behind his head and I rubbed his magnificently hairy chest and tweaked one of his nipples before he stood up and fucked me hard. It was rough and sweaty, but felt incredible.

“Oh, damn, Robbie, you’re so big, fuck me, harder.” I whimpered in spurts as he jack hammered into me.

“So tight, so hot.” He moaned as he continued his assault. I reached for my dick, but he swatted my hand away. He spat on my dick and took me in his meaty paw. I moaned and groaned from the feeling. He was so hard and deep in my ass. I clenched my ass muscles around his shaft.

“Your ass is sucking me in.” Rob panted as he began to quickly jack my desperate cock. I moaned and my muscles tensed, my arms reached for Rob who leaned into my embrace. I squeezed him tightly to me as he released my dick from his grip. His hairy torso was thrusting against my neediness. I arched my back pressing harder into his thrusting torso. The friction from his furry, muscular abs set me off.

“Robbie!” Was my muffled cry as I shot between us causing a slick mess as my tunnel squeezed tightly around Rob.

“Oh Bobby, you’re milking me dry.” Rob collapsed on top of me and I felt his muscles contracting as he panted into my neck. His hot seed shot deep inside me. I held on to Rob as if I was going to slip away. He sucked on my neck as he softened and slid out. I felt his seed dripping out of my hole and felt empty. Rob put his hand on my chin so I would look at him. Our eyes were focused on each other; no words were needed to express our feelings as he started placing quick soft kisses on my lips.

We cleaned the desk and changed the sheets before taking a shower. We were snuggled up on the couch watching ‘A Christmas Story’ when the family returned from grandmas.

“How was grandma?” I asked as they settled in a removed their coats.

“She was great. Everybody asked about you. We told them we took in a stray.” Dad said as he chuckled and gave Rob a noogie.

“Oh hush.” Mom said. “Rob we did tell her about you, but we didn’t discuss your relationship, just that you were living with us. She is expecting you to visit her before break is over Bobby; she said you could bring Rob. We have lots of leftovers, so go get something to eat.”

Rob and I munched on leftovers and chatted with everyone. We finally made our way to bed, both exhausted from our earlier couplings. Rob closed the door and climbed over me in the bottom bunk before pulling me close in a warm embrace.

“Merry Christmas Bobby.” Rob whispered, his breath was hot in my ear.

“Merry Christmas Rob.” I replied sliding closer to Rob.

*The story continues in Chapter 14*

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