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Dancing for Master

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Gentle words caress her senses as He coos, “you can do this My littleone. You can do this for Me.”

Her fluttering eyelids remain closed as she silently nods concession to His wishes. Everything inside her body is churning and everything outside violently quivers as a leaf would blown by a stormy summer wind. She flashes back to the hours before ~ to the scene that started this whole moment.

She was rushing around preparing not only the house, but also herself, when He walked through the front door. Without hesitation, she left what it was she was tending to and whisked her to Him. The soft white cotton fabric of her sundress clung to the upper portion of her overheated body as the lower section swirled away when she turned the corner where the front door knob twisted and opened. A wide smile was plastered on her face to display her excitement at seeing Him home safe, back in her arms where He belongs. Much to her surprise (and chagrin), she was met by not only her Master, but also two gentlemen who followed Him closely. A tall dark haired and dark complected man came first tailed by a husky blonde with ice blue eyes. Her mind raced. Surprise was evident on her face. They were to go out with some old friends of His later this evening, but were they supposed to come home with Him first? No, she really didn’t think so. She wouldn’t have forgotten something that important. Her Master introduced them each to her as He wound an arm around her waist.

“My pet, this is Rick and Jim ~ old friends of mine.”

Each shook her hand before they took their seats in the living room. Her Master requested a pitcher of lemonade and some snacks as He patted her bottom to send her to the kitchen. This brought instant although fleeting relief to her confusion, and she rushed off to fill her task.

She trembled as the knife slid with ease through the array of vegetables she had bought only yesterday. Perfectly round slices of cucumber fell to the board as her mind raced. She didn’t like not knowing company was coming although the house was kept tidy and she didn’t look frightful. Thankful that she was prepared at least somewhat for these unexpected guests with snacks, she tried to figure out why He didn’t call first to announce this. Surely there was a perfectly understandable explanation. Fresh broccoli and green peppers were arranged in small bite size pieces before washing and slicing large mushroom caps. She turned to the fridge and rummaged around for the creamy dip she had made yesterday. Slowly, she whipped it to freshen it and then poured it into a crystal serving bowl. Carefully, she arranged the vegetables around the platter with the bowl crowning the middle. Pleased with her work, she turned to fill three glasses with the fresh squeezed lemonade that she had labored on only a bit before. She licked her lips as the tiny pieces of pulp floated around the tall glasses and quickly poured herself a small glass. Placing everything on a large tray, she balanced it and inhaled a deep breath before heading back into the room.

They laughed loudly as each took turns telling stories of this or that, stories she couldn’t make out, but figured weren’t meant for her ears anyhow. She chalked it up to men catching up and with a smile, she made her way back into the room. Upon returning, the larger man, tanned with dark hair and eyes to match, stood and took His glass from the tray. The tall pitcher bore tiny rivulets of water down its sides to signal the imminent heat of the early evening. Her body too showed signs of the climbing temperatures. As her eyes locked on the chilled water trickling down the side of the glass, her tongue slipped from between her lips to slake her parched need. Idly, she sipped her drink until she could no longer stand it. Rising to turn up the air conditioning, she first bent to whisper a request to her Master.

“May I go to the bedroom or am I needed further?”

Without a response, He stood and excused Himself from the two men for a few moments. The light haired man inquired where he could freshen up after the long trip. Before ushering her back to the bedroom, He pointed out the way to the bathroom. His grasp was light on her elbow, but He led her back to their room quickly.

The door was shut slowly behind them as the two men’s voices were muffled now by their solitude. She opened her mouth to speak, but He quickly silenced her with His own lips pressing hard against hers. Hungry hands roamed over her bare arms and up until He cupped her neck with one hand while pinning her against the wall with the other. His urgency overwhelmed her and one leg snaked around His to draw her ever closer to His heat. Grinding and pulsing against each other, they drew from each other the primal need that forever called to be quenched. Suddenly, He withdrew from her grasp and backed toward the plush reading chair that graced the large window and He sunk into it.

“Come,” He coarsely called to her to which she swiftly complied and stood before Him a little confused. “I need to apologize for not calling you to inform you that they were coming home with Me. It was a spur Kurtköy Sınırsız Escort of the moment decision and My cell phone was dead when I got in the car.”

Before going on, a look of something being wrong crossed His face as He uttered, “You aren’t in your rightful place babe.” He pulled her into His lap and cuddled her with that firm gentleness only He could give. Seemingly satisfied, He continued. “Those guys are also traveling through town on their way to a BDSM seminar.” Noting the shock that was evident on her face upon hearing the last bit, He chuckled. “Yes dear heart, they are Both Dominants. Their subs are back at their hotel waiting. I’m still not sure how the whole conversation came up, but we had a good laugh once we realized the common thread between us. All these years and we never knew.”

He paused to take a breath and check His watch. “We are going to have them over for late evening drinks and entertainment. My precious, you are to provide the entertainment for tonight, for us. You will dance before them as you dance for Me.”

Horror shook through her as she nearly fell from His lap. Her soft lips moved as though she was going to speak, but no sounds came forth. All she found she could do was shake her head. Finally, the only word that came out was, “Master?”

Lovingly, His hand reaches up to smooth her hair while she is brought back to the present time. His words echo in her mind as He whispers into her ears over and over, “You can do this My littleone. You can do this for Me. You will do this for Me.” His teeth catch her bottom lip before it can make its way out to tremble. Usually she can maintain a certain level of calmness, but sometimes she really finds her emotions surging over her control level.

As her dress hikes up above her waist, it is evident to Him that she isn’t wearing panties. Hands trickle down the outside of her thighs and back up the inside. Her legs wrap around His body and pull Him closer as her hips grind down onto His now raging hard on.

A kiss shares that sweet honey … her bare heat gyrates over His throbbing restrained rod … her hands slide over His face which her lips follow. Teeth and tongue seductively tease His neck until they reach that special spot beneath His chin where she tarries just a little longer. His hands slip in front to slide underneath her dress. The soft pads of His fingertips cup the fullness of her breasts. Slowly, her head tilts back and a long low groan flows from her as He finds her hard tender buds. Her soft brown locks tumble down over her shoulder blades and sway as her body begins to gyrate atop His.

Abruptly, He puts a halt to their playing and pulls her back far enough on His lap to expose the wet spot she’s soaked into His pants. “That’s enough now My littleone. Later we shall play. Right now, we’ve got company to deal with. They will be going to dinner soon and wish us to go with them. They will be coming back here afterwards for drinks and conversation. You will dance for them tonight my littleone. You will do it because I wish it.” A smile lingers on His lips at the last part and she knows that begging for it not to be is not an option. Electricity rips through her as she manages to maintain her composure for brief seconds before she collapses in His arms. She has never danced for anyone she didn’t know and lately she hadn’t danced for anyone but Him. It took great amounts of courage to even dance for Him in the beginning, and now He was asking her to summon even greater amounts for these strangers. Could she do it? Really? Of course she could … because He wanted it.

Tears are imminent, yet somehow she holds them at bay. His fingers curl under her chin as He lifts her face to meet His gaze. She knows that the moment her eyes meet His, all chaos will simply melt away, and she will feel that essential peace that only He can bring to her spirit. Those pale piercing eyes will sear that place in her soul only He could find … the place that no one else is privy to reaching let alone seeing. He gives her core the fire that rages, and He is the only one who can extinguish it with but a single word. She looks up. Instantly she gets lost in those eyes filled with such love and passion for her … only for her.

Soft smiles take over as she knows in her heart that her will is His and He wills her to dance for them … for Him. She does however ask for time to get ready for dinner. He wipes the tears from her cheeks and grants her the time she needs as He stands with her still with her fingers laced with His. A flurry of butterfly kisses float over each digit in an attempt to touch all of Him at once. He pulls her up to Him and nuzzles her neck.

“I need to tell them that we will meet them at the restaurant. Start getting ready love.” Upon the completion of one final serene kiss, He sets her down and heads off to again tend to their guests. Before exiting, He stops in the doorframe and His glance inspects what is His once more with a parting grin. Then, He is gone.

Her body falls back into the overstuffed chair as her eyes well up with anxious tears. Kurtköy Suriyeli Escort They may be friends of His, but she had never even laid eyes upon them, yet now she would have to dance for Them … bare her flesh for Them and their charges … allow Them to see her every glorious curve and sensuous plain. Her mind wonders what would be worse, knowing that she will be doing this or having it be a surprise. Shrugging, she shakes the nervousness from her brain and rushes off to get ready.

Thankfully, she showered before He got home, so that isn’t an obstacle. The sundress falls to the floor and she stands naked in the setting suns final burst of brilliance. The warm rays feed her flesh in comfort as she wanders to the closet. The realization hits that she never asked where they were going which would dictate how she will dress. Sighs fall on the fading light as she pulls her satin robe from its hook and to her nude form. Draping it lightly and tying it loosely, she heads back out into the living room.

The rooms are silent as she meanders through the barely lit house. The kitchen light is the only one on and she makes her way to it like a tiny moth. Her assumption is that the men have gone; yet she is very wrong. Standing there leaning against the counter is the dark man, Jim. A wicked smile spreads over His face as He laughs, “Back so soon darlin?”

Not quite sure what to say, she merely asks where her Master is and leaves it at that.

“Oh He is in the garage and will be back shortly. I hear that you are going to be the one to entertain us tonight. Very interesting indeed.”

“Yes Sir, it should be a very nice night for all,” she squeaks out.

He chuckles and nods, “My girl could use dancing lessons so I’m hoping she picks up some tips from watching you.” His smile eases into something more settling, and she laughs softly.

“I don’t normally give lessons Sir,” she responds with a light laugh, “but if she lets it come from her heart and soul, I’m sure she would be beautiful.” She can’t figure out why this guy made her feel so uneasy earlier, and chalks it up to Them being used to using intimidation as a greeting in business settings.

Just then, her Master enters with the other man in tow. They laugh again about something one of them said and don’t take notice to her right away. Her Master sees her, beams brightly and slips an arm around her waist. An exuberant smile flashes over her face and the two Men look knowingly at them. “Doesn’t look like My girl is ready yet or is that how you plan on going out?” They all laugh and look to her for an explanation.

Feeling the rush of blood rise into her cheeks and fill them with a crimson stain, she laughs. “Master, I don’t know where we’re going for dinner, so I don’t know what to wear!”

Now He laughs again, but a little lighter this time. “Rick and Jim were just leaving to change and pick up Their girls. We’ll find you something appropriate now.”

They stand there linked by not only their arms wrapped deliciously around each other, but by their souls. Staying safe in each others embrace, they show the Men to the door while promising to see them soon.

Before the door clicks shut, He pulls her into the nearest chair so that He straddles over her. His gaze makes its way to the soft shaven mound that is peeking out from beneath the satin. He gently slips one lone finger deep inside which pulls a groan from her. Another finger fucks deep inside without warning as soft moans escape from between her lips.

“Seems My slut’s a little wet. Wonder why that could be.”

Thinking of the right response, she hesitates too long. Another finger joins the previous two in pumping slowly in and out of her sweet cunt.

“Well littleone? Why are you wet?”

Her mouth opens to no words, finding this to be a day where she is speechless more often than not. Only soft whimpers escape her. Quickly, those same fingers that were just sliding skillfully in her pussy smear over her trembling mouth. As He paints her full lips with her own juices, His want increases tenfold. Pushing those digits into her mouth, He bids her to suck them as she would what He really wants her to suck right then.

She doesn’t hesitate as her tongue rolls around each, cleaning her sticky dew from them with expert ease. He starts to moan too, and both echo their deepest lustful desires each to the other.

He picks her up still wrapped around Him and tosses her to the couch where He kneels above her. Bewilderment brings a gasp from her as His hands tear open her robe. Voraciously, His mouth suckles and nibbles at her exposed skin. Panting hot breaths bathe the wet trails left by His tongue. Urgent fingers grope and rake over her quivering body. Fanning her fire, she also begins to ravenously devour every inch of Him her hungry mouth can find.

One arm curls under her back and flips her over to her stomach. As He pulls her ass high up in the air, He also fumbles at His belt and zipper. Bending over her bowed body, His lips traverse the length of her spine as His thickness now presses Kurtköy İranlı Escort against her wet crease ~ teasing it, taunting her, playing with what is His. He begins to rock back and forth, sawing His probing member deeper into her slit but not penetrating her heated depth. His fingers dig deep into her hips as He pulls her back and forth to match His motions.

Expertly, He maneuvers the throbbing head of His cock to rub against her drenched little button. This sends her so near the edge that she starts to grind back to Him and tiny wails rip from her throat.

His words replenish her longing for Him as He says barely above a whisper, “My littleone is horny for her Master, isn’t she? She wants to feel Him fuck her hard and now, doesn’t she? She wants to cum at His command, yes?”

A mixture of whimpers and growls fill the room as she can barely think straight. His voice bellows from behind her, “Well?”

“Yessssss Master, oh God yessssssss.”

“Yes what littleone? Yes what?”

She pauses to pant a little longer before begging with all she is, screeching out, “Your girl wants to cum for You Master, she wants to cum so bad. Pleaseeeee let me cum.”

Behind her out of sight, He grins that dirty grin only He can muster in times like these. He too feels the need, but thinks it best that they both wait until later as wicked thoughts take shape in His mind. “No.”

She squeals and whimpers louder which only causes His fingers to wind around in her hair, pulling back her head to His mouth. “I said no … for now.”

Gently, He releases her back to position and removes His pulsing cock from her gash torturously slow. She growls as it slides against all of her most sensitive nerve endings and nearly tosses her over the cliff she’s barely hanging onto as it is. Loving hands stroke over her glistening skin as He urges her back to sit with Him.

All she can think of is Him … how He must be needing release as much as she does at this point … how He can continuously drive her to the edge of the cliff and hold her there dangling while His own blood must be boiling with need … she can only think of how she kneels in awe of this man, this man who holds her in the palm of His hand, gently squeezing from her only the best.

Feeling rather frazzled, she takes a few deep breaths before curling against Him. Deciding to try and put what just happened behind her for the time being, she asks innocently, “So where are we going to eat, and any ideas of what I should wear?” She practically jumps from her seat when He bursts out into fits of laughter. That is one thing she absolutely loves about them ~ their ability to laugh together. It seems to be infectious as she begins to giggle uncontrollably. Soon they are holding onto one another for dear life as tears pour from their eyes from the force of the silliness.

They calm slowly and race each other to the bedroom to get changed. He, of course, wins since He’s much more quick and agile than she seems to be today. Instead of heading to His closet, He goes to hers and rummages through her garments. Being that the night will be balmy, He selects a pale yellow tank top with brown leather lacing up the front. She grins because it’s one of His favorites being that it has spaghetti straps that barely cover her shoulders and is quite low cut to reveal much more than just her cleavage. She pulls her favorite short shorts from the bottom drawer of her dresser and holds them up for approval. They aren’t too short, but short enough to make Him stop and stare. The smile that they draw answers her query quickly. Heading to her underwear drawer, she starts to rummage around through the assortment of frills, lace, satin and silk. He slides up behind her and reaches down for only one item before closing it. He pulls out a strapless cream bra and winds it around her neck.

“No panties tonight My precious.”

She giggles and nods. As He backs away, she wiggles out of her silky robe and lets it float down her body to the floor. He watches as she slips into the bra and tank top, but helps her into her shorts. Twirling before Him, she waits for His opinion. He again smiles wide and tosses her sandals over to her. Completing the ensemble, she heads over to her vanity to find her jewelry. He is busy behind her getting dressed Himself, selecting a navy blue polo shirt and a set of khaki shorts. She turns just in time to see Him pull up the shorts over His delicious rear. He crosses the room to wind His arms around her shoulders as she fixes her earrings. His palm brushes the fullness of her breasts as He reaches down over her to grab her collar. It’s leather still so crisp and new, she watches as He lovingly fingers the sleek black band. She can’t help but smile as He pulls it tight against her throat for mere moments before relaxing its tension enough to fasten it. It’s her turn then to run her fingers over the band she only gets to wear for special occasions. Tonight will make only the third time she’s been allowed to wear it, and it’s only been when they’ve gone out. Although she knows that she belongs to Him 100%, He has not granted her the bliss of this His final act of claiming her as His and His alone. She knows it will come, but on His terms and at His will and this makes her again well with pride at being His. Bending back slightly to gaze into His eyes, she flashes Him the smile that she reserves for Him and Him alone.

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