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Does It Turn You On?

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I was lying on my bed dressed only in shorts, looking at a ‘top-shelf glossy magazine’. The pictures were full colour and very explicit. My hand was inside my shorts, gently rubbing my hard cock in preparation for a good wank, when suddenly the door burst open. In a flash I’d withdrawn my hand and looked up to see my younger sister standing there, fresh out of the shower, wrapped in a fluffy bathrobe and towelling her hair dry. I quickly thrust the magazine to one side.

“Have you nicked my Ipod?” she yelled.

“No!” I answered, angry that she’d burst in on me, something she doesn’t usually do. “I have not!”

“Well where is it then?” she demanded. She peered at the magazine.

“Oh! Admiring the female form, were we?”

“So what!” I said crossly. “Perfectly normal for someone of my age!”

She looked at my shorts. My erection, dwindling now at the shock of her bursting into my room, was still very evident.

“Must be a good mag!” she commented. She stepped into the room and picked it up before I could stop her. Retreating out of my immediate reach she scanned the pages.

“Mmm! Big tits!”

“Sis!” I reproached her.

“Oh, shut up! What am I supposed to say? Mammaries? Boobies? Breasts? They’re big tits!”

She leafed through a couple more pages and stopped with a gasp.

“Oh! Not only tits!” She peered closely at the page. “No wonder you’ve got a hard on!”

“Sis!” I expostulated. “What’s got into you? You’re not supposed to say things like that!”

“Oh shut up!” she said again. “Don’t be such a prude!” She turned more pages, looking at the pictures closely. “If you can look at tits and cunts in a glossy magazine and have a wank over them, I can say whatever I like!”

I raised up on one elbow and stared at her. She’d never talked this way before. At least not in front of me. Maybe with her friends. She got to the last page and looked at me over the top of the magazine.

“Not that impressed with any of them,” she said. “One or two nice pussies and a couple of decent titties but none that does anything for me.”

I lunged for the magazine and succeeded in wrenching it from her grasp.

“They’re not supposed to do anything for you!” I pointed out irritably. “They’re supposed to do things for boys and men!”

“How do you know?” she pouted. “I might be a lesbian!”

“Sis!” I exclaimed again.

“Alright, I’m not,” she admitted, “but I might have been. Anyway,” she eyed my shorts again significantly, “you obviously liked one of those bodies. Or more.”

I was trying to think of a suitable put-down to this comment and send her packing when she stepped back to the doorway, undid the bathrobe and opened it wide.

“Does this body do anything for you?”

My mouth opened to speak and remained in that position. I stared at her in total shock and amazement.

“Sis!” I eventually gulped. “What the hell are you doing?”

“Showing you my body!” she answered impatiently. “Do you like it? Does it do anything for you?” She thrust her hips at me suggestively. “Does it turn you on?”

My sister is twenty. Just. I am two years older. Of course I’d seen her wearing all sorts of clothes as we grew up together. Shorts, bikinis, tight jeans and cropped tops, miniskirts, the lot. A part of me had occasionally remarked to myself that she had a terrific figure and often looked quite sexy, but the ‘brother’ part just dismissed this as an idle observation and I had never, ever, thought of my sister in a sexual way.

Now she was parading in front of me, blatantly showing me her body, or most of it, in an obviously provocative way.

She had on a flowery, thin, almost see-through bra and skimpy panties so she wasn’t completely naked, but if anything, this made it worse. Her breasts, I realised now, were beautiful;- round, firm, thrusting up without any support from the bra. Her nipples were taut and thrust out, pushing against the thin material of the bra. It certainly wasn’t cold in the room and at the back of my mind I thought, so she must be aroused. I could clearly see her aureoles, large, dark and round. The thin panties hid just enough to be completely erotic. I could see the line of her lips through them, and a dark area which could only be her cunt itself. Her fresh, young, soft skin showed through the material, and I realised with yet another shock that she was shaved smooth. Her love mound showed as a soft bulge at the front of her pants. Her body was lithe, her legs, I already knew, were long and tanned and very sexy. All in all she was a vision, a sexy, enticing, temptress with a body a man could die to hold and touch and be inside.

And she was my sister.

The vision had its effect. My erection immediately returned, stronger than ever.

She looked at my shorts as she continued to dance in front of me, thrusting her hips to and fro.

“Yes, I see it does do something for you. Quite a lot, in fact!”

“Sis!” I managed to say after swallowing a couple of times. “Stop it! What do canlı bahis you think you’re doing? Cover yourself up!”

“Prude!” she said again. “What’s the matter? Embarrassed? You’ve seen me in a bikini before. What’s the difference?”

I swallowed again. My mouth was dry. “The difference,” I said awkwardly, ” is that you’re…..you’re–” I gave up and waved a hand at her to signify the dancing and erotic movements she was making. “And I was already –“

“You were already hard from the magazine,” she interrupted. “Ready to have a wank, masturbate, give yourself a handjob.”

With each word I felt a twitch in my cock.

“Sis! Sis!” I implored. “Stop it please! You’re being really nasty, doing that when you know I’m already turned on!”

She suddenly ran forward and leapt onto the bed, the open bathrobe billowing behind her like some sort of cape. And she leapt on top of me, kneeling over me and straddling me.

I gasped. Her breasts were now only a few inches from me and I felt the warmth of her skin as she pressed herself against me.

“Oh, poor love!” she said, grinning. She rubbed her mound over my erect cock and it strained inside my shorts. “Oooo!” she said, her eyes going wide. “I’ve often wondered how big you are! I’m impressed! You’re big!”


She leaned down without warning and planted her mouth against mine, lying full length on top of me and continuing to rub herself against me. Her tongue forced its way into my mouth and thrashed around, licking and tasting and curling around mine as she kissed me.

I tried to push her up, away from me, but she slid her arms quickly under my head and pulled me even tighter against her own face.

And, unbidden and without any conscious effort from me, my body pushed up against hers as my cock strained inside my shorts and demanded to be let out.

I made noises as I couldn’t speak out loud. They were supposed to be ‘No! No! No!’ but if she understood them she ignored them. I was shocked beyond belief, partly at the way my little sister was behaving, and partly at the thought that my body had responded to her by signifying its pleasure at her closeness.

Eventually she pulled her head away from me and breathed hard.

“You do like my body!” she crowed. “I felt you push against me!”

Seizing the opportunity to finally speak I let rip at her.

“Sis! I don’t know what this is all about but stop it now! It’s gone far enough! You’re being really mean and spiteful. Now go away, leave me alone and I’ll get rid of the results of your little game!”

She gazed at me without moving and spoke very softly.

“I’m not being mean and spiteful. And it definitely hasn’t gone far enough!” She leaned forward and kissed me again, a soft, loving, more than sisterly kiss on the lips. And she moved one hand from under my head and I felt her wriggle as she slid it between us and grasped the outline of my cock through my shorts.

“Uh!” I gasped, jerking involuntarily. “Don’t!”

“Why?” she asked in a soft, seductive voice. “You like it! I can tell!” She grinned at me. “Why do you want me to stop?”

“You’re my sister, for fuck’s sake!” I gasped, hardly realising I was swearing in front of her and trying not to think about her slender fingers still grasping my cock through my shorts and rubbing me. “Stop! We can’t do this!”

“Who says?” she pouted. “Society? Bollocks! Who’s to know? Mum and Dad are away. We have the place to ourselves all weekend. Maybe it’s wrong, but you want it and I want it. I’m on the pill. So we’re safe. Are you telling me you’ve never done anything wrong in your life? ‘Course you have. So have I. I’ve often thought about having sex with you. Wondered about your cock. How big it is. What it tastes like. How it would feel sliding into my cunt. Or my ass. Now I have the chance to find out. You were already hard when I came in and you’re still hard. Have you never thought about fucking me?”

I was shaking my head from side to side through all this and my eyebrows shot up when she mentioned fucking her ass.

“No! I haven’t thought about it at all!” I gasped. “Never! You’re my sister! Sister! Brothers and sisters don’t fuck. They don’t have any sexual feelings towards each other at all!”

“Well, I do!” she said softly. “Have had for a long time. I want you, brother! I want to hold you, wank you, suck you, and most of all I want to feel you slide your big cock into me and fuck me silly. And later, when you’ve recovered, I want to feel that same big cock fuck my asshole! I want every type of sex I can get from you, my big brother!”

I just stared at her. I was completely speechless. To think my, supposedly, demure little sister could talk like this, use these words, and above all, use them to her brother and admit she wanted sex with him had left me utterly astounded and totally at a loss for anything to say.

But my body had no such qualms and I was more and more conscious of her fingers grasping me from outside my shorts and slowly and gently bahis siteleri wanking me. As if reading my –subconscious—thoughts, she suddenly reached up inside one leg of my shorts and I felt her warm fingers close round my rod. Her touch was heavenly and I knew that if her hand stayed there a minute more I would cum.

“Stop!” I pleaded one more time in a resigned voice. “If you don’t stop I shall have to cum. Sis, stop, please!”

But in answer she wriggled down the bed, away from my head, kissing my chest and stomach as she moved until she got to my shorts. She pulled the top down and my cock sprang out, free at last and only moments away from exploding. Quickly she licked the tip, opened her mouth and took me inside. The feeling was indescribable. I’d had blowjobs before but this was unlike any other. In the furthest, dim recesses of my mind I knew it was because it was my sister, it was wrong, forbidden fruits, and that made it even better than with anyone else. Her tongue slurped round my helmet and I felt her sucking my shaft as she grasped the base with her fingers and licked and sucked at me, her eyes closed in rapture.

Until now I had kept my hands beside me on the bed and hadn’t touched her at all, except when I tried to push her away, but now, feeling her lovely mouth encompassing me, sucking, licking and tasting my unbelievably hard cock, I couldn’t resist stroking her head, feeling her fresh, still damp hair in my fingers as I pulled her against me. I thrust upwards and into her and with a huge gasp I felt my cum explode from my cock and into her mouth. I pushed up as hard as I could and I came again and again and again, my hot cum gushing from me in huge spurts. I had never had such a huge orgasm, or shot so much cum in all my life. I looked down and saw that it was already leaking from her lips and she was using it as a lubricant as she continued to slide her mouth up and down the length of my rod, my cum glistening on my shaft and trickling from the corner of her mouth. My fingers entwined in her hair and I pulled her against me, loving the feel of her around me, loving the thought that my sister had just sucked me off, loving the thought that I was in her mouth.

Finally I sank back on the bed, gasping for breath. She released my cock from her lips, tipped her head back and swallowed.

“Mmmm!” she said. “Nice! Just as I remembered and expected.”

“Sis! Sis!” I gasped. “What have you done! What have we——-“

For a moment I hadn’t realised what she’d said, then it sunk in.

“What! What do you mean, remembered? You’ve never tasted……we’ve never….you can’t remember my taste!”

“Oh, yes I can!” she said impishly. She bent down and licked the last few drops of white cum from my cock and stomach. “I like the taste of your cum. I know you have a huge libido and wank yourself a lot when you don’t have a girlfriend, like now. I’ve tasted your cum, but only when it’s old, not fresh like now.” She paused and regarded my puzzled expression. “I’ve licked your cum from your sheets,” she said.


“Tasty! But much better fresh, with your big cock filling my mouth.”

“Sis! Sis!” I shook my head. Did I really know my own little sister? She’d sucked cum from my bed sheets? She swore, flaunted herself at her own brother, sucked him off and still apparently wanted a lot more sex from him?…..Was this really my sister?

I looked at her soft young body lying between my legs, her fingers idly tracing around my cock, soft now and lying on my stomach. Yes, it was my sister, but not the sister I always thought I had. She was beautiful, sexy, erotic and I wanted her.

She gently eased my cock back inside my shorts.

“Have a little rest,” she said. “I want a lot more from you yet and I know you can do it.”

She slid up and kissed me with all the tenderness of a young lover kissing her man.

“Sis,” I said firmly. “That was gorgeous. Quite unbelievable. I admit, I loved every minute of you sucking me and giving me a blowjob. But that’s it! We’ve done something we shouldn’t, it was nice, heavenly, but we’ve done it now and that’s it.”

She pulled away from me and stared at me, a glint in her eye.

“What do you mean?” she demanded. “What about me? You’ve just shot a gallon of cum into my mouth. You loved it. What about me? Am I supposed to go without any satisfaction, then?”

I felt a twinge of remorse. What she said was true. She’d come on to me and I’d had the most incredible pleasure from her. Wasn’t she entitled to some pleasure in return? Yes, she was, but she was my sister!

“Yes, I bloody well am!” she went on before I had a chance to phrase a reply. “I want my pleasure from you! And I’m going to get it! You’re going to lick me out, fuck me, fuck my ass and— and— anything else I want!”

She stared at me defiantly.

“And— and—” I repeated. “There isn’t any more ‘and’ is there?”

She looked away. “Well, yes,” she said more quietly. “I might get my toys later too.”


She bahis şirketleri looked at me again, more defiant than ever.

“Oh, shut up! You’ve just fucked your sister’s mouth so don’t pretend to be a prude! Yes, toys! What do you do when you want sex and don’t have a girl? You look at sexy magazines and hold your cock in your hand and wank yourself till your cum shoots out! What am I supposed to do if I don’t have a bloke and want sex? Go without? Bollocks! I rub my clit with my finger till I’m wet and it’s dripping everywhere and my own cum shoots out of my cunt, or I use a toy to pretend fuck me, like you pretend to fuck your hand! Yes! Toys! But I want to feel you use them on me!”

She was quite breathless with anger and I felt suitably chastened.

“Sorry, sis,” I said softly. “I’m not a prude. You know that. But you’ve given me so many shocks today! That was another one! I never dreamed you had, or used, sex toys! It’s just not something I thought about my own sister! The same as I never thought about you sucking me, or me fucking you. These things have just never entered my head. Till now,” I had to add.

She softened at once and giggled.

“What are you thinking about now?” she enquired.

I shook my head from side to side and shrugged my shoulders.

“You win!” I told her. “I admit it! Now I’m thinking about your body, touching it, kissing it, licking your cunt, your ass, sliding my cock into you, both of your holes, cumming into you—“

I shrugged again, helplessly. “It’s your own fault! I love you, sis, you know I do. Very much. But now….now, I can’t look at you like before. Now I want that lovely body! I want to do everything to it! Especially I want to fuck you!”

That was it. I’d said it. I’d admitted to my little sister that I wanted to fuck her.

“You want to do everything?” she asked me archly.

I nodded. “Everything.”

“Even this?” And so saying she slid up my body until she was straddling me again, gazing down at me with love in her eyes.

“Even this?” she repeated.

I waited, puzzled, not sure what she meant, and then, to my utter amazement and shock yet again, I felt a warm trickle on my stomach and running down my thighs. It was a very pleasant sensation and I thought she must have somehow made herself cum, all over me, but I instantly realised that couldn’t be. I looked down.

My little sister was peeing on me.

I heard her chuckle and looked up at her.

“Bet you didn’t think I did that, either!” she chuckled again.

“Sis! What….how…..where did you learn to do that?”

She stopped the flow of warm piss and rolled off me to lie beside me.

“Uh!” she said. “One of my ex’s, the bastard! Did it to me one day. I was so shocked I slapped his face and wouldn’t let him touch me for ages. He sweet talked me and sweet talked me until I agreed to let him do it again. Then it wasn’t a shock. I still wasn’t sure I liked it but after the second or third time I realised I did. It was nice!”

She rolled over again and pressed her lips against my shorts. I felt her sucking the pee from them, and probably the last drop or two of cum as well.

“Lovely!” she said. She looked up at me. Her face softened and she stroked my cheek.

“Big bro’,” she murmured. “Lovely big bro’ with a huge cock. I’ve really shocked you, haven’t I?”

I nodded, speechless again.

“Sorry, lover. Really I am. But when I knew Mum and Dad were away and we would be alone this weekend, I thought, I am not going to miss this chance! No way! I knew you’d probably be at home as you don’t have a girlfriend now. And you know I told my ex to go and play on the motorway a few weeks ago. So there was just us. And I knew I wanted to have you this weekend. But I’m sorry I’ve shocked you, my adorable big brother. I hope you’re over it now. I just want us to enjoy ourselves together. All day and all night and all tomorrow too.”

My head was a mixture of thoughts. In the first place I’d felt a thrill when she called me ‘lover’. I liked it. A lot. Then I thought about how she’d planned this, how her thoughts had centred on us both having sex together and how determined she was that it would happen. But I also thought, what will happen when our parents are back? Is this a one-off occasion? I couldn’t see how it could be anything else. Our parents don’t go away that often. And I felt her fingers on my cheek, and felt her warm body against mine, her nipples pressing my chest and her hot thighs against mine, and I thought, I don’t want this to be a one-off occasion! No way! I want to do this again. And again. I want to feel her soft mouth sucking my cock! I want to slide it inside her hot wet cunt! And yes, her lovely tight asshole too! I want to have sex with my sister as often as I can!

“Sis, what happens when Mum and Dad are back? We won’t be able to do this then! Have you thought about that? Suppose, just suppose, we have a weekend of sex as you suggest. Suppose we both get to like it so much that we want to do it again? We won’t be able to! And what happens in a few years when you want, or I want, for that matter, to settle down with a family? We’re going to remember this weekend and it may cause us a lot of grief.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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