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Caroline Takes Charge Ch. 07

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Author’s note: for American readers, I would point out that “box” has been a British term for pussy for years, in case the expression may be unfamiliar to some. It may be that the word has now crossed the ditch, but often I find it causes some bewilderment when I use it in conversation with friends from the USA.

After a lovely lunch, we all trooped downstairs to Aunty Caroline’s torture chamber for our three-on-one session with the porn magazine publisher, Theresa, the busty 45-year-old masochist, who had expressed her dismay at being ganged up on but was, of course, secretly thrilled at the thought.

For the afternoon’s domination games, Caroline, the former Penthouse Pet turned successful dominatrix, the photographer Melissa, 34, and myself had each chosen quarter cup bras and severe, knee-high leather boots – all in gleaming, dominating black leather.

Theresa, of course, was totally naked, except for the rubber swimming cap, which would keep her hair dry during the water sports section, which was bound to be an inevitable part of the session.

Once inside the well-equipped chamber, Aunty Caroline, as per usual, took charge!

“Right, girls,” she said, with enthusiasm, “we’re going to start with a game I seldom play, because we rarely have three dominas playing with a solo slave. I call it ‘The 3 Bs’.

“Now, you’ve all heard of the 3 Rs from our school days, I suppose – ‘riting, reading and ‘rithmetic. The 3 Bs is an adoration game, involving breasts, buttocks and boxes.

“We’ve all got numbers. Since the numbering is in alphabetical order, I’m No 1, Mel you’re No 2, which makes you, Sam, No 3. So when I call out ‘box 2’, Theresa here will go as quickly as she can and worship Mel’s box. If I order ‘breasts 3’, she will go and worship Sam’s boobs.

“She will always start from a kneeling position in the centre of the torture chamber and will be encouraged in her efforts to start worshipping by the fact that we will also have floggers, which we will use on her to get her to work.

” Now, let’s select our weapons!”

I chose a beautiful red rubber cat o’ nine tails, Mel went for a slim, single-lashed whip, while Aunty Caroline selected a yard-long leather paddle.

While we chose our implements of persuasion, Theresa knelt in the centre of the torture chamber, breasts heaving, eyes gleaming with anticipation at the punishment to come. She’s such a fucking masochist!

Aunt Caroline then indicated we should spread out around the outer edge of the room. When we were in position, and to my great delight, she called out: “Box 3.”

Theresa turned, since I was standing well behind her, and began to crawl towards where I had adopted a widespread stance, my pussy ready for her oral adoration. As she did so, Mel and Aunt Caroline advanced on her with their lash and paddle and directed several blows on her back and buttocks as she crawled in the direction of my snatch.

As I felt Theresa’s eager mouth working on my wetness, Aunty Caroline and Melissa returned to their places. I enjoyed a minute or two of sheer pleasure, as the porn magazine Antep Bayan Escort publisher licked and sucked at my sex, before my aunt called: “Boobs 2.”

Theresa removed her mouth from my moist minge and turned to crawl toward Melissa. As she presented her lovely, lush bum, I flicked my rubber cat o’ nine tails across her arse, and was soon joined by Aunty Caroline with her paddle in encouraging our slave to crawl as quickly as possible to Melissa. When she arrived, Theresa rose to a standing position and started to suck and lick on the photographer’s 38-inch breasts.

“Buttocks 1” called aunty after a while, and Theresa knelt to her crawling position and moved on the floor towards Caroline’s arse, while Melissa and I encouraged her to make it snappy with our floggers.

When she finally arrived behind Aunt Caroline’s lovely bare bum, Theresa was ordered: “And make sure I feel your tongue on my anus!” Lucky slave! Lucky aunty!

And so we enjoyed a lovely half an hour of Theresa worshipping our boobs, bums and boxes, until Aunty Caroline sat back in one of her easy chairs, plonked her firm thighs on each arm and ordered Theresa: “Box 1 – and I want an orgasm.”

Mel and I whipped Theresa over to the waiting pussy, and watched as Caroline enjoyed a nice eating. As she was being brought to a noisy climax, Caroline indicated to Melissa that she should occupy the torture chamber’s other easy chair.

After calming down, aunty told Theresa: “Box 2, also to orgasm” and she and I whipped our slave back across the floor to where Melissa’s moist minge awaited its turn at being tongued to satisfaction.

While Theresa completed that task, aunty told me to get ready in the other chair. I spread my legs wide and after Melissa had recovered from her excitement, watched as Caroline and the photographer whipped Theresa back across the room for her final labour of love in the 3 Bs game.

After Theresa had done a fantastic job of bringing me to the Big O, Aunty Caroline once more took charge.

“Right, Theresa,” she instructed our plaything, “get the plastic sheeting down, it’s time for your drinks session.”

Theresa actually stamped her foot! “No, I won’t,” she said, petulantly. “I’ve had enough urine for one day, and enough is enough. I’m putting my foot down!”

I gasped and then realised that this, of course, was all part of the scenario she had planned with aunty.

My aunt looked simply delighted at this bout of stubbornness from our slave. “Oh, dear, oh dear, oh dear,” she said, shaking her head in mock disbelief. “Well, Theresa, you disappoint me, but since you are being so reluctant, then we’ll have to find a way of changing your mind.”

And with that, Aunty Caroline instructed Melissa and I to pinion Theresa into the straps on the punishment posts. When we had done this, with Theresa hanging naked and defiant in place, Aunty Caroline walked to her equipment bench and returned to face her victim holding a sinister looking dildo, made of bright red plastic.

Then she flicked a switch in the handle and it began to make an ominous low humming sound. The noise instantly got Theresa’s attention, her eyes bulged and she began to writhe in her bonds.

“No, no, oh no, not the shocker, please Caroline, please, I’ve changed my mind, I’ll drink the piss, oh please, I want to drink the piss, I need to drink the piss, Please let me down, I’ll behave, I promise,” she pleaded.

Aunty, of course, laughed in her face. “Don’t be so silly, Theresa,” she chided. “After Melissa and Samantha have gone to all this trouble of getting you strapped into place, I’m certainly not going to see their labours count for nothing,” she said.

“No, I’m sorry, but there’s only one thing for it. You disobeyed my order and now you’ll pay for it.”

And with that, Aunty Caroline traced the tip of the shocker across Theresa’s heavy breasts. The publisher let out a squeal, and her breasts heaved in turmoil as the current hit her. Aunty Caroline let her regain her composure, then sent a jolt through her left nipple. Another squeal escaped the victim’s lips.

For a while, Caroline tormented the heavy-breasted woman’s boobs and nipples, before walking behind her.

Theresa began pleading again: “No more, no more, please, oh pretty please, have mercy on me.” Her pleas fell on deaf ears.

From where Melissa and I sat on the couch, we saw the slave give a sudden jerk and then wildly thrash around as Aunty Caroline must have pressed the shocker against Theresa’s anus.

“Oh god, not there, no, please, not there,” cried the slave as aunty pressed the shocker once more to her arsehole and jolted her once, twice, three times.

Theresa had broken out in a film of perspiration, which gleamed seductively on her bound figure, tears of sweat tracing down her throat to slide over her lush 40-inch breasts.

“Oh, OK, you smooth-talking slave,” said Aunty Caroline, “I’ll stop there and try your front instead.”

She then walked in front of Theresa’s naked body and again the slave woman stared in anguished anticipation as her tormentress placed the shocker tantalisingly close to her shaved snatch.

” No, no, no, I beg you!” Theresa protested and aunty laughed in her face again.

“You’re so fucking hard to please, Theresa,” said Aunty Caroline. “You object when I give you a little playtime on your titties. It’s nothing but complaints when I tease your anus a bit.

“And now it seems you’re trying to protect your pussy. Well, I’m sorry, but you’ve got to have it, so you may as well shut up and behave like a lady. Really, all this shouting and screaming.”

And then the shocker did its work on Theresa’s piss flaps, first the left, then the right.

Theresa’s body arched and she yelled out something which sounded like “Arrrrggh” as she writhed futilely against the straps which held her in place.

“Oh really,” said Aunty Caroline, “such a fuss. Melissa, find a ball gag for her, I’m tired of all this commotion.”

Melissa fetched a red rubber ball gag with black straps, which she popped into Theresa’s mouth and fastened at the back of her rubber bathing cap. This reduced the blubbering to a low sort of “Mmmmmfff” sound.

Then Aunty Caroline resumed her snatch shocking session. Theresa’s cunt, her clit and her labia were all severely tested, all to a muffled series of “Mmmmmmffffs” until, at last, aunty decided that her plaything had had enough.

Melissa removed her gag and Theresa hung limp and defeated before her friend.

“Now, are you going to behave, or shall I resume on your breasts again, my darling,” she inquired of the busty masochist.

“I’ll behave,” Theresa whispered, “I’ll behave.”

“Tell us you want to drink our piss,” said Aunty Caroline, rubbing it in, I felt.

“I want to drink your piss,” said Theresa.

“No, no, put some ardour, some passion into it, for crying out loud,” said Caroline.

“Please Caroline, please let me drink your piss – and Melissa’s and Samantha’s, please, pretty please,” the slave woman begged.

“Much better,” laughed Caroline. “Of course we will. All right girls, release her and then when I tell her to fetch the rubber sheet perhaps she’ll jump to it, this time.”

Theresa, of course, behaved like a meek little lamb this time she was told to fetch the rubber sheet and she laid it out on the floor and obediently stretched out, face up, on the rubber.

“Anyone in urgent need of a pee?” asked Caroline, and Melissa stepped forward.

Aunty and I cuddled together on the couch and we watched the near-naked blonde, her 38-inch breasts protruding erotically from the quarter-cup bra, stand directly above Theresa’s mouth.

A strong, yellow stream of piss splattered onto Theresa’s face, as she attempted to catch some in her mouth, but the strength of the flow was too much and it splashed across her cheeks, jaw and forehead. Then Melissa aimed another blast at Theresa’s breasts and the slave cupped her big boobs together to catch the flow.

Melissa then squatted and rubbed her pussy all over the older woman’s breasts before offering her minge for adoration. She was soon enjoying a noisy orgasm on Theresa’s mouth.

I went next, squatting directly above Theresa’s face, my pussy inches from her urine-drenched features. I gave her a strong stream and she opened her mouth to accept most of my nectar.

Then, like Melissa, I graunched my minge around on her still-stained breasts before planting my pussy firmly on her mouth and thrusting to climax.

Aunty Caroline was the final piss punisher. “Open wide, Theresa,” she ordered, as her slave looked up her lovely long legs to her pussy, gleaming with arousal juices. Theresa obeyed and aunty’s dark yellow flood soon overflowed into her mouth, due to the pressure of the piss flow.

Caroline’s next move was to drench the woman’s breasts, then in duplication of Melissa and my moves, she smeared her snatch around on Theresa’s massive breasts before offering the porn publisher her pussy to lick at.

The result was a noisy, excited orgasm for my aunt.

“There,” said aunty, when she had alighted from the heights of orgasm, “wasn’t that lovely.”

Theresa stood up and cuddled her. “It was wonderful,” she said, kissing aunty gently on the lips. “Why don’t we all get together and do it again next week?”

To be continued.

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