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I lay on the the king size bed in disheveled blankets after being pleasured beyond words by Mat’s large, throbbing member deep inside me. He had left our bed several seconds ago after getting his rocks off. I lay there by myself.

By now I began to wonder why getting water from a pitcher always kept full in our refrigerator was taking so long. Walking out into the kitchen, I saw him sitting at the counter eating corn flakes.

“Having a little late night snack hon?”

“I get hungry banging your cute little ass.”

I giggled.

He had been banging my ass almost every night for twelve years. For the last nine we had been cohabiting and sharing that same bed. For the first few months we had just been friends with privileges. He had been dating other men and so had I.

Drop dead fucking gorgeous came to mind the day I met him. I determined to make my move before anyone else did. That sunny morning at a pride parade he had been alone and watching from the side line Büyükesat Escort wearing only a bright red speedo. The sight of his muscular body, contrasting my lean physique, had almost been enough to give me a raging hardon. Flirting got his attention.

He stood 5 foot ten with rippling muscles. Blond hair grew just to the bottom of his ears. I found his full lip to be very kissable. He looked at the world through pretty blue eyes. Sitting there naked at the kitchen counter he could not help but hold my attention.

We’re very different people. Mat is athletic, homo masculine and plays hockey. I am homo fem. Anyone can see it in the way I carry myself and relate to people in my world.

A couple of minutes passed since he starting eating. He had finished by now and was on his way back to bed. I followed.

My mind was on the next day’s dinner. Salmon was a log time favorite. I’ll make that I thought.

As he lay Elvankent Escort down on the bed I reached for him and took his big member. It stiffened again into a big erection. My hand, closed around it, moved up and down pulling it’s skin.

“That feels so good!”

He reached for mine. As he began to jerk me I looked into his eyes.

We were climaxing after a few seconds. The stream of cum from his cock and from mine left gobs on both our bellies. It also led us to kiss.

It was not often that Mat and I would do an all night marathon. This was becoming one of those nights and was brought on by a few things. For a start he had turned forty five. He loved the present I gave him; an X box 360.

He rolled me onto my side and pushed his cock into my asshole. I could feel his pelvis hitting against me and his member sliding. I moaned softly.

The digital clock on the night table beside our bed was coming up on Beşevler Escort 11. Making love for the past couple of hours had finally tired us. He rolled off to his side of the bed. I rolled off to mine.

“Good night hon,” I said.

“Good night sweetheart,” he answered.

Saturday morning found both of us sleeping quite late. It was 8 when I finally opened my eyes. Mat rolled onto his back a few moments later and opened his eyes. He pulled the blankets down.

“What are we doing today?”

“I’m playing golf.”

“I’d like to do some shopping. I’m tired of my wardrobe. I really need some couture.”

I had in mind a pair of jogging sneakers. The ones I had were showing some age and were worn in the sole. I was open to buying some pants.

I followed him into the shower. As he adjusted the temperature to his liking I placed my hands on the sides of his waist. While he lathered and rinsed my gaze dropped down to his penis. Even limp it looked large.

“You want that!”

His soft caresses began to drive me wild as the soap cleaned me. I rinsed. Stepping out with him I went to my knees while he toweled himself. His cock filled my mouth.

We always began the day with a good breakfast. I began to scramble some eggs while the bread was being toasted. Mat poured himself a coffee from the fresh brew pot.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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