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Dom of My Dreams

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The bar that night was fairly empty. The music played softly in the background, drowning out the individual conversations.

The patrons were spread out, some tucked into dark booths while others lounged in pairs on the soft chairs in the center of the room.

I was sitting alone at the bar top, nursing a whiskey and water. Life had been weighing me down and I had hoped to escape with a drink and maybe take someone home. I was pent up and feeling frustrated.

I was resigned to the fact that my one night stand would probably not fulfill my craving. But, I had an itch to scratch. A nice vanilla man who would willingly make me cum was all I was aspiring to this night.

As I drank my drink, I bobbed a heeled foot to the music, a song from my childhood that I had only just, clued into the context of. I lost myself to the lyrics, my eyes drifting and people watching in the mirror.

That’s when my eyes met his. He was staring right through me. A sexy crooked grin was affixed on his scruffy square face. He looked like a wolf and my panties dampened in spite of it, or more likely because of it.

He nodded his head and walked toward me. My back stayed straight, eyes following his movements in the mirror behind the bar. I watched the way his shirt hugged his torso and his muscled thighs filled his jeans. The tip of my pink tongue flicked out and wet my lips.

His wide shoulder brushed against me as he slipped into the stool to my left.

“Hello beauty.” His voice was smoky and low.

I peeked at him from beneath my lashes, my cheeks tinted pink from his overt flirting.

“Hi.” I smiled shyly. My voice soft.

His presence seemed to suck the air from around him. I wasn’t normally so timid while trying to pick up a man. I knew then that he wasn’t going to be like the nice guys I normally took home. He was going to help satisfy a need in me; so much deeper and darker.

“I’m Derek. I’m wondering if I can pay for your next drink? Maybe you’d like to spend some time here with me?” He said all of this with an easy smirk; one that made me think he didn’t hear ‘no’ a lot.

“Tara.” I rolled my eyes at myself. “My name is Tara.”

I would have sworn each thing I said seemed more breathy than the last. I knew nothing about this man, but I didn’t care. I wanted to take him home and I was hoping to god he’d fuck me. Something carnal and rough. I was wondering if he was in the BDSM scene. I hoped I wasn’t reading him wrong, what a disappointment that would be. It was hard in a small town like mine. The local munch was 3 hours away.

His eyes bore into mine as I took in his face up close. His eyes were a pale blue. I had misjudged them as grey from afar. The lashes were long, the kind that make women jealous. Full red lips were parted just the slightest bit. I wondered if he felt the chemistry too.

I sipped my drink while we talked. He was divorced, no kids. He had a white collar job in the next biggest town. I could picture him done up in a suit, the shirt sleeves pushed up his thick forearms. He was sex on a stick and he was talking to me.

I’m not ugly but I have weight to lose. Most people use the word cute when describing my face, a button nose, round cheeks and a small pink pout; I look younger than I am. My red hair is glossy and hangs in loose waves down my back. The dress I chose to wear accentuated my curves though, highlighting my wide hips and large round breasts.

“Tara, are you going to come home with me?” He asked me, but it sounded like an order to my ears. He wasn’t just asking, he expected me to say yes.

“Yes please.” I gathered my purse; left a tip on the bar, to which he scowled. I bit my lip as his large hand enveloped my much smaller one, and he led me to his car.

He mecidiyeköy escort opened my door for me and as I scooted into the low bucket seat, my dress rode up my thick thighs. A low animalistic growling noise escaped his throat and his fingertips brushed up my inner leg, stopping at the hem. I looked into his eyes and was shocked by the darkness there. It made my cunt throb with need.

The drive to his house was fraught with sexual tension. His hands were busy driving, manipulating the stick to shift, but I could see his fingers flex like he was itching to touch me. His eyes undressed my body at every light and flicked back and forth between the road and me while he drove. I stared unabashedly. He was gorgeous and I wanted to drink in every detail. My thighs rubbed together in an unconscious bid for more stimulation. I was so ready to be naked.

We pulled up to a ranch style house with land to spare around it. It wasn’t what I was expecting but it was perfect.

Derek had me up and out of the seat in seconds after the car was in park. My long red hair wrapped up in his fist as his lips slammed down on mine. My shoulders were against the car, his large hand spanned across my lower back, arching me into him. The kiss was wild and passionate, it stole all of my air and muddled my brain more than the whiskey I’d had.

Somehow we made it inside; Stopping for wet, deep kisses and bumping into walls and furniture. I lost my heels as some point. I had my hands inside his tshirt and he grabbed my thighs and lifted me up off the floor, my legs wrapping around him. My dress settled up around my waist, and when he set me on the kitchen counter, the granite was cold on my bare ass.

“I’m going to taste you Tara. Put your hands on the counter.”

His sensual smoky voice sent shivers down my spine. I leaned back on my palms, my knees open. My pink lace panties were soaked with my arousal. I could smell it in the air. I bit my lip; watching his beautiful face settle between my legs.

“Good girl.”

I almost came right then. His positive affirmation made me glow. Derek’s scruffy face scratched the smooth skin of my thighs, nuzzling and pushing them wider. He hooked his fingers into the gusset of my thong and yanked it down, forcing me to lift my bottom up or have them ripped from me.

I whimpered as he gazed intently at my center. I could feel my juices leaking down the crack of my ass. His eyes peeked up at me and held me immobile as he licked my most sensitive parts, from bottom to top, with the flat of his wet rough tongue.

“Mmmmm.” His rumbles of approval vibrated through my body.

He pushed in deeper on the next stroke, parting my labia and licking his tongue in through my cream. I wiggled my hips as he ate at me; he sucked my lips into his mouth, and cleaned up all the mess I’d made thus far.

His lips wrapped my clit tight and he started to suck, flicking his tongue over me with fervor. One of his thick fingers pressed into my hole and my pussy clenched on the intruder, pulling him deeper. He was working my body like he knew it better than I did. I was so close to cumming on his face.

“Derek, oh fuck baby I’m so close.” I moaned and struggled feeling that inevitable edge of the cliff.

He pulled back. HE PULLED BACK!! I was so close and Derek stopped and looked up at me with that damn smirk.

“Don’t cum until I say so Tara. You didn’t even ask permission babygirl.”

I was speechless. I guess my assumption that he was into the BDSM scene were correct, or at least he was definitely a dominant; knowing or not. God I wanted him. I wanted him to dominate me. I’d wait to cum. I’d be a good girl for him.

I nodded, still a tad bit unsure. I craved to call him Sir and give vip escort istanbul myself over; but he hadn’t asked for that, so I held back. I bit my bottom lip hard and squeezed my cunt in an effort to hold my climax at bay.

When he saw my acquiescence, he proceeded to tongue my cunt like I’d never had it before. I was close again almost immediately, writhing under his assault. His left hand pushed down on my lower tummy and his right looped around my thigh pulling me open for more.

I thrashed my head back and forth, breath panting. I was sweating with the effort not to cum when I finally couldn’t take it anymore.

“Please, please may I cum?”

I whined, like an overindulged child. My thighs were trembling and my muscles were all coiled tight.

“Please what, babygirl?”

My brain scrambled for the words, to put together what he wanted.

“Please Sir, may I cum?”

“God, and you sound sexy when you beg.” He rumbled against my mons.

“Yes babygirl cum for me. You asked so fucking nicely.” And then he bit my clit, finger curled into my gspot.

I screamed. Loud and uninhibited. I’m not much of a screamer normally, or I hadn’t been until him. I came in a torrent of pleasure. My cunt convulsed, gushing around his digit inside me. I could barely catch a breath and he lapped at me through it all, drinking me down.

When my orgasm ebbed, my body sagged. I looked at him through blurry eyes, blinking the wetness free. I’d never cum so hard in my life.

“You’re beautiful Tara. You’re beautiful when you surrender.”

He scooped me in his strong arms and carried me to what appeared to be the master bedroom, all dark sheets and muted light. He set me out on the bed, my hair in a halo around me. He pulled my dress off over my shoulders, shimmying it down around my thick waist and thighs, and threw it to the floor. I was laid bare before him and I wasn’t ashamed or nervous at all. His eyes had gone almost black, the pupil taking over the natural blue. He wanted me just as much as I craved him, and the thought was exhilarating.

I watched as he quickly undressed. His clothes fell in a heap on the floor. His turgid cock bobbed as he moved. He crawled up my body like a panther on the hunt, all smooth muscle and grace; kissing my skin until we were face to face.

Our fingers intertwined and he pushed them above my head. His hips settled between mine, and I spread them wider to accommodate him.

Derek slid into my soaking wet cunt and pulled back, fucking me with only the crown of his thick cock. Stretching me over him and pulling back with a pop. I whimpered and mewled. My hips had a mind of their own, gyrating in an attempt to get him deeper. He smiled down at me and chuckled.

“My, my you’re eager babygirl. Didn’t I please you enough in the kitchen?”

He seemed to be enjoying this torment and honestly it was only making me hotter and more needy.

“Please Derek, please fuck me.” I surmised that begging had worked before, so maybe it would get me what I wanted this time.

“No Tara. I like seeing you wanting. And besides I think I like it better when you call me Sir. I want to take my time and enjoy this body babygirl. You’ll let me do that won’t you? Be a good girl for me.”

He leaned down and sucked a hard pink nipple into his mouth. I moaned as he nibbled and sucked, each pull of his mouth made my pussy clench. I was desperate for this man, for what he was giving me.

“Yes Sir.” I whispered as I arched my back and fed more breast to him.

He slowly started to rock into me, giving me just a little more of his cock each time. It felt like an eternity before he was fully inside me. I was sure there was a puddle under us on the sheets. My fingers sarıyer escort constricted around his. I was lost in the moment when he kissed me, still tasting hints of myself on his tongue.

I wrapped my legs around him as he started to fuck into me harder. The plunge of his cock inside my tight canal made a wet squelching noise. The room smelled like sex and sounded just as obscene.

He was growling with each thrust and I was grunting and moaning. My tummy was cramping with the need to cum again. I barely had time to cry out before I came hard on his cock. My pussy clenched down and spasmed around his thick shaft. I whimpered as he bit my lip and sucked it into his mouth. He stared intently into my eyes as I came undone for him.

“On your hands and knees Tara and if I do anything you don’t like or are uncomfortable with tell me right away. Do you understand babygirl?”

The dichotomy of his dark voice with his tender intentions was intoxicating.

“Yes Sir.”

I scrambled to my hands and knees and presented my big pale bottom to him. I swayed it a little in invitation and was shocked when his large palm cracked down on the right globe. I yelped but I didn’t move away. I didn’t tell him to stop. I fucking needed this as much or maybe more than I needed that orgasm earlier.

“Mmmm damn babygirl, your ass pinks up so nicely. Are you okay? Do you like what I’m doing to you?”

I managed a squeaky “yes Sir.”

He landed another smack to my left cheek. My ass was stinging, a wash of throbbing heat. It wasn’t doing anything to quell the heat in my core. On the contrary I could feel my cunt drooling on my thighs.

“Next time, you will ask to cum, yes?”

I faintly registered that he said next time, warming my heart with the prospect of more with this man. My pussy and my heart seemed to be in agreement in this.

“Yes Sir, I will ask before I cum.”

“Good girl Tara. You’re such a good fucking girl.”

His palm clapped down against my ass once more before he thrust fully into me without warning, my body jostled forward. His large hands grabbed onto my breasts as he pumped me from behind. His hips slapped against my smarting bottom and it added to the throb coming from my cunt. I’d never known myself to cum this much, but I knew I had one more in me to give.

“I want to cum with you this time Tara, will you give me one more babygirl?” Like he could read my mind.

I pushed my ass back to meet his thrusts. His cock was banging into that spot inside me, the one that made my eyes roll back.

“Fuck… yes Sir.”

He gave my ass a more playful slap before gripping my hips and pulling me back on his cock, over and over. He growled, a deep startling sound.

“Cum Tara, cum on my cock.”

I didn’t need anymore encouragement. I cried out as I came around him. My pussy squeezed his cock and sucked him deeper, rhythmically milking him for his seed.

“Fuck!” He snarled into my ear as he fell over me, pumping hot spunk deep inside my quiver.

I barely held our combined weight as his cum poured into me. My pussy still pulsed as we rode it out together, until finally I collapsed into the bed. He caught his weight but pressed against me; Almost comforting in the way it held me down. I could feel his heart as it beat against me and the slick sweat on his skin.

He rolled off me and pulled me into his arms. My body was sticky and well used, and I relaxed my head on his chest like we had done this hundreds of times before; just listening to his breathing regulate and his strong pulse return to a normal cadence, while he stroked my hair.

“Babygirl, please say you’ll stay. Will you be mine for tonight, stay in my bed with me?”

I smiled against his skin. I never wanted to leave.

“I didn’t drive here.” I giggled. I snuggled deeper into his hold.

“I don’t want to leave, Derek.”

He chuckled. “Good I’d hate to have to tie you down.”

And even though he was joking in this moment, the glint in his eyes made me tremble.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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