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Happy Birthday Jane

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Summers in Minnesota can be so awful humid. I planned on going out with the “girls” tonight. My name is Melissa and this is my story. I have known Amy since I we were eleven. I got to know Jane a few years ago even. Amy and Jane have been friends since the cradle. Jane and I both agree that Amy would be the one we would wind up in jail with and that night we did.

For once I was going to take their lead and do the no bra thing. In the process of getting ready I ditched my underwear too. I threw on a modest black mini skirt, some non descript sandals and a blue tank top. I got over to Amy’s just in time to help set up for Jane’s surprise birthday party. Afterwards we were supposed to go to Jane’s favorite bar for karaoke night.

We had a keg, got supplies to do Jane’s favorite shot (Buttery Nipples), mixed up a whap, and of course got the burgers and beer brats ready to go. Most of the people that were coming are mutual friends of Jane’s and her cousin Bob’s. They also happen to be rowdy men.

Amy and I didn’t let the boys drink until Jane showed up. The first thing we did was all raise our Buttery Nipples in a birthday salute to Jane. Of course we made her drink three in a row just to symbolize each decade she ahs been on this planet.

I guess the shots inspired Amy because before long Amy started nipple twisting Bob and that spread like wild fire during the party. No ones tits were safe. Before long mine were standing up at attention and my pussy started dripping.

Amy has some really trashy neighbors and they were getting mad at the noise we were making. The first time the cops showed up that night, Jane and I had to handle it. Amy was in the bathroom with Bob getting her pussy sucked. We were lucky the cop was an old classmate of ours. Mike decided to let it go with a kiss from Jane and an ass rub from me. Some of the other guys liked that Jane kissed Mike as if she were giving his Cami Halısı tongue a blowjob, so they wanted the same thing. Jane happily complied.

I got them to keep it quiet for about two hours and then we got loud again. Mike got called out to Amy’s once again. This time he came with his friend Randy. Mike maybe a hot man, but Randy was an instant orgasm, make me want to have your babies kind of hot. This time they insisted that half the guys leave, so that only 3 guys remained. Mike and I headed off to the bathroom for quick titty suck and blowjob. Mike has a nice, clean cock. It isn’t to long or overly girthy. I love to give a good blowjob and Mike was ready for my hungry mouth. I licked him from the very tip to his balls. I tongued his hole and form time to time lightly ran my lower teeth under the ridge of his head. Pretty soon he started to cum and I swallowed every drop. His cum is divine and I feel so very naughty with it in my stomach.

Randy took control of Jane, Amy, and Bob. He made Jane spread her legs as he fingered her pussy as they watched Amy suck Bob off in front of him.

Mike came out of the bathroom and told Randy about the amazing blowjob I just gave him. Randy told Mike to keep finger fucking Jane as he went to go see me.

Randy called me a slut and pulled up my tank top. He grabbed and pulled my pointy half dollar sized nipples hard. He pushed me up on the sink and lifted my skirt up around my hips as he licked my neck. One feel of my bald beaver and he stopped. He then ordered me to masturbate in front of him. I was so dripping wet that I did as I was commanded. He told Mike that he would let him know when Jane and I could cum. By this time Amy had a face full of Bob’s secret sauce and so they both watched Jane getting fingered by Mike. About five minutes later Randy gave the order. I saw stars as my orgasm hit. I had never cum that hard before. Randy Cami Halıları and Mike left on another call.

After that we cleaned up a bit. Bob droves us to Glueck’s for karaoke. We staid until closing time and head back over to Amy’s so Jane and I could get our cars. Unfortunately Amy locked her house keys in the house. That meant that Jane and I could go home either because our keys were in the house too. We saw an open window on the side of the house. As the most sober I volunteered to go thru the window. I guess we were too noise and the neighbors called to report a break in.

Randy and Mike showed up just in time to catch me half in/half out of the bathroom window. This time we were got arrested. The guys had their hands tied because they had been called to Amy’s three times that night. Bob ran off as soon as they showed up, so it was just us girls going in.

When we got to the station we were each escorted to separate interrogation rooms. I got the luscious Randy. Jane had their boss, and Amy got Mike. They had a video camera going. We each told them the same story about being locked out of Amy’s. It turns out we were trying to break into the wrong house. We begged them to let us go. They said they would but only if we would do what they asked us.

Mike has had a hard on for Amy since we hit puberty. Jane likes the lumberjack types and their boss Matt was her fantasy to a tee. Frankly the idea of being Randy’s cum slut had my body singing.

We were ordered to strip naked and leave our shoes on. Jane and I were escorted to a room that had two-way glass. We watch Mike order Amy to bend over the table, her ass facing him. Mike then handcuffed Amy to the table legs, first her arms and then her legs. He then proceeded to pound her pussy. We thought the table was going to break. He wouldn’t cum. Finally he pulled his cock out and shoved it in her ass. Amy loves a good ass fuck and this was. She finally passed out she came so much. Mike finally pulled his dick out and put it back in her pussy before she came to. Amy did wake up in time to feel her pussy flooded with Mike’s cum.

Jane and I were told that we were going to be fucked until we passed out as well.

We were taken back to our separate interrogation rooms.

Randy ordered me to suck him off fast. I put my vacuum cleaner mouth on the job. He came quickly and praised me for not spilling a drop. He then ordered me to sit up on the table. I did as I was told. He slowly ran his fingers in up and down my lips, lightly brushing my clit. I had these quick little electric orgasms. He then told me to lick his fingers clean. By that time Randy had hard on like I had never seen before. Between the blowjob and him fingering me, I swear he doubled in girth. It looked like a damn coke can. I wasn’t sure it would fit. Randy slowly worked that can in my cunt. I was being stretched and filled like never before. I saw stars by them time he got that monster inside of me.

Randy slowly and deliberately began to fuck my hungry twat. I asked him fill my cunt with his cum. That got him going faster. I told him what naughty, cum hungry slut I am. What finally put him over the edge was when I told him that he would be the first man to fill my womb with cum. He started to pound twat so hard and fast I lost count of how many orgasms I had. Finally he came in me and just the feel of his hot sperm put me over the edge and I passed out. I woke up with Randy still inside me. He then asked if I was on the pill. I said yes. He told me to get off so that we could start having babies together. I came again with a limp dick inside me.

Jane on the other hand never told us what happened to her. She just gets this shit eating grin and doesn’t say a word.

Amy’s birthday is a few weeks. We are planning on getting together with the guys again. They just don’t know that we are planning on playing a Victorian Drinking game called Smile. Hopefully this will get Jane and Matt to spill the beans about their adventure.

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