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Fucked So Good I Needed a Doctor

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There was this guy I knew, like seven years older than me. Shaved head, not very tall but buff. Back then I had recently ended a relationship so I was just looking for some fun. One night we happened to be in the same party so we started chatting.

I was surprised when he started to hit on me, I never suspected him to be gay. But he had me. I had never had another man hitting on me like that, he was very masculine. And I ended up in his apartment.

I had had a few beers but I wasn’t really drunk. At least not as I let him believe I was.

He showed me the place and we chatted a little more, but we both knew why we were there. So before I realized I’m taking my clothes off. Slowly as he requested.

I found myself naked in front of him and now he slowly loses the shirt showing me his body, his wide arm and his big chest. I’m drooling.

The he starts pulling his pants down, very slowly. He has my whole attention, me staring and scanning and loving every inch of skin he shows me. Then finally I get to see the whole thing.

He was bigger than me and while he wasn’t like “porn actor huge” he may be the biggest I ever did, coming out of a hairless and fit body, thick and uncut. Swollen and resting on his balls. Just beautiful. I get rock hard immediately. He walks towards me and we start rubbing our cocks together. I’m just loving the way his soft skin feels against mine, so I got to kneel and feel it with my lips. The skin istanbul travesti of his dick feel so smooth and warm I decided I needed to have it in my mouth. I feel that beautiful cock going in and out of my mouth. Each time going deeper and deeper.

I feel his hand on the back of my head. I love when men do that. My right hand playing with his balls and the other one softly stroking my rock hard cock. I can feel my saliva slipping though my lips and starting to run down my jaw and then my neck.

After some time he ask me to stop, looks me directly in eyes and with a deep voice tells me that now he wants to fuck me. I almost cummed right there. I got nervous as I was somewhat inexperienced on the taking cock in the ass fiel. I had just done that one or two times, and his cock for me looked huge at the moment. I’m afraid he could break me. But he had me. I was so excited, and he was so hot, I would have done anything he’d asked me, and I did. Without thinking I said yes in a heartbeat.

He goes towards his night table, puts on a condom, and gets a bottle of lube. He puts some on his cock, and asks me how I want it. I told him to sit down on the bed, I went towards him, get on top of him giving him my back, I spread my butt cheeks with my hands, and felt the tip of his cock in my ass, and I started pushing down feeling it go in. I’m find myself loving the pain and the pleasure until it’s all in. Then I put my hands on his knees istanbul travestileri to support my weight and I started slowly moving my body up and down. I feel his warm hands on my hips and how he starts to push me down when I’m up so I start going faster. He is in control. I start moaning.

I’m riding his cock, feeling the rush, loving it. My knees shaking for the exercise and the excitement, my heart beating as drum and I hear us both making sounds.

I feel my cock rock hard between my legs and how it starts tingling. I’m about to cum so I bite my lip trying to hold on, I think about slowing down but at this point I don’t think he’ll let me and to be honest, I don’t want to, and by this point it’s too late. So I end up cumming in the air. Hands free. Big load. Right into the tile floor.

But I keep going, blushing abashed for how much I came just from, and he teases me about it while we keep going. He asks me if I want to keep going and I, without thinking it, say yes. He suggests changing positions and I agree.

Suddenly I’m over the bed with my legs hanging from the edge and he is now over me, going in and and out as he pleases. And I have this feeling in me, it’s like this thought, of how because I just came, now I’m just using my body to give him pleasure. It’s not even about me, it’s all about him, and because I’m really enjoying it, that turns me into a whore. And that makes me so horny my cock got hard again. travesti istanbul I loved the feel of my cock rubbing against my belly and the sheets on the bed.

He ask me if I like it, I tell him that I love it. And he starts going faster and harder until he gives three big and strong thrusts and comes inside of me.

He stops while catching a breath. But then I asked him to keep going, he starts thrusting again while I asked him to go harder, I felt his cock getting softer inside of me, and mine rubbing against the sheets with every thrust. And then I cum again, now in the sheets and in my belly. I tell him that he can stop now and he fell over me.

We both end up lying down on the bed catching our Breath. He teases me, about how he fucked me so good, I came twice. He’s right, though, he gave me amazing cock.

We start talking about round two when he takes off the condom and gives it to me telling to throw it away, I also need to clean my belly so I get up and walk towards the bathroom as I noticed him staring at my ass.

But before I get there I step on my own puddle of cum from earlier and I slip falling back and into my hand. I feel it go “pop” and start hurting. So we quickly get dressed and he accompanies me to a clinic near there. We told the doctor I got hurt playing basketball. I don’t know if she believed us. We did smelled like sex.

Turns out I sprained my wrist.

After that night we got the round two we talked about, and then a fourth and five, but it wasn’t the same.

Don’t get me wrong, he still fucked me real good, and the man knows how to suck a cock. But the magic was kind of gone. I guess the first night was just the heat of the moment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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