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Ballbusting Trials

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Once my girlfriend Angel had discovered my fascination with ball busting and the indescribable pleasure it gave me to have my Testicles abused, the flood gates were open. Sometimes it would be telegraphed, and she would squeeze my balls while jerking me off which always sent my senses through a flurry of agony and ecstasy…coming while in which having my balls pressed put me in heaven. Other times it would be completely at random. We’d be watching TV and out of nowhere she’d go to get up and then bring her hand up and then crash it down into my unsuspecting orbs. “I’m going to get a drink, enjoy hehe” she would say taunting me…But enjoy I did.

Being a young and inexperienced man, one thing I always wanted was a blowjob. Every time we talked about it, she would say something like “maybe another time” or “ask me on your birthday”. Eventually my birthday rolled around and while we were making out and rolling around on the bed, I look at her with my eyes pleading, “How about now baby, you said on my birthday I could have a blowjob right?”

She thinks for a second and then puts her hand down my shorts and starts stroking my dick slowly. “I’ll give you a blowjob, but let’s make a game out of it,” winking at me and smiling ominously “If you can take 3 kicks to the balls, back-to-back I’ll suck your dick…but I wont hold back and if you fall, you lose.”

I gulp at the thought, but really this was a dream come true, three hard strikes to my nuts AND the potential for my first blowjob. I could not pass this up.

So, we get off the bed and I stand in front of her, bracing myself in case she tries to catch me quickly and off guard. “Hands behind your head and spread your legs wide,” she demands, taking full control and I listen immediately folding my hands up and presenting my balls to her on a silver platter. “Hmm these should go too,” then she walks up to me and pulls down my shorts and boxers as my dick flicks up and down. dikimevi escort “You seem ready,” she sneers at me and then gets back into position in front of me “I’ll count to three.”




She winds up her kick, bringing it back behind her and unloads a brutal kick that crashes into my naked ball sack. “Oh god” I grunt as the pain washes over me. The kick was mostly toes as her big toe connected with my left nut and squashed it into my leg making it a combination kick / pinch. I lurch forward and throw out my leg to catch myself while bringing my hands to cradle my squat ball. I wont fall.

“Hands up, remember these kicks have to be one after another, no down time” commanding me to move my hands, I quickly obey. My arms are shaky and my balls throbbing, begging me to keep my hands defending but I move them back to my head and again spread my legs wide and I look at her devilish grin.


Without a count or warning she fires a snap kick straight into my vulnerable orbs. My voice fails me this time as all I can do is groan “Uhhhhh” my unprepared nuts absorbing the massive shot. This kick was far more accurate with the top of her foot catching both of my testicles directly in the center, ensuring that each ball was given the unfortunate attention they deserve. The relentless pain surges through my body causing my legs to wobble and I fall forward into her. Wrapping my arms around her. I bury my face into her breasts for moment, enjoying their softness before she pushes me off.

“No cheating, you can’t use me to hold yourself up! But I can take this off if you want,” she fiddles with the bra for a second before taking it off with along with her shirt causing her beautiful breasts to drop out with a little bounce. As tempting as it was to rush over and fondle them, I had to stay focused. Bringing my hands up for the last time, I spread my now trembling legs dikmen escort as wide as I can. “Kick them again Angel”

She smiled at me then slowly brought her foot to my now swollen testicles and flicked them with her toes as she measured the perfect strike. Then with power I didn’t know she had, brings her leg all the way back and sends it flying into my vulnerable babymakers. I feel her shin collide with my tender balls flawlessly as both are crushed into my pelvis and torment mixed with bliss sweeps across me.

“Ughh…my balls…it hurts so much, I can’t…” I stammer as I wobble backwards. The excruciating agony pulses from my battered testicles to my stomach as I clench my fists trying everything I can to bare the pain. I manage to steel myself and muster through and I look up at her from my hunched position, nursing my fragile manhood. “I made it”

“You really did, I didn’t hold back either, but let’s raise the stakes. I’m going to kick your balls twice more. If you can stay standing after the fourth, I’ll let you cum in my mouth, and if you can survive the fifth, I’ll swallow everything,”

Hearing this my dick instantly gets even harder. I had never seen her act like this. However, could I even take another kick in the nuts, let alone a second one to my beaten ballsack? “I don’t know if I can take another one, can I get a few seconds to recover at least?” I plead with her.

“Oh, that wasn’t a question. Arms up and legs out,” she orders me…my mind swirls. She’s so fucking hot. I sigh and breath in deep as I bring my hands up yet again and fight against all natural instincts as I spread my legs wide, my red and enlarged balls dangling defenselessly.

Angel takes a moment and then suddenly drags her foot along the ground and then twists her hips as she torques a ball cracking karate kick directly between both my testicles. The excruciating pain of her foot smashing into my elmadağ escort hypersensitive nuts is too much and I screech out “oh no,” my eyes start to water, and I fall forward into her, my head back into those boobs I love so much.

“Aww, did I hurt your balls too much baby? It’s ok, but I’m not done” I look up at her and she’s got that same devilish smile as before as she grabs my shoulders and swiftly brings her knee into my crying jewels.

My vision blurs, the pain is so immense I just colapse to the floor and curled into the fetal position. “Oh no…oh no…my balls…Uhhhhh” I moan, the pain and pleasure drowning my senses. My pummeled balls sending wave after wave of pain while my dick is throbbing and leaking precum.

“We’ll count that as four,” Angel says generously with a smugness on her face. “Now let me make it better for you.” She bends down and pushed my hands away from my groin. She lowers her head and grabs my cock with one hand to bring it into her mouth and my balls with her other hand, gently squeezing them. She licks the shaft up and down for a minute before she takes my entire penis into her mouth. Her tongue laps around my dick making hot slurping sounds as her head bobs up and down while she sucks me off and I feel like I’m leaving my body as my cock is taken into a world of pure pleasure. I moan with delight now instead of pain and she looks up at me…I see those gorgeous eyes peering up, I can’t hold it in.

“I’m coming…I’m gonna cum” I stutter redundantly, my mind lost in euphoria. With that as her queue she starts sucking even faster and as I feel her tongue wrap around the head of my dick, my cock explodes with cum. I thrust my dick forward and she starts squeezing my fast-working testicles with a death grip which only makes me cum harder. Too my surprise I can hear her gulping down my sperm as I fire shot after shot of cum straight down her throat.

As I finish the largest orgasm I’ve ever had, Angel lifts her head and licks her lips, seeing that I can’t help but shoot out a final stand of cum which lands between her tits. “Wow really?” She says laughing, before punching me directly in my tired nuts but I’m in so much joy I hardly even flinch, I just enjoy the pain.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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