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Casual Encounter Ch. 01

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Hi, this is my first submission, it’s a little rough, but I hope you like it. It actually came from a story I told to a girl, concerning a soon to be encounter. J Thanks for reading. Let me know what you think, give me advice!


You greet me at the door, a mischievous look in your eyes, and we embrace and kiss as you lead me back to the bedroom. As we cross the threshold into your bedroom, our kisses get more and more passionate, as we run our hands over each other’s bodies. I run my hands up the small of your back, taking your shirt in my thumbs, and raising it up over your head, as you pull at my shirt to get it un-tucked from my belt. You pull my shirt off; I raise my arms, and let them back down again, resting my hands on the clasp of your bra. With a deft move and two fingers, I unsnap the bra clasp (haha, yeah right, read ‘it takes me 3 hours to get the damn clasp off’), and pull the straps down your arms.

I kiss down your chin, and down to the base of your neck, where I suck gently on the nape of your neck, and occasionally pause to tease your earlobe with my tongue. You run your fingers through my hair, and down my chest, and grin a little as they come to rest on my belt, which you quickly unhook, along with the button on my pants. You pause with that a moment to run your hand over the bulge in my pants, squeezing it lightly, delighting in the grunts I make into your neck.

I reach one hand up to cup your breast, and tease your nipple with my thumb and forefinger, as you slowly unzip my pants, and let them fall loosely to the floor. I step out of them, and slowly kiss down to the nipple not occupied by my fingers, and run my tongue around and over it, feeling it harden a bit in my mouth. I reach down and unbutton your pants, unzip the zipper, and push them down off your hips. We sink to the bed, and you lay back, and I lay next to you letting me focus on your nipples with my hand and mouth. While I’m sucking intently at your nipple, I slowly slide my hand down your stomach and just under the top of your panties.

My hand continues to explore underneath your panties, as I can hear your breath quicken a little bit as my hand gets closer to its final destination. I run my fingers through your pubic hair, and feel the soft wetness of your clit, you gasp as my middle finger brushes over it. I tease it a little, then withdraw my hand and pull your panties off. I run my hand back up from your ankles, and run the tips of my fingers down your inner thigh and back to your clit, and start to rub it ever so maltepe şişman escort gently, feeling your wetness on the tips of my fingers. Responding nicely to my touches, you gasp and arch your back a bit to my mouth around your nipples.

You caress my side and chest with your hand, and slowly run it down to where my boxers are. You slip your hand inside, and grab my shaft firmly. I gasp, and you grin as you start to slide your hand up and down, delighting in the automatic hip motion I provide to accompany it. Driven by your hand’s soft touch, the hand gently caressing your clit picks up the pace, and spreads the top of your lips to allow better access, and firmly rubs your clit. I speed up and slow down a few times, my fingers slick with your wetness. I move my fingers down slightly, and use my ring and pointer fingers to spread your lips open, and slip my index finger just inside of you. I start to move my index finger a little deeper each time before pulling out to caress your clit.

Pretty soon you are gasping and writhing around a little bit. I spread your lips open again, and this time slip two fingers inside of you, all the way to the knuckle…you gasp, and push your hips against my hand, as if trying to get them deeper inside of you. Your wetness now soaks my hand as I fuck you with my fingers, fast, and then slow, then back to fast again. Your hand speed increases, and I gasp with you as you caress my hard shaft and my balls with your hands. I take my fingers out of you, and suck them clean.

I help you to your knees on the bed, and I slide my head between your legs and start to tease your clit with my tongue, your taste flooding in over the preview I got from my fingers…you look down, and see my hard shaft twitching all alone, and decide to remedy that…you lean over, and grab it with your hands, as you lick the head slowly in a circular motion…you feel me grunt as I suck on your clit and flick it with my tongue. You lean over all the way, and move your hand over the head of my shaft, and then back down again, getting it slick with your saliva. As you lean over all the way, your lips spread a bit naturally, and I run my tongue along the slit in between them, pausing in the middle to push it a bit deeper.

I reach up with my hands, and draw both lips back, and I tongue your clit as I enjoy the beautiful view inside of you…I run my tongue down again, and slide it deep inside of you, until your lips are resting on mine, and I twist my tongue, enjoying the taste and pendik escort textures deep inside of you. You moan as you become a little more aggressive on my stiff cock, you slide your mouth down the shaft till you can feel me at the back of your throat, and you run your tongue around the shaft in your mouth…you cup my balls with your hands as you suck up and down. Responding to this, I tongue you deeper and deeper, and you feel me moan into you as your juices wet my face. I gasp as you increase your speed more and more, and you moan and press your clit onto my probing tongue.

You twirl your tongue around my shaft as your head bobs up and down on it, you can feel my body tense in preparation for an orgasm, this pushes you to new highs, and you buck your hips against my tongue. I slide my tongue in and out of you with increasing speed as I finger your clit, and I feel a sudden renewal of wetness as you moan loudly I can tell your cumming, this pushes me over the edge as you feel the first spurt hit the roof of your mouth. You caress my shaft rigorously with your hand as you feel the rest spurt into your mouth, on your chin, and on your hands and the bed. I moan your name as I continue to bury my tongue as deep inside of you as I can. The taste in your mouth isn’t as unpleasant as you expected, and you manage to swallow what you have in your mouth without a problem.

I move your hips apart just a bit more and start to slide under you, till I’m on the bed behind you, you move your hands out till your on all fours, and you arch your back so to raise your ass up a little. The view from where I am is beautiful; I look down and see your hot slit, shiny with my saliva and your wetness. you growl in lust as I lightly start to rub your opening with my hand I spread your lips, slip fingers in, slide them back out, rub your clit, until you feel yourself getting ready for another go. As you push against my touch, you suddenly feel my hand is replaced with the head of my hard shaft; you shudder in anticipation, with my hard cock that close to being inside of you. I slowly rub my shaft along the length of your opening, rubbing the head on your clit, and back again, I pause with the head resting on your lips, then slide it down again to tease your clit.

By now you are moaning and begging me to put my hard shaft inside of you…I smile, savoring the moments of sheer anticipation. By now your wetness has made my cock slick and you reach back and slide your hand along the underside, and then reach back and spread your pendik eskort bayanlar lips wide open, looking back at me with a look that says only one thing: “Fuck me with your big hard cock”

I slowly slide the head of my cock in between your wet fingers, then in between your wet lips, I can feel it sliding all the way inside of you now, and my shaft is sliding smoothly along your fingers and lips. I continue to slide inside of you till you feel my balls against your fingers, still holding your lips open, you release your lips to caress them a little, then release them as I start to draw back out of you…I get to where you can feel the head of my hard shaft at your lips, then I plunge back into you again, and you hear and feel our flesh slap together with the force of it…you steady yourself on your hands, and move forward, drawing me out of you, and then slam back against me, burying my hard cock deep inside of you again.

I grasp your hips, and start to move in and out with quickening pace, and the rhythmic sounds of our flesh mix in with our moans. I slam deeper and deeper inside of you with each thrust, till you feel I can’t get any deeper inside of you. Your head swims with ecstasy as you moan my name; each time I thrust into you accentuates your moaning with a stifled scream. I feel your warmth and the velvety texture inside of you grasp me with every thrust, and I look down and see my hard shaft slide in and out of you. This fuels me to quicken my pace and force just a little bit more. You arch your back and push against me on the bed, and you lean on one hand as you run your other down your stomach and through your pubic hair to your clit, which is extra sensitive due to the impending orgasm, and rub it softly, adding to your pleasure.

You then slide past your slippery clit, to where my shaft is thrusting deep inside of you. Your fingers, already slick, slide around my hard cock, and you squeeze slightly as it slides in and out. You feel my balls hit your hand with some force as you continue to rub your clit and feel me slide in and out of you. This feeling pushes you closer and closer to the edge.

Our pace keeps quickening as we both approach orgasm, I thrust harder and harder, and deeper and deeper inside of you as you rub your clit with your fingers. I reach around and caress your nipples as I feel you tense for your orgasm, you scream and gasp as you feel yourself careen over the edge. As you scream, I moan and grab your hips and thrust them to me, getting the deepest yet, and I feel my cum spurting into you. Orgasm rocks your body as you feel my cum warm inside of you, and you feel my hard cock pulsate with every bit that streams deep inside of you. I feel myself filling you, and you finish your orgasm with a shudder and we collapse onto the bed, waiting for the strength to do it all over again.

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