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Delice or Jamie?

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So I should have knocked. But you know something? I am glad I didn’t! Why? Read on and you will find out …

My Taxi driver friend called John shares keys to our bachelor pads and have an arrangement – that we could use each others flat for our private pursuits any time – when either one of us was out, the arrangement being that if either if us were in we’d twist the clock on the hall stand back to front. That was the idea anyway, just so we would not intervene into each others private affairs whatever they may be.

I had arranged for Delice to call me, to arrange a rendezvous later, she was some real sexy totty and I was hungry for her. We could share a wonderful love-in at John’s place.

I went in to check the bedroom, to make sure everything was ready.


Surprise, surprise, John hadn’t turned the clock around. There he was, he in his birthday suit enjoying a very rapturous oral job from this guy, crouched on the floor , knees spread, whom I knew not, not as though I could see his face anyway as it was smothered with John’s ample tactile.

And as the guy was unaware of my presence I took it that he was really incensed in what he was doing., although what I did see of him, a certain ring on his finger, I did wonder if it was the guy I’d had the week before, who was a real delight – like the way he came up unbeknown behind me at the Gayman’s club, slipped his hand into my right trouser pocket and gave my credentials a real good time – and not only that, because his other hand came around the other side of my hips and smartly took hold of my rising tide, squeezing my shaft with zest as the hand in my pocket manoeuvred its way underneath my balls. I was immediately sent into a world of magical mystery delight when he motioned me to twist around, his big hands undoing the buckle of my belt pretty smartly to bear all – by which time I was well and truly at large in the full sense bursa escort of the word and was immediately in raptures as he took my rising north peninsula into the crevice of his very busy mouth, his tongue doing wonders with my end, and soon he was full of the cream I had spurted into his beautifully presented ass, his enty manipulating my thrusting inside like it didn’t want to let the full shaft go, like he gasped and plead with me to stop awhile, to nurture the moment, and then to start again with full vigour. His fuck pretty fantastic and I was pretty sure this guy sucking my mate for all he was worth, was one of the same…

John, although he was in a stupor, saw me come in, he looked very flushed but motioned me to take a seat. Seeing him there being feasted on like that was a scene to behold, like a work of moving art, the sensual way this guy was sucking John’s very enlarged cock.

Then John did manage to put some words together, he was obviously taken by the young lads motions on his down unders.

“Sorry about the clock Pete”

“S’no problem,” I replied.

“Stay if you wish.”, Pete.

“Well I was planning to see Delice but better cancel now you are here.”

“It is up to you, Pete – you may like to try Jamie here, he is fantastic and I am sure he’d do you a turn for a note.”

(Jamie Huh – it was the same guy, I knew it – but I would not let on to John)

“How much?” I asked.

“Fifty, and that’s real good value, I have already fucked it twice.”

(And I had him for nothing!)

“When I can have Delice for fuck all, are you kidding, John!.”

“Your decision but you could be missing something really good!”

“I can see what you mean, John -boy! But unlike you and being bi-sexual I can enjoy both worlds.”

But it is true I was getting a hard -on just watching. Well I had already been masturbating earlier imagining Delice görükle escort with her thighs wrapped around me. So I was being drawn in by this guy Jamie’s superb oral activity on my taxi driver friend. Remembering quite well the rapturous feelings he gave me. It was quite an experience watching him lick and suck John without reservation or inhibition, like he was really enjoying and not just doing it for the money.

John was really away, his moans becoming more distinct as Jamie’s attention became more comprehensive, his hands fondling balls, his tongue licking and running up the length of Johns heavy cock.

By now I had a stiff hard- on and let my fingers wonder into my trouser pocket and down to my vitals, it was nice to rub and squeeze there as I watched my mate thoroughly enjoying himself deep inside Jamie’s mouth..

It wasn’t long before John grunted and said he wanted his ass again, and soon he was fucking it like a steam hammer, soon cuming with a huge surge which made me feel so randy.

“Now that was good” he spluttered afterwards, Jamie still bent over the bed rail, looking very inviting, he had a great arse and I was feeling horny and thinking I wouldn’t mind.

As if reading my mind, although I expect that wasn’t difficult – my expression must have been saying all John said I was welcome to it, “and don’t worry about the cash, I will treat you, pals tight then perhaps you can repay me with some time with Delice?”

Going through my mind was ‘would Delice go for that ‘ but it was not the time to argue, John asked Jamie if he was game and he said he would love to have my fuck, I really don’t think he recognised me or rather, I guess he was more preoccupied with the size of my cock – almost as if John’s cock hadn’t been enough for him. I groped the lads arse and felt the urge come on as stripped and guided my growing cock into that gaping hole, familiar bursa escort bayan territory to be sure since I had only been there just a week before! It still wide open after John’s fuck.

It was still a bit unusual because I still hadn’t seen Jamie’s face, but now I knew it was definitely the guy I’d had before because of a tell tale sword tattoo on his tight heaving cheek. but his arse was inviting enough and as I plunged my throbbing cock into him, I immediately felt the grip inside, like he was using his rectal muscles releasing the ache I had just before, He moved his arse delightfully as I noticed John move to the side of the bed, just in a position where Jamie could suck cock, his cock as I fucked arse. I knew what was on his mind and as far as Jamie was concerned he was happy to serve us both together.

What a combination, to feel the fuck of a guy who was also mouth fucking my mate at the same time.

This was certainly good value and this young lad made every moment count, at my request we changed sides, John fucking arse and me feeling the magic of Jamie’s mouth suck and lick me, my cock, p-hole and balls, he simply was a natural and obviously enjoyed every minute, just like before. I pushed forward and smothered him with my all, his hand grasping my hard cock, stretching it backwards as we all found a delightful fucking rhythm, when we were all moving in harmony, it seemed like Jamie was going to swallow me and looking at my mate I could see he was deep shafting the hole I had just shafted and with great resolve!

What a great afternoon that turned out to be, that day I was to have the best of both worlds when later I was fucking Delice, if only she had known what I was doing a few hours earlier.

When I left John and Jamie, laying exhausted on the bed, I still didn’t think Jamie had recognised me, but my cock was still throbbing with that certain satisfaction you get after a real deep quality fuck

Selfish or what no way was I going to share sweet Delice with John, I’d pay him and leave it at that.

And enjoying Delice was different yet equally enticing and gratifying.

But that story my friends is for next time….

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