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Gentle Touch

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Warning: This story is primarily a slow burner about a tender older man who enjoys providing focussed care to clients who enjoy it. I wrote it to tickle my own exhibitionist and voyeuristic urges and a kink for masturbation with an audience. There is a scene of male dominance. There are a couple of scenes that involve a straight man touching another man who masturbates. There are no scenes that describe PiV sex. There are some descriptions of sensual events with a disabled woman. There are some mild aspects of “Loving Husband” in the same sense as this site has a “Loving Wives” section.

– ~ –

Edwin is a 50 year old married man. He founded a software business in his twenties and sold it at age 30. He didn’t “need” to work after that, so he pursued his passions. He taught science in a middle school for a few years, and then he relocated across the country when his wife was accepted into a PhD in Biomedical Engineering program at a prestigious university. The kids were all teens by then, and as much as Edwin enjoyed his hobbies, he didn’t want to bounce around the house all day. He accepted a well paid position as a mid level manager in a large aerospace company and tripled the business unit’s profits over a decade.

The kids were all launched with the youngest in college. He and his wife always planned to travel the world, and they had occasionally enjoyed month long adventures on other continents when the children were young. His wife’s education and then the job she loved greatly reduced the amount of travel that was practical for a while. Nevertheless, at 50, Edwin decided to “retire”.

This is an account of Edwin’s adventures over the past year in his new hobby, sensual touch.

– ~ –

Edwin rented a small shop front in a trendy part of a wealthy suburb and placed the following sign in the window:

“Gentle Touch”

Inside but visible through the window, he painted the “rules” in calligraphy on an otherwise blank wall:

“This experience is about your comfort.
This is a place for relaxation, light touch,
and focussed care through skin to skin connection.
Couples are welcome.
Must be 18 or accompanied by a parent.”

A couple of weeks passed without any clients. Edwin spent the time reading in the comfort of his reception area’s leather recliners. He told himself he would have done the same thing at home, so if nothing ever developed from his experimental new hobby-business, it wasn’t a tragedy. He started taking longer and longer walks around the neighborhood to pass the time, so he changed the sign in the window to read,

“Gentle Touch
by appointment only
All are welcome”

Then he added his cell phone number.

Edwin was walking when he received his first call. The woman asked if the shop was for massage, and Edwin said it wasn’t. “I don’t have any training or certification other than a lifetime of finding personal connections through caring touch.”

She responded, “I don’t know how to ask this, but are you some kind of gigolo?”

“No,” Edwin assured. “I was starved for physical contact when I was a child and young teen. I grew up in a family that never hugged or expressed affection in any way. When I discovered the joy of being touched by a caring person, my life turned around. I’ve recently retired, and I had the idea to pass on the joy I experienced.”

“What exactly do you do?”

“I touch you gently, slowly, and with no agenda other than your comfort and relaxation.”

“Do I keep my clothes on?” The woman seemed very direct to Edwin, and he appreciated that.

“You wear as much or as little as you want. I also provide warm blankets and pillows. My policy is that I will caress you exclusively on any or all skin you leave uncovered unless you tell me to not to. You are in complete control at all times. I respect your modesty and boundaries.”

“How much do you charge?”

“My regular rate is $80 per hour, but I can tell you need some convincing, so I’ll give you an hour free, and you can see what you want then.”

“I don’t know,” she confessed.

Edwin continued, “Would you like to schedule an appointment?”

“Alright,” the woman decided. “What times are available?”

“I have no appointments this afternoon, but I go home for dinner around 6:30.”

“How about 2:00?”

“Alright. Do you know where the shop is located?”

“Yes, I’m down the street right now.”

“I’ll see you in a couple of hours then.” Edwin smiled through the phone.

The woman hung up, and belatedly, Edwin realized he never asked for her name.

– ~ –

When the woman arrived at exactly 2:00, Edwin was reading as usual. He’d been glancing out the window occasionally and speculating whether various women who walked toward the shop might be his client. The woman who entered was a bit older than him and frankly seemed like an “I want to talk to your manager” kind of person. Edwin smiled and greeted his first customer.

“How does this work,” she asked?

“Well, we can sit comment backlink here and chat if you like, or you can go on back and make yourself comfortable. There is a small bell beside the table. Ring it when you are ready for me to enter.”

The woman hesitated.

“How did you learn about my services,” Edwin asked to fill the void?

“I was curious about your sign in the window, and then I read to sign on the wall.” She gestured toward the calligraphy.”

Edwin waited for her to continue.

“To be frank, the part that caught my attention was the bit about being being accompanied by a parent.

“Why is that,” Edin wondered aloud?

“I have a daughter,” is all she said.

“You’d have to accompany her.”

“I understand,” the woman agreed.

“Well, why don’t you get comfortable and we’ll see if my service is acceptable to you.”

The woman still hesitated. She gripped her large purse and fidgeted for a moment before gradually coaxing herself down the seven foot hallway between the reception area and the back room.

Edwin was excited to have his first client and paced nervously until he heard the little bell ring.

He knocked on the door, waited for two deep breaths, and then let himself in.

The woman was laying on the table as directed. Her bag sat atop neatly folded slacks on the chair in a corner. She was covered from knees to chin by a plush blanket.

“Do we talk during this,” she asked?

“This is your session. We can talk if you like, but it’s usually better to just savor the sensations and even drift off to sleep.”

“Huh,” the woman grunted.

Edwin wondered where to start. He had imagined starting with her hands, but she concealed them under the blanket. The only exposed skin was on her face and on her calves leading down to her feet.

He rolled up his selves and began to lightly touch her with one hand on each of her ankles. He slowly circled over the bridges of her feet with a feather caress.

The woman giggled. “Tickles.”

Edwin moved down to her toes for a while and then scraped his fingernails along the rough skin where the soles of her feet joined the thinner skin on the sides.

The woman jerked her feet slightly and repeated, “Tickles.”

Assuming that meant he should do something different, Edwin walked around the table and began to stroke the woman’s forehead where a few strands of her hair lay astray. There was some gray it the roots, Edwin noticed.

Her, “Mmmm,” gave Edwin a confidence boost. He combed his fingers through her hair for a while dragging his close cut fingernails across her scalp. He drew circles with his fingers along her ears with a touch so light she may have wondered if the touch was real.

The woman’s eyes were closed, so Edwin used the tips of his fingers, almost imperceptibly, caressing her forehead from the hair line down to her eyebrows. Then he pet each of her eyebrows with the tips of his fingers for a while. He let his hands brush her cheeks and move down her jaw line to her neck.

The blanket moved. One of the woman’s arms emerged from under an edge and lay casually across the blanket that still covered her stomach. With the change of blanket positions, Edwin could see that the woman still wore her short sleeved blouse. He interpreted her motion as an invitation to caress her arm.

Edwin played lightly with the palm of her exposed hand and drew circles around each of her fingers noticing a largish diamond ring and a wedding ring. Then he used both hands to focus on her arm. She had tiny short hairs that stood up each time Edwin’s fingers passed. He worked almost to her shoulder until the blanket and shirt sleeves blocked further progress. Then he started the slow journey back down her arm.

By the time Edin looked up, an hour and a five minutes had elapsed.

He stepped away from the table and contemplated for a moment. He could tell his client wasn’t asleep, but she looked relaxed with her eyes closed.

Edwin stepped out the door while saying, “Take your time. I’ll be waiting in the reception area when you’re are ready.”

Edwin managed to read five pages before the older woman stretched and said, “That was really delightful. Thank you.” It was a good thing she took as long as she did so that Edwin’s erection had a chance to subside before she emerged.

Edwin smiled, “Would you like to schedule another appointment?”

“I think this may be exactly what my daughter needs,” the woman observed aloud.

Edwin had forgotten about the daughter mentioned earlier.

“Are you available tomorrow at 2:00?”

“I’ll be here. Let me add you to my calendar.” Edwin pulled out his phone and marked the time.

“$80,” She asked?

“That’s it,” Edwin confirmed.

“Ok then.” The woman hesitated. She studied Edwin from his graying temples to his wedding ring. “How did you say you got into this line of work?”

“I retired and thought this would be a good retirement job.”

“Where comment backlink Botu did you work?”

Edwin mentioned the aerospace company, and she cut him off, “Do they need many massage therapists there?”

“No, no,” Edwin stated, “I was a manager until a month ago. “I’m not a masseur. I don’t have training.”

The woman looked skeptical.

Edwin shrugged.

“Tomorrow,” the woman said and let herself out of the small shop. She walked more slowly than she had on the way in.

– ~ –

The daughter was twenty three and in a wheelchair. Her arms lay in her lap crossed at the wrists. She seemed generally cheerful during the exchange of greeting, and then her mother roller her to the back room.

When the bell rang, the mother sat attentively in the chair where her slacks and purse had rested the day before. The daughter was fully clothed as she had been in the chair, but the neck of her loose fitting Foo-Fighters t-shirt had been stretched to expose most of the skin on her shoulders. She lay flat face up on the table with no blanket.

“Are there any special requests or areas I should avoid?”

The mother said, “She has sensitive shoulders but little or no feeling from her chest down.”

The daughter added, “Mom said you rubbed her upper arms. I’d like that – and my neck.”

Edwin queued an hour long youtube video of a burbling brook with birds singing, adjusted the volume low, and began gently caressing the daughter’s bare shoulders, along her neck, and behind her ears. Then he repeated the gestures even slower. He stood at the head of the table with the top of the daughter’s head lightly pressed against his stomach – fortunately high enough above his groin to avoid any awkward revelations that might arise.

Edwin combed her hair between his finger. He lightly scratched her scalp while she cooed in appreciation. She enjoyed caresses on her eyebrows, cheeks, and even her lips. The first contact with her lips had ben unintentional, but after that, whenever his touch got close enough, the daughter turned her head to move her mouth under his hand. Taking the hint, Edwin very gently stroked his clients slightly parted lips.

Edwin eventually returned the his client’s neck by dragging fingertips over her chin. the loose t-shirt revealed a fair amount of cleavage, and his client evidently did not wear a bra. Edwin used his short finger nails to scratch to the stretched and gaping neck of the daughter’s shirt. His fingers lingered on the raise of her breast, but he followed his own rule about exposed skin. The daughter was almost panting when the video ended.

“Can I have another hour,” the younger woman turned her head to ask her mother?

“Maybe another time,” the mother replied. while thrusting a check for $90 that she’d had already written toward Edwin.

“Thank you.” Edwin smiled. He stepped out of the room and glanced at the name on the check in the better light of the reception area.

– ~ –

Edwin’s only two clients made regular appointments with the mother on Tuesdays and both mother and daughter on Thursdays.

At the second session with the older woman, she left her shirt and pants folded on the chair but covered herself almost entirely with a blanket. The next time, her shirt, pants, and bra lay on the chair. A blanket provided modesty, but she folded the blanket so that instead of covering from knees to neck, it covered her from thighs to just above her nipples. The next time, she lay similarly covered, but black lace panties rested proudly atop the rest of her clothes.

Edwin was working his way up her arm when his client twitched slightly, and the edge of the blanket slipped off one breast to reveal the side and a bit of areola. Edwin paused for the briefest moment considering whether he should nudge the blanket back into place and decided against it. Following the rules, Edwin continued up his client’s arm until the back of his hand slid along the side of her breast while his fingers drew circles on the side of her upper arm.

When his client made no move to cover herself, Edwin graciously accepted her silent invitation and focused his attention on the exposed portions of her breast. He spotted some more visible skin along the side of her torso down to her hip, so he began long slow strokes from her hip, along her side, and up over the raise to the edge of her nipple. He repeated the teasing slow motions until the video ended.

The daughter arrived in more revealing attire each time as well. At the first visit, she had jeans and an over large t-shirt. At the second, she wore loose fitting shorts and an undersized tight fitting halter top. Edwin wondered what the dynamic was with the mother in the room watching his every motion. He adhered to his rule. He wondered if mother or daughter or both realized how aroused he became during the sessions.

The next week, the mother skipped the blanket entirely and covered her vulva with a towel. Her arms were crossed over her bare chest. comment backlink Programı Her own hands were positioned to tickle the sides of her breasts while concealing the nipples from view. Since there was so much more in-bounds skin, Edwin spent the entire hour studying the previously concealed regions with his touch.

“I’m jelly,” the client observed when the hour elapsed. To Edwin’s pleasure, the woman sat up before he was quite out the door. She used her arms to lever herself up, and the consequence was full revelation of her body from the rise of her pubic mound to the top of her head. Edwin’s eyes twinkled as he backed out.

Two days later, the daughter lay on his table. She wore a see through button down shirt that was completely unbuttoned but remained closed over her chest. Her mother had covered her with a blanket from the lace at the top of her panties down to her feet. Edwin felt restrained with the mother watching, and he obeyed the rule. He caressed every inch of skin that he could see. That included between his client’s breasts and part way up their rise. Technically, he could see her nipples through the translucent fabric, but he decided to keep to the spirit of his rule.

– ~ –

Edwin’s wife worked long hours at the job she loved. They still found some time to touch and bond. They were empty nesters, so if he kissed her neck while she sat at the kitchen table, nothing stopped them from humping to conclusion right there. Edwin certainly didn’t want to compromise the relationship he valued above everything. He knew events were escalating with his clients. He contemplated where he needed to draw the line.

– ~ –

Edwin arrived at 8:00am to meet his third client. The man was somewhere between thirty and fifty with jet black hair, a bushy mustache, and a pudgy body. Once introductions and explanations were made, Edwin waited outside the door for the bell to ring. When he entered, the man lay completely naked face up on the table.

Edwin had considered how he would feel about caressing other men before he opened the shop. We was not sexually attracted to men, but he also wasn’t squeamish. In his mind he rationalized that men need care too, and helping men was no different than helping anyone else who didn’t attract him. He convinced himself at the time that there was nothing sexual about his service. His resolution to that effect had been wavering with the frequent erections he experienced. He had begun to imagine that all of his clients would be like the first two.

Edwin took his time starting with the client’s head and working down the body. By the time Edwin reached his client’s upper thigh, the man’s formerly flaccid penis was fully engorged. Edwin ignored it and caressed every inch of skin that wasn’t part of the client’s genitals. As he worked back up the thighs for a return trip to the man’s head, the client nudged the penis until it contacted Edwin’s hand.

Edwin made eye contact with the man. “Are you sure,” he asked?

The client breathlessly replied, “yes.”

Edwin’s rule said “all exposed skin”, and he half anticipated this situation from the moment the client booked the appointment. Here was a line. Would he, should he, cross it?

Edwin very lightly caressed the penis from its base to the tip being careful not to move or grip the shaft in any way. As Edwin lifted his hands away, the client gripped his own cock to expose the under side. Without even sighing, Edwin stroked and tickled the underside of the man’s penis a few times and then resumed working his way up the man’s torso.

The client began to stroke his penis. It was slow at first. His breathing was deep but ragged and Edwin continued the care he felt he had implicitly promised. As Edwin’s fingers combed through the man’s hair and around his ears, the client ejaculated. It was just a dribble that stuck to the client’s hand and dribbled down the shrinking shaft.

Edwin rubbed the man’s shoulders for the remaining minutes until the hour expired.

Edwin followed the regular routine of letting the client compose himself alone in the room. The client emerged and practically dashed out of the shop without saying a word or making eye contact.

“I’m glad I got the paid before the service,” Edwin said to nobody but the gods of commerce.

– ~ –

The mother arrived at her scheduled time. Once again, Edwin entered to find only her vulva concealed. This time, her arms lay at her sides with no pretense of concealing any part of her breasts. Edwin congratulated himself on spending no more time delighting her breasts than on any other part of her body. He silently counted “one one thousand, two one thousand” as he lingered nowhere for more than three seconds. The client still escalated the encounter though. As Edwin worked up her thighs, she parted her legs and bent them at the knee to make Edwin’s sight line to her vulva unobstructed. She kept the towel over herself, so even though he caressed her inner thighs all the way to her groin, he rationalized that the vulva itself was “covered” by the towel and therefore out of bounds even though visible.

That night as Edwin’s wife slept beside him, Edwin wondered how much more things would escalate. For the hundredth time, he wondered about the relationship between mother and daughter and where it was all going.

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