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Dee’s Panties Obsession Ch. 04

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I’d like to dedicate this story to Fiona, whoever you may be. Thanks for the encouragement.


As Sara dressed for work the next day she reached for some clean panties from the draw and paused. Closing the draw she pulled Dee’s dirty knickers from under the pillow where she had left them the night before, deciding she would wear them instead. Feeling very naughty at the thought she smiled to herself before lifting them to her nose, after a satisfying sniff she put them on. She didn’t see Dee that morning, she had already left for work by the time Sara had got up.

Sara couldn’t get her mind of off the previous night. The kiss they had shared had made it quite obvious that they both wanted the same thing. But Sara was struggling with her conscience. Would it be so wrong! She was trying to convince herself, to give herself permission to do what they both really wanted.

By the time Sara had finished work she had decided she couldn’t resist the temptation. Wearing Dee’s dirty knickers all day had reinforced her desire. The thought of them against her pussy had kept her wet most of the day. She hoped no one had noticed her distraction from her work.

Dee had also been distracted from her work that day. Like Sara her mind kept wandering back to that kiss. She also couldn’t stop thinking of Sara’s dirty panties, the panties she couldn’t resist wearing again today. The panties she was making wet once more with her fresh juices.

Sara was in the bath when Dee got home, “Hello!” she called to notify Sara that she was home, “I’m home.”

“Hi Honey!” answered Sara, “You can come in.”

Dee opened the door, Sara’s head and knees was all she could see above the bubbly bath water.

“Oooo that looks nice, just what I could do with, a nice hot soapy bath,” Dee said.

Sara quickly took advantage of the comment, “You could always join me!”

Taken aback Dee blushed, “Erm… is there enough room?” she said when she’d regained her composure.

“I’m sure we’ll manage, as long as you don’t mind the tap end!” replied Sara.

“Back in a mo,” said Dee and went to her bedroom. She quickly took her clothes off and put on her bathrobe. She felt nervous and excited as she returned to the bathroom.

“Hop in,” said Sara, moving her legs apart to make room.

Dee stepped in and took her robe off, feeling embarrassed standing naked in front of Sara she quickly sat down to cover herself in the bubbles. Sara admired çanakkale seks hikayeleri the quick glimpse of Dee’s naked form before it was hidden from her veiw.

Seeing Dee was struggling to get comfortable Sara said, “bit cramped isn’t it, why don’t you turn round and sit between my legs.”

As Dee positioned herself Sara pulled her back and Dee felt Sara’s soft breasts against her back. A tingle of excitement shot threw her body.

“Ooooo that’s nice,” said Sara and wrapped her arms around Dee, hugging her tightly.

Dee stroked Sara’s bent legs either side of her as Sara moved her hands to cup Dee’s breasts.

“I’ve wanted to touch you for so long, don’t know how I’ve resisted. You have such a sexy body,” said Sara running her hands over Dee’s tits.

Dee closed her eyes and lost herself, she had never been touched like this before. Sara’s hand gently stroked down Dee’s stomach and slipped between her legs, her fingers finding Dee’s clit, a small gasp escaped her lips.

“Can this be so wrong!” said Sara as she kissed Dee’s shoulder.

“I don’t care if it is… anyway it’s nobody else’s business but ours,” said Dee still stroking Sara’s smooth slender legs.

Sara kissed Dee’s neck, one arm wrapped around her feeling her breast, her finger slipping lower between the lips of her labia. “You know, I wore your dirty panties to work again, made me so wet all day,” Sara said.

Dee laughed, “Two dirty minds think alike, I wore yours again today. They must be so filthy by now,” said Dee.

Sara kissed Dee’s neck and shoulder in a sudden frenzy as her finger slipped into Dee’s tight hole, “OH God You Dirty Girl… I want you so badly. Come on, lets dry off… I need you in my bed,” said Sara.

They both clambered out of the bath, water splashing everywhere in their rush and excitement. As they dried themselves, glancing at each others naked bodies Sara said, “Don’t forget to get those knickers, I think we’re going to need them.”

Dee dashed off to her room grabbing the filthy panties she had discarded earlier and rushed to Sara’s room. “Lay on the bed honey!” demanded Sara.

They were both naked, not bothering to cover themselves since leaving the bath. Dee laid on the bed clutching the retrieved panties in her hand. Dee bent her legs to allow Sara to kneel at the end of the bed. Sara lifted Dee’s feet and placed them on her tits, stroking them as she looked up along Dee’s sexy body noting the small neat triangle of hair between her lovely legs.

Sara lifted one foot to her mouth and sucked on Dee’s toes, licking between each one. After repeating the action on Dee’s other foot, she lowered them to the bed parting Dee’s legs and licked her way up towards her pussy.

Dee closed her eyes as Sara kissed her inner thighs. She felt her warm breath on her pussy as Sara moved closer. She gasped when Sara kissed her pussy lips before moaning with pleasure as she felt her tongue lick lightly up her delicate folds. Sara’s tongue wriggled it’s way in to Dee’s hole.

“Oh God you taste so good,” said Sara and continued exploring Dee’s cunt with her tongue.

Dee lifted the filthy knickers to her nose and sniffed in the mixed stale and fresh odours. As Sara’s tongue fucked her sopping wet pussy ever faster an intense orgasm racked her body. Sara pushed her tongue deeper and deeper until she tasted Dee’s cum and her body went limp as her orgasm subsided. Sara licked up Dee’s juices while Dee slowly recovered.

When Dee recovered her senses she said, “I’ve never felt anything like it, that was incredible. Sorry I came so quickly!”

“Don’t be silly girl, that was so so good. I love how you taste, how you smell,” said Sara, her head still between Dee’s legs.

Licking up the last traces of cum, Sara crawled up and lowered her body onto Dee’s and kissed her, giving Dee a taste of her own cum before rolling off to lay beside her.

“Your turn now,” said Dee as she laid on her side and started playing with Sara’s tits. Moving to kneel beside Sara, Dee picked up Sara’s dirty panties and waved them in front of Sara’s face. As she lowered them slowly towards Sara’s nose she moved her other hand between her legs.

Sara opened her legs to allow Dee’s fingers to explore her hairy pussy. A finger rubbed her clit, she sniffed the scent in the air from the filthy knickers Dee held an inch from her nose. A finger now between her moist pussy lips made her moan as it slipped up and down. Sara snatched the panties from Dee’s hand and pressed them to her face.

“Oh Fuck… so dirty,” said Sara, taking another sniff.

Dee shuffled down the bed on her knees. Pushing Sara’s legs wider she lowered her head and began kissing and licking Sara’s pussy and clit. With no experience of another woman Dee copied what Sara had done to her. She licked up and down Sara’s wet pussy lips before poking it into her hole.

Sara sniffed in more of the dirty odours from the panties Dee had been wearing all day, “Stick your finger in my cunt and lick my clit Dee… make me cum, I’m so close,” Sara said, now tasting the creamy panties on her face.

“Oh,oh,oh, that’s it, suck my clit… OH GOD YES…I’M CU…” Sara couldn’t finish, her body rigid, she couldn’t breath as her orgasm overwhelmed her.

Dee felt the gush of cum cover her finger as she continued fucking Sara’s cunt until she felt Sara’s body relax and go limp. Removing her finger she licked it clean and couldn’t resist licking up the cum oozing from Sara’s hole, smelling the musty odour of her pussy.

Dee crawled up the bed and cuddled into Sara placing her head on her breast. It was some time before either spoke.

“Thank you honey, that was wonderful,” said Sara and kissed Dee’s head. “I need to taste your pussy again.”

Sara shimmied down the bed and pulled the knickers out from under the pillow, the ones she had worn to work that day and handed them to Dee, “here, have these and sit on my face, let me taste that yummy pussy while you smell my juicy panties,” instructed Sara.

Dee positioned herself so she was looking down at Sara’s sexy slender body and lowered her pussy to Sara’s waiting mouth. When she felt Sara’s tongue slowly lick up her pussy lips she lifted the panties to her nose. She smelt the odour of wet pussy, Sara’s wet pussy mixed with her own stale juices.

“You taste so good, your gorgeous little cunt, dripping on my face,” said Sara licking up to Dee’s arsehole.

Dee was in heaven, the feel of Sara’s tongue flicking across her arsehole was a totally new sensation. She closed her eyes, sniffing in the dirty sexy aromas of their combined pussy’s on the panties under her nose.

Dee gently rocked backwards and forwards across Sara’s face, Sara’s tongue explored every detail of Dee’s pussy, clit and arse, revelling in the taste and odours. As Dee rocked faster she felt the familiar signs of her approaching orgasm. The smells invading her nose she positioned her clit above Sara’s lapping tongue.

“YES YES, Don’t stop… AWWWW GOD YES…,” cried Dee.

Sara was rewarded for her efforts with Dee’s cum and juices flowing across her nose and face. As Dee’s orgasms subsided she licked the mess from Dee’s pussy, savouring every drop.

They snuggled up together and must of dropped of to sleep. Dee awoke sometime later, she kissed the still sleeping Sara on the mouth before covering her with the quilt and returned to her own room.

They both slept well that night…

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