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Candy Pt. 05

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When Nikki and Randy arrived for our next play date, Nikki was wearing a short skirt made from overalls and a little short-sleeved jacket that kept her from showing side-boob or more. With her sneakers and her hair in two pony tails, she looked almost like she was wearing a Raggedy-Ann costume. Randy had on jeans and a nice collar shirt, untucked. I was dressed similarly.

Candy had on a corset and thong set with a long diaphanous robe. She stepped forward to give Nikki a hug, saying, “I’m so excited you’re here.”

Nikki started giggling.

Candy quickly turned to hug Randy and he realized why Nikki was giggling. Candy was wearing the strap-on, and she pressed it hard against him as she gave him a hug and a kiss.

Throughout the dinner she found reasons to display it, wave it, waggle it. Meanwhile the corset pressed her substantial breasts up, and she let the silk robe fall open to display them to full advantage. Her nipples were erect buttons.

In the same spirit, Nikki took off the little short-sleeve jacket, and somehow the overall straps arranged to run between her breasts, pressing the round mounds outward.

Familiarity made us more casual. Dinner featured much touching and kissing. A pitcher of margaritas helped the mood.

Candy said we should go into the bedroom. There on the big bed we saw the other harness, the face dildo, and the the double-ender. On the nightstand was a jar of coconut oil.

“Now,” said Candy, “There’s two things we want to make sure we do.” She looked at me. “I’m going to fuck your ass.” She looked at Randy. “And you’re going to fuck mine. Other stuff we’ll figure out as we go.”

Nikki had the strap on harness in her hands. “I definitely want to try this.” She grabbed up the double-ender. “And this, too!”

Candy laughed. Again, she looked at me. “Strip and get down on all fours. I’m going to lube you up and give it to you doggy style.”

While I was rushing to get naked and on my knees, she threw her robe on a chair, and dramatically tightened the straps on the harness. Then she ran her hands up the corset and cupped her breasts. “I’m keeping this on. It makes me feel curvy and dominant, and I like it.”

I noticed Randy had also taken off all his clothes, but Nikki still wore the overall dress. They sat side-by-side on the bed, leaning against the headboard. I knelt across it on all fours below their feet.

Behind me Candy opened the coconut oil jar. I rested my head on my arms, and felt a cool and greasy hand envelope my balls. She slid it down around my shaft and worked the lube up and down the length. Then I was surprised by a wet touch directly on my asshole. She’d bent forward and poked it with her tongue. Briefly, she played on the rusty trombone, alternating among puckered kisses on my pucker, tongue-fucking the still-tight rubbery ring, and swabbing the area with her tongue.

Little more than a month had passed since I first licked her ass, and she was eagerly engaged in ass eating.

She pulled her head away, clenched my cock tightly in one fist, and brought an oiled finger of the other hand to my wet asshole. I relaxed the muscle and let it enter. She worked it in and out, then circled it, pressing to open me.

After a moment of that, her hand went away, but soon it returned. Two greasy fingers probed my hole. As they pressed upward, probing toward my prostate, I gasped and sighed with pleasure, pressing back against her.

She sawed the fingers in and out, rotated them, and spread them. My asshole opened up, and when she pressed in and upward, I felt that pleasurable weird pressure. My cock leaked precum.

Then her fingers were out, dipping into the oil jar, and coating the dildo.

The tip pressed against my hole before it could close up. I felt its firmness sliding along the sensitive open ring and then the tip pressing my prostate. Resting my head on my arms, I moaned with pleasure.

She grabbed my hips and pulled me back on it, driving at me with her hips. She began the same kind of steady stroking she’d used on Nikki last time. I was squirming, moaning, and grunting. My cock was firm and seeping precum that seemed to be pumped out every time she pushed in. I imagined her breasts swaying and bouncing, and her ass muscles flexing with every thrust.

“Take it,” she hissed. “Take this big dick! You love this big dick in your ass don’t you?”

“Ah, uh, uh, give it to me!” I moaned. “Fuck me hard! I love you… fucking my ass.”

“I love you… taking dick in your ass like the slut you are.” She turned to Nikki and Randy. “What do you think of this old slut taking dick like this? Is this sexy like you thought?”

Nikki’s voice came through my sexual trance. “Like, it’s so fuckin’ hot! Pound him, Candy!” Then Randy, “You look sexy as hell, Candy. Fuck his ass!”

Candy stepped up the pace. She said, “Do either of you want a turn?” She bent down over me, “You want Nikki and Randy to fuck your ass too, don’t you?”

She was banging canlı bahis me hard, really piledriving on every downstroke.

“Uh, huh, uh,” I grunted. Then, “If you want it, yeah,” I was surprised to hear myself saying. Having Nikki fuck me with a dildo while Candy watched was exciting, but I hadn’t expected to agree to a man fucking my ass. Candy was getting more self-assured, more in-control, and more kinky all the time. I wondered where her desires might drive her… and me.

I still don’t know if I was relieved or disappointed when they both turned her down.

“Like, I want to get fucked myself. I think that’s still my thing,” said Nikki.

“And I’m ready to fuck your ass, not his,” said Randy.

Candy slapped my ass, and pulled the dildo out. “Get up!” she said. I want to lie on my back and watch you ride me like a cowgirl.”

I rolled aside and she laid down on her back. I saw that Randy and Nikki were watching intently. Her hand worked his cock, slick and shiny with the coconut oil. His, also slick, worked at her pussy.

Candy’s body was gleaming with a sweat-sheen. Her breasts rolled out to the side. Her upper chest, neck, and face were pink with exertion and arousal.

I dipped my own hand into the oil and swabbed it onto my asshole. The hole was still dilated. I knelt straddling Candy and lowered my ass toward the dildo, guiding the tip into myself. I rocked back on it, savoring the sensations of fullness and pressure.

It seemed very erotic, though as a man past middle age and only in decent shape, I’m no hardbody. Still, the dildo pumping in and out, my asshole dilating to welcome it, and my ass bobbing as I rocked back and forth had to be pretty sexy.

I realized it would be nice to have some mirrors on the bedroom walls. Then I almost laughed at the idea of me making a mental note to install mirrors as I’m getting assfucked.

I rode hard, bouncing like a novice rider on a galloping horse. The strapon was adjusted just right because Candy began to moan with pleasure. I kept up the tempo until she squealed and squirmed and clenched her leg muscles, tightening under me. That changed the angle enough that the pleasurable pressure on my prostate overwhelmed me. My cock, bounding freely between Candy and me, leaked cum in a continuous and copious stream. It surged onto her belly and ran down my cock and splashed up onto my belly too. When I began to slump, Candy grabbed my hips and humped up into me, pressing two more pulses out of me before I collapsed beside her.

I could’ve curled up and gone to sleep right then, drained.

The sexual energy in the room was crackling, and that wasn’t going to happen.

Candy took control again. “Come on, Randy, it’s your turn,” she smiled, “and my turn.” She slid the strapon harness off, rolled up onto all fours and put her ass toward him. “I know you know how to take your time warming up a pussy. My ass needs the same loving treatment, and lots of lube. A little reach-around will help.” She winked.

As Randy lubed his cock, Candy turned to Nikki. Nikki was fondling the still-unused dildos. “Honey,” Candy said, “you and I are going to have some fun with that double-ender before long, so set it aside. Use that one right now.” She pointed at the face strapon and turned to me. “Show her how that thing works, and give her bunghole some tongue action while you’re at it.”

So those were the two things that happened next.

Randy reached between Candy’s legs and stroked his hand across her open pussy. He kept at it until she was rocking her hips in rhythm with him, and her wet pussy was open and ready to swallow his fingers as he pressed them against it. He shifted himself closer to her and replaced his hand with his cock. Giving her the reach-around she asked for he used his hand to gently pat the top of her pubic area as his cock slid across the opening.

Candy’s breath was deep and rhythmic. She was moaning gently.

Randy shifted again. Now instead of the top of his cock sliding in the groove of her pussy, the bottom was sliding up into the crack of her ass. He pressed in on it, holding his cock firmly in place with one hand. The first two fingers of his other hand gently circled her clit, dipping occasionally into her pussy. Keeping that motion going, he gathered some of the lube with his other hand, and worked it into her asshole. The fingertips of one hand circled her clit, the other hand massaged her asshole. Then he pressed his thumb against it. The elastic ring opened to let him in. He circled the thumb in place pressing and stretching the ring. She moaned, wriggled, pushed back against him, relaxed the muscle and let herself open to him.

He pointed the tip of his cock directly at her asshole, circled it, pressed the head inward, pulled back, in a little deeper, back, and pushed once more. While he did, he clenched his fingers at her clit, grabbing her pubic bone and pulling her in. Her asshole swallowed the head of his cock, the entire glans, and she shook bahis siteleri with an orgasm, crying out her pleasure.

With delicate in-and-out movements, he rocked his cock gradually deeper inside her. As the contractions and spasming of her orgasm subsided, he bottomed out in her. Her ass was nestled against him. He paused like that.

“That’s it,” he said. “All the way in. You feel it?”

“Oh, god yes!” she said. “I’m so full. It’s so deep. Now fuck me! Fuck that tight asshole with your big dick. Fuck me hard!”

He grabbed her hips and began the same steady rhythm she’d used on Nikki and on me: long, steady strokes. She’d be feeling his full length along her rectal ring, and he feeling the ring squeezing him from head to base.

She collapsed forward, face turned aside on the pillow, ass up and pressing back, and a hand reaching between her legs to slap and squeeze her clit and plunge into her steamy, squishy pussy.

She gasped and moaned with every thrust. He sped up, pulling and pushing her hips, and pistoning his own.

Then he took his hands away and leaned forward on top of her. His weight took her flat to the bed. He jerked his hips, pounding down into her at a changed angle.

Her arm was pinned beneath her, but she clutched at her pubic arch like it was a handle. Her legs jerked out to the sides and her muscles clenched and spasmed in a deep-body orgasm. The squeezing of her asshole on his cock spurred his own orgasm, and he collapsed onto her, cock buried deep inside her stretched ass-passage, spurting repeatedly. He emptied himself in her depths.

While that went on, I introduced Nikki to the pleasures of the face dildo, and gave myself the pleasure of tongue-fucking her asshole.

I fitted the straps around my head and adjusted them so the dildo jutted from my chin. Since I had just spent a great deal of time on my knees and then squatting, I laid on my back on the bed. Dipping my hand into the lube, I swabbed it all over the dildo.

Nikki was well warmed up. I had her position herself above the dildo, facing toward me — the asslicking would come later –and lower herself onto it. She moaned as she lowered herself until her spread pussy was pressed against my chin, and her clit was within my tongue’s range. I probed at it, giving light flicks. I invited Nikki to lean forward. When she did, her breasts jutted downward delightfully into my vision. More importantly, I was able to put more pressure on her clit.

She rested her weight on her arms and rocked up and down on the dildo. With every downstroke, I gave her a tongue stroke, and she moaned. Soon her pace increased and her vocalization shifted to the uh, huh, huh, I was familiar with from our last party.

Uh, huh, huh — licky lick, Uh, huh, huh — lickety lick, Uh, huh, huh — lick, licky, lickety lick

She rested each time the dildo was all the way in. Each time I licked her with love.

Then she did more than rest, she ground down hard, rubbing and spreading herself, muscles clenching and spasming. Fluid leaked out around the dildo and I licked desperately at her clit. It was a spectacular orgasm.

But this was Nikki, the fuckloving, “dick-sick slut” as Candy called her. She didn’t stop at all. She accelerated the grinding of her hips. The Uh-huh-huh went to a higher pitch. She trembled and shook. I thrust my chin forward and poked my tongue out, though both were beginning to ache. The liquid flowed from her and I slopped it up as I continued tongue-lashing her clit region. She shook and trembled. She grunted repeatedly. She mashed my head down into the bed. Then she stopped pounding and rested. Her legs trembled.

Then she pulled herself up and off the dildo to collapse on the bed.

“Oh, god!” she said. “Like, that might be like the best fuck ever.” She looked over at me. “But I still want to feel what this asslicking is all about.”

Her endurance was special. Candy had told me before that Randy had good stamina, but the two of them were done and resting nearby. He was looking at us with half-closed eyes. Hers were bright with interest and lust.

It was time for another change of position. I got Nikki lying on her stomach, with a pillow under her to raise her pelvis. I lay prone between her legs and slid my hand forward to cup her pubic bone, then nuzzled the chin dildo up to her wide open and wet pussy. Inchworming forward, I slid it in, all the way in, until my face was pressed into her asscrack. Then I licked. Of course she was sloppy with sweat, lube, and love juice from earlier. Delicious! I thrust forward with my chin, and licked her asshole like it was an ice cream cone.

“Oh!” she exclaimed. “Ummm… Like… Wow! That’s weird. Uh huh… Yeah… Don’t stop”

I had her now, and I didn’t stop. The dildo slid in and out, not far, but the friction was continuous. My hand pressed up against her, the heel of my hand directly pressing above her clit. My tongue swabbed at her asshole.

The ring relaxed and bahis şirketleri my tongue penetrated. I switched from the wide flat licks to pointing my tongue and jabbing it into her. Her pussy was being fucked deeply by the dildo, her virgin asshole by my tongue tip. It wasn’t long before she was coming again. A ring of creamy froth encircled the dildo and dampened my hand. She grunted and moaned. I held her firmly and licked her continuously. I covered her asshole with my lips and sucked at it, hungrily french-kissing her there. Her legs twitched around my head. Her hips rolled side-to-side. She was a glutton for orgasms, and I was a glutton for her asshole.

Finally she reached a hand back to push my head away, hunched up to pull her pussy off the dildo and out of my clutching hand, and collapsed to the side. I rolled to the other side onto my back. The dildo jutted from my chin. My rock hard cock jutted into the air too.

Candy was staring at me. “Watching you suck her ass was almost as intense as having you lick mine,” she said. “Look at the creamy grool on that fuck stick! I wanna taste it.” Suddenly she was kneeling, bending down and taking the dildo between her lips. She plunged her head down, sucking ferociously, until the dildo was lodged in her throat. She bobbed her head a couple times, licking the dildo clean, then lifted her face away. “Nikki,” she said, “you have some sweet pussy cream.”

Then she helped me take the dildo off my head.


We had a little rest and refresh break. Everybody used the bathroom (I thought about the desire I considered my most perverse: piss-drinking. But it wasn’t the right time. Candy was in charge, and she and Nikki were going to play with the double dildo. I didn’t want to spoil the mood for that). Candy made sure Randy cleaned his cock real well. I made another batch of margs. When I came back in the bedroom they were talking about anal sex.

“… better than I thought,” Randy was saying. “Maybe because you were really into it. If I’m ranking, actually it’s in second place after a regular fuck. Better than a blow job. Well, you know what? When it’s you sucking my cock, Candy, that’s better than other blow jobs, so who knows? Anyway, pussy, ass, mouth, hand is how I’d rank ’em.”

“And I was really into it because I was ready for it.” Candy turned to Nikki. “That’s why you shouldn’t do it tonight, hon. I’ll show you all I did to get ready for it, and the next time we party you can be ready and we can do it right.”

“She’s right,” I said, handing out the margs. “That’s something for all of usto look forward to next time: assfucking Nikki.”

She leaned forward and kissed me. “As long as you lick me the way you did tonight, I’ll always have something to look forward to.”

“That makes two of us.”

Randy said, “I’m still looking forward to some pussy fucking tonight.” He grabbed the base of his semi-erect cock and waggled it.

“You have to be patient,” Candy said. She picked up the double dildo and waggled it at him.”Deuce gets first crack! Both cracks! You sit back and enjoy the show. You’ll get more action, or you can help yourself to option four.” She waved her hand in the air, laughing.

She stroked lube all over the long dong.

Nikki was sitting with her back against the headboard and her legs stretched out, drinking her margarita. Candy slithered the dong up her legs and wiggled the head of it all over her crotch. She slid it up and down across the top of Nikki’s pubis. Nikki let her legs flop a little more open. Candy continued.

Nikki sighed and set the Margarita glass down. She spread her legs a little more, reached down with her hands and pulled at her crotch, spreading it, trapping the dong in her slit. A few more strokes and she use her thumbs to press the head of it down. The next time Candy pushed it, the head slid into Nikki’s pussy. She sighed again. Her hands were pressed firmly on the top of her pussy while Candy was soon vigorously working the dong in and out. Nikki squealed with her little ah hah hah sound.

After a few moments Candy paused. She said, “Nikki, hold onto Deuce and point him straight out.” While Nikki held the dong, Candy worked herself into position. She straddled Nikki’s spread legs, sitting between them, and braced herself on her arms to push her ass toward Nikki’s. She pressed her own pussy against the tip of the dong. “Stroke me, baby,” she said to Nikki. The dong slid up and down and her pussy lips opened to welcome it in. Nikki began to piston the dong between the two of them. Her fist bumped from one pussy to the other. Both of them moaned rhythmically.

Nikki took her hand away. The two of them clutched at each other’s thighs. They slammed themselves together. The dong was buried out of sight between the two of them.

Nikki was orgasming, repeatedly. Candy humped at her. Their mutual rhythm broke. Candy was on the edge and working at it, but not getting there. “Wait, wait,” she said. “Let me do this.” She lifted one of her legs, way up, had Nikki pull her knee up, and swung her leg around, so they were straddled in the classic scissoring pose.

Then she ground herself against Nikki, hugging Nikki’s leg and sliding back and forth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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