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Blissful Evolution, Ch. 1

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Big Tits

Blissful Evolution Ch. 1 – Mono y Mono

It’s rather risky tacking a label like normal on a teenager so let’s just say that I am an ordinary male that celebrated my 18th birthday almost the same day I graduated high school. I did graduate as valedictorian of my class, and I was awarded a scholarship to State University to study English and creative writing. Also, that’s one of the reasons I am working here at the local bookstore for the summer.

Bennie, the owner, has always shown a great deal of interest in me and my activities. He said he would hire me full time, but he did not want to interfere with my college plans and long range future. That placed him way up the ladder of important people with my mother. She is a single parent and knows how desperately we need the money even with the full scholarship.

This was my second day at work, and Bennie had me in the back room sorting and stacking books to be moved to the front area of the store as soon as shelf space was available. It wasn’t a difficult job so I kept getting bored and my mind wondered to other things. Like most teenagers, puberty is still very much a controlling influence in my life so I have had to contend with an unruly cock for the past couple of years. Like now, for instance, it is stiff and demanding freedom.

Now I’m no Italian stallion when it comes to physical manhood, but I don’t find it necessary to hide myself from my classmates when we are in the school shower. However, in a situation like this I had to take some steps to conceal my visible yearnings. Usually my standard solution for a problem of this nature is masturbation, but I am in a public place. What was I to do?

I rubbed my swollen cock, but that just enhanced my arousal. Then I saw what could well be a sanctuary. There was a flight of stairs about midway of the storage room. They led up to Bennie’s living quarters, but they also provided a secluded area underneath where I could hide and take care of my problem. I should have been greatly relieved, but my pecker was aching so much from lack of attention that I headed directly for the hideaway.

Once I ducked underneath the stairs I realized how dark it was. That was good. My cubbyhole turned out to be more ideal than I anticipated. I unzipped my pants, and with some difficulty, I whipped out my rigid instrument and gently rubbed its swollen head. That seemed to aggravate the situation so I immediately switched to my old standby treatment. I wrapped my hand around it and began to stroke the pulsating stiffness.

“Jamie,” said the voice at the foot of the stairs, “are you in here?” It was Bennie’s voice, and he was almost upon me. “Ah, there you are,” he continued. “I just wanted to tell you that . . .”

I shuffled around trying to cover my imposing hard on, and my commotion attracted his attention. He instantly surveyed the situation and knew exactly what I was up to.

“Relax, Jamie. There’s no one here but us men – you have nothing to hide.” His voice was soft and warm and reassuring. It made me relax somewhat, but I was still trying to shield my erection from his view. Not having a father at home, I wasn’t accustomed to sharing my problems with anyone – especially not Mom.

As he drew closer Bennie could see what Kadıköy Escort my frustration was. I was wearing Wranglers so there was barely enough room in those tight jeans to hold my cock under normal conditions. My erection was a bit much for the tight fit of my pants. I’m certainly glad it was dark under the stairs because I knew my face was certainly some embarrassing shade of red.

“Ah hah,” Bennie exclaimed. “Trying to get that big fella to behave, are you?”

“I’m sorry, Bennie, honest,” I stammered not knowing really what to say. “You see . . .”

“Relax, Jamie,” Bennie said calmly. “All of us men have to deal with similar situations all the time. Want some help?”

“What?” I asked knowing surely I had misunderstood my boss.

“It always feels better when you have someone else to do the stroking for you,” Bennie said smiling. “Let me show you,” he continued, and stepped closer.

“No, that’s okay,” I said more in disbelief than anything thing else.

“Oh, I’ll bet I embarrassed you, didn’t I?”

“Well. It’s just that I’ve never done this with or around anyone before. It’s very private, and not something you share with someone.” I offered as a lame explanation.

“I totally disagree, Jamie. I’ve had people do that for me on occasion, and, believe me, it’s much better than doing it yourself.” He paused and looked at the confusion in my eyes. “Let me show you. No one has to know what we do here in the store room.”

“But what if someone comes into the store,” I suggested.

“That’s not going to happen, Jamie. You forget we are closed an hour for lunch every day.” Bennie’s store was not a part of a national franchise, so he set his own rules. He had closed for lunch ever since he opened for business so his customers and the neighborhood in general were accustomed to his practice. This was probably the only retail establishment in this part of the city where an “Out to Lunch” sign hung for an hour every weekday.

“I don’t know, Bennie,” I said. “I’ve never had anyone to join me when I solved my problem.”

“Problem? Jamie, my boy let me show you what a joy this can be. I promise this will be strictly between me and you. Okay?”

I didn’t answer, but I did slowly move my hand away from my cock. I watched almost in fear as Bennie reached over and took my rigid joint into his hand.

“Nice,” he said thoughtfully as he gently squeezed my tool. “Not many young men your age are blessed with a cock as handsome as yours. How do the girls like it?”

“I don’t know,” I answered reluctantly. “I’ve never had the opportunity to find out,” I admitted almost shamefully. “I’ve always been busy with my school work or with helping Mom with chores around the house.” It was getting difficult to concentrate while Bennie’s hand was playing with my cock. He was right. It is more fun when someone else does this for you.

“Well, young man, I like it. How does this feel?” He began sliding his hand up and down my shaft. He was gripping my joint more firmly than what would be considered to be fondling, but this tightness was increasing the pleasure of his touch. I was beginning to like this very much. I even began to move my butt in concert with his hand movements. Bennie Kadıköy Escort Bayan smiled and moved closer to me. My body temperature shot up, but the warmth surging throughout my body was exciting. Without realizing my action, I moved closer to Bennie.

Recognizing my guarded acceptance of this new venture, Bennie moved around behind me and jockeyed us both to a sitting position on a crate there under the stairs. He increased his endeavor, and I in turn elevated my arousal to meet his intensity. I could feel my biological sensors as they transmitted the presence of a stirring sensation throughout my body.

Sitting on Bennie’s lap the way I was, I could also feel the length of his cock pressing against the underneath of my thigh. Surprisingly for me, this became another turn on. Masturbation was demanding most of my attention at the moment, but I was also aware that Bennie’s cock was felt huge. I moved my buttocks to get a better feel. Bennie hunched against my ass in response.

Feeling the full presence of his manhood against my butt undoubtedly kindled my arousal to the point of no return. My biological sensors notified my genitalia that it was time for them to make their contribution. The advent of an orgasm was nothing new to me, but on this occasion the sensation surrounding the entire event was escalated tenfold. As my sperm spurted into the air, I barely noticed that Bennie had reach around with his free hand and grasped my balls. He massaged them gently as I expelled my happiness.

“Wow,” I exclaimed. “That was terrific, Bennie.” “I’m glad you enjoyed it, Jamie. Now I think it is only fitting that you return the favor. Don’t you?” He stood up exposing the massive bulge in his loose fitting slacks. “You’re responsible for this,” he said pointing to his crotch. “Will you help me out the way I helped you?”

I was panic-stricken. I have never touched another human being intimately, but I had this almost uncontrollable desire to see his cock.

“It’s just the two of us, Jamie. You would be doing me the same pleasurable service I just performed for you. Come on, buddy, unzip my fly and take a look.”

I was rapidly learning how persuasive this man could be, and I did feel like I was obligated to offer him something of equal value for the pleasure he had just given me. I leaned forward and slowly unzipped his fly. It gapped open because of the tent pole within.

“Take it out, Jamie,” Bennie urged. “Take it out and pump it the way I did yours. Please.” There was a brief pause and then he added, “You know how uncomfortable an erection like this can be if not attended to in the proper fashion, don’t you?”

My hand was trembling as I reached inside his pants and grasped his cock. It felt huge. It was hot, and it was mildly pulsating. I pulled it toward the opening and it burst free like a caged demon. My God! I was secretly proud of my pecker especially at full erection, but it paled in comparison to the one before me now.

“Oh my God,” I whispered.

“You like?” Bennie asked obviously beaming with pride.

“It’s enormous,” I exclaimed.

“You’ll get used to it, Jamie. Touch it.”

Like a well trained do, I obeyed. My initial contact was with İstanbul Escort my finger tips only, but it was sufficient to let me know his tool was exceedingly warm and pulsating. The feel was new and exciting. I slid my fingers around his shaft barely managing to get my fingers to cover his entire girth. I squeezed gently, then firmer.

“That feels fantastic, Jamie,” my boss whispered through heavy breathing. “Now stroke it up and down the way I did yours. Ah, that’s it. A little faster, please.”

The heat from his cock and his heavy breathing were inspirations. I pumped faster and squeezed harder. He seated himself on the crate, and pushed his crotch against my hand motion. As our involvement became more animated, I unconsciously moved around to his side and continued jacking him off. His sensual commentary convinced me I was going about my role in a manner quite satisfactory to my partner. I was so caught up in masturbating my boss that I didn’t realize he had taken hold of my cock once again and was fondling it slowly in his hand. The cock in my hand was getting larger and firmer and the head was almost purple. The cock in his hand was taking shape quite nicely as well. Minutes later his cock began to buck and jerk in my hand, and as I looked down at it again I saw streams of white sperm jump into the air. It reminded me of a Roman candle at a Fourth of July celebration. I was so fascinated that I continued to hold his manhood long after the ejaculation subsided.

Then I noticed he had my shaft at full bloom once again. I looked at him and smiled. I was beginning to thoroughly enjoy this masturbation co-op.

I watched him a little while longer before he turned to look at me.

“I’m going to show you how to really make your beautiful tool feel good, Jamie. Is that okay?”

“Sure,” I managed to murmur. “What do you want me to do?” I asked.

“Relax and enjoy, my friend. Relax and enjoy.” Bennie smiled secretly as he lowered his mouth onto Jamie’s cock. He knew he had a new disciple. Now to train him properly was going to be exciting.

Bennie bobbed his head up and down on Jamie’s cock, and took great pleasure and amusement in watching the young man respond to this entirely new form of sexual pleasure. It wasn’t long until Jamie’s knees buckled under the extreme passion of Bennie’s oral attention to his cock. He sank to his knees.

Bennie calmly removed himself from the crate, and maneuvered his young new lover to the makeshift chair. He didn’t miss a beat as he did this, and Jamie was totally captivated by the new sensation. He sat almost frozen where Bennie had seated him, but he was now holding onto the head responsible for this new and fantastically exquisite pleasure.

The overwhelmingly arousing experience at the hands of his boss was taking Jamie head over heels toward a new orgasm. He was squirming excitedly on the crate, but he was also careful not to lose contact with the wonderful mouth devouring his tool. An orgasm was upon him, and he welcomed it by bucking his cock against the mouth before him.

When he did explode, he noticed his lover made no effort to break free before his cream gushed forth. Instead, he watch in awe as Bennie actually sucked harder as his juices spewed out.

“Fantastic,” I cried. “That was utterly fucking fantastic.”

Bennie rose to his feet and smiled down at Jamie.

“Shall we meet for lunch tomorrow, dear friend?” Bennie asked quite soberly. “Same time, same place.”

“Same menu,” I added not knowing at the time the implications of my remark.

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