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Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 62

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A note to readers: This is a long story that unfolds chapter by chapter through the eyes of two protagonists – Mark and Elsa, and as in many of my other stories involves a growing spate of horny characters. Every ten chapters or so I will provide a short summary at the start of that episode to bring new readers up to date (see start of Ch. 60). This story could appear in a number of genres (Loving Wives, Incest, Lesbian, Fetish, and more) depending on the chapter, but the overall theme is Group, so I have applied this moniker to all chapters. The story is still being written, yet I intend to post a new chapter every couple of days. Enjoy.

Chapter 62 – Recovery and Construction


We all rested a little easier with Myron Tanner out of the picture. The Meadows house was taking shape rapidly, and Doug Reed, our construction manager, still wanted to make good on the June 30 completion date. At the end of May almost all of the wallboard was complete, and interior painting and finish carpentry was starting – five weeks to go. Doug had crews working on the house around the clock. He was also sleeping at the house site, and I discovered he had been since March first. This was one dedicated man.

As the inside of the house took shape, Doug had some of the finish landscaping done outside, specifically concrete paths around the house, sod, and some of the shrubbery. The spring rains nicely cooperated and kept everything lush and taking root.

I was back and forth to Europe a few times, even seeing Brita and Nils about once each month, although that was not my primary intent. Each time, Brita and I connected in many ways, including sexually. That magical connection between us was always there; something spiritual between us that was almost eerie. Nils never seemed to mind, and a few times had a female friend join us to round out our foursome.

One of the friends turned out to be Petra Olsen, the woman who Brita was grooming as her ‘Strong Number 2’ at Danskpharma. Petra was about forty-two, blonde, blue-eyed, toned and shapely, and had a beautiful personality overlying a smart woman skilled in the management of a multi-billion a year pharmaceutical giant. Needless to say, we hit it off right away.

Petra liked me. I liked Petra. I liked sex. Petra liked sex. We made some beautiful music together on each of my trips, not that I was over-throwing Brita for her, only that Brita enjoyed watching the two of us make love part of the time. Petra even went out of her way to be sure she was available whenever I was going to be near. Once, she even joined me in Paris for an evening and night that left us both breathless.

Elsa got released from the hospital after what turned out to be a six-week stay just to be on the cautious side as far as the healing of her leg went. She could stand on locked knees and barely walk upon her release, had a wheelchair, and was restricted for another month to the condo until her physical therapy started. She used the wheelchair for a couple of weeks, and then slowly started to walk all the time with a walker or two canes. She had already started to get back in shape, at least from the waist up. She was sitting and doing weights and stretches, including her own version of sit down yoga.

I went to her first physical therapy session. In theory, I was her driver. In reality, we rode in the limousine tailed by a war wagon. The physical therapist had talked to Elsa’s doctor, and gotten an agreement on the type of exercises and homework assignments for her. What they didn’t know was how intensive Elsa could be about pursuing a goal. In this case, her goal was to quickly rehabilitate back to the way she was before the shooting took out her femoral artery.

The PT put her through a series of exercises mostly aimed at strengthening her quadriceps and other leg muscles that had atrophied while she was bedridden. He explained that the bullet and the operations on her leg had damaged them, and then along with her other leg muscles had atrophied further because she had to be off her feet for so long. He had her trying to use stairs, sitting and rising from chairs, sidestepping, and walking over low barriers that forced her to lift her leg with the atrophied and damaged muscles. That first day, she could barely do any of the exercises. We all could see her frustration.

The appointment with the PT was an hour long. We went back to the condo, and I got her back to the unit and ensconced in the living room. She was thoughtful, and somewhat frustrated about her weaknesses.

I left for work, and when I got back home for dinner, I found a note from Elsa: ‘I have my cellphone. I’m exercising in the building. Call me, but don’t worry. Love, Elsa.’

I called her right away. “Elsa, where are you?”

“I’m in the emergency stairwell on my way up to the condo. I’m exercising by going up and down the stairs. I’m on my way up from floor seventeen right now, so I’ll be a few minutes. It’s slow going. I did better going downstairs güvenilir bahis because gravity was working in my favor.”

I accepted that, but went out past the elevator to where the stairway terminated at my penthouse unit on the thirtieth before going up to the roof. I couldn’t see or hear anything, but I tried. I sat on the top step and waited, perusing email messages on my cellphone.

After about an hour, I could hear some shuffling, panting, and swearing a few floors down. The sounds came from Elsa. She was swearing about what lousy shape she’d ended up in after so short a period of time.

I walked down a flight and met her as she came up from the twenty-eighth floor. “How far down did you go to start?” I asked.

She grimaced as she climbed up to the landing. “All the way. I walked down and then started back up. I’m done for the day. I can barely move; only eighteen more steps. Do you know there are eighteen steps between each floor, except for the first three floors in the building and those are twenty steps per floor.”

Elsa slowly hobbled up the last eighteen steps, and then slowly walked into the living room. She collapsed on the sofa and lay back. She kept repeating, “No pain, no gain.” Finally, she said, “I need to rest. I just walked up and down … holy shit … a thirty-story building. That’s almost as tall as the empire state building.”

I went to get her a glass of water, but by the time I got back she was asleep on the sofa. I made a couple of ‘Ahem’ sounds, but she was out cold. I checked her pulse and circulation in her bad leg as I’d been taught, and then covered her with a blanket. She’d totally tired herself out.

Else repeated her up and down journeys every day after that, working up to four round trips a day in much shorter time periods.

The next Saturday, Elsa begged to be taken out to The Meadows to see the progress on the house.

Alice Grace, our decorator, had been busy on our behalf for weeks. She’d done her interviews, and then brought dozens of pictures and catalogs by to seek our opinion about certain pieces of furniture and art objects. She met us at the house, and set up a computer, projector, and screen in one of the unfinished rooms.

We were shown pictures of key rooms at The Meadows with different wall colors, furniture, art, and knick-knacks. She worked the way an optometrist did, showing you two different décors for the same room and having you pick the one you prefer, and then taking that preference and comparing it to another and another design for the same room. Alice moved from foyer to living room to dining area to family room to media room to kitchen and then to the outside areas near the pool and spa. She carefully recorded all our responses.

The second weekend in May, Alice asked for a meeting with all of us together. Elsa was still housebound, and the others arranged their schedules to spend Saturday afternoon with her.

Alice again met us at The Meadows with a screen and projector connected to her computer. She started with an explanation of what we would see. “I have taken the opinions and ratings of everything we’ve talked about from the seven of you – no easy task, I might add. What you are about to see is a walk-through of The Meadows as it will appear when we’re through. The colors, designs, patterns, hues, furniture, décor, and art you will see represent the best compromise of your preferences in some situations.

“Many things you agreed uniformly that you preferred. On one or two items, particularly some of the furniture, your opinions were all over the map, so I made a choice that seemed to blend well with the other items in the room area. If you see anything that really upsets you, please speak now. We’re about to place the final orders for furniture, draperies, and such tomorrow.”

Alice started her computer animation. It smoothly walked us up to a nicely landscaped entrance to the giant stone-faced mansion. The front door magically opened and we were in the foyer looking through to the back of the house, out those windows, and across the huge yard to our small forest. The instant impression was ‘Wow!’

The walkthrough took the viewer into the living room, again a ‘wow’ room. We turned and looked around in a slow three-hundred-sixty degree scan, taking in all the features, including the modern staircase, the cathedral ceiling, and the attention to detail in every corner of the room. I was blown away, and I found myself loving and appreciating every aspect of the room. I had thought I loved the condo, and I did, but this was over the top. There were ooohs and aaahs on everything Alice showed us.

She continued the walk-though of every public room, and then each of the bedrooms and other rooms, even the utility areas. Occasionally, she would say a few words about what we were looking at when it wasn’t obvious.

Alice came to the master bedroom, and I could tell this was an area that had perplexed her, because she started to blush and güvenilir bahis siteleri her narration words became halting, shy, and betrayed her embarrassment.

“Errr, this is the master bedroom with another of your super beds so that … you can all … be together … to sleep and … other things.”

Ever the tease, Elsa asked in a straight voice, “What do you mean ‘other things’?”

“Errr, you know the things you do in bed.”

Melanie picked up the tease as she was prone to do when sex was involved, “You mean fuck?”

Alice kind of nodded and turned a more scarlet color. She mumbled, “I guess.”

Sheila playfully and uncharacteristically joined in, “Well, we make love too. It’s not all tab A going back and forth in slot B at a pleasuring pace.”

Izzy threw in more bait as she tossed out to Sheila, “Well, you can lick my pussy anytime you want. I thought we all liked to make love to each other too; you know, girl on girl and not just fuck the guys. What you did to me this morning was spectacular.”

Cindy teased Izzy, “You haven’t been on my tongue for a while. I’m still learning new oral skills. I bet I could bring you off in less than five minutes.”

Not to be outdone, KC said, “I challenge you to a jill off in our new bedroom. Look at the erotic art on the wall. That titillates the brain and makes me horny. While you guys are doing each other, I’m going to have a meaningful part of Mark deep inside me driving me to new heights of pleasure.”

I had to laugh. Alice’s audience had been well behaved up to that point in her presentation, but they had become a runaway throng of sex perverts. Every sentence was full of either blunt remarks or not too subtle innuendo.

I finally spoke, “Alice, I must apologize for my girlfriends. They have the knack for teasing that can be ceaseless. I am in awe of what you have done and put together. I have seen nothing that I would change.”

At that point, the others joined in the praise, adding even further to Alice’s embarrassment by all standing and applauding her work. One by one each of the girls went and hugged Alice and kissed her, increasingly on the lips and with some attentiveness. I made sure I was last. I wanted to make sure she got some male attention in the sea of sapphic interest in her from my horny girlfriends.


We brought Alice back to the condo and seduced her that Saturday afternoon. She was a beautiful, giving, soft, and loving person. For a thirty-five year old, she was not only good looking; she had a killer body. She hadn’t realized she had a bisexual side to her; however, we showed her how beautiful that could be. She seemed willing to try everything we offered her. She admitted that our lifestyle fascinated her.

Mark gave her The Experience as only he can deliver it. Cute little Melanie assisted. We read Alice right; she liked Mel especially, and her presence made everything else that happened that first time all right. Mel talked her though it, telling her how great it would be, how loving, nice, and caring we were, and how much we wanted to make love to her. Mark added in his own maleness and affection, and Alice practically fell over and spread her legs for all of us. She’d been intrigued with all of us, and she had become part of us.

I got to go to Alice for the cleanup process. She didn’t have any group sexual experience, plus previously after sex she’d just showered or waited on the toilet for a load to drain away. I showed her a completely new way to conceptualize the world, one where someone else is there for you, to clean you, to bring you to yet another orgasm, and to share the effluent with you in passion, lust, and love.

We didn’t push Alice to do anything with us. She just accepted what we offered and did to her with great enthusiasm and awe. Occasionally, she’d ask if we were really aware of what we were doing, because it was a first for her and crossed some invisible boundary, such as one about touching cum let alone playing with it or ingesting it.

I explained, “Alice, the man spurts off inside you; that’s as touching as you can get. We all eat it, even Mark. It’s just some nice fluids that a lover has shared with you, and that’s even better when it’s mixed in with your emissions and fluids because it tastes better and comes from both of you.”

Alice calmed down, but by Saturday dinnertime, we had brought Alice to a new place mentally and sexually. Although she blushed, she even walked around the condo nude the way the rest of us did. She allowed us to caress her body over and over, and to shower her with thousands of kisses.

Mark and Izzy arranged for dinner to be brought in – Chinese takeout. We ate around the island in the kitchen, laughing and talking about the decorating and how great it will be to live in the new house. Even Alice got caught up in our enthusiasm, expressing hope that she could be a constant visitor with all of us. We assured her of that privilege, but I felt something iddaa siteleri greater was in store for us with Alice.

After dinner our five studly males came by, obviously looking for pussy to fuck. Carter, Deke, Ryan, Mike, and James were on the prowl, and we were the preferred source of fuckable pussy as Melanie put it.

Alice looked a little shocked at how casual we were when the guys arrived. We didn’t race around to get dressed or even to put on robes. Each of us kissed each guy, obviously and sexually enticing each man.

We introduced Alice, and she then followed suit and politely went to each man for a hug and modest kiss. They respected her ‘new’ status by not molesting her – that would come later, and Alice would beg for it. After talking with the men, some pairings were made and they wandered off to ‘mess around.’

Alice watched each couple as they wandered off. In one case, a MFMF arrangement took root, and the two couples went off to play together: Cindy, Mike, Izzy, and Carter.

Melanie came over to Alice and whispered. I could hear her, but the others had their attention diverted elsewhere. “Alice, pick one of the guys that’s left and go make love with him. They’re all excellent lovers and very pleasing.”

Alice looked slightly shocked at the suggestion of indiscriminate sex with a relative stranger, but she’d already been through part of that in the late afternoon. Some other whispering took place, and then Melanie gestured for Ryan to come over and join the two of them. They talked further, and the threesome went off to one of the bedrooms.

Sheila and Mark went off together, an event I liked because I hadn’t seen them together for a while. James and KC got together too, only they seemed intent on staying in the living room. That left Deke and me, a nice combination.

I asked him, “Public or private? Living room or bedroom?”

He smiled and said, “I’d kind of like to watch my bud and KC while we get it on. Might you want a switch around?”

I smiled, “I would. I haven’t been with any of you guys since I got shot. I feel like my pussy has withered away and that I’m a virgin again. Oh, fair prince, take my maidenhood.” I put the back of my wrist to my forehead in mock surrender to the coming assault.

Deke and I had a nice fuck. About halfway through I heard a sound from Alice that signaled a rather vocal orgasm occurring across the hall in another bedroom. I found it inspirational, and added my own sounds to those emanating from all of the rooms we were in.

My physical therapy continued for eleven more months. Outside of the twice a week sessions, I kept pushing myself. I continued to walk down and then up the thirty floors of the condo building four times each day. I speed-walked to and from work; a practice acceptable to Lucas and his security team because we had no threats pending. I also spent time in the gym, and I was eating a protein rich diet to help build up muscle mass.

I regained full use of my legs in record time according to my doctor and physical therapist. I also got a clean bill of health to restart my martial arts workouts and training at the six-month mark, and my flying after four months. My legs were still weak and needed my own brand of strengthening. Deke, Cindy, Melanie, and I also worked through some target practice every few weeks.

My flying skills had atrophied some with nearly five months out of the cockpit. I segued back in on the Cessna 210 and then flew Cindy, Ryan, and Mike up to Chicago for an afternoon of shopping and prowling the city, dinner, some fun and dancing at a club, and then a return the next day after brunch. We landed at Shaumburg airport to the west of O’Hare and underneath their massive terminal controlled airspace. We got a limo into the city.

The following weekend, Carter, Melanie, Sheila, James, Mark, and I took the Cessna Citation and flew to Aspen for a similar kind of weekend. By then, I felt back in the groove with the two aircraft I was most likely to command. Aspen in the spring was not a ski weekend for any of us, but we did hike on some of the trails where the snow had melted and enjoyed the town.

On both excursions, Lucas arranged for private security to cover us when we were in public at our destination. As far as I could tell, we were seen as some other out of town tourists enjoying the area. No one recognized us as celebs of any kind.

Greg, Sean, Alice, and I were out at The Meadows every weekday the month of June worrying all the details. Room after room got crossed off the punch list with painting, trim, window treatments, final installation of electronics, furniture, art, and many other things attended to. After June seventh, Mark decided to wait to go inside until the Grand Opening, as he called it. At that point there was still a huge list of things that needed finishing.

Doug Reed, our construction manager, was working around the clock. Multiple crews of painters and finish carpenters were also working around the clock. Teams of electricians saturated the house installing the final light and electrical fixtures. Plumbers and tile smiths also populated every bathroom, laundry room, and kitchen. Mark assured me that Doug wouldn’t be forgotten come bonus time.

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