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Hairy Pussy

The following is based on actual events which happened about 15 years ago. Names haven’t been changed. Fiona, my good friend, has given me permission to publish her story, and depending on how it is received, I might write further instalments. At the time of the story, Fiona was heterosexual. Later she discovered the delights of lesbian sex, and she is now one of my lovers.

Fiona woke up on Saturday morning next to her husband Mike. It was their wedding anniversary. They had been together 20 years and married for 18. They still loved each other and still had sex on occasion, though it was nothing to write home about. Mike was good with his tongue though, she had to admit. He had a talent for being able to bring her so close to orgasm and hold her there for what seemed like an eternity.

Fiona had been very attractive in her 20s. She spent time looking after herself, kept herself fit and in shape, and wore clothes that showed off her best bits. In her opinion, her best bits were her legs. When she first got to know Mike she would always wear short skirts and dresses and Mike felt proud walking down the street with her on his arm. After 18 years of marriage she’d let a few things slip and heads no longer turned when she walked into a room. Her clothes were a little dowdy and practical and she didn’t bother too much with her nails, hair and makeup. It was true that she still had appeal and a sexuality that became more obvious as one got to know her. Now in her mid 40s she had made a decision that some changes were needed. She’d been revamping her wardrobe and was enjoying wearing more provocative outfits. She’d started shaving her pubes which surprised and delighted Mike in equal measure. In short, she regained some of her libido which she had thought had gone for ever.

They’d been mainly faithful to each other. There was one time many years ago when Mike came home from a business trip abroad. Fiona could tell something was up straight away. That evening Fiona was in bed and Mike came into the bedroom in tears. He knelt by the bed and blurted out that he’d made a terrible mistake with a woman he’d met on his trip at the hotel bar. He probably expected Fiona to tell him to get out of the house, and that she wanted a divorce. He wasn’t expecting what happened next.

“You have been a naughty boy. And you know what happens to naughty boys? They get a damned good spanking. Now, get your clothes off and then I’m going to tie you to the bed.”

He looked at Fiona in blank amazement. “You serious?”

“Get your fucking clothes off now!”

Fiona tied him face down with some old pairs of tights from her underwear drawer, wrists and ankles to the four corners of the bed. Then she found a leather belt from the wardrobe, thick and heavy.

“You can scream and beg all you like, but I’m not going to stop until I think you’ve had enough. The windows are open, so I imagine the neighbours will hear what’s going on. I’ll leave you to explain.”

Then she started whipping him as hard as she could for at least 10 minutes. He shouted and screamed and begged her to stop. She took no notice, but finally took pity on him and then snuggled up beside him and made him tell her all the details. She made him describe her body and tell her everything that he had done to her, and what she had done to him, what they’d talked about, what she tasted like. She occasionally gave his sore bruised bum a slap to keep him talking. Much to her surprise, she found herself getting more and more excited as he was talking. Soon she was wet between her legs and her nipples were hard and erect pressed against Mike’s torso. When she was satisfied that he’d told her everything she untied him and told him she wanted him to lick her until she came.

Later they were lying in each other’s arms. Mike was feeling well and truly chastised and had a raging hard-on.

“Next time you cheat on me it will be far worse. You’ve been warned. And you won’t be cumming tonight, so if I were you, I’d start thinking about cold tripe or something. now I’m going to sleep.”

As far as Fiona knew, that was the only time he ever cheated on her. He certainly never admitted it if he did do it again.

Fiona, on the other hand, had a fair number of flings with guys she met through work, or friends of friends. She never said a word to Mike. She wasn’t at all sure how he would react to the news, so she thought it was best to keep it her little secret. Anyway, it made her feel good, it made her feel special and wanted. It gave her a release for her pent up sexual energy and boosted her confidence. It satisfied her cravings for raw passionate sex, for cocks and cum.

Most recently, about 2 weeks ago, she spent a wonderful evening with one of her colleagues, Fred, while Mike was out for an evening work do. He came round to their house about half an hour after Mike had set off, and spent 3 hours fucking Fiona in their bedroom. He fucked her arse, something which Mike didn’t do, but which Fiona adored, and pumped a huge load of cum deep güvenilir bahis inside her. After he’d had time to recover, he fucked her pussy and left another load. Noticing the time, he made a hasty exit after giving Fiona a long lingering kiss and a final quick orgasm with a finger on her clit. Fiona got dressed without showering, pulling her knickers and tights up her thighs which were wet with cum and her juices. There was a sizeable sticky damp patch in the middle of the sheet, but Fiona just pulled the duvet over it. She got quite excited thinking that soon she would be climbing back into bed with her husband with two loads of someone else’s cum leaking from her holes. A bit risky, but worth it for the thrill. Mike arrived home not much later. He’d obviously had a few drinks and was feeling a little horny. Soon they were heading upstairs and then they were kissing on the bed, Mike’s hands wandering over her thighs and bum under her skirt. Fiona was getting quite worked up too – especially as she thought about Fred’s cock and his cum that was at this very moment leaking out of her pussy. She suddenly jumped up from the bed and quickly took off all her clothes, throwing them in a pile on the floor and making sure that her cum sodden knickers and tights were hidden from sight under her skirt and blouse. She slipped under the duvet and smiled provocatively at Mike and hoped he hadn’t got a whiff of Fred’s pungent cum. Mike didn’t dawdle. Seconds later he was in bed next to her, pressing his hard cock against her thigh and exploring the folds of her pussy lips with his fingers.

“My God, you’re so hot and wet tonight. I want to lick your pussy and make you cum.”

She thought that she couldn’t possibly let him do that now. As Mike’s fingers slid in and out of her pussy all she could think of was that Fred’s sticky cum was such a good lubricant. She pulled Mike’s hand from her pussy to her face, and licked his fingers hungrily.

“Mike, I just want you to fuck me with your cock. Now! I want your cock in me. Lick me later. When you’ve fucked me and filled my pussy with cum, then you can lick me.”

Mike climbed on top of her and the full length of his cock slid effortlessly into the depths of her vagina. Fiona’s orgasm started almost immediately, and as he started pumping her, she sobbed and trembled as the ripples of pleasure coursed through her body, ever increasing in intensity until the moment when Mike’s cock began throbbing uncontrollably and spurted cum deep inside her. At this moment she was transported to another world of such intense pleasure that she could hardly believe it. It took some time for them both to come back to Earth.

“Now you can lick me.”

She gently pushed his head down her body, letting him have a good suck of her nipples on the way. Then his mouth was firmly planted on her parted pussy lips and his tongue was probing deeply into her hole as he slurped and swallowed.

Later they were lying side by side both feeling deeply satisfied. Fiona was on the point of telling him that what he had actually been slurping up from her pussy was a mixture of his own and Fred’s cum, but she thought better of it. Better add it to her list of little secrets – a list that was getting longer and longer.

A few days after her evening of passion with Fred, Fiona caught Mike watching porn on his laptop. She knew it was something he did on occasion. She’d found images on his phone when she’d managed to get a sneaky peak, but never said anything to him about it – images of women sucking cocks and close-ups of faces dripping with cum. She’d also looked at his browsing history on his computer and found he’d been watching a whole range of pornographic videos, from single girls masturbating to elaborate orgy scenes, from mistresses whipping their helpless bound slaves to men being forced to drink wee. But on this particular day, she’d walked in to his study and found him so engrossed in his video that at first he didn’t even notice she was there. When he did notice her, he tried desperately and unsuccessfully to close down the page on his computer and hide the fact that his erect cock was sticking out of his opened fly. He looked up at Fiona with the most embarrassed expression.

“Sorry,” was all he managed.

“Let’s start it from the beginning and watch it together,” suggested Fiona. “I want to see what’s got you so hard.”

It turned out to be a 10 minute video staring a reasonably attractive 30 something housewife, who for some reason was wearing fishnet stockings and a short nightie whilst she was doing the hoovering. She had just invited a couple of younger blokes into the house, and then she led them upstairs to the bedroom. Of course there was lots of fucking with her various holes being filled with their stiff cocks, fingers and tongues, and the final scene showed the two guys ejaculating simultaneously over her face and tits.

“So you like watching women being pleasured by men do you? You like to see her getting sprayed with cum? Would you like to be there güvenilir bahis siteleri joining in, slapping your cock against her face? Or is it that you just like watching? What would you think if it was me in the video? Would you like to watch me getting fucked by a couple of young blokes?”

As Mike struggled to think how on Earth he could answer his wife, she reached down and ran a finger over the head of his cock which was wet with precum.

“I think it would turn you on. Am I right?”

“I’m sorry Fiona. It’s just a video. It doesn’t mean anything. It’s just fun.”

Fiona started to stoke his cock and whispered in his ear, “Just be honest with me. If you found me with a couple of hunky blokes who were giving me a lot of pleasure, would it turn you on? Would it make you hard like you are now? Would you like to watch them fuck me? Watch them make me cum? Tell me the truth.”

He was close to cumming. Fiona licked his neck and his ear as she worked more vigorously on his cock.

“Yes, I think it would turn me on.”

“Would you prefer to fuck me, or watch someone else fuck me? Which?”

“Oh Fiona, I love you. I don’t know. Oh my God…”

He was shooting his cum all over his jeans and shirt.

“Have a think about it. Tell me later. Now, you’d better get yourself cleaned up!”

Mike never brought up the subject again, but Fiona couldn’t stop thinking about it.

So now they were in bed together on the morning of their 18th wedding anniversary. Fiona was contemplating the day ahead. They were going out for a meal at a gastro pub in the evening followed by a night club. Fiona was going to wear a dress she had recently bought, but which Mike hadn’t yet seen. It was black and very short and fitted her beautifully. In the changing room in the shop when she first tried it on she couldn’t believe what she saw in the mirror. She twirled, bent over and touched her toes, and did a little dance, and tried to work out whether she had the guts to wear it in public. She might as well put a sign round her neck saying ‘Come and fuck me’.

But first, she was going to have a long soak in the bath. Shave her legs, underarms, and her mound. Then they were going shopping. It was a bit of a ritual, but every anniversary they would go shopping together for sexy underwear. It was a sort of treat for Mike who got a bit of a thrill wandering round lingerie departments. After that, Fiona had an appointment at her salon for a haircut and then she was going to have her nails done. She was beginning to get quite excited about going out in the evening. What would Mike think when he saw her in that dress? She was going to wear it with black hold-ups – she’d just bought a pair with pretty lace tops which she knew would be visible every time she bent forward or crossed her legs. She’d also decided on bright red heels and she had some new lipstick that was a perfect match. Without letting Mike know what she was doing, she slipped a finger between her pussy lips and found her clit. She was dripping wet already.

“You never did tell me whether you’d prefer to fuck me or watch someone else do it. So, which is it?”

“Fiona, the though of you having sex with someone else sort of turns me on, but in reality, I just don’t know….. I don’t know how I’d react, or how I’d feel.”

“OK, just concentrate for a minute. Imagine you’ve come home a little earlier than expected. You go upstairs, walk into our bedroom and you find me with some bloke. He’s fucking me. My eyes are closed. I’m moaning with pleasure. We’re both so into the moment we don’t notice you. What would you do? Think it through before you answer.”

Fiona reached down to his cock and found he was rock hard and throbbing.

“I wouldn’t disturb you. I’d back out quietly. I’d be so fucking turned on. I’d want to watch, but I’d be too embarrassed to stay.”

“Imagine I opened my eyes and saw you before you managed to slip out. I tell you to stay and enjoy the show. The bloke I’m with doesn’t mind you being there. In fact he likes showing off how good he is in bed. Would you like that? Watching me get fucked in our own bed? In our own bedroom? In our house?”

He managed a groan.

“Would your cock be as hard as it is now?”

“Oh my God, I’d be so hard.”

“And when we were done, he’d get up, get dressed and go, and I’d stay in bed. What would you do? Would you kiss me?”

“Yes, I’d kiss you. I’d kiss you deeply and passionately.”

“Even though I’d just been kissing someone else?”

“Yes, of course I’d kiss you.”

“Even if I’d been sucking his cock?”

Fiona could tell he was so close to cumming so she let go of his cock and grabbed one of his nipples and gave it a hard squeeze and a twist.

“Yes, even if you’d been sucking his cock, I’d kiss you.”

“And would you go down on me and lick my cunt?”

“Oh yes Fiona, I’d love to.”

“Even if it was full of his cum? Would you lick his cum out of me?”

“Yes Fiona, I’d lick out his cum. I’d do anything you wanted iddaa siteleri me to.”

“Mmmmmm. Interesting! Well it’s about time we got up. We’ve got some shopping to do. You’re going to find me some sexy knickers.”

She ran the tips of her fingers down the full length of his shaft. “And you can save that for later!”

They spent an enjoyable couple of hours in the high street shops. Eventually Mike chose some red lacy knickers and a matching bra which was designed to maximise her cleavage. The red went very well with her heels and lipstick she thought. Then she was off to have her hair and nails attended to. Late in the afternoon she got back home to Mike who was full of compliments. He told her she looked 5 years younger.

“Wait ’til you see me in my dress.”

She went upstairs and quickly changed. Her new knickers fitted perfectly and her bra did what it said it would. She rolled up her new stockings and then put on her dress and high heels. She shouted down to Mike to get that cold bottle of Prosecco opened, then she expertly applied her eye liner and mascara, and finished off with her bright red lipstick. She looked stunning.

As they sat and drank their bubbly, Mike couldn’t conceal the fact that he was getting harder by the minute. Her tits looked amazing and the tight dress showed off all her beautiful curves. She undid the straps on her heels then laid back on the sofa with her feet on Mike’s crotch and gently massaged his cock through his jeans with her nylon toes. Fiona got the feeling she was going to really enjoy the forthcoming evening.

This time, as they walked into the dining area, heads did turn – male and female. The waiter who attended them could not take his eyes off her legs and she made sure he got a good look at her stocking tops.

After their meal they moved to the bar and found an empty table.

“So, how does it feel to have been married to me for 18 years?” she asked, rubbing her knees against Mike’s thighs. “Have I satisfied you?”

“Yes you have, my darling.”

She took Mike’s hand and placed it on her thigh. “I’ve satisfied you so much that you have to watch porn?”

“Oh Fiona, I don’t watch it much, but it does turn me on sometimes. Look, I know we don’t have sex as often as we should, but when we do, do I satisfy you?”

“You do, but I sometimes want more. I love it when you eat me. I’d also love it if you were a bit more spontaneous with me. A bit rough. Take control. March me upstairs, rip my clothes off and fuck me hard. Know what I mean?”

“I guess I’m just not that sort of person. I like it when you take control. And I love eating you. I love it when you sit on my face and force me to eat you.”

“There’s a guy sitting at the bar who might be that sort of person. Don’t turn round and stare. He’s been checking me out for the last 5 minutes. He’s with a mate, and I’m sure they’re talking about me.”

“Everyone’s looking at you Fiona. You look so fucking hot. I’m not surprised he’s checking you out.”

“Well, maybe he’s a bit young for me. Probably not more than 20. Oh God, he’s coming over. And he is gorgeous. Mike, tonight might not go as you planned. Just trust me.”

As he walked across the room, he smiled at her, and then he was at their table. He put one hand on the back of Fiona’s chair, and the other on the table inches from hers. Mike had moved his hand from her thigh which he had been caressing as they were talking.

“Hi, sorry to interrupt you, but I’m sure I know you from somewhere.” He was gazing into Fiona’s eyes. “I’m Simon and that’s my friend Pete,” he said, gesturing towards the bar.

“Well, I’m Fiona, and this is Mike. I can’t say I recognise you, but why don’t you both come over and join us? There’s room here.”

“Thanks, we will. I’ll go and get him”

Fiona took Mike’s hand again. “Mike, we’ve got 30 seconds. I’m going to make a suggestion. You go home and leave me with these two. I’ll see if they want to go to the night club with me. I know it’s not really your thing. Wait for me at home. And no watching porn and definitely no wanking. I’ll be wanting your cock later – whatever happens. It is our anniversary after all! Trust me? Yes or no?”

“Shit, Fiona. I don’t know. I love you.”

“Yes or no?”

Simon and Pete had come over with their drinks and were pulling out chairs from under the table to sit down, one on either side of Fiona.

“Yes”, said Mike to Fiona in a whisper.

Fiona started the conversation. “Hi Pete! This is my husband, Mike, and tonight is our wedding anniversary. Now, Simon, where might you know me from?”

“Well, I’ve been racking my brains, but I just can’t recall. But, look, I didn’t realise it was your wedding anniversary. Maybe we should leave you to get on with your evening?”

Mike joined in the conversation. “Actually, Simon, we’d planned on going to a night club to celebrate, but I’ve had such a busy and stressful week at work that I don’t think I have the energy. I might have to go home and catch up on some sleep. But, Fiona is so looking forward to having a night out dancing. I wondered if you two wouldn’t mind going with her? And you know her from somewhere, so it’s not like she’s going off with two total strangers. It would make her day.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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