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Black Muslim Cuckolding Party

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Call me a BDSM innovator because I’m always pushing the envelope and breaking new ground. The name is Zainab Osman and I’m a young woman of Somali and Yemeni descent living in the City of Calgary, Alberta. A lot of people are surprised when they see a woman from a Muslim background such as myself exploring all the twists and turns of the world of BDSM. That’s a shame because, last time I checked, Muslim men and Muslim women are human and got their kinks like everyone else.

Born of a Somali mother and Yemeni father, I inherited the best of both worlds I think. I’m five-foot-nine, slim and fit but with curves where it counts, meaning that I’ve got a nice derriere. I have caramel skin, long curly Black hair and pale brown eyes. People say that I look like Alicia Keys, that singer from the old days. Lovely gal but I think I’m hotter than she was. I recently graduated from the University of Calgary with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. I’m taking a break from school for now, and I got a job working at CIBC as an account manager. I want to get my MBA someday but I lack the funds at the moment. Working at a bank is supremely boring, but luckily I make my own fun.

When I’m not at the office, I shed the guise of a professional woman and become something else entirely. I am transformed into Mistress Zen, the dominatrix of your dreams. I’ve met a lot of interesting men and women in BDSM circles. One of the most interesting is Khalid Hussein, a tall and burly Black man I met at a munch. Khalid works for the Canadian Revenue Agency and he’s married to a White lady named Deirdre Atkinson, one of the many White women in Canada who’ve converted to Islam in recent times. They have a daughter together, Little Fatima. Khalid is a seemingly normal, happily married, university-educated Black male professional living in metropolitan Calgary. He goes to the local mosque three times a week with his darling wife and also attends Muslim community events. Just another upstanding member of Canadian society. Underneath it all, he’s a sex freak just like me.

Khalid came to me as a man with a dilemma and like the problem solver that I am, I tried my best to help him. You see, Khalid is bisexual and hasn’t been able to explore his bisexuality since he’s Muslim and married to a woman. The Ummah isn’t known for ankara bayan escortlar its tolerance towards gays, lesbians and bisexuals. I totally empathized with Khalid’s plight, and decided to help him fulfill his most forbidden fantasies. Like many secretly bisexual men leading straight lives, Khalid fantasized about some ‘forced bi’ action where, under the direction of a dominant female, he experiments with another guy.

Not to sound cliché but lots of bisexual men I’ve met have similar fantasies. They consider themselves mainly straight because they’re predominantly into women but as much as they love pussy, once in a while they get a craving for dick and don’t know what to do with themselves. In Khalid’s case, his life was complicated by the fact that he’s a Muslim and Islam teaches all Muslims to reject sexual immorality. Being gay, lesbian or bisexual in Islam is a no-no folks. As a bisexual Muslim woman who dabbles in BDSM, I was in the unique position of helping Khalid out. I’ve got a stable of male submissive types, and at least one of them was in a position to help me out with Khalid.

It didn’t take me long to figure out which one among my subs was the right man for the job. I’ve got a talent for things of that nature. The sub in question is Darren Stanfield, a tall and slim White guy with reddish brown hair and pale green eyes. Darren recently moved to metropolitan Calgary, Alberta, from the town of Marlboro, Massachusetts. He studies at the University of Alberta, and he’s a bona-fide switch-hitter. His Jamaican-Canadian girlfriend Jacqueline Vincent has no idea that he swings both ways. Just like my new supplicant Khalid, Darren is a closet bisexual. They should be perfect for each other, I think! I summoned the two of them to my apartment one Thursday afternoon, and let the magic happen. Let’s just say that the results ended up surprising me in more ways than one.

The three of us sat in my living room, and after making introductions and offering both guys some wine to loosen up, I told them in exact detail what I expected of them. Darren and Khalid both got naked, and I undressed as well, before donning my strap-on dildo. I ordered Darren to get on his knees and suck my dildo and the White dude did as he was told. At the same time I told Khalid to suck Darren’s dick. Yes, ankara seksi escortlar I’m a Black dominatrix who just ordered a Black guy to suck a White man’s dick. Now you’ve just about seen everything. Darren was hesitant as he sucked on my strap-on dildo but Khalid sucked his dick with gusto. Something tells me it isn’t the Somali dude’s first time going down on another guy. I mean, he was massaging Darren’s balls and sucking his dick like there was no tomorrow. His moves weren’t those of a hesitant novice but the trademark motions of a seasoned cock sucker. I smiled to myself as I watched the two of them. Nothing gets my pussy wet like having two bisexual guys to play with.

Next, I made Khalid suck my dildo while Darren put on a condom, grabbed some lubricant and got behind him. Before Khalid began sucking my dildo, I asked him if he was ready to have his most forbidden dream come true. Was he ready as a bisexual Black man to entrust his hard-won manhood to me, his ruthless Black dominatrix? Khalid nodded. I told him that, with my permission and his consent, I would allow Darren, my White male slave to fuck him, my Black male slave, in his ass. Once more Khalid nodded. Darren spread Khalid’s ass cheeks wide open, sprayed some lube and then inserted his dick into Khalid’s asshole. At the same time I thrust my dildo into Khalid’s mouth, silencing the screams I knew were coming. The big Black dude moaned deeply as he got serviced at both ends, with a Black woman’s strap-on dildo in his mouth and a White dick up his ass.

Watching Darren sliding his thick White cock in and out of Khalid’s asshole turned me on like you would not believe. My pussy got unbelievably wet and I rubbed myself while thrusting the dildo down Khalid’s throat. Darren pounded Khalid’s ass really hard, and as a kinky Black woman I absolutely delighted in watching White dick in a Black man’s asshole. Next, I told Darren I wanted to ride his dick and he was all for it. Pulling out of Khalid’s ass, he rolled another condom on his hard cock and I climbed on top of him. I ordered Khalid to watch us as we fucked, but not before putting a chastity device on his Black cock so he couldn’t enjoy it. I’m all about the tease and denial when it comes to cuckolding. Without further ado I impaled my juicy Black pussy on Darren’s hard White bayan ankara escort dick and began riding the White dude while my Black male slave watched us. The look on Khalid’s face is something I’ll never forget. Dude was mesmerized!

I rode Darren hard, loving the feel of his dick in my pussy. He fucked me real hard, slamming his cock into my pussy like there was no tomorrow. When he came, I shrieked in pleasure mixed with delicious, hot pain. After a while, I got off him and told Khalid to suck his dick. Darren came all over my cunt, and in true cuckold fashion I ordered Khalid to clean it up. Since Khalid was a good slave, I took the chastity device off his dick and he got hard instantly. I sucked Khalid’s dick, and fondled his nuts. Darren watched us, spent. I don’t blame him.

Since I was still horny as hell, I climbed on top of Khalid and told him to fuck me. The Somali dude didn’t need to be told twice. Wrapping his arms around me, he thrust his big ole Somali cock deep into my cunt. Soon we were both screaming in pleasure. I’ve fucked very few Somali guys because they’re so close-minded when it comes to female sexuality but Khalid had a solid dick on him and he knew how to use it. He fucked me real good, hammering my cunt with powerful thrusts of his hard dick. I noticed Darren was hard once more and told him to join us. Without hesitation Darren did just that, spreading my ass cheeks and sliding his cock into my asshole. Filled with two dicks, one Black and one White, I screamed in pleasure. I’m one happy Black woman! I ordered my two bisexual studs to fuck me till I passed out, and they obeyed me to the letter.

Much later, I lay on the bed, my body soaked with sweat, my hand resting on Khalid’s dick while my head rested on Darren’s chest. I smiled at them, feeling wonderful after getting what I honestly consider to be the fuck of the century. A lot of Black women these days get caught up in the color line. They’re torn between Black men and White guys. Me? My pussy is Black but it’s like the United Nations. It doesn’t fucking discriminate! I fuck guys and gals of all races. If they’re good, I fuck them some more. I let the fellas use the shower before sending them on their merry way. Khalid thanked me profusely for making his dream come true. I hugged him and wished him the best with work and family. I watched him drive off in his red BMW. Darren and I shook hands, and I wished him the best of luck with his Jamaican girlfriend, whom he’s decided to come out to. Things don’t bode well for him but as his friend/sex buddy, I try to think positive, you know?

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