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Finding Mom Pt. 07

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Miriam awoke the following morning and just lay in bed awhile thinking about the whole situation and suddenly realized that she was by far having the best sex of her entire life.

At first, she found this quite amusing but then it became sad and the more she thought about it the sadder it became. She was almost 41 years old and up until just very recently she had never had any kind of sexual encounter with any other man except Nates father.

As she lay there thinking about it, she knew there was only one man she would ever let fuck her again and he was just in the next room playing videos games.

Either that or beating off to her, she wasn’t sure just which at the moment, she just knew he did both of them, a lot.

She was no better; she had just spent another sleepless night pummeling her hairy pussy with a squirt vibrator while she watched a video of him eating her out.

Miriam was way past the shame at this point and knew she had to do something about her situation. She needed more than just tricking her son into fingering her or eating her out. She needed to experience his big cock fill her up and then pump her full.

Miriam knew this could only happen if she confronted him and they both came clean with one another about the whole thing.

Sure, she could probably trick him into fucking her sooner or later, but she wanted to be able to kiss him and suck his cock and all the other goodies that would come along if they just opened up to one another.

That evening after supper Miriam asks Nate to remain at the table and talk with her a bit. She moved her Girne Escort chair to the other side of the table and set right next to him and put her arms around him.

“First off I want you to know that I am not upset about any of what I am about to tell you, ok baby,” she said softly.

“Actually, it’s the complete opposite, I am so very turned on by all of it and I need for you to know all about it right now,” she said quietly.

Nate squirmed a bit, but Miriam continued and began to tell him all of it right from the beginning.

She started with how she had discovered that he was recording her and that she knew why he was doing so. She explained to him that she knew very early on how much her pubic hair excited him.

She told him about how she had seen the beach video and how she knew he had pulled the towel from her lap and then bent and licked her pussy lips. She pulled her phone out and showed him.

She went on to explain to him how she had put the little wooden crate under his bedroom window and then stood on it and watched him masturbate to her.

Nate began to really squirm around at this point, but then she told him how she had gone back to her room that night and had three orgasms.

She explained to him that later she had stood on the very same little crate and masturbated right along with him and that they had cum together at the same time.

After learning all this he seemed to calm down a good bit.

She went on about how she began filming him and how she had been using the footage to masturbate with all Kıbrıs Escort night long sometimes. She pulled her phone out again and showed him her library of videos.

She told him all about the dreams and how because of him she had learned how to make herself squirt. She told him all about the mattress protector and the vibrator. She told him everything.

She explained to him that was why she stayed so fucking tired lately, and then they both laughed out loud together.

She told him how she had purposely started dressing more provocatively, about how she had stopped wearing a bra, and how she had left the buttons unfastened on purpose.

She explained how she had purposely exposed her tits to him.

Then how she had tricked him into fingering her while she pretended to be asleep. She told him how right before it started, she had pulled her panties aside for him that day.

She explained to him all about the sleeping pills and assured him, she had not been asleep when he had eaten her out, but that she had been very, very much awake. She told him about how she had purposely not worn any panties that day.

She told him about how he had made her cum so hard with just his fingers and his tongue.

‘Yeah, I kind of thought so,” he said softly without looking at her.

Miriam giggled and then pulled Nates mouth to hers and kissed him passionately with her tongue.

She explained that this was why she was telling him all this, that she wanted to be able to kiss him and suck his cock for him, and that he didn’t have to jerk Magosa Escort off to videos of her anymore that he could have the real thing standing right in front of him whenever he wanted it.

She assured him that she would spread her hairy legs wide for him any time.

She told him all about how his father had treated her and she explained to him how he had caught her masturbating with the magazine and how he burnt it and forced her to watch.

She told him all about what his father had told her about sex and how it was only for reproduction and how she had secretly had her tubes tied after his birth.

She told him that she had never sucked a man’s dick or eaten a hot load of jism before, and how she was just dying to try it.

She told him all about how much she had enjoyed him sucking her titties and about afterwards how fast she had made herself cum right there in the living room.

By the time Miriam was finished talking Nate had pulled his cock from his shorts beneath the table and he was now seriously whipping it about.

“Is there anything you want to say, baby?” she asks with a grin.

“Where do we go from here?” Nate grunted.

Miriam giggled again and quickly lowered her hand beneath the table and took Nates big cock away from him before he lost his load.

As she slowly pumped it, she looked him in the eye and softly said, “Baby, mommy wants you to take her by the hand right now and lead her off into your bedroom, and then I want you to fuck the shit out of me with this big instrument.”

She then gave it a little squeeze just before she released it and quickly grasp his hand tightly and they locked their fingers together as they stood, and he quickly led her off to his bedroom.

Miriam was as giddy as a schoolgirl inside as her stomach fluttered and her pussy flowed.

The End

All comments welcome, good or bad.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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