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Curcky Trains 4 Frat Re(Rear)-Entry

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Note: I’ve found I’m not a fan of the story series. So, henceforth, my strategy with continuing characters will be to write each story as a complete stand-alone journey with a specific outcome. The backstory won’t be needed or necessary. If a reader is interested, I’ll have references to prior occurrences.


Curcky wanted to get into the Fila Thai Fraternity real bad and ended up getting played big time by frat boys who exploit submissive gay sex scenarios. This stand alone story could be considered chapter 5. See “Frat House Entry” Parts 1-4 if this story leaves you wanting more.


Curcky had just learned that a sex video existed of his ass being fucked real deep during Pledge Night while he attempted to gain entry IN to a prestigious fraternity. He got denied. Fully rejected, but as Clarence pointed out, Curcky was already ‘IN’ the Fila Thai Fraternity. He was ‘IN’ for being ‘Turned OUT.’


“You made the very short list of pledges who’ve got Turned Out over the years and you are on TOP of the ‘All Time Leaders’ Board for the anal depth record. Your name is in big bold letters!” Clarence explained.

And…AND…it was pointed out that he’d get to be ‘IN’ again next weekend, that is, if Curcky wanted the video destroyed. But for that to happen Curcky would need to sign the ‘Release’ agreement.

“Get the contract Clarence,” Tessie said in a firm tone, “I think the boy has been through enough!”

“Okay, okay. But Tessie, are you having feelings for this little cocksucker?” Clarence said condescendingly.

Curcky could tell that these two knew each other more than just a little bit.


There was a long pause as Tessie and Clarence locked eyes before Clarence left the room and came back with a three page contract called a “Release Agreement for Made Services.”

Curcky had already signed the waiver agreement that all pledges sign before participating. So, he had no recourse from Pledge Night.

The Release Agreement was a contract the Fraternity used as a follow up ‘protection’ document. It was written by the best lawyers–even some who were in Fila Thai in college. Privately, some members called it the ‘Con Dem’.

Frat boys can be such immature putzes sometimes.

Basically, it was a contract for “Made” services, spelled m-a-d-e, not m-a-i-d. The signer agrees to consent to be “made” to perform any sexual requests from anyone of any gender IN the Fila Thai Pledge House for 40 hours over one weekend…in exchange for the ‘Release’ of any and all known media documenting the signer’s Pledge Night experience. The contract specified additional janitorial duties–toilets and such–while dressed in a maids uniform. Work shifts consisted of Friday 4 p.m. to 4 a.m. Saturday noon to 4 a.m. and Sunday noon to midnight.

For the first time in this entire experience, Curcky began to feel sick to his stomach and almost fainted.

“I can’t…I won’t…This isn’t…”

He was having trouble finishing his sentences. His face was still dotted with globs of Clarence’s cum.

Tessie encouraged him to sit down. Both Clarence and Tessie noticed the wet spot forming in the front of the skirt he was wearing.

Curcky had felt the drops of semen rising up through his shaft while he deep throated Clarence.

There were so many drips, that Curcky soaked through the panties AND the skirt…again! Up until he felt faint, he just kept thinking the reason he got turned on was that HE has never had his penis in anyone’s throat and kept imagining what that felt like. But when faced with a contract suggesting 40 hours of deep throating, he felt faint. Yet, his penis was actually getting hard.

‘Why was he getting hard, yet feeling faint?’ he wondered.

Tessie could see Curcky’s little penis poking out in front of the skirt she loaned him. ‘Poor Curcky,’ she thought, ‘so conflicted.’

She located a box of Kleenex to wipe the cum off his face, but as a gesture to continue to assert her dominance, her index finger swiped a dollop of Clarence’s sperm and fed it to him at the same time she pulled a tissue from the box.

Curcky sucked the cum from her finger and swallowed.

‘Did he even have a choice?’ he wondered.

He needed to explain his feelings.

“I just can’t do this. I can’t sign this. I’m not gay.”


Tessie knew what to do. She began to reason with him. She’d seen other ‘Curcky’s’ in her day. Seemingly ‘straight’ boys who get really horny sucking cock. Especially in front of her. She hadn’t ever tried to unpack any meaning to it, but she recognized a pattern of similar components: small penis, submissive, easily stimulated anally, cum eating, gay denial.

“Men can enjoy a little bi sex and that doesn’t mean they’re gay. I’m not gay, but I’ve eaten pussy. And I’ve let a girl lick me more times than I can count. You do know that sucking cock to give someone else a little pleasure, doesn’t make you gay…right?”

Curcky was silent but her words made istanbul seks hikayeleri him drip.

“And you’re the best at deep-throating huge cocks I’ve ever seen. Lending your expert throat services for others’ pleasure doesn’t make you gay. You DO know that…right?”


“And taking a huge cock up the ass can be a delight for your prostate. Straight men stick things in their ass all the time. Getting a little butt fuck action doesn’t make you gay. It means you’re adventurous. You KNOW this right?” Tessie continued.


“Why deny yourself a little pleasure because other ignorant people label it as a taboo? It sure seemed like you liked getting butt fucked. It’s okay to enjoy it. You don’t have to be embarrassed about this in private.”

Curcky understood all of Tessie’s reasoning. He could see that she was right. It was all quite confusing, but he knew he wasn’t gay, so Tessie must be right. He did recall how an ex girlfriend Patricia used to fuck his ass with a large strap on and how he had to embarrassingly admit to Patricia that it felt good. It did. Deep. Erotic. Sensual. He never told anyone else…ever…that he actually liked it.

Tessie nailed the explanation; she nailed him. Prostate massage. He knew that was it. That was the reason. He liked to get a prostate massage. That doesn’t make him gay, he thought.

Curcky wiped the cum off his face and looked down at the skirt he was wearing and noticed a pancake-sized wet spot magnified by a small rising tent. He moved his hands to cover his excitement.

“Why are your panties so wet?” Clarence jumped in.

The change from Tessie’s soft but firm demeanor to Clarence’s deep voice startled him.

“Tell me right now why your panties are so wet or I’m kicking you out of here right now and posting your video online,” Clarence ordered.

That’s WHY Curcky felt faint. It was because of the video. That must be the reason!

“I…uh…somehow…am getting a hardon…from Tessie explaining to me…that it’s okay to…oh, shit…to suck and fuck cock!” he said, turning beat red and not even recognizing that he just admitted out loud that he might actually be interested in signing the contract.

Tessie knew her technique was working and went right back to reasoning with Curcky.

“Look. It’s one weekend. You’ll get to experience all the sexual things you did on Pledge Night so you can truly see for yourself how much you LIKE it…or don’t. Then YOU can decide if YOU are gay or BI or just really adventurous. Plus, you get any and all incriminating media that anyone knows about. It’s a win-win.”

Curcky’s demeanor became more relaxed. He knew she was right.

“I can see all of this makes you really uncomfortable because it’s strange and new, but it’ll all be over Sunday Night. Do yourself a favor. Sign the contract.”

“Sign the Contract!” Clarence ordered.

Clarence knew Tessie was right, but he wanted some assurance.

“Could you be there with me?” Curcky asked in a whiny, needy voice.

“For 40 hours?!,” She laughed. “Not a chance. Maybe…maybe, part of the time. I do like to watch.”

“Sign the contract.” Clarence ordered.

With a shaking hand, Curcky penned his name at the bottom of the third page. The ‘Con Dem’ was in effect.

But in his haste and nervousness, he didn’t read the contract. He didn’t analyze the fine print. One would think that Curcky would read through the “Release Agreement for Made Services,” and be fully familiar with the agreement.



Big mistake.

Unbeknownst to him, Curcky was on a path to be condemned. The frat boys had been there, done that…done this…to plenty of other ‘Curcky’s.’ It would be his turn. His time to be ‘Con Demned.’

Tessie and Curcky walked out together. She could read Curcky’s body language: his apprehension, his anxiety, his nervousness.

“You’ll be okay. You can get through this. Your weekend will be easier than Pledge Night,” she reassured him.

He felt better already.


“Let me ask you an important question…” Tessie started.

“How sore were you after Pledge Night? I ask because your weekend will go a lot smoother if you keep yourself loose the next few days,” Tessie reasoned.

‘Loose? Keep loose? What does that even mean?’ He wondered. ‘What was Tessie talking about?’

Curcky began to panic. He knew he had to complete the contract, but he couldn’t imagine how he was going to get through the weekend, so he made another plea to have Tessie by his side.

“Please, Tessie. Please help me!” He was practically begging.

“Yes. I intend to help you. I’ll make sure you are kept loose,” she explained.

“I meant to be WITH me through the weekend. I can do this with you by my side.”

This was a somewhat odd thing to say considering he barely knew her. There was something about the connection his brain made with Tessie on Pledge Night. How he was so vulnerable and Tessie’s dominance was so reassuring. It gave him confidence.

“I’ll tell you what. If you agree to follow my training regimen without question every night, I’ll do my best to be by your side during the weekend as much as I can. Deal?”

“Deal! Yes…please!”

“Okay, so…how sore were you? Because you’ll need to be practicing every night. It’ll make the physical aspect so much easier.”

Curcky paused before giving an honest answer.

“I had a sore throat for days; my rectum is still tingling.”

“See. See! This is what I’m talking about. You NEED to be practicing and training every night! So, when Friday comes, you’ll be ready. The physical part will be easy.”

Curcky thought back to his former strap-on girlfriend, Patricia. He mostly forgot how she fucked his ass regularly with a huge dildo (which happened to be black). He accepted her fascination with interracial porn. She liked to watch it on their laptop while her big black dildo slid in and out of his ass.

Patricia would wait until Curcky got semi-hard before fingering herself to an orgasm while fucking his ass with deep, long, slow strokes. He never came while getting butt fucked. This was for her pleasure. He just went along with it. Patricia would give him a hand job after. Or if she was too tired, she’d have him rub one out. He’d cum really quickly. And that was the way they had sex. (Patricia had a thing for black guys, too. Curcky thought she was fucking one while they dated, but he wasn’t sure.)

“Tessie, Why do you keep saying the ‘physical part’ will be easy?” Curcky asked, wondering what the distinction was between the physical part and any other parts.

“Because, I’ve watched you. You are gifted. You suck cock and deep throat boys effortlessly. And you butt fuck better than any girl I’ve ever seen. You’re a natural! You just need to prep the depth of your holes to be ready for a weekend of continual deep penetration. You’ve got this. I know you do.”


Curcky wasn’t sure how to ask what he really wanted to know.

“What other parts are there? Besides the physical part, I mean…”

“Ah, I see the concern on your face. In addition to training you physically, there is the mental. I’m not gonna lie. Fila Thai is big on humiliation. But that’s okay. You’ll just have to take it. I’ll be over every night with two huge dildos: one for your throat, the other for your rectum,” Tessie continued.

Curcky couldn’t have known that Tessie had way bigger plans than just two dildos every night.

“I can also arrange for some real hands-on training. You know, like experiencing the real thing. I think you might like that. Would you like that, Curcky? It’s probably best for your training…for me to bring some of my large-cocked guy friends over, too.”

“Oh, no. Gosh, no! Just you and I will be enough.”

“But what about cum eating practice? You need to be practicing eating cum. And you won’t get any of that from just me. Of course, if you LIKE to eat it cum, then I guess it wouldn’t matter. I didn’t realize that you LIKE to eat cum.”

“Oh, geez, no. Gross! I don’t LIKE to eat cum!” Curcky whined.

“Well…then…you’re really going to need some practice. Right?! You do realize you’re going to need cum eating practice, right?”

“Yyy…eee….sss. But I don’t want to.”

“We all have to do things in life we don’t want to do. I’m just looking out for your best interests. You put me in charge of your training. Or should I just ‘butt’ out?!” Tessie laughed at her own pun.

“Okay, Okay. I need you. You’re in charge.”

Tessie was ready to make her point.

“Lay down Open your mouth!”

Tessie gathered a decent amount of saliva and bent over Curcky. She slowly pursed her lips with a tiny kiss-like opening to let her saliva drip in long streams into his mouth. He swallowed. Her attractive face was so close to his, her lovely auburn hair created a cocoon around each of their faces. It was like she was about to kiss him. And this closeness and her hotness obscured the fact that Tessie was spitting into Curcky’s mouth. She collected portion after portion of large servings of saliva and dribbled them into his mouth while he practiced swallowing.

“Just imagine each of these servings are loads of cum. You’re going to be eating a lot of cum.”


Curcky received a text from Tessie an hour before she planned to come over.

‘For each of your four training sessions, meet me at Crystal T’s apartment at 7 p.m.’

Curcky looked up the address and arrived at seven sharp. Crystal T opened the door to greet him. She was quite tall, way taller than him without heels. She was skinny with long, straight blond hair with bangs, gold rim glasses and a nice firm, round butt. Curcky thought she was cute, too.

“Come in. Come in. Tessie is running late and will be here later,” Crystal T’s warm voice made him feel welcome and safe.

He looked around the room. Thank goodness, no one else was there.

“Hi, I’m Curcky.”

“Of course, you are! I’m Crystal. Let’s get right to the point. I’m assuming you consent that I’m in charge and you’ll follow my instructions. We good on that? Cuz, if not, there’s the door,” Crystal T said firmly.

Suddenly, things felt different to Curcky. But Crystal T was hot…and he did need training.

“I’ll do whatever you want,” Curcky sheepishly told her.

“Oh, goody,” she said as she proceeded to immediately french kiss his mouth with deep searching swipes of her long tongue.

Her hands were all over him. She towered over him while her long strong arms felt up his butt, and rubbed the front of his crotch as if seeking the true size of his male equipment. He felt overpowered by her, but didn’t mind. To him, this was actually erotic and his little penis was getting hard. He didn’t expect his training to be this much fun!

Crystal T began to strip him of all his clothes, all while continuing to play suck face and in just minutes he was completely naked.

Crystal took off her blouse.

“Suck my nipples,” she commanded.

Crystal T’s chest, albeit feminine, was as flat as a man’s chest. She had no tits to speak of. But her puffy little nipples were very suck-able and Curcky went to work on them.

“Aww, good boy,” Crystal T teased, “you’re good at sucking, aren’t you?”

Curcky nodded his head.

“I bet you’d suck me off real good, too wouldn’t you?” she asked.

He nodded vigorously. Curcky couldn’t wait to eat some pussy again. All those cocks he’d been sucking and deep-throating lately almost had him forget how good he used to be at sucking a woman’s clit. He could suck and tongue a vagina real deep, too. He was very excited about eating pussy tonight.

As Curcky sucked on Crystal T’s flat chest, her long arms and long fingers groped his ass-cheeks and began probing his tight butt hole. Curcky didn’t intend to, but he moaned into Crystal T’s puffy nipple while he sucked. Oops.

He wasn’t aware how she was maneuvering his naked body into a missionary position where his knees were practically wedged into his own armpits. He clearly wasn’t paying attention to anything that was happening to him other than that familiar feeling of his penis dripping he gets when he is turned on. But then he felt a large object pressing directly at the entrance to his recently fingered butt hole and he imagined Patricia in his mind, and that Crystal T was a strap on girl. And the rubber cock was probably a huge, glistening black fuck tool with veins.


He couldn’t have been more wrong.

Crystal T was a girl all right. A transitioning one. One with male plumbing. Impressive male plumbing. And Crystal T’s large, hard and very real circumcised cock was about to fuck Curcky’s now supple asshole…all in the name of training, of course.

He’d never been fucked like this before. On his back with:

his thighs pressed into each side of his stomach,

his knees adjacent to the top of his shoulders,

the soles of his feet parallel with the ceiling,

his dominant female partner looking straight down at him,

her impressively large, pale cock pounding into his ass.

He could only lay there and be used. What a strange role reversal he thought. He–as the male–on his back being fucked in a missionary position; Crystal T–as the woman–in the powerful male position thrusting and fucking her mate (him!) with the only purpose being to use his tight ass as a fuck hole for her cum load. And to think just minutes ago he was hoping to tongue her pussy?!

He didn’t mind too much as Crystal T was so hot. Plus, he knew he needed his rectum to stay loose. Perhaps, he’d get something in return? But then something weird happened. He noticed a full length wall mirror. Man…he wished he hadn’t noticed it. The long mirror reflected their fucking. Him getting fucked! It was like watching a live sex show from across the room: some poor little sissy-like dude getting taken by a hot, skinny flat-chested ts gal who was fucking his sissy ass with deep, powerful strokes. Hold on! That sissy was him?! He’d never thought of himself as being sissy-like, but this out of body ass fuck he was watching was now also fucking his brain. His penis was rock hard. What the hell, Curcky thought. He couldn’t explain his excitement…this time.

Curcky could see Crystal T’s little muscular butt flexing and pumping just like a man’s butt looked like when it fucked a woman. The more he looked, the more he tried not to look. He shouldn’t want to watch this, right? The more his eyes fixated on her little firm pumping butt, the more his hard penis dripped in anticipation of her orgasm. And anyone who has watched a man’s butt when fucking a woman in the missionary position knows what it looks like when the dude has his orgasm and shoots sperm into his woman. And poor Curcky just kept watching, finding it too hard to look away.

His little dick got rock hard and dripped profusely. But UH OH…he started to feel like he was going to cum. The rhythmic pounding his balls received from Crystal T’s thrusting pelvic had him hoping she would cum soon. He really didn’t want to cum from watching his ass get fucked and from feeling his prostate massaged. And he certainly did not want to orgasm with his hard penis poking stiffly into the air without it being touched.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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