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Evelyn , Ted in the Cloisters

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Ted led Evelyn away from the Grand Hall. She followed him eagerly, clutching his hand and trying not to trip over her dress as Ted headed across the campus field, past the sixth form block and into the cloisters by the library where a smaller courtyard obscured them from any prying eyes.

Pushing her up against the cold stone wall, Ted buried his face into Evelyn’s neck. His usually tender kisses became vehement bites which made Evelyn moan. The weight of his body kept her pinned to the wall and yet Evelyn pulled at his jacket harder, wanting to be as close as she could to Ted. In the end, she pulled off his jacket so she could feel his tense, hot skin radiating out of his crisp white shirt. Leaning back her head, Evelyn closed her eyes and ran her fingers up his back and to his shoulders, as Ted sucked and chewed on her sweaty neck. She shivered at the feel of his hand slipping beneath her floor-length skirt, sliding up the back of her leg to her thigh where he forced her legs apart causing Evelyn to bite down on her scream of exultation. She could feel his pulsing crotch against her now and grinding her hips upwards to meet him, she listened as Ted’s breath grew quicker, his heartbeat thundering in his chest. Swiftly, Ted grabbed her other leg, pushing her harder against the wall. It was a cold December night but between them, there was only heat, burning out of their aching bodies.

Wrapping her legs around his waist, halkalı escort Evelyn bought one of Ted’s hands up to her mouth, the one he had punched Damien with. The other stayed above her head, supporting them both. He peered into Evelyn’s eyes, which were ablaze with ardour, as she ran her tongue from his wrist to his knuckle. Extending his fingers and gazing at her eagerly, Ted could hardly control himself as Evelyn caressed his fist. Aware just what had turned her on, Ted grinned smugly, pushing his crotch deeper into Evelyn’s groin as she whimpered, breathless from his teasing. Dropping his fist, Evelyn’s arms slipped around his neck. She laid several kisses along his jaw, working her way down his neck and finally up to his ear, her hot breath tickling his ear.

“Fuck me,” Evelyn whispered urgently.

“Did you like it when I broke his nose?” Ted grinned to himself, his hand delving beneath Evelyn’s skirt again to find the hem of those black lace panties she’d promised. As soon as his fingers touch them, his question was answered, the wetness soaking his fingertips. He grinned to himself as he pushed her knickers aside to slide his forefinger deep within her, listening as Evelyn groaned, unable to find the words to answer him.

“Next time he touches you, I’ll do much worse,” Ted half whispered, half growled with a promise, and a threat, though not intended for her. The fury harbiye escort he had felt boiling inside of him at the sight of Damien holding Evelyn’s arm had been enough to send him into a frenzy. He wouldn’t have ever dreamed of hitting Damien Ashcroft otherwise. But there was something about Evelyn that made him a jealous mess. One he couldn’t control when other men, not just Damien, touched his girl. Now, his fury had become passion and it throbbed through him like the blood in his veins.

Sliding a second finger inside of her and listening as Evelyn moaned his name and nibbled on the skin of his neck, Ted grinned rapturously.

“Fuck me,” she said again, louder this time and laying her head back against the wall, her neck covered in flushed red rashes. She didn’t care that they could be caught, out here in the open. It only spurred her on further.

“What’s the magic word?” Ted asked teasingly, seeing the way Evelyn’s eyes fluttered open and closed frantically, her hips gyrating vigorously against his as his fingers moved back and forth faster and faster, pushing deeper until she was gasping for air, her breasts rising and falling with every breath.

“Please,” she moaned “Please!” she said again, finally opening her eyes to stare back at him, imploring him to satisfy her completely. She needed this.

Almost all of those bad thoughts were gone but the one she couldn’t shake ikitelli escort was always the hardest to forget. Even now, with Ted’s fingers in her pussy, his body between her legs and his breath against her cheeks, Evelyn could only see Doni. She was desperate to forget his face…that memory which haunted her dreams. She wanted to feel Ted, his hands, his lips, his cock…but Doni was always there. So much so, that she could almost smell him, taste him…feel his presence. It was comforting yet made her restless. She needed to wipe the slate and replace it with a new, more sensual memory if she had any hope of destroying the image of Doni…luxuriating in his weight, the straw against her bare back…his adoring kisses leaving impressions all over her outstretched body…his tongue working her into a frenzy…her hands in his hair…his green eyes gazing down at her as he pushed apart her legs…

Their bodies becoming one once again. And just when Evelyn believed that nothing could rid the memory from Evelyn’s mind, she felt Ted’s fingers being replaced by his own, hard, throbbing cock. Exhausting as it was to allow every inch of him inside of her, Evelyn relaxed against him and tightened at the sensation of Ted hitting the one spot that was guaranteed to make her scream. Listening as Ted whispered her name, again and again, hands in her hair, the cold wall against her back, his hot familiar body pressing against her, Evelyn’s mind was quietening, the images dying. All that was left was Ted. Ted…Edward…the boy who could make her forget her own name when he was inside of her. The boy who soothed the pain…who made Evelyn feel alive. The man who never failed to make her come…no matter where they were.

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