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Duplicity Ch. 18

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Hey guys,

So sorry it’s taken this long for an update. Hopefully you’ll approve of this chapter; there’s lots of ahem… Sean ) Special thanks to TJ for editing and giving me great feedback. As always don’t forget to comment and rate!


“Focus Sean, push through! Give it everything you’ve got!”

“Just shut the fuck up already! Damn, I’m trying,” Sean growled.

Beaded sweat shook off of his forehead and temples as he struggled to continue. Weakened legs stretched and lengthened, causing a strangled roar to emanate from deep within him.

One more step.

He heaved as he tried to tamper the radiating pain running through his body. Without the aid of his back brace, his vise grip on the steel beams held him steady. Desperate green eyes squinted towards the passageway which seemed endless like the open sea. And all he wanted was to turn back around.

After a couple of weeks of rigorous therapy, he accepted that each time would be harder than the last. The medical professionals around him said it was a good sign; it meant he was healing properly, but he wasn’t so sure. At any rate, he knew he had to do it.

Today, however, he just wasn’t feeling it. He didn’t feel like being poked and prodded or asked how he was doing. He didn’t feel like being coddled by his mother and sister. Today his limbs felt heavier than normal and a cloud of pity hovered over him.

He shouldn’t have to deal with this shit. For years he trained and relied on his body to do exactly what he needed it to do, but now… walking a couple of steps was a mission in and of itself.

He should be able to do normal things like throw his girl over his shoulder, run to his bedroom and sink himself deep inside of her. Unfortunately, that wasn’t possible… and it was driving him insane. There was nothing wrong with his dick; so every time he was around Layla he had to give it a talk to calm the hell down. The doctors said he should wait to be sexually active; they didn’t want him to aggravate his injuries, but fuck that. Tonight his woman was his.

Suddenly, the door opened and in she walked. Right on time. Sean thought as he let out a lecherous grin.

Fresh faced and casually dressed she strolled in and when her eyes connected with his, everything else became blurry. Even bundled up in her winter layers, Sean knew every tantalizing curve. Three days had been too long since he’d last seen her. Last weekend marked her last wedding event before she retired her business and she’d been so busy they’d barely spoken. God, he missed her. Shit, he sounded like such a pussy, but he didn’t care.

Ignoring the pain, his back straightened and he took another step. Towards her. Towards the goal.

Like an astronaut on a spacewalk… he was weightless.

He couldn’t feel the throbbing ache or the frustration seared in his bones, just her. The room erupted in applause at his achievement, but he just heard her.

Lips crashed on hers before any words were spoken. Layla let out a surprised whimper as his tongue pushed into her delicious mouth; she moaned and reciprocated the kiss.

Feeling a little dizzy and out of breath, she opened her eyes and whispered, “I take it you missed me?”

“Maybe a little.” Grateful for the ability to stand without assistance, he tightened his hold on her waist.

Lost in each other, they didn’t notice the stares or Dr. Nguyen, the lead physical therapist approach. He was small in stature but incredibly strong; his voice was so calm it could easily lull anyone to sleep. He let out a wide smile which made his eyes turn into tiny slits.

“Excellent Sean, that was great. Now we know what you were missing…” he cocked his head towards Layla. “Not that I blame you.” He winked at her then laughed when Sean rolled his eyes.

The good doctor was always messing with Sean as he shamelessly flirted with Layla because he knew it got under his skin. They quickly became good friends so it was all innocent; but goddamn it, today it grated Sean’s nerves. However he held his tongue and busied himself by fitting his back brace in place. He’d be glad when he didn’t have to rely on it any longer.

“And how is this beautiful creature doing?” Dr. Nguyen asked her after patting Sean on the back like a trainer attempting to soothe a feral beast.

In the short period of time they worked together, he really had taken to Sean. They often spoke for hours about all sorts of things. Lately, he noticed Sean become more and more frustrated with himself. Dr. Nguyen had seen it all before; men who once thought they were invincible suddenly had to accept the fact they weren’t. If it wasn’t addressed he could fall into deep depression. He needed to have something to fight for, even if it was stirring his basest instincts.

“I’m good Dr. Nguyen and you?”

“Please, please call me Vien.” The doctor’s white teeth sparkled and there was mischief in his dark eyes. He stretched his hand towards her while eying Sean in his periphery. Sean hardened his mersin escort gaze. This fucker was doing it on purpose, wasn’t he? Today was not the day.

Sean slapped Vien’s hand away before Layla could accept it. Vien managed to contain his laughter by biting his bottom lip.

“We gotta go.” Sean grumbled as he settled in the wheelchair provided; he hastily rolled himself away with his lady in tow. Normally he could get around with forearm crutches, but since they parked so far from the therapy building, this was easier.

Layla managed to chuckle and wave goodbye to Dr. Nguyen.

“Remember to do your stretches at home Sean!” He called out after them.

“Yeah sure whatever.”

Sharon, Sean’s mother, waited for them in the reception area. When she saw her son coming towards her, pride enveloped her. He did so well today; she wanted to run over and squeeze him tight, but she refrained. After speaking with Sienna they agreed to give him a little breathing room. They noticed his broody behavior and didn’t want to push him away.

“How’s my other baby doing today?” Sharon gave Layla the tight hug and simply smiled at Sean. They walked off together and left Sean behind while they whispered to each other. He loved how easily Layla fit in with his family. Sienna already adored her and everyone else embraced her with open arms.

Although sometimes they were too much. Like today. As they greeted his mother, Sean braced himself, as he thought she would fuss all over him. Sharon and Sienna had been so overprotective of him; like sentinels one or both of them were almost always by his side.

Instead of the expected behavior, Sharon casually looked over her shoulder and remarked, “Good job today, honey.”

By then they arrived at the parking garage. “Alright, I’ll see you later this week mom.”

When it looked like she was going to protest he added, “I’ll call you, ok?”

Reluctantly, she handed him the keys to his new apartment. “Everything is all set up. Your things are unpacked, you have fresh linens and the refrigerator is fully stocked with food.” Sharon hesitated; she didn’t think it would be this hard.

After all these years, it was silly really; he was a grown man and would be living just thirty minutes away. Because he enlisted in the army at such a young age, this was really the first time she felt the pang of him moving out. The past couple of weeks he’d stayed at home in his old room and she took advantage mothering him as he healed from his injuries. She cooked all of his favorite foods and, despite his protests, she doted on him every chance she got. Now it was finally time to let go.

Her voice was hoarse. “The lock is tricky you have to turn it to the left and then push it open. Just call me if you need anything ok?”

Feeling her hesitation, Sean let out a smile and took her hand. “Without traffic I’m just a twenty-eight minute drive away.”

Sharon let out a breath and a tear ran down her cheek. She’d been on high alert ever since Sean miraculously came back into their lives. A roller coaster of emotions. Perhaps it was now time to take a step back and enjoy life with her family again. She bent down and gave him a kiss on the top his head.

“I love you mom, alright? Try not to worry so much.”

She let out a smile. “I’ll try.”

She took in a deep breath and with her heart now content, she exhaled. “Ok, goodbye my babies.” She gave them both hugs. “I’ll see you at the house on Sunday for dinner, right? Everyone will be there.”

Sean’s gaze fell on Layla and she nodded in agreement. “Can I bring my mom along?” She was making a conscious effort to include her mother in family gatherings.

“Of course! I’d love to finally meet her.”


It was a two-bedroom first floor apartment in a central location. After respecting his wishes of living alone, Sienna and Sharon took care of furnishing and decorating his apartment the way they thought he would like. He could change anything around once he settled in, but they didn’t want him worrying about that as he recuperated. They decorated it in neutral tones and modern furnishings. The splashes of colors came from the paintings hung on the wall which were Sienna originals. This was the first time he’d seen it finished and he had to hand it to them, they did an awesome job.

He groaned as he settled on the couch while Layla headed towards the kitchen to get a glass of water.

“You want some?” She called out from the kitchen.

“Yeah, I want some alright.” He mumbled.

Sheen she returned she had taken off her coat and scarf and had a tall glass of water in her hands. She offered it to him but he declined. She pressed the glass to her lips and swallowed the clear liquid. Sean sat enraptured as the liquid disappeared between her lips. She let out a contented groan when she finished, unaware of how Sean’s gaze suddenly turned predatory.

There was a drop of water that escaped her and ran down her chin. kocaeli escort Sean licked his lips. It was time to play.

“Come here, sweetheart.”

She smiled and slowly walked towards him. Once within reach, he grabbed her thighs and guided her to straddle him.

“Sean, I don’t want to hurt you.” Layla’s concerned voice was sincere. She’d been so scared of exacerbating his injuries; she’d kept her distance from him.

“Ssshhh. Just come here.”

She complied and straddled him. He held her to him and captured her neck as he slowly licked the wayward drop from her chin and brought her lips to his. He plundered her mouth in submission and delighted as she became putty in his hands. His hands roamed up her body as he stoked the fire stirring down below.

Suddenly he dropped his hands and whispered, “Take off all of your clothes.”

Layla sucked in a sharp breath as she processed what he’d just said. She hesitated. “Sean…”

“Take off your clothes.”

She bit her bottom lip and slowly unbuttoned her shirt and jeans.

Sean let out a wicked smile and slowly rubbed his cock over his sweatpants as she continued to strip for him. Anticipation flooded through her as she stood in her lace blue bra and panties.

“You’re so beautiful.” Sean’s fingers skimmed up her thighs, stomach and under her breasts.

“Now your bra and panties.”

Layla obediently did as he asked. The cool air made her shiver slightly or perhaps it was the effect Sean had on her. Her pretty pussy was bare and already glistened for him. Her breasts stood at attention and her chocolate nipples were hard nubs.

“Now twirl around for me.” Sean groaned and bit his lip as the smooth expanse of brown skin came into view. Her body was made for fucking. It was made for him. Even better than he remembered, her ass cheeks were perfect globes that overfilled his hands.

He pulled her down to straddle him again and their greedy lips melted into each other. His tongue delved deeper in her mouth while his hands roamed down her warm skin. Unconsciously she ground herself against his hard thickness. She was so wet.

“Now take mine off.” He huskily said.

She quickly stretched his shirt off of him. Tattooed muscled arms and chest just added to his appeal. He oozed sex. He let out a sigh of relief when he removed his brace and leaned back. His eyes confidently roamed her body as she stared back at him. His tightly corded muscles and iron chest made him look like a greek god and she was happy to serve at his temple.

Slowly she got off of his lap and shrugged his sweatpants and boxers down his hips. His long thick dick sprang up and she licked her lips. Amazingly this was the first time she’d ever seen it. She held her breath at the perfection in front of her. She guessed he was close to nine inches of circumcised velvety goodness. As she stared at the thick mushroom head she hummed in excitement. All this time… this was what she was missing.

Sean felt pre-cum leak as he stared into her lust-filled eyes. She looked ravenous as though his dick held the last drink in the desert.

“You want a taste baby?”

She licked her lips, settled on her knees and pressed her mouth to it. She kissed it tenderly as her tongue snaked out and slowly laved the head. Sean let out a groan and could only sit and stare as she started to lick up and down his shaft.

In perfect coordination she massaged his heavy balls as her mouth attempted to engulf his cock whole. She could only get to half way but vacuumed her way up and down. Her cheeks hollowed and her head bobbed as she swirled her tongue around the head. Tightening her closed eyes she moaned as she felt herself get so wet. Sean was about to loose it as the gentle vibrations were making it very hard for him not to cum. He had no idea she was this skilled. She was going to kill him from the pleasure and he was going to die a very happy man.

One of her hands disappeared between her legs when she couldn’t take it anymore; she had to touch herself. Her fingers rubbed her weeping core in tight small circles. She let out another contented moan and Sean didn’t think he could get any more turned on.

“Did I say you could touch yourself, sweetheart?”

Innocent eyes looked up and she shook her head no but didn’t let up from sucking her prize. She stopped rubbing herself and continued the task at hand.

“How wet are you?”

“Very,” she whispered.

“Let me see.”

Her hand disappeared from underneath her again and emerged with glistening fingers.

“Let me taste you baby.”

She did just that. She pushed her two fingers in his mouth while her mouth was still attached to his cock. He groaned in approval. She tasted so good.

His hands reached down and stroked her breasts as she continued. He palmed them first testing their weight then rolled his fingers and thumbs around her nipples. She nodded in approval and continued bobbing her head down his samsun escort shaft in earnest. Soon his balls clenched and there was no stopping the eruption that followed. Layla sensed it and braced herself as she held him inside her mouth. At the same moment she felt the hot sticky cum flow down her throat her pussy spasmed and she came as well.

Out of breath but so turned on, she looked up into his sea-foam green eyes. He let out a smile and she reciprocated.

“That was…” His chest rose and fell erratically. That was by far the best he’d ever had.

“Yeah.” She finished as she caught her breath.

Maybe it was what he felt for this woman, but it had to be a sin to feel this good. His adoring gaze locked on her and he ran his hand over her cheek. He reached over, grabbed some tissues and wiped the corners of her mouth.

“Climb on top of me.” When he uttered those words, Layla swore her pussy clenched in response. That baritone voice ignited something deep within her and without remorse she was insatiable for him.

She crawled on his lap and slowly lowered herself on his now hardened dick. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as she felt every inch of his cock glide inside. God he felt so good. He stretched her to the limit. She bit her bottom lip and slowly rose up and down.

He grit his teeth and tried to control himself. He held her by her waist and pistoned her up and down. Resting her hands on his shoulders she relished feeling him inside of her. She rubbed his bald head before bringing it to her left breast. She ached to feel his mouth on her hardened nipples. His tongue expertly rolled around the areola and moaned as his tongue quickly flicked the hardened peak.

Her breath came out in pants and she accelerated her pace. With his mouth still suctioned to her breast, his large hands caressed her ass cheeks and thrust down increasing her speed. Up and down she plunged.

She threw her head back and arched into him. She was drunk with pleasure, intoxicated in Sean. Her hips rolled and ground into him. His mouth switched to the other breast and with closed eyes offered the same wicked treatment.

She felt a ball of heat form from deep within her. She was so close she couldn’t articulate it. A thin layer of sweat coated her as staccato movements overcame her. Sean looked up into her eyes, but continued sucking her perfect breast when he felt it. The tightening of her walls. She looked like a madwoman frantically slamming herself on his cock searching for her release.

Suddenly his strong hands stilled her hips. He gripped both ass cheeks and slowly ground his pelvis up into hers.

It was too much. The exquisite feeling was too much for her.

Her heart and her pussy came crashing down as she gazed into his eyes and he whispered, “I love you.”

She let out a piercing scream. She came so intensely, so fully… her twitching body oscillated on top of him. In a daze from the outer body experience she’d just had, she remained silent.


“Are you ok?” He was almost worried as her lifeless limbs draped carelessly over his.

A small chuckle emanated from her. “I’m alive, babe. I’m alive.”

Sean smiled and ran his hands down her damp back.

“Can I just say… That was…”

“Just the beginning.” His cock was still rock hard inside of her and when she felt it move her hips rolled unconsciously. She didn’t think she could take anymore, but her body had other ideas.

“Tell me you love me.”

Layla’s surprised eyes rose. Although she felt it for a long time she’d never said the words. “Nope.”


Acting quickly she jumped up from his lap, let out a squeal as she evaded his grasp and ran to the bedroom. He quickly found his crutches and slowly walked towards the room. Didn’t she know it was a bad idea to tempt him? He wasn’t sure how much he could contain himself. Injuries be damned.

When he arrived in his room, his resolve almost crumbled. Lying in the middle of his bed, her long smooth legs were spread apart. She was playing with her pussy in one hand while the other fondled her breast.

“What did I say about touching yourself?” His deep voice was low and menacing.

But she didn’t care. She let out a moan and she slipped her fingers in her pussy while her thumb circled her clit. She stared at his perfect body and throbbing cock and that was enough to make a small tremor course through her. He clenched his teeth and felt every nerve on edge. His dick was so hard it felt like it was going to explode.

He lowered himself on the bed and crawled towards her. He hovered over her pussy, but her fingers were still stuck inside.

“Move your fucking fingers out of the way.”

She quickly complied and removed the offending digits.

“If I ever see you touch what’s mine without my permission…” His deadly gaze said it all.

A sliver of fear rumbled through her and heightened her desire. She was so wet, so hot for him and he hadn’t started anything yet.

His lips lowered to her fleshly legs and he nibbled and kissed every inch. His aquamarine eyes pierced hers as she held her breath afraid to move. He bit her thigh and she squirmed when the pleasure became too much. In response he pushed two fingers inside of her pretty pussy and slowly stroked in and out.

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