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Emma’s New Job Ch. 02

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The affair had been going on for several weeks, stolen moments in the store room, quickies in the office and the occasional blow job in the car. It was difficult, they were both in relationships and time outside of work was nearly impossible to organise, until now. They were going to have a night away together, a conference they both had to attend, too far away for a day trip. He was so excited, he couldn’t wait, he wanted to have her to himself uninterrupted, to make love to her without having to rush off afterwards…

She had been planning for this night away for weeks, spending hours preparing the underwear she would wear for him, imagining what she would do for him, what she would let him do to her, she had gotten so horny thinking about it she had had to pleasure herself virtually every night. As she sat in the car next to him, heading towards the hotel, her mind flooded with lustful thoughts and excitement…

The door to their room creaked open and he swept her in under his arm. He dropped the bags on to the floor and pulled her close to him, kissing her deeply. His hands ran through her hair, wandering freely down her back, coming to rest on her firm, round ass. He squeezed her buttocks, savoring the feel of her sexy backside, before pulling her close into him, his crotch pressed firmly up against hers, he could feel the heat of her body against the rapidly growing erection in his trousers, he wanted her. He began to kiss her neck, listening to her whimpers of pleasure, he knew what she liked and he enjoyed working her up into a frenzy, ‘wait’ she whispered, pushing him away from her. ‘Wait, why don’t you pour us a drink, whilst I go to the bathroom’ her voice like honey in his ear.

‘Ok’ he replied, moving awkwardly across the room, his throbbing erection making it difficult to walk casually. He watched her disappear into the bathroom with her bag, and began to open a bottle of champagne…

She emerged from the bathroom wearing a tiny silky white thong and matching baby doll, she looked hot and she knew it, her ample breasts filling the outfit to perfection. She watched as his eyes widened, drinking her in, the bulge in his trousers bursting to get out, the thought of how much he wanted her turned her on and she could feel heat between her legs and her nipples begin to harden. She moved over to him, smiling as he stood frozen like a rabbit kağıthane escort in headlights, holding two glasses of champagne. ‘why don’t we make you more comfortable’ she said, loosening off his belt and unbuttoning his trousers, his cock sprang out before her, long, thick and hard, the tip was glistening with precum and she couldn’t resist licking it off with her tongue. She felt him inhale sharply, she looked up at him, gazing into his eyes, and then she began, licking his balls, long gentle strokes, all the time looking up at him, she moved into the shaft, licking her way up the length until finally she was facing the head, she opened her mouth wide and engulfed his cock, taking as much of it into her throat as she could before coming up for air, she could feel his hands on the back of her head pulling her gently towards him, she obliged and let his cock slide back down into her waiting mouth, his hips drove towards her, pushing his cock deeper into her throat, before withdrawing again. She reached around and grabbed his ass pulling him towards her, she wanted his cock, she took it in her throat again and again, feeling his hips move faster and faster, his hands pulling her head towards him more frantically, she new he was close to orgasm, she heard him groan and felt him thrust hard before pulling out and shooting his load all over her tongue and lips, ‘yummy’ she said as she licked them and swallowed the delicious salty fluid….

Still weak from his orgasm, he led her to the bed, laying her down, he positioned his face between her legs, he ran his fingers over the smooth silk of her knickers, rubbing her lips and clit, feeling the heat, feeling the moistness of her soft pussy. He pulled the material to one side exposing her pink flesh, his tongue ready to explore her delicate folds. He could hear her breathing shallow as she began to pant, he ran his tongue between her lips, inside her, penetrating her, then flicking and teasing her sensitive bud, he could see her grabbing her breasts and squeezing her nipples, crying out as his attentions wracked her body with pleasure, he licked faster and deeper as she bucked against his face, he grabbed her thighs, holding her tight as she ground herself into his face, he focused on her throbbing nub, using his fingers to stimulate her further. He could feel her juices flowing from her, into kartal escort his mouth and all over his face, he knew she was close as her hands left her breasts and grabbed the back of his head holding him against her, her legs started to quiver and twitch as with one final gush of her sweet juices she cried out, screaming with desire as her orgasm ripped through her. He held her tight, savoring the taste and feel of her, finally releasing her when he knew she was spent….

As she lay there panting, her body still tingling all over, she felt his hands pulling her underwear away, she felt the air on her nakedness and his breath on her skin, she was still recovering from her orgasm, and was only partially aware of him kissing her stomach, working his way up to her breasts, his tongue working its way around her areola, and gently sucking on her hard nipples, she felt him continue upwards, kissing her chest and neck, she could feel the weight of him bearing down on her and her legs parted to accommodate him, she could feel the tip of his hard cock brushing across the her wet lips, moving with purpose towards her waiting hole, she began to stir from her daze as he pushed forcefully with his hips, his manhood penetrating her, she gasped, alert now as his girth stretched her tight pussy, tunneling deep into her moist depths. The mixture of pain and pleasure, the ecstasy of being filled completely, overwhelmed her, she cried out, looking wide eyed into his face. She felt his arms around her pulling her towards him, he was still for a few seconds and she was glad of the time to adjust to his size, he began to withdraw and she wrapped her legs around his back, the sense of loss driving her to pull him back towards her. She could not stop him from leaving her empty, but then with a deep thrust she was full again….

He drove his hips towards her, burying his hard tool deep inside her, feeling every inch of her hot, wet tunnel gripping him tightly, he grabbed her breast and squeezed her nipple, ‘oh Gary’ she cried, grabbing her other breast, both nipples now getting the attention she craved, it turned him on so much he began to thrust harder and faster, ‘fuck me baby’ she screamed ‘fuck me harder!’. Every deep penetrating thrust brought him closer to climax, he was desperate to cum deep inside her, but he didn’t want their love making to stop, küçükçekmece escort it felt so good. He held her tightly and with a swift flick of his hip he rolled her up on top of him, he lay there watching her, lost in her own world, riding him, bucking hard against him, taking every inch of his cock inside her, she looked amazing, her jet black hair wild and flowing, tiny beads of perspiration running from her neck down through her cleavage, her hands gripping her breasts, clawing savagely at her nipples, he gripped her sides and pulled her thrusts deeper, he could feel her clit rubbing against his pubic bone and she was groaning and screaming like a wild animal, he knew she was close, he grabbed her breasts and she arched her back, reaching back and grabbing his thighs, he remained locked in that position as she rode out the shock waves of her orgasm…

She collapsed on top of him, gasping for air, still tingling all over, she could feel his muscular chest against her cheek as she lay on him, and his hard cock still inside her. She lay there for a short while savoring the sensations, the heat from his body and the musky smell of sex. She felt him withdraw, and his hands rolling her off him and on to her front, instinctively she took to all fours, presenting herself too him, she sensed him close behind her, then she could feel his thighs against hers and his cock sliding smoothly back inside her, she gasped, his size still taking her breath away, he began to thrust, slowly at first, and then picking up speed as he found his rhythm. She loved this position, he was so deep inside her, filling her, fucking her, taking her, she moaned with pleasure, her hand wandering between her legs to play with her engorged clitoris. His hands grabbed her hips and pulled her towards him, she could feel him deeper and deeper inside her, she could feel another orgasm building and began to strum herself with increased vigor…

He could feel her hand between her legs, the thought of her touching herself was a huge turn on, he knew he couldn’t hold on much longer, he was thrusting with an intensity he could not sustain, he reached out grabbing a handful of her long dark hair, pulling it roughly as he drove himself into her ‘ I am going to cum baby’ he cried, breathing hard with the effort

‘Yes’ she groaned ‘fill me, fill me with your hot cum’, he knew he was there, with the last few strokes he lay on her back, pinning her to the bed, biting down on her shoulder, his hands in her hair, he shot load after load of hot semen into hot, wet pussy. He lay there for a while, still inside her, on her back kissing her and holding her, both of them exhausted from their efforts…

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