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I breathe deeply and smell you. Memories envelop me– a rainy day in Yellowstone, sulfuric steam hissing all around us as we laugh and dance; a hospital room and your smiling face, eyes swollen and red with tears amidst the sterile perfume of medicines and cleaning agents; the day we met, in that little Asian street market, the aroma of spices, fish, and diesel fumes filling the air.

A smile pulls the corners of my mouth and you lean over to kiss my head softly.

“You’re awake. Have a nice nap?”

I roll over and snuggle into your shoulder. I feel a sense of comfort… home. You reach around me and caress my ass lightly. You draw your finger back and forth, feather-like at the very top of my cleft and it tickles.

“Again? Don’t you ever stop?”

“I can’t help myself. Your ass is just too perfect not to touch.”

My nipples stiffen and my heart quickens. I breathe you in and kiss your collarbone, then move up toward your ear.

I lick along the bahis siteleri edge of your ear, barely touching you with the tip of my tongue, and blow gently as I move. Your hair caresses the tip of my nose and I giggle.

“You make me so wet.” My words are barely more than the air it takes to utter them.

Your hand moves down my ass and you pull me closer. I shift my legs, draping one over the top of your leg and opening myself up to you. You caress me gently and I suck on your earlobe. I feel my wetness slip down, a bead of nectar dancing lightly down the smooth muscles of my thigh. You slide a finger through my folds and I gasp gently. You tease my opening, drawing your finger across it, spreading the syrup of my arousal across my folds. Slow. Agonizing. Exquisite. Finally you enter me with a single digit. I want more but you don’t oblige.

I whimper into the space behind your ear. Caressing my insides you build the tempo. Long strokes, just enough pressure for canlı bahis siteleri me to feel across my whole being. My lips swell and part as you move. Moses and the red sea; I am at your command.

Another finger joins the first. The audio track of our activities is like soft waves lapping at a rocky shore. My breathing quickens.

I feel your smile against my head as you caress my g-spot and somehow you shift to rub my button with a third finger. I bury my face in your neck again and smell you; your cologne and a hint of sweat combine to entice me as you bring me to the edge. My legs are shaking and I feel the pressure building inside me. A quivering moan jangles from my throat and I bite down on your shoulder. I am so close.

You change rhythm again and the pressure retreats but you keep me just below the edge. A few ragged breaths and I look into your eyes. You kiss me, tongue slipping past my lip to drag against my own. I suck on your lip and enjoy the sweetness canlı bahis of it. Strawberry lip balm, mint, and a hint of the clove cigarette you smoked this morning. I am panting again and you bring your other hand to my mound, flicking your fingers across my clit. I am trapped between your arms, and you slowly build me back up again. At the precipice, ready to fall.

Now I can smell my scent mixed with yours and it makes me want to scream. Orchids and oil, musk and mango, the combination is intoxicating.

I am empty. You’ve dragged my wetness from inside, across my ass and up my spine, a tell tale trail of my excitement I cannot hope to remove. You push me onto my back and lean over me, suspended in the air like an eagle about to snatch its prey. You dive into me, your hands and mouth devour me and the fire inside begins anew. Your hand is at my entrance again. One, two fingers inside and your thumb tapping my clit in a rhythm to make Korsakov proud.

You insert another finger and stroke me from the inside, knowing which buttons to push and when. You tweak my nipple and I shudder. My orgasm builds from my belly then spreads in a flush like a wild fire racing across my chest until I am consumed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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