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“Hey Jessie, keep checking on the little one will you,” Dan said. “She had a fever this morning.”

“Sure,” Jessie said.

“I should be back by twelve,” Dan said, “Eddie will be going over to his friend’s house in an hour or so.”

“Ok,” Jessie said, as she saw Eddie come down over the stairs in a bathrobe.

“Hey son, going to Jeff’s still?” Dan sighed.

“Yeah around eight,” Eddie said as he grabbed a drink from the kitchen and went back upstairs.

“You look bothered by something,” Jessie said to Dan as she sat down on the couch.

“Well…it’s nothing,” he sighed.

“Hey if I can help with something, let me know,” Jessie smiled.

“I wish,” Dan said, “I really don’t want to say anything bad about my son.”

“Hey you have had a tough time since Linda left,” Jessie said. “You’re doing a great job here.”

“I try,” Dan said as he sat on the chair across from the couch, “I know this is bad to talk about Eddie’s personal life, but damn I’m worried about him.”

“He doesn’t seem like he’s into anything bad,” Jessie said.

“Well that’s just it,” Dan whispered as he went over to sit beside her. “Nothing happens with him.”

“That’s bad?” Jessie asked.

“I am not prying but I know you’re 19, you’ve probably dated and had social good times,” Dan said.

“Well yes,” Jessie said.

“Well Eddie hasn’t,” Dan said.

“Oh. But that’s not the worst thing is it?” Jessie asked. “he’s 18 and has the rest of his life.”

“I mean…at eight or so, he’s going to his Friday night ritual of playing some role playing game with a bunch of his friends til the wee hours. He comes back Saturday morning with some book, where he spends the rest of the morning writing logs of the battle. Then he plays some online game that’s about the same thing,” Dan said.

“Oh well at least he stays out of trouble,” Jessie said.

He’s out of trouble, and I should be happy with that, but what about normal relationships, or a girl…or whatever,” Dan said.

“Or whatever?” Jessie laughed. “I see your point now.”

“I shouldn’t have talked about it,” Dan said.

“Stop worrying,” Jessie smiled. “That’s all I can say. Someday he’ll meet someone.”

“Hopefully a real person, not someone out of his gaming,” Dan said as he headed for the door.

“Ok, have fun,” Jessie said as she watched him close the front door behind him.

Jessie walked around the family room thinking about what he just said. She strolled into the family room as she pulled the elastic out of her long brown hair. Stopping, she frowned as she wondered if there was some way she could help. Sitting now on the couch, she picked at a small string on her shorts thinking casually. She knew that she always had no trouble attracting attention with her small frame and blue eyes. But then she thought of Eddie and suddenly realized he shouldn’t have a problem turning heads either. Perhaps there is something to be said for being outgoing and social. The two are complete opposites, socially. But they have one thing in common. Neither of them have had a real meaningful relationship. The thought of that made her sigh as she stood and walked toward the stairs. Somehow she was compelled to find out about him. It seemed simple enough.

Jessie really had no idea what she was going to do when she started slowly walking upstairs. She might even walk right back downstairs and forget the whole thing. But what if she could just talk to him? First off she went in and checked on the little one. Sound asleep and safe she noticed, then walked out of the room, and slowly down the long hallway. Eddie’s room is at the very end, past a spare bedroom, that she had used a few times on overnight sitting. As she approached, she didn’t hear a sound. If he was getting ready, he was doing it very quietly. The door was open just a tiny bit. Squinting with one eye was necessary. She looked into the dim lit room. She saw a bit of movement, but it took her eyes time to adjust to the tiny opening and light level. She saw him inside and the view started to take form.

“Oh holy shit,” she whispered as she backed off.

He was in there. She only saw him for a moment. It was all she needed for the total freak out where she almost lost control. Quietly she crept down the hall and away from his room now with a certain image in her mind. But she reached the other end of the hall, and stopped while sitting on the stairs. She had thought maybe he was getting ready, and might even catch him in his underwear, but she was completely caught off guard. Jessie never would have expected to see him standing in the middle of the room, nude, sticking straight out in front of him.

“I guess I should have made a little noise before,” she whispered to herself.

Jessie was no stranger to that kind of sight. That wasn’t the problem. For a second she thought that maybe the reaction was because she had not seen it in a long time. But once the fuzz cleared she could think more clearly. Jessie had a preconception that with the type of personality and demeanor that he would be inept in that area too.

As Etlik Escort she rolled the image around in her mind, some feelings arose. They were not the most pure, but she couldn’t help it. Even with the full bush that he had it seemed very large to her. For a few moments she had forgotten why she came up here in the first place. She was going to show him, in a platonic way that he can talk to girls. It was her mission to get him to relax and be himself. Now there was something else on her mind. She wondered if she could possibly go in there and just be his friend now. Or just get in there before he was done. So she stood up and went back down the hall. This time she knocked on the door.

“Hey Eddie,” she said.

“Sec,” he said after a pause.

Jessie waited patiently for several seconds, until he finally came to the door. He was dressed in shorts, although he had his back turned when she came in, and quickly sat down as if to hide something. She knew what it was, and she also scolded herself for wishing he would be nude when he opened the door.

“What’s up,” Eddie, said nervously as he sat down at his computer.

“Not much really,” Jessie said as she walked around his room a bit. “Nothing on TV, just seeing what you’re up to.”

“Ah nothing, just getting ready to leave,” he said nervously.

“Oh your game, right,” she said looking for an ice breaker, “What are these posters of, all these landscapes, with people with swords and stuff?”

“Just from the game and stuff,” he said.

“Kinda cool,” she said, “This one is kinda hot actually.”

“Oh that,” he said nervously as he looked at the poster of a man with a scantly clad female slaying a dragon. “Yeah only one I have like that.”

“Heroic,” she smiled at him, “Didn’t know a girl had to dress like that to hunt dragons though.”

“Well it’s just fantasy,” he said. “I’m sure if it was real she wouldn’t.”

“I guess it heats things up a bit for afterward,” Jessie smiled weakly.

“Well actually those two represent a king and queen who killed a dragon in order to save a village. Well they became king and queen after,” he said.

“Wonder if she dressed like that on the throne too,” Jessie smiled.

“Sorry if it’s inappropriate,” he said.

Jessie was still trying to figure out which way she wanted this to go. She could be just a friend, or at least try. She kept trying to tell herself she was just testing the waters a bit. She saw and felt the attraction in two different ways. But was it enough to choose?

“Well not really. But I think that guy should have a bit less on too,” she said as she sat on a chair beside him, “But do all those stores have pictures, or things like that?”

“Actually to tell you the truth, a lot do,” he said.

“Interesting,” she said as she glanced at his computer screen.

She grinned briefly as she noticed the bar at the bottom of the screen. There was a minimized browser present with a partial word on it. She recognized it as seeming like one of the websites she had visited at home when she had certain urges. She wondered if it were true. It seemed so obvious. But for nearly 30 minutes they just talked about his role playing and gaming. Jessie started to get bored.

“So I assume that when you play the game with your guy friends and act it all out, one of you doesn’t play a girl or something right?” she asked.

“Very funny,” he said with a weak grin, “Of course not. We concentrate on the large scale battles and the combat.”

“Oh,” she said, “I suppose each of you can make up your own minds what happens after.”

“Well my friend Jim does that,” he said, “He is really good at drawing, and he makes some nasty stuff. I just go for the battles.”

“I think I would at least have some sort of eroticism after. Maybe I’m just different,” she said.

“Erotic thoughts about gaming?” he asked.

“Well maybe about that or maybe just in general. Have to unwind some way,” she said.

“Well to each their own,” he said.

“Hey I have to unwind and let my hair down sometimes,” Jessie said.

“What TV, nice snack, and a blanket?” he asked nervously as he stood up.

“No, I mean we all have urges sometimes,” Jessie said.

“It just occurred to me that I have no idea what girls do to unwind,” he said seeming oblivious to her words.

“Well we are all different,” Jessie said, “Some like to just read, watch TV, or do some craft. Me too sometimes, but I am a bit different.”

“How so?” he asked.

“I have my own stories too,” she smiled.

“Really?” he asked, “Anything good?”

“Well honestly they don’t have much of a story,” she said. “Just fun.”

“Well that’s good too,” he said, “So that’s what you do?”

“Yes. I get all comfortable in my chair, get the so called story going, and go to town,” Jessie grinned.

“Go to town?” he asked.

“Yes of course,” she said, “On myself with my hands.”

“Oh maybe that’s too much info,” he said surprised, “Why are you telling me this?”

“Your Keçiören Escort just easy to talk to I guess,” she smiled.

“Yeah but really,” he said nervously. “I just know you as my sister’s babysitter and the school hallway a few years back.”

“I think we have something in common,” Jessie said bluntly as she clicked the browser icon and brought up the same site she visits at home.

“Ok you can go now, thanks for stopping by,” Eddie said as he backed off.

“I’m sorry,” she said as she moved over to his chair. “I just saw the icon thingy and knew it. But do you mind? Nothing on TV.”

“Mind what?” he asked nervously.

“Well I just want to have a look. Nothing else to do”, she smiled. “Unless you have a better idea.”

“I need to go,” he said with mild frustration.

Jessie seemed to be on track for what was really on her mind. But she stopped a moment and thought of the impact of it. She could be his friend, or more. But then again, he might reject him entirely. Either way, in front of her seemed to be tonight’s entertainment if he left.

There was something in her mind that compelled her. Perhaps it was already seeing the goods. Or it could just be a need to give him this experience, so that when he does find someone, he is not overwhelmed. At least that’s what she keeps telling herself.

“You invade my privacy. Hey what are you doing?” he asked nervously.

“Sorry,” she moaned as she pulled her hands away. “It’s been a while. Just got carried away.”

“You were just going…um?” he asked nervously.

“Should I wait until you leave?” she asked.

“You mean when I go, you want to do that here?” he stuttered he watched her cup her breast.

“Can I?” she asked.

“Um,” He uttered as if trying to think of a reason to say no, but it’s not working.

“Good, can I lay on your bed?” Jessie asked as she maximized the screen and went over to where Eddie sleeps.

“I um, I guess so,” he stuttered.

“Good”, she panted as she went over and pulled the blanket back and got underneath it.

“Now what are you doing?” he asked as he watched her pull her shirt off from under the blanket.

“Getting comfy and you’re leaving anyway,” she said as she held the blanket around herself tossing her shorts on the floor.

Eddie watched as her clothes slowly dropped to the floor from under the blanket. She grinned at him as she wrapped the blanket around her naked form. He just stared at her with a dumbfounded look on his face.

Jessie had never done something like this before and felt excited being in his bed like this with such a reaction from him. It aroused her more than she thought it would. She knew now what she wanted to happen regardless of what came after. It was a risk she was willing to take. But she knew that there was a strong chance he would still leave.

“Have a nice time,” Jessie smiled.

“I um. I should go,” he stuttered.

“Oh,” Jessie moaned lightly as her fingers explored, “Sorry just can’t help it.”

“You’re actually,” Eddie started.

“Oh my,” she panted.

Jessie was getting into it. Her fingers explored her wetness. But part of the time she was looking at Eddie who seemed to be getting a reaction. It was fairly easy to spot. She knew she wanted him.

Eddie stood watching her squirm in the blanket as her soft moans seemed to reach out to him. His heart raced, and it was not because of his growing erection. It was from shock of this happening in the first place. He even started to watch her hand movements under the blanket.

“Oh it’s good” Jessie moaned and convulsed a little.

“Oh my,” he said.

“What are you going to do Eddie?” she panted. “Where are you going to play tonight?”

“I’m going to turn around,” Eddie asked with a hint of frustration.

“All you have to do is ask Eddie,” Jessie smiled.

“Ask what?” he panted.

“Ask if you can join me,” Jessie smiled.

“You’re just kidding around right?” Eddie asked.

“You know you’re a little too nervous. I think it’s time to change that,” she said as she flipped the blanket away and stood up.

All Eddie could do was turn around and watch with the same surprised look. He seemed to not be able to compute what was happening. But just in his boxers with the bulging front Jessie desired him. It wasn’t a mission of pity or some other thing. She felt genuine desire.

“So I ask you again,” Jessie said as she approach and put her hands on his shoulders, “Play here or with your friends?”

“My friends are waiting for…something, I forgot,” he started.

Jessie didn’t want any more posturing. She pressed her lips against his for nothing more than shifting gears and getting him to stop fluttering around. Her hands danced over his back as she felt his warmth. Quickly she reached down and started to pull his boxers off. His body tensed as he seemed to pull away a bit. But she was determined.

She had seen him before, but she wanted her true feelings to be both a surprised outburst, and Kızılay Escort the truth. She examined him, now much closer. She couldn’t help but be slightly out of breath as she touched him. Reaching her hand down, she grasped him. She felt it grow even more in her hand. She met his gaze. He was looking squarely at her, and not at an image on a computer screen.

“Do you mind what I’m doing?”, Jessie smiled.

“Not really,” he said nervously.

“Get into it Eddie,” she moaned. “Go for it.”

He didn’t know what he was doing. But as Jessie knew like all men, he went straight for her breasts. The sensation still excited her. Soon enough he got a little bit better than just kneading bread. Letting out soft gasps, she helped him move his fingers better. Soon his hands were as soft as feathers.

As he had got the hang of it, Jessie could return her focus to finding out more about him. Trying to hide her shock a little at his unusual size, she let her hand explore. Studying his shaft, and letting her fingers dance around the head, she knew that she was in the right place doing exactly what she needs to do.

However something unexpected happened. As Eddie met her gaze she looked into his eyes a moment and it was if everything stopped. She saw such kindness in them. It was like nothing she had seen before, at least not ever aimed at her. Could it be just infatuation or something more. She wasn’t sure what it was, but it was becoming infectious.

“This is unbelievable,” she panted.

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“Big boy,” Jessie moaned.

The comment made him smile. She had him hooked or at least it seemed. His nervous hand inched downward, then made contact with her. But it was awkward. It wasn’t just his inexperience. It was the angle. He smiled and enjoyed it and she was glad, as his first personal female touch happened.

“Go on Eddie. It’s ok,” she said as she stroked him.

“Soft and,” he started then stopped his hand, “Wet.”

“Can’t help it,” she smiled as she went over to the bed. “Come on. Easier over here.”

Jessie realized that there was something about him that she found appealing. She didn’t know if it was his gentle nature, but seemed to think that was the cause. Within her past she has not had the best experiences. But somehow she felt that he is not capable of that kind of behavior. Such experiences she has tried very hard to forget. It seemed somehow easier today. She smiled at that thought as she crawled onto the bed, being sure to give him a perfect view of her from behind. Then she turned around and flopped down.

Jessie watched as he just stood there without a clue. She remarked in her mind her thoughts and could only come up with one word, ‘cute’. Her posturing and an effort to seduce him had obviously worked. But she felt a little guilty about it thinking she should stop and get to know him first. So far he had been so unlike the others. She wondered if she should do it right instead. But it seemed as if Eddie was compelled as well.

He walked over to the other side of the bed, removed the rest of his clothing and laid down. Jessie had rested evenly on her back with her legs spread apart slightly. After a moment he tilted to the side and touched the skin on her leg. It seemed to change her mind somewhat about waiting. As his soft hands moved up her leg she let him have his moment.

“So nice,” Eddie said with a smile.

Eddie gave her a nervous look, and moved closer. His hand trembled as he moved it along the skin of her leg. She loved the touch. Slowly she felt them as they crept along. It seemed as if he had at least seen a few moved before.

“Kiss me,” she smiled as his fingers grazed over her.

“Ok,” he whispered as he leaned over to her face.

“Not there,” she smiled as she took his hand and pressed it over her g-spot. “Here.”

“But I never…” he started.

“Lesson,” she moaned as his finger made circles on her skin, “A girl in your bed tells you how much she would love that. What do you do?”

“Ok,” he said nervously.

“Lick me, Eddie…please,” she said softly, trying to peak his interest. “Don’t be afraid of it. It isn’t afraid of you.”

Eddie seemed somewhat reluctant. As he moved between her legs and lowered himself he seemed to be looking for approval. Sloppily his tongue lapped her like he would be doing to a lollipop. With her direction he soon moved his tongue all over. His lips pressed against her skin and soon he seemed to develop a rather hungry approach. It excited Jessie, and she laid there giving loud verbal approval. Even when she convulsed and moaned in pleasure, he kept going. She knows that he will make a very caring and gifted lover someday. As he explored, he became more and more daring, pressing his long tongue inside. Jessie moved her hips as he somehow learned in an instant what to do. Soon she wanted more. She wanted it all.

“Hmm…little tired,” he said as he rested back.

“That’s ok,” she smiled as she sat up, “Rest a while.”

She watched him a moment, then her eyes started to wander. In all this time he had not lost his erection. She couldn’t help staring at it. She shaft long and angled upward, seemed to point right at it’s large head. It seemed as if she was full of thoughts tonight, like what would happen after. But as she looked at his unit, there was another word, ‘delicious’. Reaching out slowly, her hand reached his leg and he flinched.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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