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Happy Bar

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All alone and bored, heading out of town, not wanting to be the gooseberry, leaving my friend with her boyfriend, I wander home through the streets. The air feels fresh and crisp with the first good night of spring; but my dress is not intended to be worn outside on a night like this, and I draw my jacket close round me, shivering as the click of my heels echoes down the quiet street.

Then I’m passing a bar, and I decide what the hell, why not, so I push the door open and music shouts at me, heat wraps me up, flashing lights dazzle me and my nose is tickled with the smell of fun. Tables are mobbed, people leaning close in, joking, laughing. I wriggle my way through the crowd to the bar, order myself an icy schnapps, and turn round to scan the room, cradling my drink.

I’ve never been in this bar before, and love its atmosphere; everyone just seems so welcoming. Either that or everyone’s totally out of their heads. I get people coming up to me and hugging me; at first it’s a shock, but soon I love it and hug them back and as the rhythm pounds we move together before they move to the next person or on to get their drinks. People ask me how I am and I laugh, I ask them back again, and they’re just so chuffed to be asked that big grins split their faces. It makes me giggle, and that gets me more hugs.

At the back of the bar, down some steps, there is a dark room, a wee snug, and different music and curiously I descend the stone steps. It’s bigger than I expect and from one corner music loud enough to re-arrange my vital organs is throbbing through the crowd. It’s packed in there, people just jumping up and down. I stuff my denim jacket in kartal escort bayan a corner and join them, and soon I’m one of the throng, a tangled hedge of people radiating happiness.

I catch sight of your bright eyes. Although disconcerted at the unexpected meeting I wave and wink, they crease back from smiling and soon we’re dancing together flesh to flesh, loving the warmth of each other. I turn and lean back and feel your fingers sliding round my waist and clasping round at the front, I stroke them, they’re smooth and long and I imagine what they’d be like exploring me. We’re wriggling together and when I feel my neck getting kissed I reach my arms up and back and run my hands through your hair, scratching your skin gently so that you arch and thrust against me. I respond, turn, and we see each other’s eyes widen. Tugging my hand, you should something at me.

“Can’t hear you!”

You nod towards the exit, I nod back, fumble for my coat and we’re leaving, almost running out of the door together, people smirking when they see the way we’re all over each other, knowing where and why we’re going, just adding to the tingle in the air.

Outside you thrust me against the wall of the bar, but laughing I push you off. We run down the street to the first available alley where we stumble up over cobbles before you slam me again against the wall. Music from a bedsit up above us throbs round us out of a window, our bodies are still shaking from the beat of the bar. This time I reach for you and pull you close, we kiss hard, like we’d wanted to last time we’d met, teeth tugging lips, tongues together, moaning with pleasure. escort maltepe I slide my hands up inside your t-shirt, relishing your smooth skin and pinching your nipples so you gasp and nip mine back much harder, sending me instantly moist.

You step back and hold out your hand. I must look confused for you say, like I’m a bit slow, “panties.”

I step out of them, hand them over, you throw them away and I gasp; as my lips part you slide in a finger, which I take in deep. I’m sliding my hands over your top again, enjoying the curves of your body and the responses you give me.

Then you grab my hair and pull me away from the wall, so I’m gasping again but with pain, you’re slamming me back against it facing it; telling me to spread my arms wide and not to lower them unless I’m told to. You kick my legs wide so my ankles are at full pressure in the silky strappy slutty sandals that I’m wearing with my silky strappy slutty dress. Your nails are digging into my cheeks hard now, but I’m stuck unable to move my limbs; you know it’s giving me pain; we both love it.

Kneeling, you pull my cheeks wide apart and I feel your fingers exploring my ring; I let out a long shuddering gasp and you bite my cheeks hard so I cry out, but you hiss to me to shut the fuck up or I’ll get more pain, so I comply.

Your finger is suddenly hard up inside my ass, making me thrust hard against the wall, the sharp pebbles pressing into me; I have to bite my lip hard to keep quiet and soon I feel another and another; you’re thrusting them in and out telling me I’m a slut; a whore; your slut; your whore; you’re gonna take me, use me, degrade me, pendik escort how when I look at my body the next day I’ll see the marks from this night upon me, and all my friends will know what a slut I am; what a whore; that I fuck like a tart up an alley, that I take it up the ass.

You slide in a fourth finger and your thumb; I feel like I gonna explode and scream, but you’ve got me so horny that I’m aroused enough, so moist, moist enough to take your whole fist as it clenches inside me, moving in and out, in and out, so that my legs are shaking and I’m crying out in pleasure so that you have to scratch me to punish me while you’re fisting me and it’s just so fucking mind-blowing that I don’t care and I want more and more and more and more and I want you never to stop and just to always use me and take me and abuse me, to be yours always.

Then just when I’m gonna cum you pull out so hard I feel my skin ripping and you push me down onto the ground, into the dirt. I’m looking up at you and you undo your flies and I want you so bad, want your cock throbbing inside of me that I’m squirming just wondering which way you’re gonna have me, but instead you start to piss down on me.

I put up my arms to protect myself, but catch the look in your eyes and spread them wide on the floor again, spread open under you taking what you give me, humiliating me totally.

Then when you’re done, you kneel down between my legs and lift my thighs high, I open myself to you and you’re sliding in deep, looking down at me intently as I lick my lips and gasp; thrusting and thrusting; pushing me up the alley until my hair is skimming the edge of a puddle and I’m pushing back against you to keep out of it.

You’re having none of it though; and soon I’m drenched and sodden; covered in your piss; my ass sore and bleeding from your fist; as you cum deep deep inside of me; throbbing and hot in this cold, fresh, night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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