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Beach Skiing

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There’s something about clothing-optional beaches that just appeal to any red-blooded hetero male. The chance to find the girls-next-door daring to bare all on vacation in search of that all-over tan is mindblowing.

I took my demure wife to one last summer, having visited before myself with a previous girlfriend, but made sure I looked as surprised ass possible when Lucy, my tall brunette spouse, spied her first nudist.

Her initial shock at the number of naked bodies scattered amongst the swimsuited turned to mild appreciation.

I found us a nice sheltered rock bunker in the lee of a dune and laid down to sunbathe. Lucy’s always been a quiet, but lovely, English rose, prone to rare bouts of sexual experimentation, usually only under the influence of alcohol. I had been anxious as to how she’d react perfectly sober amongst naked bodies in bright sunlight.

Although I suggested naked sunbathing, Lucy stayed clothed in her two-piece bikini despite the measure of privacy afforded by the low bunker walls.

She didn’t mind me getting naked and watched with a look of devilment in her eye and a wicked smile as I stripped.

She lay back to sunbathe, and I made sure my own position allowed me a view out the open entrance to the bunker. Twenty yards away on open sand there were a couple of young hotties sunning on their fronts, one with a thong, the other butt-naked. I lay with eager expectation, awaiting them standing, or turning or oiling up, keen for a glimpse of pussy.

So I was pretty pissed–off when a lanky beanpole of a guy appeared between them and our bunker and proceeded to lay his towel out. I cursed under my breath as his swinging dick and long brown hippy-hair blocked my line of vision.

Lucy heard me, opened her eyes and leaned over me for a look. She giggled and teased, “Aw, Mr.Floppy over there has spoiled you view, Andy.”

Only ten yards away, the guy turned his head in our direction, saw Lucy and me looking over and gave us a big smile. I wanly returned it, Lucy slunk back to bathe with an equally beaming grin.

Then, as I was about to break eye contact, the guy beat me to it, looking up at someone. I had to adjust, sit up a bit to see who he gazed at then addressed. My breath caught in my throat as a girl appeared in my view.

She was really tall – Lucy is a good five-seven with long, athletic, toned legs and tight butt but this girl was pushing six feet, I’d say – and as sleek as a cover girl. She was topless, displaying a fine set of B-cups. Her nipples were taut and perky, looked

unusually long; her skin was glistening with water as a result of a swim. Her swimsuit bottoms looked like small, buttery patches of doeskin tied to her slim hips with leather strings.

She swapped words with her man and then looked over at me, her raven hair cut short – Lucy’s locks were long and straight – and slicked and gleaming from her dip.

Her eyes sparkled as much as her cheeky smile and she didn’t break contact with me as she reached for those bikini strings.

My cock realised what she was doing before I did. From a semi-flaccid state it slapped up against my belly as the girl bit her lower lip, deliberately teasing me as she pulled out the string knots and let her bottoms flap down, back then front, still attached to her body at only the crotch.

Her man grinned on at her little strip-show. She half-turned so she was facing me fully, then lifted up one leg in a stepping manner and tugged at the doeskin patch over her pussy.

It fell away, and the sun lit a delicious sight – the soft, mellow tan all the way down her torso from her firm round breasts tipped with those puckered nipples past her flat smooth abdomen to the twin hollows which slanted down from her hips leading to a tuft of dark curls. As she placed her hands on her hips, angling them slightly as she posed, I glimpsed a fleshy cleft below that trimmed bush.

I swore in appreciation. She shot me another parting ankara dansöz escortlar smile and then sat down beside her man, side-on to me.

I was catching my breath when I felt Lucy right by my shoulder.

“You dirty so-and-so. . .” she whispered in my ear, snaking a hand round to grab my throbbing cock. “Did you like that little show she gave you?”

“What do you think?” I asked her back. Women have such a way of stating the obvious.

“Do you want me to go naked like her?” Lucy asked in a heavy voice, and I began to realise the free and easy atmosphere on the beach was getting to her in the most pleasing of ways.

I turned to face her, trailing a finger down her body, around her heavy full tits and thick nipples with their wide aureole, right down to the straining material at her crotch. My finger traced over the camel-toe of her pronounced pussy-lips beneath her bikini and she quivered and sighed. Looked like Bingo.

Then she broke back, gave me that wicked smile again and said, “Think I should give him a little look like she did for you?”

I was bemused at first. My Lucy getting daring? And sober? In broad daylight? My heart pounded, my dick set like steel. I glanced over at the couple only ten yards outside or little bunker. He kind of shot a few looks back towards us; yep, boys will be boys – he was looking for some extra-curriculum sights as much as any bloke.

“That would be hot. . .” I managed to say to Lucy in a hoarse voice.

She gave a little giggle and jumped up. In the strong sunlight her statuesque form looked dynamic, those heavy firm tits swaying as she took hold of her bikini, breathing heavy, glancing at the couple. I was caught between looking up at my hot wife and checking they were watching.

I was sure they were – him most definitely. So was Lucy – she let out a sigh of arousal and then slowly slid her bikini bottoms down her hips and long thighs, letting them drop as she reached her knees and stood to wiggle and step out of them.

Her tits shook, her long locks flicked around her face, her hips swayed and she revealed her prominent, bald mound and succulent meaty pussy lips, full and ripe, and from my angle – a worm’s-eye view – displaying a sure line of moisture between those large outer labia.

“Wow,” I commented, giving my dick a few jerks as Lucy held her position a moment – for perfect display purposes – then dropped down beside me, breathing hot and hard, body taut and horny. She was further into this than I had imagined.

She went straight to my cock with her mouth, moaning as I got a handful of breast then pussy. My fingers slipped in easily, so wet was her cunt.

I was not letting an opportunity for some alfresco sex go, so rare was such a chance. I played with Lucy’s clit with my thumb as I did my best to find a rhythm for my fingers in her pussy. She slavered and sucked at my cock like a woman possessed and I made a mental note to book up here again for next year as soon as possible.

Then she was on her back on the sand, not bothered about missing her towel, pulling me by my pulsing cock on top of her.

There was no standing on ceremony – I tried to tease her a bit, kneeling and holding my dick at her entrance but she grasped my ass with demanding hands and hauled me right up into her hot moist hole.

Within a few strokes she was gasping swearing and cumming hard. She bucked me well, and I loved the ride, pinning her arms down as she orgasmed – just the way she loved; nibbling and biting her big firm tits as she went over the top in a series of strangled moans that threatened to be beach-alerting screams.

I was still thrusting rhythmically when Lucy recovered slightly, opened her eyes, glanced over my shoulder and gasped in fright.

I looked – behind and to the side at the open bunker entrance owe had an audience. The tall girl and hippy boyfriend were squatting just inside our rock walls, blocking any other ankara saatlik veren escortlar view from outwith but giving them the grandstand seats at out impromptu lovemaking.

Not only that, but they each had a hand in the other’s crotch – she wanking his long slim cock and his fingers curled under her dark bush, buried in her pussy.

As she saw us looking, caught, she moaned in French, evidently a request that we don’t stop as she was enjoying it so much. Those sparkling eyes and dazzling smile made my cock grow another inch, it felt like.

Her nipples were huge, longer than I’d thought at a distance – each looked about an inch in erect length. Then her man momentarily took his hand from her crotch to collect his balance and she jerked her groin up desperate for contact, giving me a sight of a clitoris beneath her bush to match her nipples – a thick, long nub of flesh poking right out its hood atop a set of soaking wet, fleshy labia, splayed deliciously obscenely to reveal a hole swimming in juices that glistened on her inner thighs as well.

She took her eyes from me to Lucy and directed Lucy’s gaze to her boyfriend’s uncircumcised cock, pulling his long foreskin slowly back over a bulbous cockhead which sat atop his shaft like a mushroom cap.

Lucy grunted and whispered, “Oh, god, fuck, fuck fuck. . .” She grasped at my ass again, urging me to pump her hard as she wanted to “come and come. . .” I was caught between genuine surprise and unbelievable arousal.

The guy smiled warmly, nodded as his girl jerked his cock and put his hand back over her pussy, and said, “Pascal and Anna. . “

An absurd way to be introduced, but I guess he was just being polite. . .

I managed to reply with our names and he gave an encouraging nod, saying something appreciative in French.

Lucy started to come again. I pulled out, fearful I would shoot – I wanted to give this situation some legs, see what might happen – and got her off with my fingers pistoning in and out her gushing pussy. She orgasmed long and hard, writhing in the sand, her obscene exposure to these strangers heightening her sexual fervour.

The French chick, Anna, urged Pascal in French to follow suit, I guessed, and he concentrated on his fingerwork for a moment as she let go his cock, placed her hands behind her on the sand to steady herself, and brought her hips right up to let him at her spasming pussy.

It was presented right in front of my face and was a sight I’ll never forget – Anna’s raw, orgasming cunt, squeezing around his fingers, her mound of dark curls a mess of sand, sweat and juices.

As the girls orgasms subsided, Lucy added a breathless, “Wow. Oh my god. . .” as she watched and took stock.

Pascal looked around the beach, said in broken English, “We have a little time for fun. To finish, yes?”

I wondered briefly what he meant, but he indicated his hard cock with a nod and I was conscious of my own state too.

Anna sat back up, kneeling forward now and beamed at Lucy, “Do you want to ski? It will be fun. . .And it is. . Safe, yes?”

Lucy was puzzled. Me too.

Anna smiled that dazzling smile once more, then brought her hard-nippled tits right up close to my chest. She shuffled over on her knees, cupped my balls with her hands, looked me deep in the eyes.

I groaned. She did the same to Pascal, looked at Lucy and said with a giggle, “The boys like to watch the girls ‘ski’, yes?”

She grasped both out shafts – one in each hand and made a little jerking motion, letting Lucy see what she meant by ‘ski’.

Pascal grinned, lay back in the sand. I followed suit, letting Anna full access to my cock.

She went to work on us, using us like ski-poles, alternately fondling our balls as well, a fascinated horny look on her galvanising face. Lucy watched on in lustful wonder too. I heard her breath quicken then saw her move position – she opened her thighs wide and made a show ankara azeri escortlar of displaying her smooth-shaven, very aroused pussy to us; in particular to Pascal, who gave a growl of appreciation as she peeled open her lips with wet fingers and worked on her little bud of a clit.

I took a chance and stretched to feel Anna’s pussy. I was just in range to get contact with those delicate, fluttering lips, hanging wet and swollen, Her big clit was a source of wonder and a buzz to feel and roll between my fingers. It caused her to convulse, gasp.

Lucy said, “I want a shot of skiing,” with a smile and Anna moved out the way, handing our throbbing cocks over to my wife. It was quite a headfuck to see Lucy feel up another guy’s balls and cock right in front of me and at the same time as she jerked mine.

I grabbed a handful of her cunt, just as I had Anna’s, and then Pascal took his chance too. Lucy began to cum as both out sets of fingers prodded, stroked and felt in and around her pussy. Her juices flooded out over our hands.

Anna had Pascal licking her wet cunt, sat astride his face, but as Lucy came, she lifted off to allow Pascal sight. He moaned appreciatively in French, a sign Anna acted upon.

She moved down to his cock, looked up at Lucy who was shaking with orgasmic delight. Anna instructed, “You make him come, Lucy. Please, on my face. . .”

Then Anna licked at Pascal’s cockhead as my wife gasped a stuttering sigh, jerked his cock fast and then convulsed on my fingers again as Pascal came, firing strand upon strand of white cum all over Anna’s pretty face.

She clamped her mouth right over him as he finished shooting, sucking loudly, Lucy’s fist bumping into her chin.

The sight was enough for me. I announced in a growl I was about to blow.

Lucy’s attentions switched back, and without warning she sat right down on my cock, yet still holding and gazing at Pascal’s pulsing member.

“Fuck,” I growled as Lucy’s sopping pussy splashed juices around my balls, her long hair thrashing back and forth as she came violently, slamming my cock in and out of her cunt.

I was kind of powerless to do anything, but felt the unmistakable touch of Anna’s fingers as she delicately fondled my balls.

I was going over the edge. Lucy sensed it, slid off my cock, turned.

I was dismayed for a second as the air replaced hot cunt but soon lost any sense of disappointment as Anna seized my cock from Lucy, sucked me into that heavenly mouth and jerked my shaft at a rate no man would have been able to withstand.

I swore, bucked my hips, started to cum. I felt the first shot hit the roof of Anna’s mouth, an awesome realisation that blew my mind.

Then she pulled off, offering my shooting cock to Lucy.

Now, Lucy doesn’t normally swallow or particularly like cum in or around her mouth but under the circumstances and raised stakes I reckon she felt the need to live up to the competition.

So more luck for me as my wife sucked another bolt of cum down, allowing the willowy French beauty to jerk my dick in her face.

Then Anna was finishing me off by gleefully firing the rest of my load over Lucy’s gorgeous face, and Lucy far from reluctant, moaned with desire at every shot which caressed her lips, cheeks and licking tongue.

Spent, I fell back on the sand with a loud relieved laugh.

Lucy and Anna used my clean towel to wipe the spunk from their faces, but I was past caring, just lying there and enjoying their naked bodies at such close proximity.

After the event, Pascal and Anna were extremely polite, exchanging broken-English smalltalk about the beach then taking their leave with almost comical manners, shaking hands and kissing on cheeks.

Lucy was shaking with excitement long after they’d packed up their stuff and gone and she was still in a bit of a state of shock all that evening, scarcely believing what she’d done.

However, that shellshock only made for the following days – the remainder of our clothing-optional beach vacation – to be very interesting and exciting indeed.

I’ll take time to relate it if you liked this account of some impromptu holiday fun enough.

Thanks for any votes and comments – will read all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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