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Demanding, Isn’t She?

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“I’ve got the rest of day off,” you announce as I walk in the door.

“Cool, what are we going to do?” I replied surprised.

“Well, I thought we’d take a nap first, then get up and figure that out later.”

“Oh goody, we’re gonna get between the sheets!” I grin.

“Oh no, baby, let’s sleep first, maybe play later” you take my hand and lead me to the bedroom. We both undress. I can’t help but appreciate seeing your nakedness appear from behind your clothes. I begin to get turned on.

“NOT NOW, I said,” you reprimand me. “Let’s sleeeeep!” you jump onto the bed, your sexual muskiness wafting across my senses and the dark crack of your behind swaying as you crawl across the bed to your pillow.

With disappointment, I finish undressing and crawl in beside you. Your nearness completes the firming of my penis and I roll onto it, trying to ignore it’s demands for release.

I drift in my thoughts, slowly letting sleep take over ….


…and I wake to hear you say, “Wake up Slave! You’ve slept quite enough!”

I lift my head and realize I’m blindfolded, still lying on my back on the bed, but I’ve been handcuffed at both the wrists and ankles.

“What’s happening? …” I begin.

“Be quiet, Slave! You only talk when I allow it! You must ask for permission to speak and you must address me with respect. You must address me as Mistress when you speak to me! Do you understand?”

I’m am slow to fully realize what is happening and do not answer immediately. I feel a sharp tap across my thighs.

“Do you understand me, Slave?” you demand again.

“Yes, yes I do.” I reply, wondering what just slapped my thigh.

The tap came again, only slightly harder.

“Yes you do, what?” you say, a demand reminiscent of Army basic training.

“Yes, I do, Mistress.”

You softly rub the item against my thigh this time.

“That’s better,” you purr.

I hear you step away from the bed and I feel my penis tingling to life.

“I can’t have you lying in bed doing nothing!! You must serve me this evening! Get your naked behind out of bed!”

I slide off the bed, my feet cuffed and I stand finding my balance.

“Slave! I am losing my patience with you; you do not stand in my presence unless I allow you to! Get on your knees!”

“Yes, Mistress.” I slide to my knees.

“I did not say you could talk while doing it.” And I felt another sharp tap, this time on my right ass cheek. “Hmmm, and by the looks of it, you are enjoying this.”

It was true; my penis arose to point skyward, hard and ready.

“I don’t want you to do a thing unless I approve it. You can’t eat, drink or go potty until I say you can, do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

I suddenly detected a strong sexual muskiness and I realize either your wet vagina was right in front of my nose or you had dipped you fingers there and were now waving them across my face. My penis pulsed at this new arousal, Kurtköy Yabancı Escort demanding to be touched in some way.

I inhale deeply the air before me and your sex fills my head with desire. I hear some wet sloppy sounds and I know you are fingering yourself right in front of me, but I cannot see it, only smell it. You are driving me crazy.

“Mmmm, that feels … oh so good … but not ready … to come just yet.” The wet sounds cease. “Hmmm, what can I have my Slave do for me?”

“Hmmm, I am thirsty,” she continues, “slave, go fetch me a wine cooler and I want you to put it into one of those champagne cups and bring it to me.”

I begin to rise to satisfy your request, but you stop me with a firm hand on my shoulder.

“Did I say you could stand? Crawl your way there!” you slowly push me back to my knees.

I begin to crawl my way to the kitchen, feeling ahead of me as I go. I arrive at the kitchen and open the fridge. I try to remember where the wine coolers are. I slowly fumble my way through the shelves until I find the glass bottle with the tapered neck.

“What is taking so long?” I hear you say from the living room. “Hurry up, Slave!”

I put the bottle on the floor and try to remember where the plastic champagne cups were. I remembered seeing them in the liquor cabinet. I stood and felt my way gingerly inside until I found them. I separate one and bring it back to the floor. I open the bottle and feel my way to pour the wine cooler into the cup. I guess at how full the cup gets.

I carefully crawl my way one-handed — while holding the cup — to the living room.

“That’s a good Slave” I hear you croon to me.

I hold the cup towards your voice.

“Bring it closer.”

I reach closer to you until I accidentally bump your chest and it some splashes across your body. You take the cup from me.

“How dare you spill on me, Slave! Clean it up!”

I turn away to get a kitchen towel.

“Use your tongue, Slave!”

I turn back and approach your body. I lean in until I find your chest. I begin licking your chest.

“That is good, but I didn’t JUST get it on my titties! Lick my stomach too!” you demand.

I lick your stomach, looking for wine. As I am doing this I hear you drinking the remaining wine.

“Get me some more and this time do not spill it on me!” I feel you hand the cup to me.

I repeat the journey twice more, refilling the cup. In between, I sit at your feet and you have me massage and kiss your legs and feet while you read a book (I could hear the pages turn). I think I hear your fingers sloshing in your wet slit again, but I’m not sure. I do know that sometimes perfumed clouds of your arousal would waft across my nose. Oh and how I want you. I brush my hand across the head of my penis glans.

“Slave, do not touch yourself unless I say you can!” you order.

I quietly obey. You put the book down.

“Slave, find me a towel and return pronto. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress”

I Kurtköy Yeni Escort quickly crawl to the bathroom, find a towel and return to your feet.

“I want you to get three more champagne cups and return here. Do you understand?”

Confused, I hesitate.

“Do you understand, Slave?”

“Yes, Mistress” I turn to go.

“And hurry.”

I quick-crawl to the kitchen, stand to retrieve the cups, trying to fit the bases into the stems.

“Slave, I said Hurry.” you say louder.

“Yes, Mistress,” I finish and drop to my knees and scuffle to your feet.

“Lay out the towel and put the cups in a row.” you command.

I quickly laid out the towel and line up the cups.

“You have done well attending to my thirst. So I am going to return the favor. Give me your hand.”

My curiosity peaked, I reach towards you. You guide my hand to your hips. I feel that you are wearing a leather skirt. You guide my hand lower and down your thigh. You then slide it up under your skirt. I feel your warm vagina, swollen, steamy and oozing.

“That’s enough! Raise your blindfold, you will watch this.” you say.

“Yes, Mistress.” I raise the blindfold.

I see before me your hand lifting your skirt as you squat over a champagne cup, holding onto the nearby coffee table for support. Your groin muscles are taut along your legs as you spread your legs. A small tuft of pubic hair rides above your puffy vaginal lips which are red with arousal.

“Do not let me spill as I fill these cups.” you command, “As I fill each one, you must replace it with an empty, until I am done. For each spill, you must drink that glass. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Good” and staring directly at me, you release a hard steady golden stream into the first cup. It fills fast, the overspray goes everywhere. I have to dive down to get the next cup to replace it.

“Guess what Slave! You’re drinking.”

The next one fills fast also and I set it to the side and grab another empty. This time, I don’t spill.

“Very good, you’re learning.”

You still watch me with the same stare not bothering to look down. A sharp smell of pee fills the air and I am rock hard from your blatant control of me. On the third cup, the stream slows to a drizzle and then finally a few drops.

You stand, legs still spread.

“Lick me clean.”

I nuzzle my nose to you and lick you eagerly. You sigh and pull away.

“That will do, Slave,” you motion to the first cup, “you may enjoy my essence now.”

You sit back down and open your book.

I turn to the filled cups, sparkling honey color with light shining through. I contemplate how best to fulfill the task before me. Fast, drink real fast, I think.

I take the cup and begin to chug it down, the fluid is still warm from your body. I set it down, half-finished. When I next inhale, the acrid taste is strong in my mouth and I pause to get my breath and not gag.

“Do you not like my gift to you?” you Kurtköy Masaj Salonu sternly query.

“Oh yes Mistress, I am just catching my breath. I’ll continue in a sec.”

“Do so then,” you return to your book, amusement coloring your features.

I steel my resolve and finish the remaining urine, the pee is rapidly cooling. I find the taste is much better when warm. It’s like drinking sake.

“You will put on your blindfold again,” you say.

I fumble to put it back over my eyes and kneel before you. After what seemed like an eternity, you stand and walk into the bedroom. I hear the toy drawer open where you keep your dildos. Then I hear it close. I wonder what you have pulled from it.

“Slave, go fetch the pink bar stool and bring it into the bedroom.”

I racked my brain to remember where it was. I tried the dining area and kitchen with no avail. I crawled into the bedroom and found it where it normally sits; in front of your make-up area.

“Bring it by the TV cabinet and sit on it.”

I drag it over to the TV cabinet and sit on it.

“I am going to make you sit there and listen while my man toy, Big Jake here takes care of my needs.” I hear some faint wet sloshing sounds again and I wonder if it’s your fingers or the toy sliding along your slit.

“What’s that Big Jake?” you say, teasing me “that you’re dying to sink that massive cock of yours into my pussy? Well, of course you are sweetie, what man wouldn’t love to sink their shaft into my wet steaming cunt? I would love to have it inside me, stroking my walls, pounding me and spraying a hot load of your precious seed deep inside me?”

This dirty talk makes me moan from my stool.

“Oh, it sounds like my Slave likes what he hears. Too bad he can’t see you kneeling between my legs cock poised to plunge deep into me.” There’s a pause.

“Ohhhhhhh, god yes!!” you suddenly groan, it is obvious you have just inserted the toy for the first time.

“Such a nicsssssse cock you have Jake,” you hiss. “My juices are soaking your shaft. It’s been sooooo long since I’ve had a proper fucking.”

I moan again, wanting to touch myself, cursing yet loving your teasing words.

“I do declare, Jake” you say, “I think my Slave is turned on!”

“Slave, stand by me!”

I approach the bed.

“Stroke your cock Slave!”

I reach out and begin to furiously pump my cock with one hand.

“Uggghhhhh, baby … stroke me good. Oh I can feel your balls tighten Jake.” I hear you groan.

It’s easy to see the image of another man between your legs pumping his cock — a huge thick cock — into your sweet hole … his butt cheeks squeezing on each thrust into you … he raises up over you as the pressure increase in his balls … he groans as the cum boils up his rod … and it blasts in a hot release into you … you cry out in response as the waves hit you … you clamp onto his cock and ride the waves while you get filled by his sperm … i imagine seeing white creamy jism slipping out and running down to your behind

This image takes me right to the top and I begin to spurt thick ropes of cum in your direction.

“Oh, my … it’s a … cum shower!” you groan.

As I finish spurting, I hear you say, “come ‘ere, Slave boy, I have some spunk cleanup work for that lovely tongue…”

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