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Disastrous Relations

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I find these events so hard to believe. I was there, obviously. I remember it all. But it was a night of such high emotions, stress, and so forth all mixed together. So I had to write it out anonymously, just so I could actually believe it happened. Hopefully when I am done, and I tell this tale, I can read it a few times. I’ll let it sink in, then probably delete it, once I realize how wrong it was, and that it should never happen again.

But just a little about my situation previous to the event. I really worked my butt off for three months prior in order to close a tax accounting contract that brought millions to my company, and a huge bonus to myself. I guess that was the start of my euphoria. I was on top of the world the night after I got my bonus. It was 2 days before Thanksgiving. My wife, and mother to my only daughter was out of town, as she had been so often to care for her aging father. She would be back to our house tomorrow evening, and to this day, 5 months later be totally unaware of what had happened under the roof we share. However, she does know of the accident that led up to this event. We are a family after all.

As I think back on all of this I have to stop and account for all of it carefully. These event that preceded, are a blur, because they happened so quickly and under a great deal of stress. I know this, so if I remember more of it later, I’ll just fill in the blanks in my head. No need to re-write a story I’m just going to delete anyway.

November 23rd of last year, around 9:50 PM

I glanced up at the clock on the wall behind the TV noting yet another commercial, during my show. I honestly didn’t realize what time it was until then. Then it occurred to me that my eighteen year old daughter should be here by now. She has been traveling home from college upstate since mid afternoon. The last I heard from her was about six, when she was halfway here. It is now nearly ten and she is overdue.

Picking up my phone, I halfway tuned into the last few minutes of my show as I called her. After several rings, her message service picked up. I hung up and tried again. During the third time I started to get a little nervous. The snowstorm has picked up considerably in the past few hours. But just as it was about to go to the answering service again, I heard her voice.

“Hi dad,” Heather answered.

“Oh good you picked up,” I said. “I was worried”.

“Sorry,” she giggled. “I had the radio on really loud.”

“Are you getting close?” I asked.

“Actually yeah,” she said. “Just turning onto James’ lake road now. It was hard making the turn. The snow is like over a foot in the middle of the road on Baxter.”

“Yeah it really came down,” I said, starting to feel relieved.

“So like ten minutes”, she said. “Any leftovers? I’m starving”.

“Yeah, some chicken soup I made,” I smiled.

“Oh yum,” she giggled. “You know Dad, as much as I am enjoying school, it’s good to come home for the holidays.”

“It’s so good to have you here,” I said softly as I stepped out on the porch.

“Your the only kid I’ve got you know”.

“Whoa,” Heather said with an elongated tone.

“What?” I asked nervously.

“Oh nothing,” she said. “That corner down near Perkin’s beach, you know. It’s kinda steep. I have to slow down.”

“Oh I think I see you,” I said as I looked down the road about a half a mile. “Slow down Heather”.

“I am but it’s slippery,” she said.

“Put it in first, pump the brakes!” I exclaimed.

“Trying!” she exclaimed.

“Your going faster,” I exclaimed.

“Not on purpose,” she said nervously. “It’s slippery. I can’t slow down.”

“Turn into the skid,” I said as I saw her little car start to move sideways at increasing speed.

“Ah dad!”, she exclaimed, “putting the phone down!”

“Dammit,” I exclaimed as I heard a bang from the phone presumably being tossed on the dashboard. “Heather!”

I watched in horror as the car slid off of the road sideways at the bottom of the hill. My heart raced as it slowed and looked as if it would come to a stop. Then it slid more and picked up speed, flipping onto its top, then righting itself again, slamming broadside, hard against a tree. The sound was deafening. Of course it wasn’t from this distance, but just the thought of my daughter being hurt created those sound effects in my head.

“Heather!”, I hollered into the phone as I ran back into the house.

Quickly I took my keys, and hurriedly grabbed my jacket. Running into the garage, I slammed the door open. Jumping in my truck as fast as I could, I cussed at the garage door taking so long to rise. Once it had, an eternity later, I pulled quickly out of the garage, sliding all over the driveway. Realizing how to fix the problem, I switched into four wheel drive, and sped off down the road in the direction of the wreck. I kept hollering into the phone through a connection that was still open. There was no answer. As I approached the scene, I lined the truck up with the position of my daughter’s car and canlı bahis turned the high beams on. As I got out, I started calling her name. A nearby neighbor, Mr. George must have heard the noise and was running from his house across the street. His flashlight bobbed up and down as he ran through the deep snow.

“Sam help me!” I hollered. “It’s Heather!”

“Oh no!” Sam George said with concern.

“Heather!” I hollered as I looked down over the embankment leading to the lake. “Sam, help me with this.”

I instructed him how to release the wench cable slowly as I descended with it wrapped around my waist. It couldn’t possibly go fast enough. Then I heard her. Her voice was as sweet and welcoming as any. A huge wave of relief filled me as I hollered back.

“Dad I’m stuck!” she said.

“I’m coming baby!” I hollered with a slight whimper.

As I reached the bottom, I looked in expecting to see a parent’s nightmare. She looked back at me through the glass of a half smashed outside window. A small cut on her forehead was all the damage I saw. But then I nearly lost my lunch as I saw the tree limb sticking through the windshield just a few inches from her head. Half of her flip phone could be seen underneath it.

“Hang on!” I whimpered as I pulled on the door handle.

It would not budge. Heather pushed on it from the other side with no luck from the added effort. I started to get frustrated, wanting so bad to get my only daughter out of this and into my arms, for the biggest hug of her life. It was then that I heard sirens off in the distance. Mr. George must have made a call. Bless him. It’s amazing how people come through for you in times of crisis. But that was only the beginning of this evening’s adventures.

Two hours later…

“She’s very lucky,” an ER doctor said as he took me to see her sitting at an exam table.

“I know,” I said softly.

“Go home,” he said. “Have an extra special Thanksgiving this year.”

“Thanks doc,” I said and went over to hug my daughter.

I felt her shake a little and heard her cry openly into my shirt. I held her tight for as long as it would take, gently stroking her hair. I was not at all angry, just very relieved.

“Sorry daddy,” she sobbed.

“Hey, lets just forget about it,” I said, trying to hold back my own tears as I helped her off of the exam table.

“I wrecked my car,” she sniffed.

“And your phone,” I said as I smiled at her.

“Yeah,” she said with a nervous laugh.

After a few more words from the doctor and a signature, I was taking my daughter home. As we reached the ER waiting room there was a familiar voice from the side.

“Need a ride?”, Mr. George smiled.

“Yeah…yeah we do actually,” I said.

“Here…your keys,” he said as he handed my own keys to me, “You left it there, running when you went off with the ambulance. I was just gonna park it, but I couldn’t get my rig out to come down here.”

“Oh that’s no problem,” I smiled. “Thank you for coming to get us.”

We drove home in relative silence. My daughter curled up beside me as we drove, with Mr. George on the other side. I began to think about how lucky we just were. How lucky this family is to have just avoided a tragedy. As we made the turn onto the lake road, Mr. George broke the silence.

“You know, the feller with the wrecker said he couldn’t get the car out. He has to come back tomorrow with a chainsaw,” he said.

“Oh, ok,” I said.

“He said he’ll take it to his yard where I guess your insurance company will come get it,” Sam said.

“My car,” Heather whimpered.

“Hey Heather feather,” Sam said using a name he use to call her when she was a kid. “Your going home. Can’t ask the good Lord for anything better.”

“I know,” she said, holding on to tears.

“That nice feller carried two bags up over the hill he got out of it,” Sam said. “In the back right here.”

“Oh?” she seemed to brighten up. “My stuff.”

“And this,” Sam said as he handed two separated halves of a flip phone to her.

“Oh,” she said dryly as she took them. “Totaled my phone too. Weird it’s still on…halfway.”

I glanced over as she pulled the back of it off and the battery out, silencing it’s last moment of life. As she pulled out the SIM card, I couldn’t help getting a wave of uneasiness with those thoughts. It could have been worse. The things lost can be replaced. A short while later, Heather put her head back in the seat and seemed to doze off. I pulled into Sam’s driveway and proceeded to plow it for him, the same way I do every storm, as a courtesy. We thanked each other, and I drove back down the road toward home. In order to get back in the driveway through the drifts, I had to do some plowing at home as well. As I approached the house, I decided to leave the plow facing outward to finish the job in the morning. Before I turned the truck off, I released the plow. It made a thump and shook the front of the truck as it rested on the driveway. The noise startled Heather and bahis siteleri she awoke with a gasp. I reassured her that she was home and safe.

“I need a shower,” Heather said softly as she started to take her bags upstairs.

“Me too,” I said, noticing how sweaty I had gotten from all the excitement.

“Thank you daddy,” she smiled.

“Night sweetie,” I said with a weak smile.

She went up over the stairs, and a few minutes later I heard the shower start up. I set my keys and my phone on the counter and let out a large sigh. I rested against the sink and rubbed my face with my hands. Just as I did, my phone rang.

“Hello?” I said quickly without looking.

“Hi, sorry did I wake you?” my wife asked.

“No, no, what’s up?” I asked.

“With all the snow, I was just checking to see that Heather made it home ok,” she said.

“Oh yeah, a while ago, sorry, should have called,” I said nervously.

“Are you alright?” she asked.

“Yeah, I was just dozing and well you know how it is when you get a call in the middle of the night,” I answered.

“Yeah, sorry. I just got this nervous feeling and had to call to be sure,” she said.

“Yeah she’s taking a shower now and probably heading to sleep soon,” I said. “Want her to call you?”

“Oh no, I’m going to bed,” she said. “I’ll be there with dad tomorrow afternoon anyway.”

“Ok,” I said.

We both exchanged pleasantries and hung up. Myself or Heather would tell her about what happened when she got home. But with everyone safe, there was no reason to give her any anxiety about it now. I set the phone down and went upstairs to our bedroom to shower. I made it to the top of the stairs just in time to see Heather turn her light off.

“Night Heather,” I said.

“Night daddy,” she said with a somewhat defeated tone.

A hot shower did plenty to calm me but it had not done so completely. So I headed back downstairs. Looking at the clock on the microwave as I passed reading 2:25 AM, I went into the family room to wind down a little. Still being worked up a bit after what happened, I needed to just sit a while. I adjusted my bathrobe, which is all I put on after the shower. I sat on the couch and grabbed the remote.

The TV was still on from before the accident. Again I adjusted the thin silk robe that my wife had given me last year. I decided on wearing it, when I felt as if I might sweat right through regular clothes. My adrenaline was still running a little heavy. After settling on the late show, I dropped the remote beside me and stared at the box, somewhat paying attention. Honestly I just wanted the background noise, while I tried to get tired enough to sleep. A short while later it seemed to work and I felt myself dozing off. I just let it go, thinking that if I were to climb the stairs and go to bed, I might just lie there for hours. Slowly I fell asleep sitting up in the couch.

Perhaps it was the fright and stress, but I have never been physically active in my dreams. For a while it seemed as if I had changed that. I began to dream. First I was at the hospital with Heather. Then we were home. Then it seemed to jump ahead to later on when my wife came home. It’s night time again. I hear a voice. It doesn’t say my name, but it is talking to me. It’s thanking me. I feel a weight on my leg. It’s hard, a bit heavy and also feels ticklish like strands of hair.

Sitting now, watching TV with my wife. A head rests on my leg…that’s it. There is a hand on my knee. It moves once in a while just a bit. I put my hand out and stroke long flowing hair. The hand slowly drags down my leg and seems to land on my foot, then off. I guess I’m relaxing her, rubbing her hair. But I am feeling a bit frisky. I stop stroking her hair and run my hand softly along her cheek, then to her neck. Reaching into the back of her shirt…oh wait she is moving. It’s a loose thing. I guess a robe. I put my hands on her back and slowly run the tips of my fingers along her skin.

Enjoying her gentle warmth, I start to rise to the occasion. I felt the pressure building, so I pull my legs apart a bit to let it extend to the length it’s supposed to be. Now it presses against the silk bathrobe, but I can feel my head poking through it just a bit. I hear a deep sigh, and what seems to be a few sniffs. The voice tells me I am the best and thanks me again. I trail one last sensual scrape with my fingers down her back, then pull my hand out. Adjusting myself a bit, I let my now full erection peak through the robe. I was hoping she would notice. Long flowing hair tickling my head is driving me wild. There is the hand again on my knee. Well ok, I can do all the work for a while.

I think I spoke out loud telling her to relax. I said it again as I reached down and cupped her thin backside. I heard a murmur as I caressed it over a thin silk robe. Funny…I remember it being a little thinner. I mean the one she got for herself at the same time as mine. No matter. Reaching over to her waist, I tugged on the straps and pulled them bahis şirketleri apart. Then slowly sliding the robe off of one shoulder and out from around the rest of her, I heard a giggle.

I met her hand with mine as she was pulling the robe off of one of her arms. With my other hand, I pulled on my own robe strap, hoping she would notice. Her hand now rested on the inside of my knee. Enjoying her soft silky skin, I gently ran my fingers along her. I stopped a moment at a protruding nipple, and made circles on it with my finger. I heard a soft moan as I cupped her breast. She shifted a bit and laid slightly more on her back. As she did, her hand shot up my thigh about halfway on the inside, but quickly came back to my knee.

In her new position I was able to give her other breast some attention, and from some small moans, it was welcome. I wasn’t stopping there though. I wanted to do much more. After all, because she has been gone, we haven’t done this in a long time. I guess that is why I am so aroused.

I casually pressed my fingers along her skin until I had reached where her mound should be. There wasn’t one. I pulled her leg apart with my hand quickly. She seemed to comply willingly. I began to explore, only to find that she had done something I had always wanted to try. I shave myself because I enjoy the feeling, but she has always been somewhat reluctant. She trips, but never goes bald. I know what I said and I didn’t care. So hot…I love it.

I began to explore and felt myself get even more excited at my discovery. At last my suggestion was answered. I let my fingers explore and I touched upon her wetness. It seemed to drip out of her like it never had before. Exciting me even more, I rubbed her clitoris, to the result of soft begging moans. Still rubbing on them, I slowly put two fingers inside the warmest and most incredible feeling ever. She seemed much tighter as well. I wondered how she did that? I pleasured her happily.

Heather moved quickly to lie completely on her back. Then I heard a giggle, and I think she moaned. Just a moment later she shifted and a soft gentle hand closed itself around my erection. I uttered something, not so important as she stroked it gently with one hand, and pulled apart my robe with the other. Enjoying my own play, I began to pleasure her with my fingers again. In and out I went, until her moans became rhythmic. Very soon after, and much faster than usual, her legs tightened. I smiled as I heard her…”I’m cumming.”

Perhaps it was the playfulness. But she sounded younger. I still wanted to play, but she began to shift. She seemed to face me now. Suddenly I felt her breath blow onto my exposed sack. Oh baby yeah…I hope I am not uttering this out loud in my sleep. Seconds later the soft and so incredible wetness of a thin tongue trailed from the bottom, all the way up to the head. I let out a gasp of pleasure as I still worked my fingers. Soon, soft lips pressed against the underside of my shaft, and moved up and down. I moaned with pleasure. ‘Didn’t know they got this big…damn’. Did she really say that? I felt her release again around my fingers, and so quickly like before. This woman is in fire tonight. As quickly as that ended I heard words again. This time it woke me up.

“Want me to suck your cock daddy?” she asked.

“Ye…your calling me…da…Oh holy shit!” I exclaimed.

I awoke suddenly, and pushed up on the couch. In doing so, Heather fell on to the floor on her back with a thud. I pulled myself up over the couch and fell over the other side.

“Bad dream!” I exclaimed.

“No daddy,” Heather said, panting, “A dream come true.”

“What?” I said as I peaked over the couch. “This is real, holy…”

Peaking over the side I looked at her as she rested her naked self against the chair next to the TV. I couldn’t believe my eyes, and I looked away as I stood, closing my robe around me. I stared at her in surprise, but just at her face. She giggled back at me.

“You know I couldn’t sleep and I just came down here so I could talk a while,” she giggled. “Didn’t expect to cum.”

“Holy fu…er…dammit,” I said as I stood in front of the TV and picked up her robe. “Put this on.”

“I don’t wanna,” she smiled.

“I don’t believe this. I just fingered my…daughter…,” I said with a gasp.

“Don’t forget, the whole licking your cock thing too,” She smiled. “By the way…just FYI…it’s big.”

“Heather stop!” I exclaimed.

“Dad, I was crying when I came down here,” she said softly as she stood and tossed the robe aside. “I had a bad dream, and was scared. I thought you were being nice at first. But then you started…doing other things. So yeah it was like a dream I had about you once.”

“Ah crap, I don’t want to hear this!” I said.

“I don’t know,” Heather stuttered. “I just thought you wanted it. Thought you were…comforting me.”

“Comforting you…like that?” I asked.

“Yeah…but tell me one thing honestly….Did you enjoy it?” she asked.

“Ye…wait…that was before I realized it was you” I said.

“Oh come on. You must have been really out of it not to notice some differences,” Heather said with a frown. “My breasts are smaller than mom’s. I shave. My hair is longer.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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