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Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 39

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A note to readers: This is a long story that unfolds chapter by chapter through the eyes of two protagonists — Mark and Elsa, and as in many of my other stories involves a growing spate of horny characters. Every ten chapters or so I will provide a short summary at the start of that episode to bring new readers up to date (see start of Ch. 30). This story could appear in a number of genres (Loving Wives, Incest, Lesbian, Fetish, and more) depending on the chapter, but the overall theme is Group, so I have applied this moniker to all chapters. The story is still being written, yet I intend to post a new chapter every couple of days. Enjoy.

Chapter 39 — Stalker Strikes Again. Pam Has The Experience


I stood in my study with Lucas, Elsa, Cindy, Sheila, and Don.

Elsa spoke. “I think it videoed Don and me making love. James and Sheila were on the patio too. We could also see inside into the living room; there were two couples in there too. Everyone else was either in a bedroom or the TV room.”

Cindy asked, “Newspapers? Paparazzi?”

Lucas shook his head. “I doubt it. The penalties for collecting news and gossip this way on individuals, even celebrities, is fraught with legal problems and some huge lawsuits against the media. They know better. I think this was private. I think this may be our stalker.”

Don asked, “How expensive are these things?”

Lucas nodded towards, the device. A piece of black electrical tape had been placed over the camera lens, and the OFF switch had been used. “This model is around four thousand dollars. It’s top of the line before you get into media, military, and police equipment. This takes very high resolution pictures and movies, plus the battery pack is sophisticated and probably allows up to thirty to sixty minutes of operation before needing replacement or recharging. I’d say this can be controlled from a good distance away too — several hundred yards, and maybe even a mile.”

“What do we know about where it was steered from?”

Lucas said, “Nothing. Three of my men went down to the street, but I think the odds of finding anything are low.”

I said, “He’ll be pissed that we stopped his fun and captured his toy.”

Lucas nodded, “I’m counting on it. Pissed off people make mistakes.”

Don asked, “What about the police?”

“I’m about to talk to one of my friends over there as soon as we break up this meeting,” Lucas informed us. “I’m going to talk to them about the eggs too. We’re seeing a pattern of harassment and stalking. The bomb was only the first of what may be many items. For all we know, maybe our man wanted us to catch his drone.”

I waved my hand, ending the meeting. There wasn’t anything further we could do.

I turned to most of us and said, “Back to the party … and damn, I was about to have a very nice climax when I was so rudely interrupted.”

After some teasing and laughter we went and told the others what we knew, and that the threat was over. Lucas made another sweep of the patio and surrounding buildings, but saw nothing and heard nothing else flying around over three hundred feet above the street level. There were no more drones.

I collected Margo again, and we headed back to the master bedroom. As we went by the door of the guest room, I glanced in.

Elsa’s friend Pam was in a wild fuck session with Ryan and Mike. Ryan was fucking her missionary style as Mike fed her his long schlong from a kneeling position near her head. She was making very happy sounds. A closer examination revealed that she already had at least one load of cum in her cunt that Ryan what squashing around as he fucked her — sloppy seconds. She was sexy and I decided I wanted to be with her later if she were up for some more indiscriminate sex.

Sean and Melanie were in the large bed off to one side. She gave me a broad smile, but kept right on riding Sean who had momentarily looked worried that I might get possessive or something with one of my girlfriends. I’d heard him getting an education about our lifestyle earlier in the night, so he knew that Mel was one of my ‘wives.’

Margo lay right down and spread her legs in invitation. I was already hard, so I plunged right into her pussy, picking up from where we’d left off a half-hour earlier. Just as we reached critical speed, I heard Sean cum in Mel’s sweet pussy. She’d apparently crested too from the little squeaky sounds she made.

The four of us lay there; two couples six feet apart, naked, with cocks in drippy pussies. If there was any embarrassment, I didn’t feel it.

After our breathing returned to normal, I offered up our large walk-in shower to everyone. The four of us went in and washed off.

As we were drying off, I asked Sean, “Errr, this may be awkward, but I was attracted to Pam. Would it be OK if …”

Sean grinned, “Oh, hell, yes. Please do her — have sex with her. Do anything she wants and more. This evening is a huge experiment for us. Except for Elsa, we’ve never ankara bayan escortlar been with other partners. I saw her with a couple of men and she was having a ball. I want her to have this experience so she can see if she wants to keeping doing things like this. I am hoping that she does.”

A few minutes later, I found Pam stretched out on the bed in the guest room receiving a back massage from Mike. I winked at him, and took over the massage. He and Ryan gave me a big smile and left the room for other activities.

Pam started to come out of her orgasmic coma. “Oh, God, that feels so good. I’ll give you all year to stop.”

I said in a sexy tone, “The only reason I’ll stop is because I want to fuck you.”

Pam turned and saw who was massaging her. “Oh, Mark. You … you really want me? Is it OK to call you Mark.” She seemed kind of embarrassed.

“Please do. I do want you; you’re sexy and hot, beautiful, and Elsa told me about how smart you are as well as how innocent.”

Pam sat up and then kissed me hard, driving her tongue into my mouth. “You’re hot too. I like you.”

I fondled Pam’s erogenous zones, driving her back up the horniness scale until she was panting and asking for me to fuck her. She admitted, “This is the first sex party I’ve ever been to. If you do this often, I hope you’ll keep inviting us. I love fucking new and different people. I never want to leave. I hope this goes on and on.”

I smiled, “Well, let me give you something to help remember us by … an orgasm of sorts; the kind I hope you’ll remember for a long time in a very nice way.”

I fingered Pam’s tight cunt, and then added a second and third finger. Pam was holding onto me as she ground her pussy into my right hand. I don’t think she knew when my fourth finger joined my hand, but when my thumb did and I worked my hand inside her so I could fist her, she knew and pleaded with me to be nice to her. Pam was wet with a couple of loads of cum in her, so sliding in and moving around was an easy task.

“I will not only be nice to you, I will be the nicest anybody has ever been to you.”

I allowed the ridged part on the back of my hand to massage her G-spot. Pam crested and came, and then a minute later, did it again. So far so good.

As Pam extolled my virtues for giving her two exceptionally satisfying back-to-back orgasms, I searched for the pleasure spot deeper in her body. When I touched her magic A-spot, Pam’s eyes flared and she moaned in pleasure. I locked in on that position, and started to massage the crease near her cervix with my fingertips.

Pam moaned and writhed as I worked on her A-spot. She got vocal about how nice it felt … and then how ‘fucking’ nice it felt … and then how it was the best she’d ever felt. She started to breath really hard, taking large gulps of air more and more frequently.

Pam’s body responded like a textbook case to The Experience. She slowly started to bow upwards between shoulders and feet pushing into my hand, forming a rainbow arch of horny woman whose crotch wanted even deeper penetration and stimulation from what I was doing to her. She pushed harder and harder into my hand and those magic fingers I was using. I lapped at her clit, and used my other hand on it and other erogenous zones. She was stimulating her own nipples.

Pam’s breathing changed from heavy breathing to gasping for air, and I felt her entire vaginal cavern start to pulse. She was starting her orgasm — her Big O. I reached up and pinched each erect nipple hard, knowing her body would translate that sudden surge of pain into spikes of perceived pleasure. My free hand stroked her body. I slapped her pussy, right on her clit, and then went under her arch where I drove two fingers into Pam’s ass just as she crested.


Pam’s words were cut short as she passed out and her body collapsed onto the bed in an unruly pile. Her pussy continued to spasm around my hand. I eventually extracted my hand and licked the myriad of taste sensations from it — not bad giving that I knew Mike and Ryan were mixed in there somewhere. Pam’s pussy and pubic hair were now a sodden mess of fluids, mostly from Pam herself.

I held Pam and kissed her as she came awake. She turned and moaned in my arms, “Oh, Mark. I love you. I love you. I love you. I mean that from the bottom of my heart.”

I told Pam she was special and that I hoped she liked The Experience. She waxed eloquent about what I’d just done to her … comparing the pleasure to all the pleasures she’d ever had all added together and then multiplied by millions. Her body was still twitching and writhing in pleasures from her greatest orgasm ever.

She sat up slightly so we could kiss, and her kisses were some of the most passionate I’d ever experienced. Pam and I made love after that. She was extremely amorous and wanted me to be sure I knew that what she felt was love and not just wanton sex ankara seksi escortlar and lust. I allowed as how either or both were fine.

Carter came by the room and lit up when he saw Pam and I were finished. I gestured him in and made sure Pam knew she was in good hands as I left for some liquid refreshment in the kitchen. I brought Pam back a bottle of water and got a beautiful loving smile of thanks. She knew I cared about her and basked in that apparent love.


“I heard you give Pam The Experience.” She laughed, “The whole county heard you give Pam The Experience. She was sure vocal.”

Mark laughed, “She was, but then you’ve done the same thing.”

“Sean said that you were all she could talk about, and this is almost a week after the party. Well, that’s not entirely correct. She loved fucking you especially, but she also enjoyed fucking five other men besides you — Ryan, Mike, Carter, Don, and Andy. He said she’s declared herself a slut, and that she should have become one years earlier. He said she now wants to make up for lost time.”

Mark said, “I thought she was very nice. The innocence about her is palpable — Sean too. I guess you’ve got them on a trajectory to be more hip and in tune with contemporaries like us?”

I responded, “Sex. They have been repressed sexually. They need to realize that sex makes the world go round. It’s not something you hide under a blanket. Flaunt it. Those two people are beautiful people — trim, muscular, in shape, and sexy. I want them to be using and enjoying their God-given talents and assets.”

“The same way you use yours,” Mark teased.

“Fuck yes,” I replied with a happy smile and in an upbeat tone.

“Well, add them to our usual roster of party people. I told Pam we’d have her back.” Mark explained, “Well, she begged me to have her back. She told me there were men at our party she hadn’t gotten to fuck, and she hadn’t even started on the women. She told me you were the greatest female lover she’d ever known.”

I laughed, “Mark, I’m the ONLY female lover she’s ever known.”

Mark said in a more serious tone, “Hey, we’ve gone a week and not a word about the drone from anybody, and as far as we know, no more stalker. Maybe he was so shocked to lose his expensive drone quadracopter he gave up.”

I shook my head. “I doubt it. He’s got a problem with you or me or somebody in our group, and he wants to cause us some mischief and maybe even physical harm. He could fly that drone up here with a bomb onboard if he wanted to; now that’d be bad — real bad.”

Mark got in a thoughtful mood and went off to talk to Lucas. The following week all the glass windows in the condo were replaced with bulletproof glass. They would also withstand a significant bomb blast depending on the distance and intensity of the charge. Lucas also got a low power, broadband jammer that covered most of the frequencies the drones were known to use; anything coming into our zone would get jammed and lose signal with its controller and most likely fall relatively harmlessly out of the sky. The little box had a range of about two hundred feet.

We slid back into our routine that centered mainly on work. Mark went off to Europe for a week. He got to spend two nights with Brita, but was in Italy the rest of the time. Sean and I made a one-overnight trip to Las Vegas to again meet with the building code people about the condominium. We enjoyed our night together, and even had Pam on the phone using two-way Skype for one of our hot fuck sessions together. While she was on the video with us, Ryan appeared on her doorstep by special arrangement on our part, and she soon had him in bed with her so we watched each other having sex over Skype.

In the middle of the week Mark was still away, Mike and Deke came over to Mark’s condo, and we had a little fuck fest that was satisfying and fun for all of us.

Saturday morning early, we were off again to defensive driving school. We were into J-turns and high speed drifting in the limo. We learned that Marshall, Mark’s driver and bodyguard, had gone through this same class about three years prior.

In the afternoon, Deke had us shooting with two pistols at the same time, and then he introduced us to tracer rounds for handguns. They weren’t normally used, but were available and had some significant utility when trying to hit a distant target. In our second hour, we went through a drill with moving targets, some hostile and some friendly. The idea was to shoot all the hostile bad men, and not shoot any of the women and children. Unfortunately, Deke declared we needed a lot of work on that subject since we tended to aim and fire, without giving too close a look about the nature of the threat.

When we got to the martial arts center, Wan Suh was there, but so here Geck — still wearing a shoulder sling from the damage I’d done, Marshall — Mark’s driver, Lucas, Marcia, and a man we called Buzz because of his close crop haircut — a buzz cut. Buzz bayan ankara escort was another ninja.

I went over and again apologized to Geck for dislocating his shoulder and tearing his rotor cuff. He dismissed the situation as just one of those things, and now he needed to relearn some skills. He’d only be watching our training sessions for a while yet.

Buzz had been a survival skills instructor for the Marines before he left the service. He and Wan Suh were friends, and chatted amicably as we got ready for the session. Eventually, Wan Suh called the gathering to order. He described a knife fight scenario and chose Buzz as the aggressor and Marcia as the prey. The pair did two situations, he confronts her versus he comes up behind her. The knife was a dummy. Marcia’s response was fierce, and Buzz suffered both times. Wan Suh then analyzed each situation, calling attention to specific actions that Marcia did or that Buzz did or could have done differently.

“Elsa and Lucas will now do a drill,” Wan Suh announced.

I was the prey. As Lucas came towards me, trying to look nonchalant, I spotted the knife. I moved to avoid him, but he turned with me. As he did, I was close enough to take his near arm and accelerate his turn, slamming him into a wall and a chair. Lucas went sprawling and our toy knife skittered across the ground to where I picked it up. I slowly backed away from him as he tried to recover.

Lucas was rubbing his chin. He chided me, “What the hell. I hadn’t done anything yet.”

“You had a knife I could see and you moved in the same direction I did. I took both of those as threatening actions,” I protested.

Wan Suh urged us to try the other scenario.

In this one I got a ten-foot lead on Lucas. He moved quickly to come up behind me as we crossed the gym. I heard his footsteps, and side stepped to the left, away from his dominant hand that most likely held the knife. I turned just as he lunged, but he’d had to cross his right hand across his body to try to get to me. I grasped his arm and pulled him by me, making him fall. I cracked his arm across my knee and the knife dropped. I picked it up and made a lunge supposedly driving the weapon into Lucas’ right side and then backed away quickly screaming ‘Call 9-1-1.’

Wan Suh had me explain how I’d won that match. I explained that most people were right handed, and I wanted him to have to lunge at me and thereby turn his body if I feigned to my left. I guessed he had the knife, but went for his upper arm to pull him off balance. The rest was to get to the knife and neutralize my opponent. I chose the right side of his body because that would inflict the most damage and pain because of the vital organs there.

Cindy and Marshall ran a couple of drills. Wan Suh did one with Marcia. I did another with Buzz. We moved fast and with deadly speed. We were holding back our punches but everyone knew we each could be deadly if we put that extra umph into the maneuver.

Lucas led a short session where he talked about impromptu weapons based on whatever was around us: rocks, gravel, mailbox flag, broken bottle, chair, kid’s toy, iPad, pen or pencil, lamp, purse, high heel shoe, and on and on. We had fun thinking up weird items that could be turned to our advantage in a street fight.

Marshall drove us all back to Worthington Towers. Cindy and I were meeting the rest of the girls to go out to dinner together after we got dolled up. Marshall, Marcia, and Buzz hung around; they were part of our security detail when we went out.

Melanie had heard about a new club-lounge-restaurant about a mile away, just off the Interstate. The five of us rolled into the place about eight-thirty with our security detail a few paces behind us. We got a table right away, and soon were eating.

There were five guys making up a band playing in the lounge and the music carried through to the restaurant. After we finished dinner, we migrated into the lounge; the five of us taking a single table in front of a low curved settee.

A few of us danced together for some of the numbers. A couple of single guys asked for dances with some of us, but they didn’t seem like they wanted to follow through for anything other than a pretty dance partner. We didn’t even get their names.

We were just starting our second round of drinks when something strange happened. A waiter came across the floor to our table, only I noticed he was looking back over his shoulder at someone, as though he were getting instructions as to where to go.

He arrived at our table and asked, “Are you the Worthington party?”

I responded, “Yes, why?”

“I was asked to give this to you.” He held out a small flat unmarked box, about two inches deep and twelve inches square. Around the box was a red ribbon.

I took the box but stopped the waiter from leaving. “Where is this person?”

He looked back in the direction he’d come from and shrugged, “I guess he left. He was kind of funny acting. I mean he could have brought it to you.”

I turned and fast walked to an emergency exit door about ten feet behind our booth. I burst through the door and dropped the box on the pavement near a parked car. I raced back through the heavy metal door pulling the door behind me.

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