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Daddy – My Two Dads Ch. 02

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I slept through the night. It was the deepest I’d slept since Tracy had left me earlier in the summer. In my dreams, Tracy and I were married and spent our wedding night in a secluded cabin far out in the woods. She was dressed seductively in lingerie from head to toe. As I was slowly undressing her, I suddenly awoke before I could inch my cock into her awaiting pussy.

Covered in sweat and sliding out of my white sheets, I noticed just how stiff my cock remained after my erotic dream. It lay sideways with the large bulbous mushroom head sticking out of the fabric on my leg. After an evening with my neighbor dads, and a dream of my perky titted ex-girlfriend, I was in dire need of a cold shower.

The cool water dripped on me from head to toe washing the cold sweat off my thin swimmers body. I was 5’8″, about 135 pounds, but very lean and muscular. My small but defined pecks rippled as I ran my hands over them and the bar of soap grated on my well defined abs. I was gentle with my now semi hard member. It hung in front of me with a slight curve and swung heavily as the sudsy, soapy water ran off of it. Despite the cool water, I couldn’t quite lose my entire hard-on. Even with the shame and guilt from the night before, my cock’s needs demanded to be heard.

After dressing and shaving a little stubble off my face, my skin was now silky smooth. I ran my fingers over my chin and lip. Silky, just like I liked it.

It was a calm, cool winter morning and I headed downstairs to the kitchen to find my mother was holding a brunch with our neighbors, Mrs. Richardson and Mrs. Birchmeirer.

“Oh, good morning everyone” I said, shocked and surprised.

“Hello Jeff, you’re looking a little sleepy today” Mrs. Birchmeirer said. My face was flushing all over.

“His studies keep him up late at night” my mom said with a chipper smile.

Both neighbors smiled at me. Mrs. Birchmeirer was a tall beautiful blond, very sophisticated and proper. She smiled at me with her beautiful red lips – her lipstick having been applied perfectly.

Mrs. Richardson also said “Good morning to you Jeff”. She served up a healthy plate of sausage links and fruit salad.

Mrs. Richardson was a beautiful curvy younger blond, her eyes shiny blue and like Mrs. Birchmeirer she often had beautiful jewelry draped over her beautiful body. I watched as they all ate together, both Mrs. Richardson and Mrs. Birchmeirer ate their sausage carefully making sure not to smear lipstick on the salty meat.

I was shy and sheepish in the presence of these two neighbors. I knew their husbands were intimate with one another and had now introduced me to their erotic ways in the hot tub.

“Your mother and us have brunch each Saturday, she has a lot to get off your chest”. I knew that meant they talked about my dad. Maybe they all talked about their disappointing marriages.

“We’ll head up to the hot tub this evening and complain away” Mrs. Richardson said.

My member twitched in my pants at the mention of the hot tub. I still couldn’t believe how I was unable to finish with both men fondling my cock the night before.

“Well, have a wonderful time” I smiled nervously, turned, and walked back up to my bedroom, bottle of Prozac in my hand.

I lay back on my bed staring up at the ceiling. I swallowed my Prozac pill dry. It wasn’t as easy as I thought and I won’t make that mistake again. I wondered if the Prozac would keep me from having an orgasm for the rest of my life. Although getting a nice handjob the night before by my two neighbors was one the best things I’ve ever felt, I had still been unable to ejaculate for them. Wouldn’t that have been funny, a long rope of white cum floating around their hot tub when the wives were about to spend the evening in the water gossiping.

Bling-bling. I got a text from my friend Dave.

Have you seen Tracy’s Facebook page?

No, I don’t do much Facebook anymore.

Well I’ll fill you in. He continued I think she’s got a boyfriend at her new school. There’s a picture on Facebook of them snogging like crazy. He’s all over her.

Within 30 seconds I’d opened my Macbook and navigated to Facebook. My fingers trembled as I scrolled down her page. She was at some college bar with not one but two guys. They were kissing her cheek and one of them had their hands on her breast squeezing it jokingly.

This was great. The goody-two-shoes was at a bar flirting with two musclebound guys and this is how I had to find out? I close the lid and flopped back down on my mattress, depressed.

My phone chirped again but I didn’t wanna see another text from Dave. Begrudgingly, I checked and it was from my neighbors Mark and Rick.

We just wanted to see how you doing. I hope you’re feeling… okay about last night?

It was nice of them to ask if I was feeling weird about everything.


That’s all I could think to say, but I continued.

No, I feel fine. Yes it was weird, I’ve just been having a rough time.

Against Ankara escort my better judgement, I told them about Tracy. I didn’t get another text back for several minutes. But then I got an interesting proposal.

So Jeff, Mark and I are talking and we’d like to help you get your girlfriend back, so to speak. Or at least take your mind off of her for now. Maybe we should get together and talk some more… How about next Friday night?

I wondered what they wanted to talk about or do. Honestly, I didn’t think our hot tub encounter was ever going to lead to anything- just a weird happenstance that you have when you’re young but they wanted to meet again. Next Friday night we would have another get-together.

***** Friday Night *****

I thought about it all week long. What did they want to do? What did they want to talk about? Maybe they wanted to give me another handjob, but honestly after talking with both their wives this morning I wasn’t sure I wanted to. It was their thing and I honestly didn’t want to be a part of that, and besides, I did feel bit guilty for what had happened. I was the one that snuck into their backyard to investigate the strange noises I heard. If I had just left well enough alone, things would’ve been okay.

I resisted the urge to text them and discuss it, despite my desire to do so. They were quiet all week but sometimes at night I would stare out the window at their homes wondering if I should just say ‘hi’. Once I even took a picture of my cock to send to them once as I was thinking of Tracy, but eventually deleted it. I thought it would’ve been fun to send to Mark and Rick, but I didn’t want to get them into any kind of trouble.

Despite my anticipation, Friday night rolled around and my mom was out as were both of their wives. I received a text from Mark asking me to come over around 6:30. I dressed into my best button down shirt and my sharpest jeans and shoes. I’m not sure why I tried to look nice, I think I just wanted to look presentable? Maybe that was it.

Ding-dong. I rang the doorbell and Marks answered, holding a familiar glass of wine. He smiled as I walked past him with his tall frame, he put his warm hand on my shoulder.

“Good to see you again Jeff” he said warmly, with his hand still on my shoulder.

“C’mon inside and we’ll get you another glass of wine.” Here we go again I thought. I smiled as I took the glass of red wine from Rick who also said hello warmly. We sat down on the now familiar couches and Mark started the gas fireplace as Rick dimmed the lights.

Mark took a sip and started first. “So Jeff, we know you been feeling pretty bad, about the whole Tracy situation, and we’d like to help you out.”

“How so? I mean it looks like she’s got a whole new boyfriend and he’s a hunky guy. What does my slender frame have to do to compete with that?

I pulled out my phone and show them the picture of her on Facebook getting familiar with these two guys. They both agreed she was pretty gorgeous.

“Well honestly Jeff, both Mark and I agree you have the finest cock we’ve ever seen.”

I did know what to say, no one had ever commented on my cock that way. Despite being a shy, straight 19 year old, it felt great to have two men tell me I had a beautiful cock.

“But we want to help you make that cock irresistible”, Rick chimed in “even more irresistible than it already is.”

I was curious. “What do I need to do?”

Rick continued, “Jeff we’d like to shave your cock for you.”

Shave my cock? I thought to myself. I’ve never done anything like that. I thought that was something that women do to themselves. I had seen Rick and Mark’s cocks last week and certainly they were shaved, but I had never thought about doing it to myself.

“Oh,” I said very surprised. “I had really never thought about that.”

“We know, and that’s okay most men don’t. But what we’d like to do is manscape you. You know what manscaping is Jeff?”

I didn’t but I had the feeling they were going to tell me what it was.

“Manscaping is where you essentially make your cock perfectly presentable to someone else. Generally shaving it, trimming it up where you want to, making it nice.”

I didn’t know what to say. I had never thought about doing this to myself and honestly felt very strange about it. But I had already finished a glass of wine and was growing a little tipsy.

I could tell that both men saw that I wasn’t completely sure, so Mark refilled my glass.

“Go ahead Jeff, drink down another glass”.

I did as I was commanded. Oddly I liked it when they told me what to do and maybe I should get into this request to. I took another big gulp.

“Well I guess I trust you both on this. But will my hair grow back when you’re done? “

Mark and Rick looked each other and smiled, “Of course it will!” Mark grabbed me by my hand gently, Rick put his hand on the small of my back, and they led me upstairs to the master bedroom.

**** Manscaping Ankara escort bayan in the bedroom ****

The two men led me into the master bedroom. It was large and cozy with a sunken area in the corner. There were a few large pillows and a fireplace that had already been turned on. It was inviting, and warm. I took my last gulp of wine of my second glass and my head was already spinning.

“Phew, it’s really warm in here” I remarked as they led me to the sunken seating area.

“Well then, why don’t we help you remove some you’re clothes?” I stood next to the fireplace helplessly as Mark undid the buttons on my shirt and Rick worked on my belt. Soon they had removed all of my clothes except my underwear and sat me down in front of the flickering fire.

“You’re gorgeous” Rick remarked, Both Rick and Mark’s eyes danced all over my body and sized me up. Their eyes zoomed to my underwear which could barely contain my erect member. It was held down against my skin by my fruit of the looms and it needed to be set free. Together the two men grabbed the elastic on my briefs and pulled them off my tight body.

I lay back and enjoy the warmth of the fire as both Mark and Rick begin to gently fondle my cock. I heard Mark whisper the word ‘beautiful’ and Rick responded ‘indeed’ as their warm hands traced the crown of my head and the veins up and down my shaft. I saw Mark pull out some shaving tools from under a pillow and a bowl of water and then produced a brightly colored razor.

“Jeff we are gonna take our time and shave you nice and clean like a cock should be” Ricks fingers were gently dancing up my shaft as he told me and I told him to get started.

First came the cool gel as they rubbed it up and down my shaft and on my balls. Rick got more warm water from the bathroom dipped in his hand. He rubbed that up and down the shaft, lightly foaming the cool gel. Gently, he began to trace the razor up and down my skin. With each stroke the hair begin to fall off my cock. He was gentle around the edges and so went slowly around the base where I had the most hair. Between each stroke, Mark’s hand rubbed more cool gel around the newly exposed skin keeping everything lubricated and wet. They didn’t speak one bit but instead paid close attention to my cock for 20 straight minutes- their hands slowly exploring every nook and cranny of my 9 inch manhood.

They traded places when it came time to do my balls. They were gentle around my tight sack continually caressing after each stroke making sure I remained wet for them.

I imagine that such service would probably cost $200 a nice spa, but it was one of the most wonderful massages I had ever had. To think, it was two men that had to do it and not girlfriend.

I lay back and closed my eyes and let them finish the job. Despite being naked, the fire kept me warm, or maybe it was the alcohol, but it was amazing how completely comfortable I was totally nude in front of these two men.

“Well, all done.” Mark took a warm damp washcloth and wiped all the hair away and remaining gel from my cock and ball sack. The two men sat back and admired their work like Leonardo admiring a sculpture.

The dim light from the fireplace danced off my moist cock. It was erect, larger and longer than I ever thought it could look. It was a massive, long, and thick. The beautiful veins ran from the head down the shaft making a beautiful pattern of ridges along the straight shaft. The light from the fireplace made it glisten and danced off the cock it looked beautiful, slimy, slippery, and above all the most irresistible beautiful cock ever.

Rick then rubbed some scented lotion over my shaft and balls.

“Just in case you get any razor burn, this will keep your beautiful skin and soft.”

The three of us chatted a little more while they admired their work and poured me another glass of wine. I like this feeling, of being a little tipsy and aroused so I didn’t pass on another full glass. By the time I was done I could tell I was completely drunk. And as I would find out shortly, that’s how they wanted me.

**** The Contest ****

“We have a proposition for you Jeff.” Mark said slightly as you looked deep in my eyes. We wanna make this a contest.

“How so?” I asked, curious what they were going to do.

Each man pulled out a tube of lipstick. One was bright red, another almost a bubble gum pink. The colors looked familiar to me.

As they lubed up their lips with lipstick I recognize the shades. They were each wearing the shade of lipstick that their wives had on the previous week at brunch.

Mark begin to explain, “We’ve always wanted to do this on a cock as big as yours, but neither of out cocks were big enough.”

Rick continued, “We want to see who can take you the deepest in our mouths. We want you to see what you’ve been missing by not having a girlfriend.”

Two men were going to give me a blowjob? I was shocked and tried to come to my senses but the wine was clouding my Escort Ankara mind. I tried to say no but my cock was twitching and begging for me to let them experiment with it. Their hands crept up inside my legs and gently caressed the inside of my thigh.

“We don’t want a push you to do anything Jeff, we know you’re straight. Why don’t you just lay back and enjoy how we can make you feel and we’ll see who can take you deeper.”

I was hesitant and afraid. I’d always wanted a woman to give me my first blowjob, preferably Tracy, but here I was about to have two men swallow me whole and I was too drunk to stop any of it.

Rick tried first. He gently gripped the base of my cock in traced my veins up to my head with his long fingers. Mark gently played with my balls to make sure I was nice and hard.

“I’ll keep Jeff nice and a hard by playing with his beautiful round balls. It’s only fair if he’s as hard as he can be when we both try.”

I was wondering what the lipstick was for and then I felt the most amazing sensation I’d ever felt. Ricks warm tongue had slid underneath my bulbous mushroom head and he was gently itching the tip of his tongue up and down as he looked deep into my eyes.

“I’m a lucky man.” He said to me as his other hand inched its way up my stomach and fingered my belly button. “I get to take you first.”

He smiled a luscious smile and his bright pink lips smothered in his wife’s lipstick gently closed around my gigantic mushroom head. I could feel his tongues swirling around my crown as he gave me all I could handle. He pushed his head down and his bright lips popped over my crown and locked down on to my shaft. I felt my soft head move to the back of his throat. He was careful not to let his teeth rub against my shaft but he was having a hard time keeping his mouth open enough.

Rick laid down next to me with one hand massaging my balls and began to whisper in my year, “Just take it Jeff, just take what we have for you, we want you to enjoy” I obeyed and my stiff body relaxed and my cocks slowly inched further into Rick’s mouth. He gulped and choked a little bit and I saw some spit drip down my shaft to the base of my cock. It gently traced out my inflamed to veins on my cock as blood pulsated to my member. With another great thrust and heave of his face, he pushed down as deep as he could go and at the last moment locked his lips around my shaft squeezing and massaging his thick lusciously wet painted lips. At the last moment he gagged and pulled the cock out of his mouth.

Against the flickering fireplace I saw a bright pink and ring around my penis about 5 to 6 inches down my shaft.

“Wow, pretty good!” Rick said as he smiled at his handiwork.

“Now it’s my turn,” Mark said. He applied an extra layer of lipstick on his lips exactly like his wife had when she ate that sausage at my house the previous week. But this time the beautiful shade would be rubbed all over my shaft. The two men were having a contest to see who could lock their lips are on my shaft as far down as they could go.

Mark grabbed my wet shaft, still glistening with its fresh pink ring around the white virgin skin. He placed his mouth around the head and breathed heavily it over it I felt a nice warm air pass around the shaft which tickled me. My cock grew harder and began to pulsate for him.

Rick lay down next to me twirling his fingers around my nipples. He whispered into my ear and filled my drunk mind with his dirty thoughts.

“You like it don’t you Jeff? You like getting a blowjob from men…”

And then as Mark began to slide the crown of my penis past his tongue I said it. “Swallow me Mark” I don’t know why I said it but Marks eyes locked onto mine with a fury and my cock sank two more inches. I felt the head hit the back of his throat and squish against his tonsils. He had another half inch to go if he wanted to beat Rick.

I lifted my hand up and began to run it through his hair like I imagined I would have done Tracy she’d ever done this for me. I began to talk to him like a lover.

“Use my cock Mark, use it for your needs.” This straight 19 year old college kid was getting off on a middle aged married man swallowing his cock.

And then Mark did something that didn’t expect. I felt his throat flex, open a little bit and then to my surprise I felt my head curve and get pushed, no almost sucked down into a tight vacuum. I saw his head shift and then plunge all the way down until his nose touched my stomach. Half of my cock was deep in his throat and I could feel it massaging my crown and the sensitive area just underneath. Mark tongue lapped underneath my shaft and his teeth lovingly scraped the base. I felt his lips clampdown at the bottom of my cock and he swirled his head around. I couldn’t believe it. Mark was deep throating me. Rick immediately stood up and crawled between my legs. I felt his tongue begin to lap at my balls and caress them with his saliva. I placed my other hand on top of his head as he sucked my balls into his mouth.

I lay back and shivered and shook as my cock and balls were completely engulfed head to toe- every inch of them feeling lips and tongues dance around them up and down. I couldn’t handle it anymore.

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