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Disruptive Student Ch. 02 – Mutual Masturbation

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I couldn’t think straight the rest of the day. I was trying to decide if I had great or horrible luck. I guess they could balance each other out. But truth be told, I’ll only consider myself unlucky if we end up getting caught.

Which is the way I have kind of always lived my life. Most of my success has been from luck. Even the bad things that have happened turned into good in the end. Part of me wanted to test this theory and walk butt naked down the hall into the Dean’s office, and ask if she wanted to join us. But I thought better of that option.

That is until Evie walked in at the end of the day with Samantha. Samantha was Evie’s friend, and the one that took the video of Evie sucking me off. Evie must have seen the look in my eyes because she immediately addressed the situation.

“Not so fast, we can’t have all of your fantasies coming true at once.” Evie joked. “I thought we should have a lookout, in case anyone starts coming down the hall.”

I nodded at this, but then had the sudden realization of what was about to happen. All day, despite the blow job, I had been imagining this as some kind of fantasy. Not something that was really going to happen.

Now that these two were actually here, the whole thing started to become real in my mind. I felt nervous and my whole body felt tingly. Very similar to how I felt when I lost my virginity. It was naughty and exciting. The thrill of possibly getting caught was already making me hard.

“There is one thing before we begin though. Sam here has a boyfriend back home. She misses him terribly, and can’t even have a sexy Skype with him because of the filters they put on the wifi here.”

“I know this might be a weird place to draw a line, but I really don’t want to be the other man. I’ve been cheated on before, and it hurts.” I explained.

“Oh no,” Samantha finally spoke. “We weren’t suggesting that. I love my boyfriend and would never want to cheat on him. See, he actually had this idea. He recommended that we each find a masturbation buddy. Basically, someone of the opposite sex that we could masturbate to and with. That way it isn’t cheating because we aren’t doing anything, but we are getting our sexual frustrations out.”

“Why not just look at porn?” I asked.

“Remember the filters on the school wifi?” Samantha asked. “They are so stringent that even pictures of the vitruvian man are blocked.”

I knew this, I had just gotten so used to using my personal connection for porn, that I forgot that it was ever an issue. “So, you want us to masturbate for each other?”

“Yes, and that will have the added benefit of keeping you from cumming as soon as you stick it in me.” Explained Evie. I have a strong stamina and want to cum at least five times before we finish.”

I was stunned by this request. “As much as I would like to accommodate that, I don’t think I have that much stamina.”

“Then it’s going to be a long night for you, because I’m not leaving until I have them. Or else that video is going to the dean.”

“Ok, ok. I never said I wouldn’t try. Can I at least try to pull a few out through oral?” I suddenly had another weird realization that I was bartering sexual favors with one of my students. Something I never thought would happen.

“You can try, but I typically need something in me.”

Samantha stepped up, and still a little shy, she asked, “How do you want to do this?”

Her shy nature was adorable to me. Her curly red hair was attractive, her small breasts were cute, but her painted on jean shorts and smooth long legs were amazing. “I guess we get naked first.” Evie stepped to the door and looked through the small window to watch for anyone that might want to ruin the party.

Samantha blushed. Her freckles showing in full force. “Sorry, my boyfriends the only guy I’ve actually seen naked in real life. And he’s the only one to see me either.”

I waited to see the point of the story. She awkwardly continued. “Could you possibly strip and I’ll just stick my hand down my shorts?”

I was more disappointed than suprised. I was really looking forward to seeing her amazing butt. At the same time I felt a little guilty, almost like I was stealing her virginity. “I guess that will work. It will probably take longer Arnavutköy escort though, without visual stimuli.”

Samantha frowned and began nervously chewing on her thumbnail. “I’m sorry, this is awkward, I should go.” She turned to leave, but Evie blocked her exit.

“If I have to spend one more night listening to you hump your pillow while crying for Bruce, I’m going to smother you with that pillow. Now, you’re not leaving here without getting off.”

“But…” Samantha whined.

Suddenly, I had an idea, I walked to my desk and pulled out my laptop. I booted it up and logged into my personal connection. “Look, I have an idea, but I need to know that I can trust you two.”

The girls looked at each other like they couldn’t believe what I said. “I gave you a blowjob in the middle of class, swallowed every drop, and we’re probably about to screw for the better part of an hour. I think we are well past trust.” Evie mocked.

“It’s just, I have my personal connection to the internet, no filters. It’s what I use to look at porn.” They looked at me as if they were waiting for the part that required trust. “I figured I could look at porn for my visuals.” They continued to stare. “I just don’t want you judging me based on my porn habits.”

Evie laughed. “I doubt you could outdo my search history.”

“OK.” I said uneasily. I did a random search for porn and clicked the first site that came up. It was a simple lesbian scene, and I began to undress.

Evie came over and looked at the suggested videos. “What is Ultimate Surrender and Fap Hero?”

“We’re not talking about it, remember?”

Evie smiled and added, “Yet.” She went back to the door.

Samantha was staring at me at half mast as she unconsciously licked her lips and started rubbing her thighs together subtly.

Now, completely naked, I grabbed a chair and set it next to mine behind my desk. We both sat down and started watching the screen. I started up, going immediately to full speed. This was hot, but my real prize was standing in the door.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Samantha’s gaze going back and forth between my work and the screen. She started rubbing herself, which progressed to her hand sliding under her shorts. About a minute in I see her unbutton them and slide the zipper down. I catch a small glimpse of pink panties. I hear her breath speeding up and getting louder.

I’m starting to watch her more than the porn at this point. She’s oddly doing the opposite. Her right hand is moving in circles under her panties as her left starts gliding up her stomach. It drags the shirt with it, revealing a faint trace of abs. It concludes it’s journey groping her left apple sized breast over her blue bra.

After a fews seconds of this, she seems to get frustrated with the confining clothes. She leans forward and pulls her t-shirt off. She pops the front clasp on her bra so fast that it almost looks like magic when her beautiful tits spring free. Her breasts might be small, but they are perfectly shaped, and the nipples are jutting out about an inch.

It takes all of my strength to not lean over and suck on them. She twists and pulls them so hard that I’m surprised they don’t hurt. Then she lifts her hips and pushes her shorts and panties down with one thrust, leaving them around her ankles.

I’m getting really close now with the sight of her shaved slit. And from the sound of it, so is she. She starts rubbing circles on her clit as she begins to moan.

She glances over and notices my hungry glare at her tits. She glances back at the screen and switches hands so that her left is now teasing out the orgasm. With her right hand she grabs the back of my head and pulls my lips to her nipple. I need no other invitation as I start sucking on them and using my tongue to bat the nipple around.

I can nearly fit the entire breast into my mouth. She’s getting so loud that I worry someone will hear. I gently scrape her nipple between my teeth and that sends her over the edge. Her hips start bucking and her mouth is wide open in a silent scream. Her entire body freezes for a second, before her hips drop back down and she gasps for breath.

That’s when I start to feel my own orgasm rising. Avcılar escort bayan But then I realize that I have no place to put the cum without making a mess that I would have to explain to the cleaning crew. “Quick the trash can.” I say as I point to the can by the door.

Samantha stands to rush over to get it, but forget that her shorts are around her ankles. She trips and falls on her face. On the one hand, I finally got to see her amazing backside. On the other, I was right behind her and end up tripping as well. My shaft lands perfectly taco style between her cheeks.

There’s no time to get up or do anything but enjoy the feeling of cuming on her back as my penis is cradled between her perfectly formed cheeks. I’m breathing heavily into her curly red hair as I finish cumming.

When I finally have my wits about me again, I immediately stand up and start apologizing profusely. She just lays there with my cum on her low back and upper glutes.

“Hold on, it’s ok, it’s not that big of a deal.” Says Evie, as I finally realize that she had apparently been masturbating as well. She gets on her hands and knees and starts lapping up the cum. My shaft twitches as her tongue even travels between Samantha’s cheeks to get every last drop.

She finishes and helps Samantha up. She looks the girl in the eye and says, “You owe me for that.” Samantha nods solemnly.

Then the unexpected happens, Evie begins open mouth kissing her. Miraculously, this starts hardening me up again already. Then Evie turns Samantha to me and says, “Show him.”

Samantha opens her mouth to show me that she now has my cum in her mouth. Evie cumswaped my cum from her butt to her mouth. “Now swallow.” Samantha closes her mouth, swallows, and then shows me a clean mouth. I’m now at full mast again.

“Thank you, that got him right back to where I need him.”

“I’m so sorry Samantha, I didn’t mean to cum on you.”

Samantha just smiles and says not to worry about it as she begins to put her clothes back on and take her position at the door.

Evie is walking towards me now and is pulling off her skirt and shirt, revealing her naked body to me for the first time. It is more glorious than I could have ever imagined. Her breasts are the size of cantaloupes and have a barbell in each engorged nipple. She has a slender athletic frame, and her pussy lips are nearly hairless, except for a tiny blonde landing strip.

“You’re lucky, I already had one orgasm watching you guys, now all I need is four more.”

I’m not really listening anymore though. My animal instincts have taken over and all I want is sex. I move in and kiss her collarbone as my left hand wraps around her waist and gropes her tight butt. My right hand goes to her breast and cradles it like it holds the secret to life itself.

I kiss my way down to her other nipple and begin flicking and sucking on it. I don’t stay there long though. I continue kissing my way down her stomach and trace a line with my tongue down her feminine V. I waste no more time and I start french kissing her pussy.

She’s instantly moaning and breathing heavy. She’s still dripping wet from her first orgasm. I go to town on her for nearly ten minutes. I’m determined to pull an orgasm out of her this way. But nothing is seeming to push her over that edge.

I decide to get bold and try a dirty trick. My hands start groping and massaging her butt as my mouth is still focused on her clit. Then, without warning, I slip a finger into her butthole. She goes rigid and starts to shake as she cums. I feel her lips convulsing and around my tongue.

When she comes down from her high, she guides me up to her face. I’m expecting threats and warnings about what I did. But, she simply smiles and says, well done. And then she kisses me passionately before pushing me onto my desk. She straddles my hips and without preamble buries my shaft into herself.

She bounces for maybe ten minutes before she comes again. We change positions to doggy style with her bent over my desk. I pound her like there’s no tomorrow and she is screaming at the top her her lungs. She cums again, but so do I.

I start to panic after I spilled my seed into her. But she looks back and says, “Don’t Escort Bağcılar worry, I’m on the pill. But what you do need to worry about, is that softening member of yours. Remember, if I don’t get all five orgasms I’m going to the dean.”

I figure she’s lying, but I can’t take that risk. “I just made you cum four times already.” I whine.

“And now all you need is one more. You’re welcome to go back to oral if you want.”

The thought of tasting cum makes me sick and I start to soften faster. Evie laugh’s, “You boys and your fear of cum. Do it however you like, but if you go soft, we are done.”

I start pumping as hard and fast as I can, but everything is too slippery now. Not enough friction to keep me up. Then I get an idea.

I grab her butt cheeks, spread them apart, pull out, and then ram home up her butt. She is so tight that I only get the tip in as she howls in a mixture of pain and pleasure. I see her face grimacing and fingers clenching my desk until her knuckles go white.

This must have been her first time experiencing anal. Truth be told, this was my first time too. But she said to do whatever it takes to stay hard, and the added friction from her tight sphincter is doing the trick.

I pull out and see her relax, before shoving in again. This time I get half my shaft in before meeting too much resistance. It’s almost to painful for me to continue. But the taboo nature of the act is making me even harder.

I have a stroke of conscience though and pull out. “Do you want me to stop?”

“Not on your life.” Is the surprising response. Sam, come here. I need a distraction. Lick my pussy.”

“What? No. I told you, I don’t do that.”

Evie’s voice gets stern. “I’ve seen the way you stare at my pussy as I’m shaving it in the shower. I saw the way you watched that lesbian porn. And I read about your confused emotions in your diary. So, unless you want me to make photocopies and distribute it around the school, start licking.” Samantha is visibly angry, but she climbs down beneath her friend and starts licking.

Evie looks up at me and says to continue. But I’m upset at the way she just blackmailed her friend and I decide to try to teach her a lesson.

So, I wait.

Evie tells me to keep going.

But, I wait.

She cusses, partially from the building orgasm brought on my the licking, and partially out of anger at me.

“Stick it in me!” She yells.

I feel her butt cheeks tighten up with her building orgasm, and that is when I strike. I bury myself, balls deep into her tight hole. My balls bounce off of Samantha’s chin. Evie screams.

But she is actually begging me to keep going. She loves the sensation. She actually starts to push back against me. So, I give up and give her exactly what she wants.

I hump her hard and fast, and that is exactly how we both cum, simultaneously. Her body begins to shake violently, and then her hips begin to buck. She squirts all over Samantha, covering the girls face, hair, and shirt. I cum deep inside her rectum. It feels like every ounce of my being is pulled to this singular point and being shunted into Evie.

My cum makes it too tight inside of her and I am pushed out. My final three spurts cover Samantha’s face. I stumble back and fall to the ground. I have never felt more depleted in my life. Evie appears to feel the same. She just lays on my desk as cum spills out of her and onto Samantha.

I instantly feel remorse for the cum covered Samantha. I try to apologize, but end up passing out instead.

I mysteriously wake up the next morning in my bed. I have no clue how I got here, but my alarm is going off, so I have to get up. I shower, shave, and eat about 2,000 calories for breakfast. I get to my class and find I have an email from the Dean.

This obviously has me worried. I’m even more worried when I see Samantha and Evie in her office. I step in cautiously, try to betray nothing through my expressions.

I feel immense relief as the dean explains to me that Evie snuck a boy into my class and had sex until she passed out on my desk. Samantha found her and turned her in. Evie admitted to this story and will now be suspended for two weeks.

With all of the relief that I feel, I wonder why they came up with the story. I pull them aside on the way back to class. Evie apologizes and says that she went a little crazy from lack of sex. But she hopes that we can continue the study sessions without all of the anger and blackmail. I agree and we part ways amazed at the sudden turn.

To be continued.

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